: Dude, what the heck am I reading?
The top general in Iran got killed during a us air raid in iraq. Possibility of war being declared.
: How are you supposed to spell these champs?
This is how me and my friends pronounce it: Ah-Ree Kat-A-Re-Na Kay-El Zo-E Lu-x Na-Su-S F-I-Z
: And a tip for ADCs: Don't expect every champ do the same. Karma and Soraka are not the same in trades if there are enemy minions among you
and to expand on this, Soraka is not a permanent kayle ult. Do not expect to be immortal at level 1.
Busty Demon (EUNE)
: -Standing still missing every skill shot while enemy parkour around him...spam question mark pings why are you full heath.... -reach lane before you and goes 1 vs 3 and yells "why didn't you get to lane faster"...... You gotta love the adc. _***~~GG~~***_
- loses 1v1 against enemy adc - sells starting item to upgrade immediatly to tier 2 boots - Dies again
DerPunkt (EUW)
: Thought that was implied in my post but good work clarifying. :D
Oh fair enough, i only played the 2 games and won both so i assumed you might lose lp on a loss. Glad to know i wont have to climb as far to reach gold if i lose every game from now.
06MA212 (EUW)
: Question about ranking system
So after the first placement game you get given a rank and some lp, for example i got got silver 4 and like 64lp. The next game you play you'll gain or lose lp and increase your rank as you normall would out of placements but there's no promotional games. I won my second game and got 54lp and it moved me straight to silver 3. after your placements i imagine you get whatever rank you ended on during placements. Hope this helps and good luck in placements!
isindarcyne (EUNE)
: Only I get jealous?
I don't really have mains outside of ranked. However if an enemy takes my pick in normals i will treat it like a ranked game. No mercy. Make them surrender.
james2k2 (EUW)
: Why didn't I get S-Rank this game?
Honestly i'd say it's probably down to the CS, I usually get an s- at 200+ cs and s/s+ at 250+ cs
Rick LVB (EUW)
: Folk isn't that violent. You tell them around 2 hours and it's 3 or 4 they are not going to take weapons and march from all Europe on Germany's server, come on... I remember at the early stage of the game there was that information given.. often very optimistic. But the game has change, the staff has change, servers has change (it was back in the day there wasn't even an EUNE server... takes us a long way back isn't it) and players too has changed. I'm pretty sure this kind of information would be very welcome nowadays even approximate.
Used to get this kind of thing all the time when i worked for an energy company. "An engineer will be with you between 6:00pm-8:00pm" -6:05pm- "WHY ARE THEY NOT HERE YET?!?!?" People are impatient as hell and are always willing to complain
: Because she doesn't appear to be a man? Of course, she could be transgender, or a woman who identifies as a man, she might even be asexual... Marksperson does seem to clear up any possible confusion, I suppose. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
We all know Ashe has the biggest penis of the freljord
: Why do Veigars go supp?
They made changes so Veigars abilities will stack ap when used against an enemy champion. In a support role he can freely focus on hitting the enemies rather than minion stacking.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Can someone explain what they're doing with Steraks??
Basically as it was if anything went off of Base AD then steraks would affect it as it added 50% of the original base to the current amount (Like 50 starting base+ 25 sterak passive = 75 base Ad). Now it adds it as bonus AD which means anythign that increases with Bonus AD will be affected by it. For example pykes Q scales with 60% BONUS AD. Previously Steraks would not give any extra damage to this ability as it was counted as base damage. I hope this makes as much sense as i think it does, i'm very tired so i'm not entirely sure.
: Looking for a Taric for yi taric strat
King Lego (EUNE)
: Can a champion be toxic?!?
Mr "I have 50 mana left but i will do my full combo a further 3 times and burst you down" {{champion:13}}
50m3 6uy (EUW)
: Banned over nothing
> [{quoted}](name=50m3 6uy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZsTVNAEd,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-03T23:41:07.579+0000) > > 50m3 6uy: on a non related topic > 50m3 6uy: %%% > > 50m3 6uy: first %%% This is exactly why you went straight to a 14 day ban
DarkTitan7 (EUNE)
: Maybe because you didn't play enough competitively because I have hard game finding good team
I've climbed from mid bronze to gold primarly playing support. I've also been playng since the end of season 3 and have not had any chat bans or temp bans. Only thing you need to do is learn how to stay out of th echat when you're tilted because it never ends well. for your next account if you make a new one i suggest /mute all and only playing during select times since it seems to affect heavily what quality of team you get in my experience.
