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: So I got permbanned... Was it a bit to harsh?
Mazginoo (EUW)
: I've heard people say worse things
Haha. I love seeing people like you crying on boards.
jboyjung (EUNE)
: Ban Appeal Permanant
Keep those novels coming bro.
: Please Help me understand my Ban
Im very happy you are banned. Keep chatting. Hopefully you will get permabanned on all accounts, Mr Chatty fella.
mirtis1 (EUNE)
: Any possible way to get unbanned after getting perma banned ?
: why don't you just uninstall and leave. if you hate people hating people hating people whining so much, just leave. Do yourself a favor and you will be happier. just. leave.
Don't be that guy trying too hard. Makes you seem desperate.
: why don't you just uninstall and leave. if you hate people whining so much, just leave. Do yourself a favor and you will be happier. just. leave.
why don't you just uninstall and leave. if you hate people hating people whining so much, just leave. Do yourself a favor and you will be happier. just. leave.
: Promos lost, here's how the games went
Stop having your fits during the game.
: I know what is causing me to not rank up, but I don't know how to fix it.
Honestly, I also do have a similar problem. I think it stems from a lack of knowledge of the game. I only follow engages etc if I almost certainly will make a positive contribution, otherwise I let my whole team die if I have to. If they make a stupid engage I let them die and usually on the 2nd or 3rd time they will be more careful about picking fights.
EnVen0m (EUW)
: Permaban for having enough
Hahah Enjoy leveling a new account.
: What is the difference between you blaming "chatty fellas" for ruining "all" your ranked games and the other player blaming their "noob team" for ruining all ranked games? The first is an approved treatment of your team mates, the other is criminalized. But other than that they are 2 sides of the same coin. I've seen plenty of players who even do both, first they get into a chat discussion and then they pull the "I report you because you are so toxic" card because they didn't have convincing arguments or just didn't get their way.
Difference is I do not tilt anyone with my comments. Get it? Simples.
uOySalome (EUNE)
: You provide no info other than "chatty fellas" , you probably are the one that is ruining the ranked games and are just delusional and have an extremely thick brain that u cant understand that you are the reason you lose.
I don't get it. I am not at risk of permaban. You want a proof of me not being chatty? Lol. I don't have evidence of chats I havent typed, I am sorry. Stay chatty my friend.
: And this is why I am getting used to reporting absolutely nobody anymore, because reporting is for mentally unstable kids. What do I gain from reporting? Revenge? Getting your revenge by abusing this authoritarian regime established by rito is not toxic or what? I don't win anything by getting others banned or restricted, certainly isn't gonna prove my point if I had a disagreement in chat over something. All it does is, it turns me into a pathetic, backstabbing loser who has no arguments and no honor ( or can't get over a few a kids losing their shit and saying bad words) and abuses reports. No thx. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Not to mention that it's a very questionable and shady business practice to "sell" stuff except the customer doesn't own anything and you need to let them lecture you on behavior too. Riot Games likes to act like we are all one happy community.... nonsense, but what they really want is make you feel dependent on them. But it helps to remember that the customer is king. Over all buying Riot Points is more like buying into a sect and not a normal deal in the free market. Sects have snitches who report you if you "misbehave" and what they most care about is controlling your behavior, your money and they want you to emotionally depend on them. "Oh no, if I say something wrong, I could lose all the money I invested" Riot Games = Control Freaks.
: THIS CHAT-BOT IS ******* JOKE as much as this whole company :v
You're one of those chatty fellas that ruins all my ranked games. I just hope this is a permaban.
: Don't like it? Find another game.
Didn't mean to start such an extensive conversation. I just wish people stopped taking this game so close to heart. Almost everyone gets salty if they lose... I can't even go on discord with people because 99% of times they are so overly moany and upset if the game is lost... Its literally cringe. Whilst on the other hand some people actually let the victory also get to their emotions albeit in a different way. Its just crazy...
Shamose (EUW)
: > It's a free game and none of you are in chains forced to play this game. The chains of addiction are pretty sturdy.
In which case, it is the enchained person's fault and not OMFGRITO.
: Don't like it? Find another game.
I just wish it was constructive criticism as opposed to OMG FK RITO GOKU BBQ NEW CHMPS OP
Gryndall (EUNE)
: I need explanation because I can't get it
You will get flamed if you make stupid choices. Just like ap Jinx will get flamed for playing ap jinx. Zyra jungle isn't as good as even a B tier jungler. Whilst mid Zyra and supp are totally fine whilst compared to other mids/supps. In other words, expand your champ pool so you at least have 1 emergency pick for all lanes so you don't have to play AD Zyra or Jungle Zyra, come on now.
