Timarius (EUW)
: lux can shield more people and snare 2 enemy at a time while doing damage from afar, zyra can slow, snare, and knock up multiple enemies with no risk, xerath can stay very far, can stun a target, slow many, and do damage from afar, brand can do damage from afar, do damage over time, stun multiple target with the passive. ahri can "stun" a single person...well...report support troll pls no help
Brand can't stun with he's passive, it's he's Q and only one per cast
: Malphite. From Unkillable Tank to Best Assassin.
Funny this game is. Previously malph jung were considered more or less a troll pick and now he is the best there is. Several years were supp lux treated as trolling, then some pro picked her and she became the most op and broken champ there is. Could it just be that when some off-meta pick become popular (and therefore a meta pick), players are in panic because they don't know how to play against them?
Fyrijou (EUW)
: Veterans, in your Opinion, who (and when) was the most broken OP Champ you have ever encountered?
: nerf her r and e damage, nerf her w cd, buff her q attack speed in return. also i've never seen a trist top nor jungle nor support so idk what ur on about
Faker has been playing her (soloq) in mid for a while now but there are also pro games where she is in mid or top. I have seen her in jungle in my games.
Plus0NE (EUW)
: nerf? no, they killed galio as they did with aatrox, poor riot games
Yep, don't have to see aatrox nor galio anymore. Wonder which champ they are going to kill next, maybe remove rakaan's charm or gragas flash slam?
Amotkun (EUW)
: Galio = insta lose? Patch 9.14
Apparently rito wants galio out of supp and in to mid lane. They also wanted aatrox completely out and jayce to be picked in every pro game
Torkl (EUW)
: Tired of what? Your post doesnt rly make sense to me.. If you are complaining about auto-fill theres an easy solution, just dont que mid or jgl, i dont even remember last time i got autofilled or even got my 2nd roll, i think i have atleast 50 games in a row where i get the role i want if i que bot/top or support.. If you are tired of ppl banning your akali or whatever, then its most likely because they are tired of ppl picking champions that simply dont work in the current meta, maybe check out stuff before just jumping in to play, akali has 43% winrate for a reason.
Akali is very much in meta. There is two reasons why her win rate is so low. 1. After all the nerfs, she doesn't automatically survive every skirmish anymore. 2. Kids that have watch pro games want to make same sick moves but doesn't have skill nor game knowledge to pull them off and end up feeding because of point 1. All in all, akali is very powerful champ in right hands.
: Not a dig at you or anything but are you in the bronze division? I main Leona and have done for years and never feel at a disadvantage and i can solo their ADC by level 6 no matter who it is, you must be playing against some awful players because Support Tanks are anything but weak.
Have to say that if you kill an enemy adc with leona, something is really badly wrong with that adc, either he plays with eyes shut or don't know how to move, otherwise it should never be possible.
Timarius (EUW)
: i said without last whisper they are too op, can not negate that :P
Last whisper or not, tanks are useless. As already said, bruisers are better than tanks in any way.
: why do people keep saying PINK ward
Because girls like pink more than red
Lariatas (EUNE)
It is called lollipop effect and it affects to every hook/grab champs and some others as mentioned before. You are right, though, it should be removed.
: what is a good tanky support?
There isn't any, support tanks are big joke. If you still must choose one, take braum because of he's W
: Is Volibear a good support in low elo?
You can play anything in low elo as long as you know your champ
: lux support in low elo is broken regardless of the proplay scene
Previously lux support was considered griefing until she was played in pro game and now she is considered broken... Go figure
: Can we put an end to botlane meta allready
Apparently you haven't paid attention what have happened in bot lane in recent years. Remember the beginning of last season? Adc's were not played and even Rekkles took time off because bot lane was so useless. It has been only the past few months when bot lane have been relevant again, previous couple of years have been all about top or mid.
benat (EUW)
: they cant coz tft is more popular atm in twitch than league xD {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
And that tells the state of lol at the moment
JustClone (EUNE)
: Go brand/lux with twitch/jinx.
Haha, brand and lux are useless against cait and morg
: look at that the servers are down AGAIN
Why can't riot just remove TFT? All these connection/disconnection issues started when they put TFT on live
: i literally picked before the last pick and still got counterpicked by vayne toplane one of the most can'cer things to play against nothing more i could do really
Farm under the turret and wait for jungler to come.
Tinyv (EUW)
: can we have one day that there is no red alert pops out on the client?
Yes, it will happen as soon as TFT is removed
: is this game dying?
My guess is two years
: Why no one plays Sylas?
Because he requires skills to be played effectively. Out of pro scene you rarely can find that skill so he remains quite useless in 'normal' hands but pick or ban in pro games.