Rioter Comments
WajdyFazza (EUNE)
: I need guidance with roaming with Camille.
Sound slike you're doing things right, you just need practise on actual ganking. all you have to do is keep at it or take a break and try out jungle to get a better feel for when it's the right time to gank.
CJXander (EUNE)
: I play league when i have a hard day, but still, i'm mostly flaming verbally, and not in chat lel.
Either that or i'll be the one playing lux support stealing kills, depends how tilted i am already {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rioter Comments
: So, what was your rating last year? Also, why do you care? If you feel you don't belong in B5, just climb out of it. It is the easiest rating in the game to climb out.
I looked him up on op.gg and i don't know why he was complaining: S7: bronze 4 s6: bronze 2 s5: bronze 4
DeadAqua (EUW)
: Yeah, now I know because I haven't been able to know if it actually is an enemy missing there and be afraid or not but now I know they are just blaming me lol
Rule of thumb is, if it's in rapid succession after someone has died, then they're complaining at you. if it's every so often then someone is missing.
DeadAqua (EUW)
: What does enemy missing ping mean?
Meant to be champion missing but it gets used for "What are you doing?!?!" as well as "Your laner is here why didnt you react?"
: You claim wards wont help what about warding in your jungle so you can see the Warwick. Its hard to dodge a Warwick ult if you don't see it but on the other hand if you dodge it there is a chance you can turn that around on them. If your jungler is nearby and sees Warwick getting into position to dive you. So no wards can help if you are worried about dives then you ward for those. Only two things make dives risky lack of vision on their part and you knowing its going to happen especially when ults are involved like Warwick
I claimed the wards would not help in certain situations, i'll go into further detail on the game i was talking about: I'm under my tower, we were blue side so i have 2 warding options. The river bush which i couldn't reach without needing to fight the aatrox or the tribush behind me. I had the tri warded and guess what's there? A giant blind spot in the form of an entire lane ripe for a lane gank. The kicker is that because of ww's marking active he speeds on me from gromps direction and i'm suddenly enclosed at my tower, enemy minions at my tower, and an aatrox getting ready to burst me. In terms of where my jungler was during these times, he was passively farming bot side. I wouldn't care as much if he took an objective like drake or did something on the map like gank bot lane or counter jungle but hey you get the bad games.
Kurtops (EUW)
: Is this normal once you just started the game?
Practice makes perfect bud, get some friends together and play as a group whilst you learn, take yi top lane and you might find it easier to pick up. It's all about learning how to last hit minions and when it's okay to trade really.
: "But I got ganked..."
It varies on the situation in my opinion. I've had games where i've been under my tower for all of the early game and got tower dove constantly and killed by an aatrox and ww combo. After 6 it got much worse because they had ults. i did not overextend, wards wouldn't help against a ww ult under my tower with an aatrox knock up, map awareness wise i'd have to pretty much be in base to be safe since he was always topside. Of course if they are tower diving at level 1 and dying and the enemy jungler has shown his face on the map once then it isn't an excuse but other than that it definitely varies on how well your jungler reacts to the enemy movements.
: i feel so authistic geting rewarded with 23 capsules of champions i already have ,,,,
> I don't need blue essence > I need ingame currency as rewards Blue essence is the ingame currency now
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Honor lvl
Honors 3-5 will be reset back to 2 at the start of next season. People who are honor level 2 obviously won't see a change. I'm not sure about level 1 and 0's though.
: > so why should I be penalized for it?? Because you are aware of a problem and decide to queue up anyway. It's a risk you take and it backfired on you.
Going by how it was wrote i don't think he knew though. Fair enough if it's scheduled maintenance but if something happens and you're unaware then it goes off mid game then how are you at fault?
