: Will this laptop run LoL?
As soon as you install Windows or MacOS on it.
: wut? What's "Twisted Forest Treeline"
: No world tokens for Twisted Treeline
You can get tokens for **T**wisted **F**orest **T**reeline, not **T**wisted **T**reeline. ^-^
: The State of Ranked Gold Players
I believe you are missinterpreting here something. Gold players do not share a common skill level, they share a common win rate. While those two do related, skill has many facets: You can be mechanically bad, but good a macro play or vice versa. So it is not uncommon to have some "Bronze qualities" even in Gold ranked elo. The win rate does not care if a player gets hooked by every long range skill shot, if he can compensate for it while not being hooked. ^-^ Also seeing a player in 1 game is a bad sample of his skill. There are so many reasons for a bad play, tilt one of the most common. A game starts bad (a risky play failed) and the player tilts. The tilt could even start in champ select for the fact "damn, 2nd time in row autofilled". His mother could have shout for dinner, his sister could have started an UHD stream or he was distracted by his burning cat (imho. still the best excuse on the net!).
: Honestly its shocking to me, shes had the same kit for the longest time, but only NOW is she suddenly "broken" doesn't make sense.
They buffed her E movement speed utility. After that the nerf hammer came down. So they buffed her, to nerf her into oblivion. I believe playing Karma Mid or Bot is pretty much out of question with that scaling. So we are back at Karma Tank + Support. Karma top with ice born is soo fun to watch. ^-^
Yraco (EUW)
: That's not an excuse that Riot would use. The skin team is not the bug-fixing team. I'm pretty sure the reason that the current client is broken is because they're making a new one that might actually be alright.
A more likely excuse would be: We are trying to create the most awesome achievements you have ever seen in a game. Context: We realize you still don't want to pay for them.
: Why promos exist?
The reasons for promotions is: People would cry rivers, if they had no demote protection. PS: I would be fine if my current rank would directly reflect my current ELO.
JustTits (EUNE)
: Remove the True Damage from Pyke
The effective damage dealt, can be more than the total HP of a champion, if he has low enough HP for the executation damage, but has lot's of shields online (which are ignored). So I see different options to address this madness. However his win rate is pretty ballanced. I guess it's just hard to play that champ right, but you do, your enemy will leave the game in trauma... Refering to euw.op.gg he has 49% ban rate and 14.4 % pick rate giving him around 64 % pick and ban ratio. Ridiculous. Yasuo has 64 % as well, Morgana around 55% and Zed 53% are a bit further and everyone else is pretty okay considering their "presance rate". But RITO considers only 80% pick/ban rate over mutiple batchs as a reason to nerf.
: Why is normal game matchmaking so bad?
if those are rather new accounts (less than ~50 draft queue games), they might be placed out of their league by a too trigger happy smurf detection. If smurf accounts are detected, a little win streak can skyrock their MMR. Happened a few years ago on my secondary account I planed to play with newbie friends with... (so basicly I wanted to play 1 division lower with my friends which kinda failed...) the account was suddently matched with Diamond players, while my best rank ever achieved is low Gold. Elo is a solid system in long term, but it has 1 major flaw: it's missing a good initialization. So especially when people repeat their "initialization" (I'd assume normal MMR undergoes a similar "placements" process), statistic error from having low ammount of games and being only 1/5 of the reason for a win or lose, can cause some wide errors. When occuring those has a low chance, it doesn't really hurt. But problems with matchmaking caused by "manipulated" MMR is more and more widespread lately. Kind of everyone has different accounts.
Infinitty (EUW)
: Lets say you have 100 bucks to spend on skins... you'll either spend that amount on one account or both... but in the end it's the same amount that Riot will receive :D unless you magically transform 100 bucks in 200 bucks... if that's the case teach me that kind of sorcery :D Well sure you can buy skins for your alt account that you already have in your main, it's your money....but.... hum, if you have that much money to spend on alts, share some {{item:2319}} with me hahaha :D
Well, but if you have 100 bucks to spend on skins, with only 1 account you could end buying skins after spending 50 bucks, because there are not enough skins worth more of your bucks out there. So being able to sell those skins you consider worth paying bucks for on multiple accounts will increase your total skin sales.
