Korkalek (EUW)
: Why the hell don't we have a warning if we're about to launch a game while our ping is bad ?
Alex3995 (EUW)
: >You just won a game against a team with an afk, which is a valid reaction at the end of the game >gg easy [ ] LOL WOODNOOBS [ ] gg, well played [ X] fucking your mom was harder than this LOL [ ] sorry for your afk [X ] I would actually love to see this :D is this right?
Noooo! Wtf you nub bruh? You say "/all Gigi izi" dont c my elo tho, my teammates alwaz let me dwn and I deserce challenjour
: Yes, bur it offers a lot more in the early and mid game in terms of DPS in fights. Warlord's isn't gonna help you much until you have at least 2 crit items built, and Bloodthirster is enough lifesteal on its own anyway.
correct me if I'm wrong, but fervor only gives 14 physical damage on hit which isn't much and that too needs to ramp up while warlord provides sustain AND more chance to get sustain. even though you wouldn't be able to use this in first 6 mins, once you get IE isn't enough
: You should read Warlord's Bloodlust description properly. It only procs against champions and has a 2 second cooldown. Most ADCs are better with Fervor right now.
Rioter Comments
TrikRisk (EUW)
: Yoru - the Bidding of Balance (Sign Combo System) [Hardest Champion Concept]
Would she have all abilities unlocked at lvl 1? Also, try and use q as damage spell, w as utility, and e as mobility, that's what riot uses. Also, will she use mana or energy or some other resource? I believe she's kinda like udyr, but with spells modifying spells not auto attacks. So energy pool of 200 with each ability costing 30 and secondary part costing 10 and her next auto attack resorting 20 energy seems nice. She technically has 16 abilities so I don't think she'll be easy to play, kinda like Lee sin. She'd be the mix Lee sin and azir and only professionals would use her and if shes easy, professionals would reck their opponents ass. Hear me out, give her a ultimate which is somewhat like zileans w, it gives her 50% cdr and maybe a passive on ultimate. Anyways, send like a nice idea although numbers needs to be tweaked heavily, waiting for full specification <b> TL;DR </b> No fuck you read it noob
: {{champion:30}} _it's a beautiful day outside..._ {{champion:34}}{{champion:268}} _are singing..._ {{champion:143}}{{champion:57}} _are blooming..._ _on days like these..._ {{champion:1}}{{champion:150}}{{champion:20}} _like you..._ ̓́̂҉̥͙S͍̼̹͍͍̭̖H̯̭̦ͪ̉̑̚͘O̢̘̥ͣͤ̚ͅU̮̱̱̝̞ͣ̔ͨͧL̥D͖̬ ̮̳͈̭̭̪͕̐̏̇̄̐͐̊͠B̲̝͊̏̅̇̐E̬̋ͤͧ̂̔̓̉͞ ̬͂ͧ͆͂̓̓B̬̓U̯̣̗̾̇̐̈́̋ͮ̄R̛͇̤͔̦̰͓̒͆̈̐͒N̻̜̲̫̭̐I͕̭͌̊ͮ͊̑͛ͧNͥͪG̹̙͒͋ ̠͔̳̙̦͙̄̉ͦ̄͑̉̍Ī̦͍͍ͧ̋͜N̸̫̬̜̞͖̅ͦ̄ͫͭ͛ ͂ͧͤͭ̊̚͏̲̬͕̺H̛̬͕̰̹̋͛̽E͋ͥ̈́ͣͦ͟L̬͓̽̄̒̑ͦL̥̼͔͔̗̒ͣ.̷̦̝̗̳̪̽ͬͭͧ͗̆̄
I only understood birds are singing and plants are blooming
Mada (EUW)
: If your team is fleeing, you can use it to shoot one teammate in the leg so the others can escape.
Ikr, vey useful item indeed. We were 4v5 and were fleeing and I shot our Darius right in the leg and bam! This items 60% slow on allied champ is really effective, if I hadn't used it We'd all be dead Thanks Darius You shan't be remembered
: Got DJ Sona on my main a while back. Ironically I just started playing her when it happened. Was pretty swell
That isn't ironic :D. That's coincedential
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: yeah varus so you have no way to escape when they dance on you.It is the solution.If it were to me I'd remove them from the game from all the games,MMOs with no thieves that would be cool.They're just broken all the time since I started the game and not only in league the thief/rogue/assassin/stealthy super mobile high burst, is always broken and has no counter. Edit: Also why would someone flame their own team?If they do a mistake you can help them so you win the game.But if an enemy plays an assassin and thinks he is a good player.....That's a different story.