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Semaka (EUW)
: Really huh? So, a family matter, an emergency, in your opinion is less important than a video game? How exactly are you paying for a tragedy in someone else's life? You lose LP? Wow, then I guess you should sue the person that had a tragedy IRL and didn't stay in their burning house to finish the game.
You talking like all afkers and leavers have family emergencies and tragedies rofl. Realistically how many afkers/leavers' leaves because of a ''tragedy''. lol gtfo.
: > [{quoted}](name=GLurch,realm=EUW,application-id=XkTi8002,discussion-id=RojIMqZK,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2019-10-27T20:24:03.351+0000) > > Now you're making us sound mean, like we're intentionally doing this only to bully people :( it's the only thing ur d*gsh*t company is good at
Why don't you go ahead and make a better company yourself.
: Senna is one of the reasons this game sucks
Stop being salty. All champs have strength and weaknesses. I agree tweaks must be done, but they did nerf her severely and might do so in the future. Stop the salt.
JesusTHC (EUW)
: Thank you for the advice :)
Yeah man, just remember to stay pragmatic and practical. Remember that if you start flaming your chances of losing the game go up massively. So no matter how hard it is, stay calm and let people feed their stupid asses off. All you should do (or what I do) I just tell them politely what they did wrong. If they respond in a wrong manner, just mute and carry on. DO NOT RESPOND.
JesusTHC (EUW)
: Got a 14-day suspension
Years ago I was so disgustingly toxic because I was shell shocked by the sheer levels of %%%%%%ation that league had to offer. It was all new to me. My advice to you is mute everyone for the entirety of the next season, put on whatever edgy music you listen to and you should be fine. And yeah, it most likely going to be permaban next unless you haven't broke the summoner's code for a long while.
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Unfair reroll
What if I told you it clearly states that the skin quality you put into the reroll doesn't affect the quality of the new skin. So the common sense would dictate to use the cheap skins for rerolls and use the expensive skins for upgrading/disenchanting.
Mykat (EUW)
: I hate league of legends
This might sound stupid but it is very brave of you to admit that and ask for advice. Anyway, honestly there is no point playing 1 addictive game and then jumping to another addictive game... The problem you have isn't the games but the addiction. My advice to you is do exercise, cook some food, watch some educational videos, watch films, focus on your real life and think of your future and contribute towards that. My guess is you are still young and I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT COMPROMISE THE FUTURE OF YOUR LIFE BECAUSE YOU WANT TO PLAY SOME SILLY TOXIC GAME.
: My Reflections - Thoughts - Feelings on League and where it's heading. (For Riot Employees/Staff)
You are right. I mean its okay to have complex champions but its like all they focus on is how to make the next champ more difficult and game breaking. I have returned to league after about 6 years. But I will also be leaving it after seeing what the game has become. The biggest problem is the issue of snowballing out of control. If a person gets a kill, it shouldn't mean your laning phase is over and the game is over in 15 minutes. The element of luck is real in this game and I wish we had more ways to counter snowballing. Also people are so so so impatient and toxic obviously. Like they just want to win the game fast even though they are putting themselves at risk by trying to rush enemy base rather than secure objectives and secure victory as a result. It literally feels like some players have their parents over their shoulder telling them to take out the garbage right now. Anyway, i feel you. Good bye.
: In some games it definitelly seems so. But im not doing a big deal out of it.. bots dont flame and at the end both of those types of games are pointless at the end. So i wote for bots over angry foreigners which have hard time to focus
You talk about ''angry foreigners'' and yet you spell the word vote ''wote''. Anyway, what makes you think these so called angry foreigners have hard time to focus. You're also a foreigner to them.
: Why i cant just use my current username for login
: If you could change the name of the game
''Rift''. Or ''Summoners''. Something simple. I remember when my younger brother told me to play a game called ''League of Legends'', I laughed at myself how idiotic/childish/unserious/cheesy that sounded. Im used to it now, but I still dont like it being called ''League of Legends''... I suppose if they knew how far this game would go, they definitely wouldn't name it that.
: [Worst community ever] [EUW server]
Well.. Why do you give so much of your emotions to little kids you don't even know? Do you rage out at school kids in real life too? Point being, ignore these kids, play your own game and be an adult which you pretending to be.
: Most senseless ban ever
You should get banned just for talking so much. Regardless of the content and context. And I will never believe a chatty fella like you ''did not use the chat once'' before this ban. Edit: Yes you are right. That ahri deserves the get sterilised but you can just speak your mind once and shut up for the rest of the game. No reason to keep harassing her like a bad wife harasses her husband.
