Fluidly (EUW)
: Role Difficulties & Why do you main your role?
For me mid is the easiest but that's just my personal opinion. I main it because in this low elo most of enemy laners appear very dumb(in mid lane they are the dumbest or it's just the lane what I'm best at) + if ur lane is hard you can just go roam bot or top.
: To be honest, most modern dye's are actually fairly safe and don't damage your hair at all. If you're going for a colour such as black, look for something with built in condition and no peroxide. If you happen to get dye on yourself, honestly I find soap takes it out quite easily, or worst case something such as nail varnish remover if it's *really* bad. The only time I ever "damage" my hair is when I do the bright colours that I need to peroxide for first - red, blue, green, purple, etc. Black I've never had an issue with :-) Also brown to black should only need one application and be fairly easy - if it were blonde to black for example you'd have a hard time, but brown shouldn't take much ^_^
Thank you! A red answering such a random question :O i'm suprised positively
: well, u should try to not let your hair touch your skin while you let it dry, because that color isnt good for the skin and needs ages to get away from it. also, you should shower your hair and dry it, then put on the color, then let the color dry (or rather sink into the hairs) and after that shower again (the longer you keep the color on your hair before showering again, the deeper it will get and the better it looks imo). as a tip, dont dye it too often because it destroyes your hair, so let it grow out a bit so it can regenerate before dying it again for the color, if you dye your hair in a color that is lighter than your usual hair color you should bleach your hair to blonde first, but i mean if u want your hair black then obviously you dont need to do that :D
Thank you :) but if it will get on my skin how do I get rid of it. Also is drying it after shower important(the shower after I let the dye stay on my hair). Why do I have to dry my hair afterwards? Will it mess the color up if I don't dry my hair?
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: I did. Got a automatic message
Nothing will happen unless the player gets a shitton of reports. Riot supp doesn't care.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Idea for a small Karthus buff
Don't do anything to him. He's fine.
Perilum (EUW)
: Someone had a good game. BOOSTED! You realize that you don't need to play a champ regularly to be good with it in a Bronze game?
If it would be like that then I'd be posting every day on boards. Go on, first pick something in your elo(an upcoming champ lets say) and then carry with it and also have a good farm.
: Why are your new champs so overloaded
I picked Karthus up recently and I can say that I'm gonna main him.
: Smurfing is allowed. And it's very hard to tell between a booster and a smurf usually.
I agree, smurfing is allowed. However even if it is a smurf, then such a sudden rise of perfomance and a change of roster seems incredibly weird.(why would a smurf be performing bad in the first place)
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ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Once I had a Platinum in a 5v5 and a Diamond in an ARAM on my team. So yeah... I'm kinda waiting for the moment a Challenger pops up either on mine or the enemy team... The current system readjusts your MMR solely based on whether you won or lost the match, as far as I know. And that's why it's so faulty. It's supposed to measure your personal performance. But its alghorhitms couldn't care less about whether you carried or went 0/35/0 in 10 minutes.
I had a master in my team in urf
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: What you say its true, but I think it works the other way as well., lets say you are Bronze 5 and you duo with your friend who is silver 3 , and in the enemy team A silver 5 guy, duos with a friend of his who is Gold 2, the teams are placed together, and tada a gold in low silver high bronze. it can work like that, and it can also mean to have a Plat in a silver game with the same logic
Which is obv riot's fault. I'm pretty sure that on the accept screen the game knows what players will be placed in the champ selection. It's probably for the sake of lower queue times.(You know they could make it that duos like that won't be seen in 1 game)
Hantusa (EUW)
: It would be an improvement on a monumental scale, if they just included actual game statistics to their rating freakshow known as mmr matching. Those that can't do anything but run around like headless chickens without ever using their free trinkets / placing the pinks / taking the objectives / feeding on purpose, would all after a relatively short period be facing enemies like themselves. Even if they somehow get carried in the odd games they'd drop faster than the thongs of a 2$ crack whore looking for her next fix. But hey, the only way I recon they'd ever change this garbage, is if they lost 50% of the players.