Infinitty (EUW)
: still is the same wallet :D so they will win the same amount of money :D if you only have 1 account
You cannot sell the same skin twice on the same account. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: [Bug?] What im seeing in game is not what is happening...any help?
The first thing, I'd check with that description would be packet lose to RIOT servers. The Hextech Repair Tool (https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367-Automated-Troubleshooting-Hextech-Repair-Tool) should include this in his network test part. You could also do a pathping to the gameserver manually to verify your connection is fine.
The Clit (EUW)
: Prestiege Skins is kind of a scam
Not to mention, it's an ugly chroma. If I really like the skin, I prefer buying the normal skin to getting the prestige edition. If it would at least give you some combo discount to the normal skin like Lunar/Solar Eclipse skin pair.
: How the %%%% is dodged games still starting okay?
Maybe you can nolonger dodge during the final countdown. We wanted to dodge a game, because our bot lane was picking AD {{champion:103}}... 3 people had left the lobby while the countdown was still counting, the remaining person also saw the "has left the lobby" messages, so the server clearly realized the people had X closed their clients. I wonder if this is a bug or an intended change?
: I think Riot wants Karma to be played as a Support, not as a Mid laner. I noticed there isn't even an alternative start besides Spellthief's. So I don't think they plan such a rework to make her playable in another lane, because then, why not ask this for every other support champion as well? You should probably play Support, otherwise, you are taking your chances with a supp in mid lane.
I sometimes wonder how they decide for the alternate start options. Lux has 81 % pick rate on support role, while not having a support build... Karma at least actually has 75 % pick rate on support, which means there are still 25% not support. Though not seeing "bottom" in op.gg, I guess they cannot distinguish it from other lanes?! Since it was just recently played in LEC again, I would expect more then < 1 % pick rate for Karma bottom. But as mentioned... only tank Karma is least affected by this nerf. Even support Karma will rely on AP scaling for poke damage. .2 scaling is still ~10 damage less just with blue trinklet and runes. If you wanted to hit "farming Karma" you could reduce the minion damage on her Q... or at least the bonus damage on RQ. That would hurt all non-support Karmas and still allow support play her strong side: heavy poke in lane.
SleepyTim (EUW)
: How to make League of Legends better.
My 2 cents: @1. fully supported @2. I see that option combined with 1, a "stupid" movement to let the champ walk that way, not navigating around minions, not not walking around terrain. In case of minions, I would expect the champ to wait while the minion blocks, and walk when the minion is nolonger blocking. A straight line until movement is blocked. Command stays as long you don't give other movement commands, so you could make a movement command to move as soon as the temporary wall vanishes without walking around 200 yards of terrain. @3. I currently play with minimap click disabled, it tilt me to oblivion. Now obviously I miss the feature to actually make a TP via minimap or return to lane while watching your champ instead of watching the destination area. @5. What tilts me most currently is this case: An abiltity is on cooldown, you wait for the cooldown to refresh, press the key... press the key again again die... oh, right, no mana... My appeal (again): Make it possible to mark an ability on cooldown to also don't meet other criterias like mana/energy or the lack of combo (Xayah can't use E, if there are no feathers. Similar conditions on Twitch, Kalista, Morgana, etc.) @6. I sometimes feel command buffering while CCed is inconsistent, sometimes you spam abilities and they don't fire off for seconds after your CC, and sometimes you actively cancel them using a movement command, but they still fire delayed and obviously their aim is seconds too late now... @7. This, or allow "fill" to exclude one role. Like "fill but not jungle". I'd probably currently select support/mid/bot, since top and jungle are not enjoyable for me, and looking at the rates I get them using fill, I am not alone. I prefer waiting 10 more seconds to not be jungle again... but I also don't want to play support all games... but I am fine with filling the role most needed in queue. @8. Best would be, if "autofill against their will" could be avoided someone... balancing the amount of mad players is fair, not still results in toxic games. @9. I am uncertain about this one. I sometimes just wonder the positions are finally distributed. There are fun situation, match making could have solved even before lobby started. I enter queue as "fill", get support, but the main support get's his secondary role... why? Matchmaking could have assigned him support and give me the last open slot.
: Why do you smurf?