: > They will have change swapping so it actually swaps your given role in client Last season I was playing Lux mid. And half of the games I bought Censer just because it gave me AP, CDR, better shield and buff to my ADC (in case he got a bad supp). Strictly forbidding people to buy something sounds like a bad idea, honestly. I think that all this "MELEE ONLY" stuff and "ONE-TIME PURCHASE" stuff should be extinct from the game. We have other powerful tools to tune the variety of builds: Unique properties and Unique named properties.
How does restricting a team to one supp item would prevent buying a cencer? You can't buy jungle item without a smite so the idea is kind of in use already. Would had also fixed funneling and frostmancy strategies
Haze97 (EUW)
: EuW has a massive problem with it's junglers.
Play jungler yourself since you know what to do. Problem solved.
Memuru (EUW)
: Yes at the moment, particularly Lux. She's far too hard to kill for a mage support, and the shields are too strong. I see people saying Ardent is the problem, clearly it's Athenes that has proven to be very overpowered, being that it gives a lot of free AP from bonus mana regen scaling, and with the healing it provides, it probably has way too high stat value for mage supports. I am, however, absolutely delighted to see utility mages return to the support meta, especially in pro. They are very fun to play and watch, much more so than Braum and Tam Kench, I think anyone would agree on that. Also, I was concerned about Yuumi but in my opinion it is turned out that she does require a reasonable amount of proficiency to play effectively, therefore I definitely don't think she is problematic for the game. While we're on the subject of these champs I might as well give my two cents on Sona carry. I think it's awesome (long time Sona main) however her scaling just needs to be dampened. This must be compensated for support Sona by specifically buffing something that is only relevant on support Sona, but I'm finding it hard to think of this because really they play much the same way, being that they both buy Spellthief. Solution may be to stop carry Sona from going Spellthief somehow, but I don't think that would much solve the problem. I may be wrong here, but I don't think the wards are actually crucial to whether Sona carry is viable, and it may even be more effective in some situations if she takes farm from start of the game, going Dorans Ring. I will make a post if I think of any solutions, I'm trying my best.
Team can buy only one supp item. Problem solved.
: > [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3o08PTIp,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-05T17:13:16.278+0000) > > Because Riot doesn't give a shit about hitboxes. > > {{champion:53}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:99}} still haven't had their hitboxes addressed and people consistently complain. > > > It took them years to fix the hitbox on {{champion:79}} E. They fixed blitzcranks hitbox recently, amumu and darius I never really have problems with. If anything jhin's hitbox is too small for his W, Naut I agree has an absurd hitbox but tbf I think that was always riot's intentions cause if it was small it would be %%%%%%ed as u could easily side step it. Morg is generally ok though sometimes I feel like her range goes a little further than it should if a target is nearby at the end of the range, thresh is usually fine except for occasional bugs, ashe is fine and lux's issue is only with certain skins which admittedly do need to be looked at imo.
Blitz hitbox is not fixed! They fixed few of his skins grab but not hitbox
: Whatever happened to Leona
The same thing that happened to every supp tank, they suck really hard.
: supports ???
Morgana was designed to be mid mage but was forced to supp. Now she has got some power back to be a mid again. I.e gragas is jung by design and now he is played in four roles, annie is mid mage but too weak there so is played as supp, same goes for zyra. Aatrox and urgot was played in top, jung and mid while designed for top, so it's not only supports that change roles.
: Is making a new champions really necesarry to keep the game 'alive'?
We have too many champs, 100 would be quite enough. Riot can't balance the current champs so why make more
Tralux (EUW)
: Music while playing ('YES!' or 'nah'?)
I always listen music when i play and i turn game sounds off.
: Tank are way 2 broken again.
Tanks have been useless atleast two seasons, about time they get some buffs. And don't confuse bruisers to tanks, bruisers are more tanky than tanks and do shidloads of dmg.
: Yummi plays ain't be noticed.
Supports in general don't get anything but flame, but yummi is the easiest supp ever, so maybe it is because of that
: So tanks are doing their job. Remember how everyone was complaining about how busty and quick the game has been recently, that’s because conquerer has killed off top lane tanks, therefore their damage control is gone... tanks are more important to the game’s health than anyone wants to admit, without them the game dissolves into uninteresting who can burst faster. Without tanks fighters and assasins run amok (who are just as anti fun, nobody likes dying instantly without counter play), without tanks adcs might as well not play, without tanks teamfight mages lack the initiation they need. The game breaks down into a split pushing fiasco and loses what makes it good... that’s because of tanks not being there. Tanks aren’t anti fun, they hold together the game well enough for others to have fun... without them unless you play an assasin or fighter you won’t be having any fun.
: that was mainly a joke but since u take it so srs… She had 401 AP pls do the Meth for yourself
With 400ap karma's max shield is around 820 + any possible boost from runes or items. Your dmg was 500 + some E. It helps calculating when you are not on meth.
