: When you have a 5 game lose streak, what's even the motivation to just try and keep playing?
: You get 20.4 per 10 seconds passively, this is on all champions in all lanes. You get 2 then 3 extra gold per 10 seconds once you upgrade support item, this lasts the entire game. So in the first 15 minutes: ((15x60)/10)x22.4 = 2016, that's not counting kills/assists, this is already almost enough for some of the best items for support like = Ardent (2300), Locket (2200), Redemption (2100), Athenes (2100 honestly one of the best support items super underused) You get your first item PLUS gold income item before anyone else in the game, if we assume everyone has 0 kills, ok that's not op at all right? Now let's go to 30 minutes So we started with the 2016 gold at 15 minutes, now we add 1000 because you would have completed the quest at some point, we will also add the passive gold which is ((15x60)/10)x23.4 = 2106. 2106+2016+1000=5122 So that is boots, gold item (completed), and 2 really powerful support items, which give you 20% cdr. We haven't even added assists or kills so this is a worst-case scenario. If anything this system is better for supports, especially with this early game meta, where supports will get power spikes before any other champion which depends on items. EDIT Did not add 500 starting gold because you already spent that on pots and support item
Well, then don't complain in game that supports are useless if you think this is an upgrade
: You are level 234 account and still at silver I wouldn't expect much of you
Even though you are not mechanically skilled enough to climb to high elo doesn't mean that you can't have good knowledge of the game and vice versa
Nar7ia (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DeCoqq,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=r5eGiqMA,comment-id=00000000000000000001000000010001,timestamp=2019-11-20T13:36:26.008+0000) > > Pls, tell me a champ that kills adc in one rotation with tank build? {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:106}} Just few examples. All of them can kill adc's in one rotation with tank build early-mid game, maybe even late game.
Lets look few of those champs: Malph lvl 11; Q 270, W 60+100+~20, E 60, R 300 = 810 Garen lvl 11; Q 90+105+42, E 0, W (with bonus) (34+52)x7, R 300+25% missing health = 840+R(840x0.25+300) = 1350 Voli lvl 11; Q 90+97, W (lets use 50% missing health and 600 bonus hp) 240+136, E 60, R 115+97+115(AA with bonus) = 950 All those dmg numbers are without resistances so the real dmg will be even less. I.e. lvl 11 jinx has ~1320 hp so none of those champs would kill her in one rotation. From those three examples, malph is the only one who could do the whole rotation freely, others need to somehow get in melee range with adc
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kwu1sYPq,comment-id=0001000200000000,timestamp=2019-11-20T11:24:28.263+0000) > > You can play around exp changes. > You miss my point. Jungle xp reduction is a straight up nerf. The new support item is not, it was made assuming that supports would rather invest money in other items of their choice rather than in the support item. > Now imagine that your jungle item changed: > Health regen removed, mana regen removed and after you get 1000 gold from the jungle you don't get anything anymore. > > How are you gonna deal with that? Well best i can tell you, i would try it for possibly more than one day instead than immediatly come here to protest like i would 100% about it already.
You know that bot lane exp was also nerfed? On top of that you don't get money to buy support items. Good luck for trying to support your team without items.
Nar7ia (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=bloodyfool,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=r5eGiqMA,comment-id=000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2019-11-20T11:37:41.238+0000) > > given thornmail was used, the statement is still somewhat correct since the insane damage on the enemy ad damagers got reflected back on him/her but the tank itself did not generate this damage with skillshots or so No, just no. Most tanks are capable of bursting adc's and squishies in 3-4 sec without Thornmail. Thornmail or not, tanks shouldn't be doing higher damage than carries. This Board acts like tanks are weak but tanks are perfectly fine.
Pls, tell me a champ that kills adc in one rotation with tank build?
: You do realise he scales pretty hard with true damage and CDR right?
You do realise that able to scale he needs items, so he needs money which supports won't get so no items means no CDR/AP means you are pretty useless at mid and end game.
: alllllllllll i just got oneshot yesterday from 9 ap nautlist 303 armor 180 magic resistance Q 414 E 384
Max Q dmg is 288 and E is 356 with 9 AP. So no, you didn't got oneshotted by tank nauti. And do tell me an assassin that does less dmg than 650 with dmg build?
: ...and they are going to be buffed in S10. Get ready for "League of Tanks", man! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Tanks have been dead for more than two seasons and looks like they are not coming back any time soon
: tank
Which champ does more dmg with tank build than assassin with dmg build?
JustClone (EUNE)
: Preseason support changes.
Im most worried about support xp difference vs solo laners. Nowdays the difference is about 2-3 in 10 min, 3-5 in 20 min and 5-7 in 30 min. How useless would supports be when the difference will be even bigger?