What also heavily bothers me is that I as a silver player can get a platinum player into my game. I don't want none of mmr bullshit. If I cannot duo with plats I shouldn't be in games with them either? Also bronzes can't duo with golds so they shouldn't have golds in their games??
: How rare are gemstones??
Well it would be fair if they made at least some sort of cap and not even a small one(atleast 1 gemstone every 50 chests for example).
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: More skin ideas
Your ideas are interesting. Orianna seems the most interesting for me. I'll drop a random skin idea I came up with on the spot too. Thunderstorm Karthus 1350 Karthus wearing a white/light grey colored coat with a toggleable hoodie. The coat has a bit darker lines all over it. Casting an ability will make those lines light up. Q blast is small electrical bolts appearing on the ground. W the wall has 2 metal posts as it ends and between there's moving lightning textures. E there will be a seen area around Karthus to indicate range, and each time he deals damage, bolts strike on the ground(like sunfire cape's fire but bigger area and replaced with lightning) R the lines on his coat light up harder than usually and spark a little bit of electricity. R animation instead of a line there will be an icon ontop of the enemies with a dark cloud which sparks a thunder, also thunder growls will be heard while ult channels. When the R damage comes in, lightning strikes the enemy.(similiar to the urf laser effect but just different textures and color, also a bit smaller to not be too distracting) Of course all sound effects are changed too to match the abilties related to lightning and electricity. When he leaves/dies in his passive form a small blast will happen.
Perilum (EUW)
: Nobody except in the USA, Myanmar and Liberia understands imperial units. Please use Metric like any other normal person.
What you talking about? I understand both and I'm from none of those countries.... It's not so hard to understand.
Hamze2011 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Darkest Death,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XGfOZMrj,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-24T11:40:36.335+0000) > > Now who do you think are the shortest? Amongst males I think it's {{champion:81}}. Maybe {{champion:245}} but he is just a teenager or am I mistaken? Annie or Lulu maybe? Don't know
Lulu is not a human and when kids count then yes Annie is the shortest.
: Yeah, forgot about him. Also Braum of course.
Now who do you think are the shortest? Amongst males I think it's {{champion:81}}. Maybe {{champion:245}} but he is just a teenager or am I mistaken?
SickAnto (EUW)
: Well, if we chose only human without change of body by magic or hextech, maybe the tallest humans are Braum and Illaoi with...2 meters? Sorry for bad english btw.
Seems legit. If allowing magic and stuff too, what would be your guesses? Mine would be Mordekaiser and Mundo.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: My first guesses were Garen and Darius. But I got interested and did a little research Turns out Gragas is 7'2 and Braum 7'5. Never really thought about how big Braum really is ^^ Malphite is supposed to be 36 feet tall but in game he is so frickin small.
Their sizes are toned down ingame for balance(Into 3 or 4 different size categories I think). Also where did you find that Gragas and Braum height? It might be fan made and non-canon or no proofs for their heights, however I cannot disagree, that Braum for sure looks tall, not too sure about Gragas tho'
: Human...I would suppose Garen, he seems to be a rather big guy. Also Shen, Olaf, Jhin, Jarvan, Singed, Swain. But since all Champions are scaled to rather average size on SR (Malphite is literally a mountain and Aurelion is bigger than entire star systems), it's impossible to tell for sure.
What about Darius? I think he is tall too.
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: does Sion still qualify as a human?
No. Leave ones like Sion, Mundo and so on off. They might have human features but they get their gigantic size because of other things.
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: Please bring back the old pell shield color
I don't know why they changed it from purple. Imo purple is the color of magic.
: Eurovision.. ?