Why RITO doesn't care: 2 accounts = 2 accounts with skin sales Why I have two smurf: I like to play with some IRL friends together. They are truely new to LOL. So I made a new account, but then some RIOT smurf detection kicked in and placed that account into diamond MMR (while I was around silver/gold MMR on main account). Point for the smurf destroyed -> next account. This time that account is actually only used when I play together with him, so they should have matching MMR. Even a Bronze player will stomp those friends, if he suddently says "ok I am brave and ready to lose today, match me with players instead of bots". So basicly I probably wouldn't need a smurf, if people could accept me, a more experienced player, plays today premade with a friend who is really new and will be the reason for a lose, if the other 4 can't win the game. I am sometimes surprised how LOL can maintane so many players while community is so toxic to actually inexperienced players.
deluggas (EUW)
: Have you ever lost a lane and felt like you couldn't do anything about the enemy killing you over and over again? I know I have. I went 0/5+ on multiple occasions while genuinely trying to win. Sure, I fed. Sure, I might have lost my team these games. But I didn't feed intentionally. I wanted to win. I tried to stop dying. I tried to farm safely and catch up. But the enemy did well to expose my mistakes and exploit my weaknesses. Sometimes it do be like that :sadface: ... The answer is already in your question. Feeding intentionally (i.e. on purpose) constitutes intentional feeding. Knowingly and willingly giving the enemy an advantage as to lose the game for one's own team.
You describe me playing top lane (my worst one) in a nutshell. But the most important part "intentional" is pretty hard distinguish. There are 2 easy cases - When you enter the lobby, your intention was to troll your team mates and ruin their game - You enter lobby and game with the intent to win, you make a few mistakes, you fall so far behind you can only try to catch a little farm to avoid falling even more behind And now the edge case: - You enter lobby and game with the intent to win. Something goes not to your liking and you tilt hard. You now feed "in affect" or while "not in possession of all your faculties" (like someone who drunk too much) The reason for the tilt can be the enemy, your own mistakes or the stupid comments of your teammates (in later case you could argue they were the cause for your feed). What to do about the edge case? Who can distingiush them? Who will judge them? In court the policy would be "in dubio pro reo", I'd assume RITO's policy is similar, though the ban system is only as correct as there are actual numbers the machine can compute. The machine does not see your mimic, can't detect if your are "lying" and cannot listen to your breathing (at least I hope so, the RITO client could be sending microphone records and maybe even camera shots if plugged...).
: oh right. I remember. ye I bought it cause i didn't have money for Luden and the enemy team was on my nexus. (Panic buy)
Panic mode started at 12:40 when you bought a {{item:1052}} which nolonger builds into Ludens after completing the {{item:3802}} before. ;) Btw. I wouldn't say it was a bad option, Lost Chapter is so useful during laning due to the mana regen passive for level ups and Athene's is making huge heals after some poke.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=De Kus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qvxeAHEE,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-09-19T10:05:22.635+0000) > > We could argue about the last point, but this is exactly what I'd expect from lanes. Actually, regarding that last point, given that a laner should be able to hold his own against the enemy laner, the jungler IS the equivalent of protection. It's that something you'll want to have but not use, instead of need and not have. ;)
I wasn't saying people shouldn't do that, but I think we shouldn't expect from others... and not only for people who are too young, old, disabled or female but just noone. Respect to those who do, unconcerned about those who don't.
: You don't play safe vs vlad, you need to stick to him like glue until he dies, starting lvl 1.. the only thing you have to worry is about the minions, you don't all in him lvl 1 in 6 or 4 minions, 3 is ok. I just can't see fiora loosing to vlad. even if he pools and slows you, you can slow him with ur W and get back to him with Q.. he has no way to run too.. especially at lvl 6 fiora gets mov speed from ulti.. and your items are horrible, ninja tabi? you have a panth yuumi fizz, vlad, mostly ap and have some form of CC.. mercury threads were the boots for that game.. and black cleaver? what armor exactly are you cleaving?? just build Trinity pls.. u already have % hp dmg in your passive :D .. I can honestly say that what im looking at is tragic. Don't play top in ranked games, stick to support.. I recommend watching top laners like "solorenektononly" just go youtube and watch top lane carry or something.