: Ezreal needs some changes because of the removal of Klepto
Ez still has the cheapest two item power spike, it just takes minute or two longer to get those.
JustClone (EUNE)
: {{champion:28}} with only {{item:1402}} killed you in 2 shots? While you had {{item:3156}} ? Did she was 10 levels ahead of you?
Maybe zed had 100 hp
: You just got Yuumi which is an enchanter support bro. The last 2 champions released have been supports. Stop complaining xD the last jungler to be released was Kayn in season 7.
: "Finally"? Three of the newest six champions are supports. One of them is a "traditional" support that you are longing for.
Senna is third (maybe fourth since neeko is also played as supp) "support" in 18 months but all of them are actually carry/dmg champs, not supports. Previous two were badly designed and even more badly balanced.
: the problem was he get 2 kill when he was lvl 3, and than he just roam around killing all. i try actually to bait his R cause i can stay alive 1.5 sec more, to get the others kill him(that was my thought) but he just keep aiming all the rest (including a garen...that soon become a 0-6-0) and at that point what? no hope? is stupidnothing like this is suppose be legal imho. a champ that you cant just stop cause he get a lil fed dosent make sense to me. im not sayng he's not suppose to kill the squishy but he can kill leona and garen as well almost as easy. the concept "nothing u can do" is not in my mind! expecially in a game that spend so much time and patch (btw, why is league not working right now?) on BLANCING the whole thing.
Malph is useless before lvl 6 so i don't know how he can get 2 kills at lvl 3. One thing i do know, though, that had nothing to do with malph being op
kiler333 (EUNE)
: if they have 146 champs why do they even make more taking into account they cant balance the current ones?
: every time i see a velkos support i wanna kill myself. that champ as support is jsut pure cancer to lane against and with a missfortune with him u have no where to hide.
Velko supp pokes quite nicely in early game but falls off really badly after 15-20 min
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: supports are the reason the game feels like it's overloaded with damage so i don't know what you are smoking but supports are broken the fact that a mage support can reach full build before the mid laner should tell you something
It just means your mid is bad as one can be
: Supports are underrated
At least Vadius knows the value of good support when he said that Mikyx was the real MVP in semifinals. He also said that better support will decide the finals. Not what actually decided but not that far from the truth.
: senna problem
Problem with riot is that they want to make the game faster and flashier for nowdays ad/hd kids which means more dmg/killing pressure. Senna is third (maybe fourth since neeko is also played as supp) "support" in 18 months but all of them are actually carry/dmg champs, not supports. Previous two were badly designed and even more badly balanced. You don't need to be genius to figure out that senna can't be balanced with that design/kit.
: When Kha'Zix will be adressed?
Isolated dmg range is too short, meaning that someone have to be practically right next to you for NOT giving the isolated bonus. Just increase the range a bit, otherwise he is fine.
: the good part of it is that it's fast and pass through minions but it's difficult to aim and requires a ball and some positioning, so you can't say it's the easiest skillshot cc, but it's hard to react to it once triggered
You know you can hit the stun before the ball has even appear? Combine that to the range and it is easy to hit
: league of zhonias
Stopwatch should be removed, at least from runes
: of all the overloaded and annoying champion this game has, you complained about.. syndra?? an immobile mage with hard to land cc, no easy way to disengage, completely skillshot reliant except for her ult. bah.
Syndras' stun is probably the easiest skillshot cc to land but otherwise i agree with you
Both teams should have 10 bans to make up riot's balancing issues. Should also help to make pro games more interesting and not just watch the same 20-30 champs used all the time.
: Everyone happy? Pyke Super NERFED.
Well, pyke was not super nerfed, you now just have at least a chance to inflict some dmg to him. Pyke players need to consider (but not much) when they go in and not expecting to automatically repeat with full hp in 10 secs. Btw, he is still as deadly as before.
GoProNooB (EUW)
: Akali's nerfs hit the rift so bad
Akali builds gunblade, that is enough heal for the safety she has. She is still really strong champ so nerfs are more likely than buffs
Shrekler (EUW)
: Can we finally buff Yasuo?
Next time you make a troll post, try not to be so obvious. Nice try, though
: we need more bans but its not what u think
Both teams should have 10 bans to make up riot's balancing issues. Should also help to make pro games more interesting and not just watch the same 20-30 champs used all the time
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Role impacts
: how would master yi recover from removal of shojin?
It won't affect yi a bit since he is not bulding it. The one who suffers the most is renekton (and then jax, the only ones who actually use shojin)
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: Remember how Akalis shroud was, sorry I meant is, a huge pain? Well wait till you see this shit!