Arnoter (EUW)
: So, what is the fastest way to level now ?
Apparently 3v3 bots is the fastest but it's boring af
: Sivir Spellshield and Zoe Drowsy
From what i can tell you need to block it before it starts ticking down, like before it hits/as it hits.
Skító (EUNE)
: Thx.. I want the taric one tho.. im probably gonna get some RP but i would rather get them for IP if they go on sale like Chromas do.. BUt they havents said anything about that??
I needed to buy the taric one, it's in my name.
: Intentional feeding report?
I'm pretty sure it goes by previous games, stats, chatlogs, as well as deaths on the map. They need quite a bit of information since it could just be a spree of really bad games.
Egillion (EUW)
: Some tank champions are simply too good...
There's a champion that executes people who are under 25% their max health. Tanks are not so much a problem with the crabgod around {{champion:6}}
: u need to use Tryndamere so u can challenge him to a beyblade battle and win vs him then win the game
Until he rushes thornmail and randuins
25thc Hour (EUNE)
: "what they said was very severe." yeah this sht is not good for everyone but to get perma banned without any alert or previous chat restriction is not fair. Is like RIOT killings their players LOL :) Just a real bloody massacre from RIOT! :)
They would of gotten an email explaining what games got him banned. As for severity it's usually telling someone to go kill themselves or to get cancer and things along those lines or things that are very racist, homophobic, ect
25thc Hour (EUNE)
: Just wait.. :) Their system sux a lot. (As I know you can get perma banned only for scripts, exploits or hacks). But if you got perma banned for verbal abuse only then Riot has a problem. :) You don't deserve that ofc. 4 years WTH? GET A LIFE dude! {{champion:105}} Create another account, buy some new skins again .. and good luck! LOL (They need to change their restrictions, ofc is not fair).
It is possible to get permabanned from verbal abuse. If they haven't received any previous punishments then it usually means that what they said was very severe. The only way to tell is by looking at the chat logs provided.
Nefarix14 (EUW)
: Cant get out of bronze
"zz rot portal" They don't know how to counter the push if you put it in top lane and you all go bot. It's how i got out of bronze instantly.
Fathands (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=PlsNoNautMID,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Euz1hpBj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-08-03T00:04:09.368+0000) > > No Nein
: Soraka issues
It became a habit for me to alert my team if i'm not premade with them that i may be playing soraka but until late game my heal is not on a 1 second cooldown so the need to chill the %%%% out on tower diving and shiz at level 2. Item wise, 2nd tier coin and then redemption or ardents is always great to go for early
Wormwood (EUW)
: Is Urgot's Ult bugged?
I have not encountered this issue yet. The only bug i'm aware of is the visual bug of pulling someone in from a close range as it will push teleport them forward first. so annoying when you realise they didn't flash :/
: Quests in League of Legends
At first i thought this would be one of the "We demand free legendary skins for quests" posts but getting essence would be nice. even blue essence has a use because of the mastery system and it would be great to be able to get a little more without spending on chests and keys.
: S on Kayn??
what was your cs? Edit: And role, were you top, mid, jungle?
Infernape (EUW)
: Not as beautiful as {{champion:44}}
you called? :^) Also Eambo are you still doing the invites? I've been waiting a while now :c
Farce (EUNE)
: Technically it's a little lower, cause enemy getting him excludes you getting him too.
Is that an actual thing? I've always wondered about that
Eveninn (EUW)
: Arams are stoopid, I can't play Rakan there. q-q
You can, there's a 1/137 chance you'll get him....5/137 if you include team mates ;D
Eambo (EUW)
: [EUW] Late night ARAM, anyone? :-)
I've had the same issue buddy
gandalf123R (EUNE)
: Kayn Versus Illaoi
did she E you by any chance? Is so then it's normal, the only way to break the link and not take damage any further is to wait it out (not recommended past level 3) or go out the radius. Going into your ult wont stop it just like fizz can't playful trickster it and elise can't spider climb thingy
: {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} That anology, but yeah i get what you mean looks like we got unlucky on this one :/
I find analogies with food are a lot easier to understand and get a point across aha. Well now you know so good luck in future games!
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