As mentioned, I missplayed that at level 2 and died while having the chance to kill him which probably would have turned the tables. Yeah I guess Trinity is more viable vs. none tanks. Back before her remake I was just used to getting black cleaver as core item... now I had get the hex drinker and tiamat for wave clear and when you then finally get a complete item ready laning is long over. Oh and all Fiora games are normal draft in my history, don't worry. ^-^ And sorry for playing champions I don't already have mastery level 7.
Spêare (EUW)
: I am Cmdsheppard , and I am a toxic player.
It's a bit of a mysterie and would truely require some serious investigation. I am luckily not at the point flaming other players, but still an instresting similar change has happned to me: Back at the beginning I could laugh off all those kids writing ridicilous stuff when you make a mistake you can see while watching LCS (back then EU was still in LCS). But today I can tilt very quick, and the only solution I found so far is muting the chat for a player for the first stupid comment and muting the pings when he starts making "stupid" pings. That's kind of a band aid solution only though. I wonder, when did the game or community (us included) change towards this mental negativity instead of just enjoying the game? It starts with so little details like "why pick onhit Neeko bot lane?". Yes why... because it's a normal and I am not gonna believe what "someone" thinks about the built. Seeing is believing, so the only way to find out if that champ/position/build is something for me is trying it myself. (just a recent example) I mean, why would anyone complain? I could facepalm for any Teemo pick. But I realize I don't like the champion, neither laning against him, nor having him on my team. Watching that champion just makes me angry. But why? I shouldn't care. It's not even a ranked game. And why do I care if such a stupid pick would drop me out of Gold IV? Yeah it could ruin the season rewards, why would I care? I have gold in flex and soloQ, dropping out of one of them is just missing a chromo/emote I don't like/need anyway. It has no logic, that's for sure. So it has be something more subjective. Seeing RITO just recently released this "which toxic type are you" campaign, they are pretty well aware of the toxicty and actually investing money into analyzing and making counter PR. I wonder if they have deeper insight on human psychological/emotional level.
Hawk32 (EUNE)
: So Kogmaw 0/3 after 10 min but 30/5 after 30 min = no honor? Early/late game champ means nothing?
In memory he will forever be remembered as the dude losing lane and then daring to steal all those kills starting mid game.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is it impossible to get honored as an ADC?
I can't speak for others, but the fact your are complaining here, gives me an idea I might not have given you an honour as well. -> Honourable != MVP Usually my honour goes to the MVP which didnt disqualify with his behavour during the game. Also consider premades, they might honour one of their premades regardless how much better some none-premade played. Also I don't remember the stats of the players when I have to chose. It's often a wimp "oh, I feel the jungler had good timing" or "yeah, my bot lanes was fine" or "nice mid, you played well even though top and jungle were toxic". I sometimes realize in postgame screen I must have remembered wrong, because the 4/10/1 guy with 20% kill participation was mainly not playing well with the team at all. @_o Bottom line: There are so many good or stupid reasons you cannot change, just deal with it. You don't need honours to feel good about having carried a game.
: yep, that phrase is up in the top ten "stupidest things to say in game" (with some popular answers to them) like: "play safe" (no, i quite like staring at a gray screen) "stay under tower" (the red one or the blue one?) "build [item] FFS!" (you gonna lend me some money? no? then shut up) "OMG stop dying!" (sure i'll ask them nicely not to kill me next time) it's almost like some players are so dense they think just by saying something the game is magically going to flip in their favor
That stay under tower stuff is especially stupid... played {{champion:114}} into {{champion:8}} recently and I couldn't even last hit the melee minions under tower without getting poked down out of range to heal back using the vital spots. After falling behind "playing save" is over. There is nothing to do. If noone helps (or is able to help), you can only try to roam or get some farm while you are still "healthy" (was around 50% + hex drinker up in that case). Well noone complaint in that game, I played especially cautious after my 2nd death (1st was a missplay, if I hit the vital I am sure I would have killed him), but especially when I play in an unfamilar role with a champion I am not very good (well what else can I do but play the champ in draft mode to improve on those champs?).