Sure varus has no escape but janna is a full freaking disengage champ. MMOs with no thieves?!? Are you kidding me? Frankly, Fizz can be counter with black shield/banshee and peel from teammates, rengar and vayne, talon etc with pink, also, if you ward (the key word here is if) you will see the assassin coming even before vayne/rengar/talon/zed even before they ult. I'm no rengar main and hate him as much as the guy next door. All I'm saying is rengar is a but unhealthy, while most other assassins aren't. Assassins generally lose potential late game. Try to stall the game. They all have counters
ByteZz (EUW)
: I'm getting 321 on a ping to Riot servers. Still some heavy packet loss. I do believe the situation is becoming better but it needs to get back to normal quick.
I wonder if Rito gonna make South Asian or middle eastern servers. Would love to transfer to there
ByteZz (EUW)
: Yup. There was another person from Saudi Arabia who commented here. This tells me it's not an Airtel specific issue and this issue is extending a lot further than one country. Honestly, Riot should be getting on top of this but no response from them yet. I sent a support ticket this evening with two tracerts, network analysis logs and my network config so hopefully a response directly from Riot Support will be more useful.
: That's the EXACT same time when me and my friends got this issue and we had the same symptoms No login and when we do intense lag and high pings
So sad D: anyways, add me ingame, we might play sometime together :D dont really have any irl friend playing lol. Had a game as Vayne with 400 ping and still won :P Even got an A+.
ByteZz (EUW)
: Hey, good to see more people commenting! I had my problems starting Sunday afternoon and they still haven't fixed. In fact, it looks like the situation has become worse. I did a tracert to both EUW servers for player support and in both of them the last 13 hops timed out showing severe packet loss. I tried contacting Airtel but they seem like they are useless since I can't find a way to elevate customer issues to the highest technical level where there are people who have the skills and capabilities to fix this issue. No Airtel, I DO NOT want somebody to show up at my house - it's a problem with you! I just can't seem to explain it to them.
Don't bother with Airtel, they won't do anything . BTW, my situation has actually improved. It was 450 today afternoon but dropped to 350 till today evening. Hope it gets fixed soon
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: What do you think I do?I stick to my team and always 3 assassins against me and they're broken.Remove all their mobility make them unusable.
So you want them to sejuani'd ? Believe me that's not the solution to the problem and frankly if the enemy team has 3 assassins, a poke comp with a nice disengage would be a really nice counter. Something like varus and janna
ByteZz (EUW)
: High ping and packet loss to the Riot Games server
Yo guys! From India aswell :P my problem started 3 day ago I.e after when the servers went down after 5,24. My ping almost doubled and was unable to even login. My ISP is Airtel too. When did your problems start? I can login now but it takes hell lotta time
TeiX (EUW)
: Ionia aint the shadow isles nor i think the dude had the same drive kallista has for vegeance
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: No.Your teammates always wants to win...People are toxic because fizz is broken.I say nerf fizz,zed,katarina,riven,vayne,yasuo.Or just reduce mobility of assassins or reduce overall damage.
Reduce mobility of assassins and make them unusable? No thank you. Think about it, you never ever ever 1 v 1 an assassin. That's what an assassin wants to go solo against you. As an adc, stay with you support/tank and you will be alrighy
: he is dead, killed by yasuo
Red Ranger (EUNE)
: Even i have the same problem man .. few of my friends have this problem too .. this just started recently .. my normal ping is 170-180 but now it stays at 400 .. and theres no problem with my net or with my pc i already checked ..
I not even able to log in now -_- Stuck on "logging on" Once or twice have been able to log on but never able to start a game or open the shop
: High Ping
Pls someone help :/ can't play league with 300 ping
Rioter Comments
: It matters not what you play, it's how you play it.
I'd rather play tris into a vayne rather than kalista even if I am bettter with kalista. Sure it matters how you play, but you can't complete ignore what you play
: A more meaningful and interactive nerf to Tahm Kench
How about he can't build grey health while devouring an ally?
: Ahri´s design changes
Am I the only one who thinks the statue is ugly and TF and Ziggs ones are way better? PS I love Ahri I just feel her face in the statue is ugly
DireXcon (EUNE)
: What do you guys build on Cassiopeia?
Ibuy tear to RoA to rylai's to seraph's ( whenever tear is completed) to deathcap to zhonya and boot whenever I feel like with furor
Cosantoir (EUW)
: +/- 60% of my reports are inappropriate name.
I don't get it. Is it because they think you aren't actually a rioter and have riot in your name?