Well, you don't even need to see the numbers on those skills to know she is busted. Another overloaded kit.
: Question about malphite.
Morgana supp vs malph, you should try it
JustClone (EUNE)
: {{item:3364}} ?
How can sweeper help with shaco's poke?
: Is janna dead?
Janna is really weak, have been some time now. Although she sometimes work as a situational pick. Her shield is weak and long cd, her heal is weak with long cd. She is really squishy, she dies if someone sneeze at her. So, you can't actually poke with your W because short range and if you get hit by one aa, you loose about 20% of your health, maybe more. Her Q is really slow and easily dodged.
: Ye, EXACT THAT IS HIS GAMEPLAY. They remove that gameplay from him right now. Now what do you think his plan to do? Go for picks? There's a diffreant champion called blitzcrank that is doing that better already. Act as a CC machine? That's Nautlius. Save teammates? Thresh does that better, Pyke's whole point is wait on the sideline, take aggro and heal it back up and assassinate. He is meant to be a nuisance.
Every champ is also meant to have counterplays, pyke didn't. Now you have a chance to punish him if he misses the hook. He is still deadly as before. You just can't jump in blindly and expect to survive anymore.
: The Pyke nerfs.. too horrible.
I understand that you get mad that your free elo champ now has some actual counterplays. Pyke has been the safest supp (im not counting yuumi as a champ) with high kill pressure in the game by far and it doesn't require any skill. Throw your spear, oh, you missed it and got few aa's in return. Well, no problem, dive away and try again in 10secs with full hp. At some point the hook hits and the kill is guaranteed with R. Very skill demanding champ indeed.
: Least Mechanical role ?
There is no 'most' or 'least' mechanical roles, it is about champs and playstyle and of course your opponent. I.e. you can be braindead sona and smash your buttons and hope that something good will happen or you can time your spells and passive, dmg reduction can be really powerful, or you can be top malphite who gets bullied but know the exact moment to tp bot, ulti and get double kill to your adc. And of course you can be lee sin hopping around here and there and showing nice 'mechanics' but actually not doing anything
: shaco was definetly not viable before the buffs he was extremely weak and underplayed. The problem is they turned him into a lategame champion, that just doesnt work with his kit and the way shaco is supposed to function, also there are so much better jungle choices if you want to go for lategame it was just the wrong niche for him. Now with the nerfs he should be fine still annoying to play against but definetly not overpowered especially for people with enough brain to just buy pink wards.
Except pink ward doesn't reveal shaco.
: Isn't there a thread like this every year?
Yes and there is a reason for that. This game is going downwards with accelerating speed, just look changes for next season, except removing conq and shojin.
: Season 9
Agree, worst season so far. Too many broken champs, riot should increase bans to 10 per team. Feels like riot doesn't know which direction to take, i.e. they say that they support diversity but nerfs champs (because they made them too strong) to be in one or two lanes. Every new/remake champ have overloaded kit, you don't even have to play them to see it, just reading ability desc's is enough.
: Tanks are tanky as hell, what are you talking about? Every single game tanks are winning so hard that it isn't even funny. Squishy noobs get punished by Jax, Voli, Mundo etc. Basically destroyed. If you pick Chogath or Garen you basically can walk free and they won't do anything to you unless you screw into 1v5 or smth.
Neither cho or garen is tank, maybe thats why they are so tanky
Agape (EUW)
: Any Buffs planned for my Aatrox?
Aatrox is still strong but maybe not quite god tier anymore . It was ridiculous that he could clear the whole wave with one Q.
: Wat do i have to do to get an s or s+
Grade is compared on how you did against other players (same champ, same role), so you have to be way better than average players. Also, if the enemy is totally garbage, you won't probably get an S grade even though you have an amazing KDA and 10cs/min.
: Tanks arent Tanky anymore
Bruisers are MORE tanky than tanks, have been for more than two years. Tanks are not even meat shields, they are more like buffed minions, nothing more.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Why does none in low elo push minion waves or ward the map?
Im more interested at why players usually refuse to play around vision. They ignore enemies that are revealed by wards and keep hitting minions instead of backing off or they just run past your vision line into dark area, in both cases they end up dead.
Chichong (EUW)
: Why has Janna been God Tier since S1?
Janna was god tier only during censer meta but so was everyone who used it.
: Yes.. That's true he faster than other TANKS. But waaaaay slower then every single FIGHTER
Thats not true either. Slower fighters than garen are i.e. morde, reksai, urgot. Several has same speed so no, he is not waaaaaay slower than others, tanks nor fighters
: Still Kiteable.
True but not easy. I was referring more on your previous comment that garen is slower than tanks, which he is not.
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