N0taman (EUW)
: lol 100% winrate
Damn, he must have been lucky. Not a single game lost due to a troll/AFK... and that 56 games soloQ straight. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: H I T B O X E S A R E F I N E
Beautiful example of my critism about visual clarity: 1. The hook is visually hitting the tower, but technically passing 2. The hook is visually passing Jayce' animation, but you look closely were his "center of feet" is, it is actually plausible to hit his hit box 3. After 1. and 2. now the hook animation centers on the champion hit, making them collide mid tower RITO plz! Though bullpoint 1 still looks strange... a towers "walk block" is much wider, is the walk block around a tower much wider than its skill shot hit box? In doubt that is another point for visual clarity: Where the %%%% is that wall actually/technically!? It's not where we see it... *facepalm*
BestFioraEU (EUNE)
: You're delusional if you think it's your own fault for not being able to climb i get at least 1 troller every game i play one way or another
I am not convinced trollers are statistically against me. Only 4 potential trolls in my team, but 5 in the enemy team. Math is with me.
: - don't flame - follow up quickly on my gank - ward - play safe - don't drink if you're gonna drive - wear condoms that's pretty much it
We could argue about the last point, but this is exactly what I'd expect from lanes. It's really hard to coordinate jungle and lanes in soloQ, btw. I think jungle is the new support. When I do "fill" I get ~50% jungle instead of 90% support as in previous seasons. To summerize my critism to lanes: - You have a map, you see I am doing Krugs bot side. Asking for help top lane is pointless. Pinging it once is fine, so I know you are struggling and need help (maybe pushing out wave to bounce it back for example). - I clear 1 jungle side and walk into the river. You have pushed your enemy under the tower, I don't feel confident to tower dive. I go to the other jungle side or mid lane. Of course 1min later you are crying "gank now, jungle never ganks". If you plan to fall back, communicate it. I can recall and come back with full life, I am not wasting my time relying on the laners to do something to setup a gank. - If I come on your lane, your lane opponent flashes and I can nolonger CC them, I will not force the play and leave your lane knowing you now have the summoners advantage. Don't ? ping me, when you die while I do the crab... you died having an advantage. It was your fault/overconfidence, not mine. - If I am on your lane, and you are not. I am securing minions or protect your tower, if I am nearby. If I am not nearby, I can't protect the tower, and usually I am not that dumbass pushing your lane. Last hitting is not pushing the lane. Also even if I push, I am usually trying to let equally many minions standing on both sides to freeze the lane in front of your tower. Why would you aggressively me away? Would you rather have lost those minion gold in the team money and taken more tower damage and having the lane reset or bouncing back? In case I accidentially broke the freeze, you can point it out to me. I might have done it accidentially. I'll probably be sorry then. Hmm, I guess these 4 situations are the typical toxic stuff which really makes playing jungle no fun. I see jungle as kind of a roaming support which would make it for me as main support a pretty lucrative secondary role. But many laners really ruin the fun for me on that role and I am putting everyone on the first stupid comment on ignore, because reading any more will just tilt me. Me being more the support than the carry guy, also brings wrong expectations for many. I can only help you to kill them, I am not the 10/0 Vi with 3 damage items (I prefer Trinity into Cinderhulk,Steraks instead of Warrior into more damage), I build her more for the Bruiser/Offtank setup (just as example, actual builds very situational). I cannot kill the tank on my own, before 3 carries kill me. Even if I pick an assasine like Eve, don't expect some pro mechanics doing the 1vs5 outplay. If I take some someone and you don't follow up, I am dead as a minion.
: why u want free stuff on someone else's birthday?
Well, I thought it's custom for the host to pay the drinks for their invited guests. We have already delivered the present: we are still buying their riot points.
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Increase the penalty for dodging games
Better idea: extend leaver buster from just account wide to include a leaver buster time based on machine. Pretty sure the underlying anti-cheat part is sending some "hardware-hash" anyway. Why not use it to actually enforce restrictions? As long you can drop and reconnect on the smurf, players won't learn.
: They gotta make skins that sell.