Çhip (EUW)
: 'Sorry i have to go'
Guess what, some people aren't Nostradamus and cannot see into the future. Emergencies may arise at any second, nobody cares about your game when real life calls, deal with it or just play runescape or something.
: Account Suspended.
3D Clickpax (EUNE)
KURVA is strong with this one.
ta16vl (EUW)
: Is it a bad thing I only play with bots?
That's cute lol. And absolutely nothing wrong with that. You just get more possibilities playing against humans.
: I don't know what to do,i need help, this is some serious sh#t, and i just don't know what to do :(
Dump her. She is one of those attention seeking creatures that drain you of all your positive energy.
VonScript (EUW)
: Bro mains Sona and I like to crochet.
Azure9861 (EUW)
: So Vlad has 4000 health and did 1600 damage in 0.3 seconds
: No katana or scythe in lol
Excuse me? {{champion:30}} . Most epic scythe in game? {{champion:120}} ??
Dage (EUW)
: Early laning phase as Vayne
Until you learn how to reset auto attacks and Q to quickly get 3 stacks on enemy, dont bother trading. Farm and wait for ganks. Also bot lane is 90% about support play.
: What were some of the dumb or funny things you did when you was lower levels (unranked)
: For that reason riot introduced their best system ever, Mute! I gotta admit i use to answer to those who flamed me in the past, but after listening to my wife jokes telling me to mute her whenever she pisses me off, i thought to myself, wtf shes a genius, and i started doing the same in lol, and it works, never my game were so calm and satisfying like now!
Respect, my fellow silence lover.
0 i i u (EUW)
: I get flamed due to my rank
These losers will find anything to make their sad selves feel better. Oh you 100 games and still in bronze? hahahahaha. Oh you have 200k mastery points hahahhahaah. Oh you only play 1 champ aahahahahah. Oh you have black hair hahah. You get the rest.
derpystin (EUW)
: please make tarics life jacket a toggle so he can take it off, just like heimer can toggle his walk
Oh yeah? Maybe you also would like his W to put his jacket on his allies? And his stun animations to be TWO long slowly but steadily growing dicks that would eventually stun the target when they get hit? Perhaps even his Q having a suspicious looking rejuvenating milky liquid splash animation?
: League is far from balanced to be honest. I doesn't even have to be balanced because it's fun to mix things up. If you watch the lcs atm its almost the same comps with slight changes to them every game. I think season 4-5 where the best seasons this game had and its be more dissapointing every season from now on. Dont get me wrong i want this game to be the best of the best again but i dont see it happen anytime soon.
LCS champions get pick priorities because they play a different game. They don't play the league of legends we play. Thus different champions become weaker/op in LCS. For instance, Rek'sai is a perfect example. Gets a lot of love in LCS and a lot of hate for same reason. She is good in team play for stuff like detecting enemies in fog of war for the team etc. Just because its good in LCS, it doesn't make her good in Solo Que. Same could be said for 90% of pro play picks. The point is obvious. The champions people complain about in solo que is different to what champions pros complain about. It goes as far as almost every division differs on what they find op. For instance, in bronze people could find Annie's burst op. Whereas in Diamond people could find Azir op. You get the point.
Ciaina (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Killsomnia,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0k694uHa,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-06-25T04:00:55.411+0000) > > Some junglers need pings, a phone call and a big right hook to make them come for free kills. They can't see anything beside their wolfs while free kills are running past their face. Don't just assume that people want to ping you. Nobody wants to ping you. If they ping its for a reason. They either need help or are just tilting. Ignoring them or being the ''big man'' by ignoring their lane isnt going to work out for you or for your team. WORD. When im mid laner and i score more ganks than my jungler, i know hes garbage. Do NOT play jungle if you dont have good map sense. If someone asks for a gank, he NEEDS IT: Hes not trying to be funny. If someone says NOW; it means NOW; not after wolves and blue buff. Because the lane is pushed NOW. If you cant at least cover the basics, stay the hell out of jungle, it is the most delicate role of all (and no, the fact that one game out of 8 someone got a million kills aint no excuse)
Yeah I think it's the hardest role in the game. Suppose ADC is hardest mechanically but jungle is a different game. But then again it can be easiest role since all you have to do is just come over when the enemy pushes to your turret. Stay out of the jungle if you aren't ready mentally. Its dark and full of terrors. (just kill me plis)
Zed genius (EUNE)
: So what you're saying is that one can't first pick his main champion cause he is countered too easy?
Rismosch (EUW)
: Why can't you stand a loss?
It depends how you lose. If the game was fun with nobody trolling and everyone seemingly trying their best, then the game is really fun regardless of the outcome.
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