I hate my country(Estonia)... our voters are ????? I get it.. you vote for what music you like, but can't you think just a bit more? Like what would europe want to hear? Seriously most of the times(not every but most) I ask what is wrong with my country and the voters... There are other songs which would be more succesful at eurovision for sure but they just vote for some boring stuff...
Wen294 (EUW)
: Russia should've won last year tbh. They weren't my favorite ones, but quality-wise they were the best. Ukraine only won because of the political situation surrounding ukraine and russia. It's so stupid how they can never leave politics out of the eurovision song contest. I haven't listened to anything of this year. I usually don't do so in advance. Instead the whole family and some extras just sit in front of the screen watching it while ridiculing 50% of the performances, and it's more enjoyable to do so when you don't know any of the songs yet. That way you can really share the 'wooow what's this supposed to be' experience.
I thought that Russia was going to win... it would have been the second time I predict a first place :D but nah politics....
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Sometimes I like to listen to music when playing, but this poor potato of mine that people call a computer can't handle many programs at the same time, and if I'm playing LoL, I will experience heavy frame drops during teamfights, and thus I play without music. In ranked games, though, I rather not listen to music even if I could, due to, well, tryharding. Need all my senses to be focused in the game.
I have potato too but music doesn't drop my fps... It makes me get pingspikes because I have potato network.
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: [NEW SKIN] - Dreadnova Darius
I love the skin but I hate the champion(well.. in case im the toplaner and I'm against a Darius main). I do believe there will be a few more sometimes in the future. It's awesome seeing skin lines like this and Riot probably noticed how the playerbase really liked Dreadnova Gangplank, therefore continuing with that kind of skin.
Allosen (EUW)
: His Clone can become ascended and then dies after some seconds
So why cannot that be used as a strategy? Or is Riot too lazy to fix it if they don't see that as a healthy gameplay mechanic?
Perilum (EUW)
: Because he causes problems.
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: Ghost to lane should be banned.
I get it when a youtuber tries to get a little fame with gaming, maybe even some extra money. But he needs a ban. I have no problem with other vids that he makes.(For example x best y champ player NA fvs x best y champ player EUW or something like that). Screwing ranked and stuff like that.. no please. But I do not dislike this sort of videos where he does stuff like that. I don't think he needs a permaban. At first maybe just 7-14 days. If he continues with vids like this, then permaban.
: What's wrong with Karthus? The only buff I can see in him is slightly reduced cast time on his Q, something similar to lucian's Q and W changes in last patch. That change happened only because league of mobility, I still don't think that he needs any changes at all as he still does massive AoE damage in teamfights and a good karthus won't have problems making enemies damage themselves either way by zoning them with his Q into his E, essentially making them fight him kill for kill (not necessarily kill for kill, I mean, you can always outplay) or die for free without putting up a fight. And you know, other champions also have cooldowns, once mobility spell on champion is down karthus gets a free kill, as long as he baits it out... Which on it's own is a skill. So I see no problems in him, why would he need any changes at all? He's already strong enough, his ultimate can basically oneshot all carries late game because of how much damage it does, would you really want him to have bigger cooldown on his ult? Anyway, I will tell you why your idea is really not that good, you mentioned *kills*. You see, the point of karthus's ultimate is NOT getting doubles or whatever with your ultimate, the point of your ultimate is doing massive AoE damage in the teamfight, the earlier you ult the easier it is for your team to deal with enemies as they are lower, scared to fight etc (I mean, you pretty much lost if most of your team already has only half of hp and will soon get focused by assasins and tanks that jump on them every teamfight anyway). The way your idea works is now karthus is basically doing nothing but trying to get kills with his ultimate just so he can cast it again later on... But what's the %%%%ing point of karthus if he does nothing but do 100 damage (specifically with his ultimate) to one person to finish them off after a teamfight while the rest of them were dead with an excuse of lowering his cooldown? The idea itself is against how a good karthus (in my opinion, omfg opinions in 2k17 TRIGGERD), would play, otherwise it would be good only in the early-mid game where teamfights aren't a thing yet, and how much would he get? 10 seconds max which is nothing.