I am pretty sure a "try hard" skin series would sell. Not just sure how the that theme would look like. If K/DA is like a K-Pop-Band, a Try-Hard-Band could be... Metal? But wait, that skin series is named Pentakill. The rap theme was taken by K/DA Akali. Maybe a Try-Hard-Biker-Club? Damn, that is the Vandal skin series. I guess the most obvious ideas have already been converted to $$$. ^-^
Oznasur (EUW)
: Assasin meta and nerves made around pro play
Be more creative... play enchant supports and avoid getting burst or laugh at the enemy team when they throw 5 Rs at you and watch your team killing them in grey vision. Well yes, if they snowballing, they will kill you. But then again, a Leona can %%%% as hard being ahead than Pyke. Her plays are just little bit more linear and she all about in and no out, if she engages she is fully commited. Akali and Pyke can kill you without fully commiting (escaping using invis and a 2nd dash). Especially with champions who don't have too much core items as support like {{champion:25}} it can be really fun to get some tanky items. Especially funny, since it seems very few are checking the item build of the enemy and still try to assasinate a tanky Morgana/Soraka/Lulu/etc. even if they failed a few times already. In higher ELOs this is probably not working, but at least till Gold this often works and totally brings your enemy out of concept.
Tusk (EUNE)
: Testing champions in ranked games.
This would very frustating for new players. Currently the restriction for ranked is lvl30 and ~~16~~ 20 owned champions for the draft pick (since you cannot play free to play champions). Can you even imagine how much more gametime is required to get ~~16~~ 20 champions to level 5? I have given the general idea already some thought, but ultimately only the player him/her-self can guess whether we will have the best chance to win that game using that champion. Also it is legit to play ranked for fun, as long as you are playing to win (and not grief your own team). I often see a negative spiral coming from the lobby chat with no real reason. Let people play what they want, if you flame them for playing bad they will just play worse and maybe actually start to troll, because you tilt them.
Salron88 (EUW)
: can we fix minion block for melee champions with low auto range like jax?
The minion block is just behaving strange, you character is stutter stepping trying to cross in front of a moving minion. I believe if they fixed that, it might already be a big big difference. Within the minion block that can mean your champ moves left to slip in between, then minions block, and path circles around. This is counter intuitive. Obviously you could have seen the block yourself and use another path manually, but then again you cannot tell the character "move this way" (straigth line to the cursor, stopping on the next obstacle), but just "find a path to this cursor location". Having the option to move in a straigth line would also solve issues when you try to walk up to a wall to flash over but fail the best point and your character suddently tries to path around, actually moving away from the wall and then you are too far and when now pressing flash will just look akward....
Grendizr (EUW)
: Why Portuguese language is not available in West Europe but available in Brazil
Let's be blunt: they are too lazy to patch the files up to be available in the EUW client. They will probably say "aww, but we couldn't also have a Portuguees news feed, and maybe some tool tips for the EUW client would not be translated"... ehh, yes. I am pretty sure if you marked them as "available, but not supported" or something like that, people would still be happy to use the interface translation and voices from languages available and supported in other regions. There is a thread about Japanese, same issue. The language exists, just in another region. Yes, it would require to code some script to import the data and fill the gaps with "region main language" as fallback. But maybe they wouldn't want Brasilians to play on EUW... because of ping reasons of course. And with not supporting their language, they are savely fend off.
: 0.25 AP ratio, is this a %%%%ing joke?
Their reworks are questionable lately... (and yes I saw the "sol" part the first time I read the first few sentances) I don't play the champion, but the overall changes sounded "strange". I wonder if there were even enough players on PvE to be willing to even test that outside of a bot match. @_o
They promised us a world's event. Maybe they thought having only ~16 days for an event would be too short. But I was equaly disapointed after such an (expensive) animation trailer for the skins. So I assume animation trailers actually make more skin sales than polishing up the star guardian event for another round? Would be sad though. While we complain RITO is not doing what we want, I am pretty they are doing what we (the majority of the community) are throwing more money at (without involving too many legal complaints).
: Why am I getting qeued against Diamonds in normals as a Silver player?
These are imho. the 2 main factors: 1. ranked and normals have separate MMR (meaning, if they tend to troll/give up in normals a lot, their normal game MMR will be much lower) 2. premades. In normals a Diamond I can be premade with 4 Iron IV dudes. I'd assume they'd end up around your MMR then...
: What to do when I'm losing lane to scaling champs like Nasus?
I have similar issues in top which is why I don't really like it. In some matchups you have to play aggresively early. But I am not confident enough with most top lane champion to know when I can go in and when I have to go out in this matchup. I had Shyvanna vs. Nasus as example and got the advice to max W and it worked. So similar I could imagine the Mordekaiser passive to also drive out Nasus, or is the huger pbaoe actually contraprodutive, because it pushes the lane too hard then? Nasus isn't that unhappy to farm under the tower. Scaling champs in a nutshell: you need to end the game, before they can scale. That's their win condition: keep the nexus alive long enough.