PauIo (EUW)
: You're welcome :) Ye, Rumble can be quite hard to master. I've played him once and my cs sucked so hard because I wasn't used to his clunky AA-animation xD Also, you seem like a friendly person, do you mind if I'd add you? (つ▀¯▀)つ EDIT: can't add you right now, I'll probably do it tomorrow and otherwise Friday \o/
Add me pls, I only have 315 friends ://
: the leona one is beautiful but still i won't like it, it makes no sense. I'd appreciate the Diana one though, cause she was a solari and the it wi=ould be a nice lore-related skin. ( like exiled morgana or archlight varus)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes uses '=' instead of backspace
Charibasa (EUW)
: you missed a perfectly good joke
Well, guess what? You missed my joke
LightTrack (EUNE)
: Well in Runeterra i don't think people can report each other xD.
Yeah, they don't. They just kill each other
: Health potions are red, Mana potions are blue. Poro snax are sweet, And i love you.{{champion:201}} {{summoner:31}}
Mana potion? What on earth is that?
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: This letter has been compiled from supporting champions, some of which have decided to stay anonymous but based on the lyrics, three champions revealed their identities. _______________________________________ My dear **Ashe**, I'll give you a throne, to **Lucian **a woman and to **Kog'Maw **a bone. To **Kalista **a sandwich, to **Caitlyn **a gun and to **Kindred **a lovely prey that can run. To **Twitch **a drink, no wait! A bar! and to my friend **Graves **- a lovely cigar. To **Ezreal **- museum, **Tristana **a skin, to **Teemo **a ladder and **Urgot **a grin. To **Draven **a stage where he may perform, To **Vayne **a big vat of chloroform. To **Quinn **a nest where her birds may chill, to **Varus **more time in form of a pill. I'd even give **Gankplank **a wooden leg, but in exchange for something I beg. I shall give gifts, I do not lie, but if I save you - please don't die. {{champion:40}} If I shield you with my bubble, don't go back in - looking for trouble. {{champion:16}} If my stars protect your heart, do not go in and die from a dart. {{champion:37}} If my music disables the strong... Run! Don't attack, you know it's wrong! And lastly if you truly choose to die, do not blame us and attempt to lie. If you do so we'll take you to court! That is the message from your support. _______________________________________
LightTrack (EUNE)
: Dear Diana, Get cancer! -Leona - the Radiant Dawn
: It's not the first time I see this suggestion. I don't remember it all but one point what that it would be abused at very high elo (block all the top 500 players and you will get matched with people lower than you)
But the top 500 can be in Enemy team right?
: When I opened up my match history...
Just won a 4v5 and now the expected, 5 looses in a row... GJ my MMR
layrit (EUW)
: I generally buy a champion and then play them for the first time ever in my own promos. That way its more fun. I generally pick the hardest possible difficulty in single player games so why not here? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Yes pls, try syndra or Cassiopeia or yasuo for first time.e inranked promos
Cypherous (EUW)
: Well i can agree and see your point, its something we will have to agree to disagree on but thats personal opinions and we're both entitled to those, i do like the idea of disabling MVP rewards in a situation where the teams are unbalanced, personally if we wanted to truly appease both sides you would have an MVP for each team assuming no leavers, that way the guys on the losing team would feel like there was still something to work for even if they were going to lose, granted you might make that reward not as impressive as the winning teams MVP but to be fair we're talking icons and not anything majorly important like IP/RP Similar to an achievement system you could have tiers of MVP icons, like a point progression, get 10 MVP points to unlock x icon, that way you could award 1 point to the winning teams MVP and half a point to the losing teams MVP (numbers used as an example) so that they still feel like they made progress towards it, obviously you would disallow MVP for toxic people so that people would be less inclined to use "noob" as every second word they utter :P Yeah i'm not a fan of the "You're only x your opinion is invalid" argument people seem to love so much, as i've said in another thread just being mechanically good at the game doesn't mean you "know" more, it just means you play it better, the example i used was to compare football team managers to football players, the manager might not be very mechanically good at the game but have perfect understanding of how the game is played :P
I just won a 4v5 as vayne yay! Our garen rate quit after he gave away first blood. MVP shouldn't entirely be removed for unbalanced team. It should give half the points. MVP for both the teams is a great idea and I feel we have now come in a common ground and have a solution. Rito pls implement this
Cypherous (EUW)
: See thats where we disagree, someone who managed to almost win a 4v5 is far more valuable than 5 people who just end up naturally overpowering the 4 enemy laners just through because of the force multiplier, the 5 enemies dont even have to play that well they just outnumber their enemies and win the war of attrition, that doesn't mean they did anything valuable
Almost winning =/= winning. If someone on losing team gets MVP, the people on the winning side feel neglected and cheated and would feel their teamwork went in Vayne, as for 4v5 MVP could totally be ignored and thus nobody would get it if someone was afk It's the first time in this month I got a rational discussion rather than stfu bronzie noob. Good job, keep it up
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SoulBawz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JA1M6EGl,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-11-27T15:14:04.957+0000) > > ahri is actually still pretty strong this meta, say what you want but its true, unless, you know, you are really bad with a champion that can relocate itself 3 big times and has high burst damage and cc that makes skillshots unmissable Yes, I'm obviously terrible at this champion. http://prntscr.com/97l63u
What site is that? Which states you're #716?
