: As far as I understood, Riot is quite aware of the too randomness of items and is planning to tone down the "bad luck" side of it. (though not eliminating the "good luck" bit)
Last game I played, I had 1 completed item on round 2.1 (like most ppl), my opponent had 3 (I didn't even know that was possible lol). I don't think there's a lot of "bad luck", I've always had 2 or 3 basic items at that point, but it's really frustrating when all players have to face that one guy who got blessed by rng a bit too much... Instead of toning down the bad luck, I think they should cap the good luck to a reasonable level, that still allows counterplay...
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DabThe2Key (EUNE)
: After all - thank you, Riot!
I'm glad that some people actually got to play it... It shows that one day everyone might participate in Clash! For my part, I decided to leave champ select after 45 minutes of waiting... The game simply wouldn't begin. Hope to see those issues fixed someday tbh, I was really looking forward to trying that mode! Unless clash is actually all about champ select and ends there...?


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