: hitbox in game is actually disgusting
I have seen 4 major issues: 1. The animation tricks you: The hook actually passes the minions and hits your edge. The animation then snaps the hook animation to your center. The hook now pulls through the minions. 2. The hitbox is round, the champion in animation isn't: I sometimes wished I could enable the hitbox at least below own/friendly champions, because some animations just are so wide. Some skill shots miss your character, but hit "the circle" and some hit the character, but miss "the circle". 3. End of range of skillshots: The marker is already rather vague with this strange "arrow" (I assume the end of the hitbox should be a circle) and then the animations tend to "fade" at end of range. The visual clarity of the "default skin" is usually pretty good (at least for updated VFX), for some skins they are pretty unfair, because they can be either seen worse or are more dominat (basketball baskets or cow bells come to my mind). 4. Visuals of skillshots: For example {{champion:82}} difference between "smash" (Q?!) and "grab" (E?!) are clear on the default skin. But then the infernal skin for example has totally different vfx for these... this is really bad. So you do not even have to know the champions and skills, but also all skins? RITO, plz! While I can understand, they want to give the artist team full freedom to increase the $/$ value their work time, they still have to make clear some VFX changes are a no go in competive play (aka. ranked and leagues). For all of them RIOT should try to improve visual clarity. There is nothing more frustating than believing you have done everything right, but the system failed you (as in a bug or lag spike). My poor keys I pressed right before I died have to endure a lot, because I train to press them harder next time. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Haze97 (EUW)
: Game is literally unplayable with these many afk players.
Some AFKs just can't be avoided. Like mine 2 days ago. I have a pretty stable internet in general, but at that evening the must have had a real big issue at my ISP. Suddenly like have the internet was cut off (teamspeak server and google connectable, RIOT network and Spotify offline). Later I get an email from my router "all my telephone numbers are available again", I assume even the VoIP had a outtage. That happens like once or twice a year, noone can predict such outages on their internet service or power provider. Or some of your hardware suddently brakes. Nothing you could do, even if you wanted. LOL isn't important enough to get extra hardware, UPS and redudant internet just to make availability higher, and than an excavator cuts your local line and all redudance is in ~~vain~~ {{champion:67}}. So we know there are some AFKs we cannot avoid. Then again a "rage quit" or a "must leave, mother makes me walk the dog" or "I had only 30min of time, bye" could be avoided and some people might do that more often and I can understand the frustation of encountering them. I kind of doubt any company has found the "perfect solution" for this issue. If one had, everyone else would copy the solution. If you believe DOTA 2 has some magic, try to make concrete suggestions. I pretty sure there will be pro and cons for most (in doubt RITO had to put more human ressources into detecting avoidable and unavoidable afks which they might be willing to pay).
: I received a 2 week ban
"communication is key"... oh I remember a lot of comments of me asking how I am supposed to play more passive than waiting for the wave to arrive and staying behind my tower... if the enemy is so far ahead, or the vision in your jungle collapsed so far you always get attacked from both sides, there few you can do. You are litterally just trying to soak some XP and farm which is still better than dancing on the fountain. Leaving your lane means you either lose the tower even faster or the fed dudes are coming the other lanes... if a lane has snowballed that hard, it can become really troublesome to get back. And all players flaming someone for loosing their lane is not helping. Losing a lane happens, if it didn't, (s)he'd be in much higher MMR by now. At least it seems manual reviews on such bans works.
: Can you make room for 2 more emotes?
