Llarturn (EUW)
: What next, rito? Banning for saying "good job" sarcastically?
Flaming isn't just about cursing at each other, if you're a veteran player you should know that lol.
: They're reverting {{champion:103}} and {{champion:7}} to where they have some older pre-change parts of their kits back, so maybe you're going to be in luck soon enough...
Uxus (EUW)
: Autoban for new champs
They should just make a one for all where all 10 players get the new champ for a couple of days when they get released, you should have to buy the champ to play it tho.
Xêm (EUW)
: Did you see the changes Riot Repertoir put up on r/shacomains? Q will do damage again :D
For real? i'll go check it out right away, thanks! ^^
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