Riot is obsessed with touching stuff that doesn't have to be touched. Your comment however made me understand that Karthus ult isn't for catching kills. But still... I don't think some sort of buff would be bad. And X player who is good at X champion can do well is not an excuse. There will always be some players who can make a good use even of the champs which are considered low tier or weak.
: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Something that Riot doesn't ever say.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: I'd accept the change if you mentioned a cap. Nobody wants a karthus ultimate on 1 second cooldown.
Why cap? It's cooldown gets smaller only when he scores a skill with his ultimate. Lets be realistic. In most situations Karthus gets maybe 1-3 kills using his ultimate. 4 or 5 is real rare. If it is reduced by 2.5 seconds every kill he gets with a ult, then he can't get more than 12.5 seconds reduced, and in that case he needs to get a Pentakill with his ultimate.
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: When the enemy says ''GG ez'' after a long and tensing match, but you are reformed since 4 years
: > [{quoted}](name=Darkest Death,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5t78IUpY,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-03-06T13:40:11.869+0000) > > Right???? Mundo isn' t even that bad.... yeah he isn't that bad now ... but he was quite bad once upon a time and both him and the executioner's calling are going many season's back (unlike the other two items ) and people still do not know what either of them do !!! I mean, ok, you failed to read a couple of patch-notes ... fine, it can happen ... but how can anyone explain people not noticing an item or a champion's skillset through 4-5 years .?. :p considering that those are the same people that blame everyone else for their defeat, that issue is taking quite funny proportions ... :)
Well I only started late s4(and I was a complete noob back then as LoL was my first moba) and wouldn't know. I really relate to the last part of your text. I once were playing with my irl friend, he refused to buy health regen reducing item. Enemy team had both vlad and mundo. I also were telling my team to buy them but noone listened. I tried my hardest(ofc I build the needed item) and had the best KDA in team, and not afraid to said, I did the most for my team. Meanwhile we lost and everyone started saying "wtf noob team" and shit like that. I ignored them but I were pretty pissed and I felt a bit bad saying to my friend that he was one of the major reasons that we lost.
: But infinity edge & Rabadon`s deathcap have higher damage
Not sure if sarcasm, but if it isn't the case then: You can get rabadon/ie and still fit the healing reduction items in your build. As an AD even easier to do, as you can just buy executioner's calling(only 800g) and finish it sometime later.
: If I had a euro for everytime a person played versus Mundo and didn't even know what executioner's calling DID (or that it even existed :p ), then I'd be rich :p
Right???? Mundo isn' t even that bad.... Have you seen a Vlad... Even if slightly ahead, he will just ult, lay his abilities onto your team, then pool all your bursts and heal a shitton.(Pretty much what Mundo heals over his ult duration if Vlad hits the whole team). Mundo atleast can be bursted if not too fed.
Wa5abi65 (EUW)
: Should I build these before or after {{item:2049}} on {{champion:16}} ?
As a low elo player I may be wrong, but it's really dependant. If your team already has those on a few champions, you can wait. Also I'm not really sure if Morello is a good item on Soraka. I'd rather ask my teammates to build those items. However if you want to build it, do it. If the enemy sustainer is not too fed yet you can wait with the morello and get sightstone first(which is most of the cases, as sustain is nearly nothing that should bother too much in early into the game)
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sander599 (EUW)
: That message only pops up if a player got a 14 days ban or a permanent ban *and* if your report was the last report to get a player punished. Given that the big majority of punishment is not a ban and that a player usually requires multiple games of toxicity to get banned, it's not really strange that that message doesn't pop up very often.
Why only the last one to report? In my opinion it should be for everyone who reported the flamer in the game.
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: Say Goodbye to Galio playing this Troll Build
I usually build him like that: {{item:3001}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3089}}
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