Cypherous (EUW)
: The issue there is that someone on the losing team could never be MVP, which is wrong, if someone managed to almost win a 4v5 through their work they would have earned it but because the mastery system is linked to winning and losing you could never get MVP for your work, it would also lead to more people figuring out how the system awards points and the gaming would begin anew :P If the MVP system means nothing then people will ignore it, if it rewards things then people will try and game it, or alternatively beg for votes or feeding etc
Technically, someone on the losing side shouldn't be a MVP ever because they couldn't turn the game into a victory and therefore they weren't as Valuable as the person who did on the other team. I agree with your next point point, it must have a reward but purely cosmetic like mastery emotes or something. As for vote me or Afk/feed, just say you will vote them and at end game screen report them and don't vote for them. Simple.
: Riot will decided this man.. I rly don't know what will happen yet .. it's just an idea
All players get to vote, they can't vote for themselves, have to vote for someone in the winning team with KDA > 1
Gaddafi (EUW)
: '' OMG Rito that noob got MVP reward and i didn't. Rito please he doesn't deserve. ''
There are tons of posts in boards about " unjust " bans and restrictions and no one gives a shit about them. Also, must likely the MVP would be chosen by the players themselves earth rather than rito
Cypherous (EUW)
: And then people will instead want assists and not kills and will end up throwing matches once they realise they can game the system for extra IP Its really not as simple as you think, especially not when it comes to anything that gives people a bonus reward of anything at all, be it icons or IP
you've got a poinr there. Well the conditions can be the guy who got the highest champion mastery points in that game gets the MVP. I feel riots grading system does a pretty nice job of giving the grades and mastery points according to it so that might be a solution As you said earlier, voting is a nice option too, conditions would be- Can't vote for yourself, Have to vote for someone in the winning team, can't vote for anyone with KDA<1 and its mandatory to vote or you need to log out and log in again to play another game. In case of a tie, the player with higher mastery points earned in the match wins
: I guess you main support, don't you? There will have to be made an enormous calculation to decide something like this.
I main ADC xD, i it's a pain in the arse finding someone who wants to support. So the comment
Stell (EUNE)
: Erm, i played with my 10gb/month stick for couple of months. and i played ALOT. And the bandwidth usage didn't even come close to 5gig. edit: i just read some articles and rioter answered that it's less than 10mb per game download, and under 1mb uploading
Cypherous (EUW)
: Right, and like i said how would you even decide that, the system sees figures, it sees where you were and what you did, how exactly is it supposed to pick an MVP out of that? The vote part was the second part of my post, you need to define what makes an MVP before expecting the system to pick one
Simple, the guy with most assists. This way support role will get more popular but I think the extra IP should be avoided and something like an icon or crest can be given for being MVP in 25 matches or so
: The mastery points aren't given out solely by damage dealt (if that was the case, supports would get a C all the time), there's some unknown numbers included as well. I think it's safe to say that a lot of the numbers come from kills and assists though, which is why I don't really want this is the game...
As far as I know, they come from kill contribution and number of deaths. I once played udyr powerfarming day long even had 3 kills and 2 assists with no deaths but our team had got like 20 kills and I only contributed in about a fourth of them so I got a C. They definitely aren't from splitpushing though because while playing Jax I had 2 turrets in 18 mins in my lane. Kill Contribution Percentage is the most important factor for grade I think
: Actually thought about this a while back, but I figured that a lot of people would become toxic, and "KS" would be a much more used term. If the mvp status was given depending on mastery score (algorythm behind is unknown), then it could potentially work out... Still something I'd rather live without, personally.
If that would happen, nobody gonna split push and every one gonna try to steal kills and be super toxic Q_Q
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