Madnasher (EUW)
: I mean, percent hp damage from botrk, plus the phantom procs from guinsoo, added to that her true damage on every 2nd hit (thanks guinsoo) and she melts tanks far too quickly far too early in the game. Gone are the days where late game monsters like vayne didnt come online until 3-4 items (so real late game) now its 2 items and 20-25 minutes and you cant face off vs them as a tank. When an adc can splitpush with no support, then its not a good thing at all.
Agree. I was about to write exactly the same. Vayne needs only two items nowdays and she is online, pretty early for late game champ. Guinsoo needs hard nerfing (maybe remove penetrations) and bork a little cost increase.
Jookerr44 (EUNE)
: wtf is tihs shit
Maokai and J4 can both do %Hp dmg on top of basic dmg, maokai has iceborn gauntlet, both have tons of armor and hp (so you can only tickle them), they are 3 lvls above you and they both have one big item more than you. Did i miss something?
ΚatEvolved (EUNE)
: Why is Twitch + Lulu startegy still in the game?
Lulu has only one shield and no heal. You don't need a special counterplay on that duo, twitch is weak in laneing phase.
: Pyke buff didn't help enough.
Pyke is the safest champ in the game, low risk huge reward. He needs slight nerf, not buff.
: Is the game worth to return to?
The game is in better state than beginning of the season but i'll recommend you to enjoy the summer and look again in autumn, there is really no reason to come back now.
Mártir (EUW)
: Champion skill descriptions, leaked
Looks like a broken kit, really broken
SpiritGuy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Taliyah Supp,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=B3BTLey6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-23T14:41:41.317+0000) > > If you don't mind me asking, what is this tier list? And what stops you from playing him? You can still play off-meta champs, even if his dmg was nerfed by 20 at some point. I really don't mind you asking, and I'd love to express myself. Of course, but the tier list indicates how _strong_ the champion is, and not what their winrate is, and the fact that Gragas currently is at the 36/37 spot at OP.GG makes him the second weakest jungler currently, and he's had such a weak spot for way too long in my opinion. It's not that I avoid playing him, because I do play him often, but I just generally feel like he's not strong enough. He is easily being countered by most junglers, and he doesn't have much of a jungle clear compared to others. His early game isn't too impressive, and I feel the same way for midgame and lategame, but that is my own opinion. Also, his "recent" changes made him an AP mage/assassin allthough his entire kit is built as a tank. Playing Gragas as a tank is nearly impossible these days, but then again - my opinion. I'm not saying that he is a bad champion at this point, I'm just tired of seeing the same champions at the bottom of the tier lists over and over again, and I wish that Riot Games would make some changes so that more champions would be viable and playable. Examples of champions that are in the bottom of the tier lists are basically jokes at league of legends right now, like Volibear jungle, Maokai, Quinn or Singed top or even Kalista ADC. I feel bad for the people that quit playing league because their favorite champion was too weak, and I'd love to see some changes in that category.
Every tank champ is a joke, has been over a year now, that's why our dear jellybelly is being build as AP
HoR RooneR (EUNE)
: Sona Taric bot?
Only one support item can be bought per team, problem solved
: League of tanks, again...
Bruisers do dmg, tanks are just a big joke...and not in a good way
: Worst season yet?
Im quite curious to hear who are these tanks that are coming back? Tanks haven't been played since Sion got nerfed and he was the only tank who actually were played.
: Riot needs to start nerfing and buffing with utility and not just damage
Tanks are not played because they sucks. Bruisers are more tanky than tanks and do tons of dmg. Supp tanks are big joke, their items have been nerfed to ground and same time overall dmg in game is sky high so they die in seconds in teamfights.
Bloodiko (EUW)
: Sona too strong ?
If sona is so op, why she is only played with taric in pro games? Did you watch OG vs FNC semifinals? After 10 min sona-taric were 0/2/0 vs 2/0/4 in their lane and 50 cs behind. In my books that is not too strong. Also, she is so mana hungry that in early game you can do a whopping three Q-W combo before you are out of mana and completely useless. And that Q do much less dmg than one AA from adc, W heals less than half of that dmg. You have to play very carefully with her, otherwise you end up being free kill automaton.
Shamose (EUW)
: That isn't funnel though.
I know, since in lck finals they only used double supp item, not funneling, just as you said, i believe he refers to that
Shamose (EUW)
: Haven't seen china but was did i miss something in the LCK finals? Don't remember that they used the funnel strat.
I think he refers to double supp item at bot lane
Punk9216 (EUW)
: Tanks need a buff?
Imo the problem starts from bruisers. They are more tanky than tanks and do tons of dmg, therefore adc's need to do tons of dmg to be even somewhat level with bruisers which lead to that assassin needs to tons of dmg so they can kill adc's which lead to that mages need to do tons of dmg. All that makes tanks a big joke. Agree with Infernape that dmg in generally needs to be cut down.
vipility (EUNE)
: Man, Kog'Maw is broken
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