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: LOL my honour hasn't moved all year not gone up or down the game is broken riot is broken so play to play or play something else easy clap
I think people dismiss it at this point, I don't see any streamers honor people either
CaeruIeum (EUNE)
: chatlogs or didnt happen
The chats aren't being displayed anymore. They also just showed my messages which seems pretty one sided.
Hansiman (EUW)
: There's no set time for the lock, since it depends on the behavior you display in your games. Behave well, and the lock will be removed faster than if you don't really show much effort at reforming. --- > The blue essence grind is already a pain with the level system It was a bigger pain with the old system, since the leveling system has increased the total amount of BE you are able to obtain over time.
But how are they supposed to know, if honors don't matter? People report you for random stuff, losing lane, missing an ult. Just because a punishment was justified for 2 games, i dont think i deserve to be punished for the entire season. It's a small percentage out of my total games, besides it was just chatting. I didn't insult them personally.
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