Most important one: Kill Secured! {{sticker:poppy-wink}} Thou there could be a lot of auto emote ideas: - Baron/Drake takedown/stolen - Saved a friend (intercepting a lethal skill (shot) using either by blocking the projectile or shielding against the damage or moving the enemy out of range (for example displacing a Lux while casting R)) - meeting the champion/creature the emote belongs to (if you put a Vayne emote in it, it will tricker if you approach a friendly Vayne with 1min CD or so, could be even more cute with poro emotes on ARAM... ;)) But then again, emotes are more charming when you use them manually imho.. Maybe we can have more emote wheels using modifier keys. ;) So while T = wheel 1, ctrl + T = wheel 2, shift + T = wheel 3 and alt + T = wheel 4... I'd see the players storming the emote shop, so I am sure it would literally pay off for RITO. ^-^
Haze97 (EUW)
: I'm replying to your post a second time, this time with actual tips to help you out. **First**, step away from her daggers then beat her down while her E refreshes. It only partially refreshes, with 2-3 seconds of the cooldown remaining AFTER she's picked her dagger prior to level 11. Shunpo only instantly refreshes around level she ults either merely walk/dash out of it or hit her with hard CC. Why on earth would you fight her ult? No, literally walk out of it and watch her scurry back. Pop a potion 3 seconds later and jump on her with your own ult once you've recovered. Alternately any form of hard CC outside of a root interrupts her ult. If you're playing a champ with hard CC, hit her with it after she initiates her ult and you've already beaten her within an inch of her life. **Third**, her auto attacks don't damage you for shit. Pick any bruiser with mobility (or an AD assassin) and rush {{item:3155}}. Have fun auto attacking her to death after that. Katarina is one of the easiest champs to counter and becomes useless if she doesn't snowball.
The advice getting {{item:3155}} as AD champ vs. any AP (assasine) can't be stressed enough. It might look like waste, because you will kind of upgrade it last, but this item is so %%%%ing gold efficient and makes it much harder for them to estimate the execute damage needed.
Diävolo (EUW)
: We got TFT...
I hope they are very well aware of the difference of making {{champion:86}} spin after pressing a button or watch him spinning when the autochess mechanics feels like it.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=De Kus,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=8uZ5NhKg,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-09-04T09:43:24.067+0000) > > But you shouldn't be. There are 3 possible scenarios: > 1. He is actually trolling: complaining will just satisfy him and confirm it's worth the report > 2. He is just having a bad game: complaining will just tilt him even more and make him play worse. Encouraging him however could help him to regain more stable performance. > 3. His MMR is far away from: if you are in doubt 1 or 2 can be true, you will neither know his actual MMR on this queue for this account or which should be his approviat MMR considering all his games in this game mode on all accounts... especially with premades he could actually be far away (which is why there is a limit in ranked queues). But in doubt he is as good as you in the chance of winning or loosing a game. What that means, if someone is mechanically playing worse, other reasons for the "suprisingly good MMR" should be considered. The problem is like in The Big Bang Theory. I always remember that quote in situations like reporting players on League. In an episode, Howard Wolowitz noticed that his lunch bag was missing a Ding-Dong, which his mom forgot to pack. He called her and told her about the Ding-Dong, and she says "I'll pack you two Ding-Dongs tomorrow then." and his reply was "How are two Ding-Dongs tomorrow gonna help me today?". And it goes the same for reporting people on League. How is me knowing that someone will get punished after the game gonna help me during this game?
This calls my number 2 on the plan: If encouraging them actually makes them play more stable again, this will actually help you during that game. Flaming or punishing them later will indeed be no actual gain (satisfaction from justice is pretty low compared to an achievement like: "damn, this game started bad, but we managed to catch up in late game"). Only hope for "making it better" during the same game.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Adcs have no idea how to build items
If am AP support and worried about health regen from enemy team and see noone getting an {{item:3123}}, I'll simply buy {{item:3165}}. Might have been better items and more efficient ways to get healing reduction, but... who cares. As we like to say: If you want something to be done right, do it yourself. I guess that's especially true for soloQ. Wards, certain item effects, whatever it is. PS: {{champion:16}} is usually the only support I _consider_ getting a {{item:3083}}. :P
: When do you think humans will become immortal?
As long the health system makes money when you are ill and makes no money when you are healthy, this utopia will never happen. There was a good reason for nobles to pay their doctors as long as they were healthy and not while they were ill.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: Back to the Future 2: Nostalgic Boogaloo
I like the idea... but I can imagine they'd have to put so many efforts into it. While they might have an old build for the client the archives, I wouldn't be suprised, they would have no longer the server build to run such an old game client. So kinda had to create a new map, importing/concerting all stuff from the old days into it... and couldn't even make an arcade event out of it to sell arcade skins. :D
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