Ryuu15 (EUNE)
: Nerfed Sona? WTF
She actually has more mana now as supp
: 48% win rate... he might hard carry some games but they are few and far between... he’s very squishy so any mistake can be fatal and the meta sucks for him (he hates champions who can engage on him... guess what champions are meta). Certainly doesn’t need nerfs, but not buffs either he’s just not favoured in the meta
Win rate doesnt tell the whole story. As you said, he struggles against engagers, but is really strong vs mages, enchanters and other squishies. He is also one of the safest playmaking supps. Hook , if missed dive away, heal and try again after 10s
: time to fix fiddle support
Fidle supp does nice poke dmg at early lvls but fall off so hard that he will practicaly be exactly what he is, a scarecrow, iow useless.
: All that does is shift the broken champions to the next set, then people ask for 30 bans, then the same again, then 40 bans ect ect... broken is just the strongest avalible and if the top gets banned broken is just the next strongest... there won’t be enough bans till you can ban every champion in the game. Also this sevrely affects riot’s ability to quickly balance, as if they nerf a champion who’s heavily banned nobody plays them and therefore riot have no idea what their nerf did until people get brave enough to stop banning... which makes champions who have already been nerfed and dealt with appearing broken for much longer Another issue is ranked, you need 20 champions currentky to play ranked, then it’s gonna go up to 30 with this change... this further blocks ranked from new players discouraging them from continuing.
Lol doesnt get any new players anyway, so increasing your champ pool by ten wont bother anyone
: How is this balance? Please fix matchmaking
Just based on that picture, red team should have had advantage. They were higher rank and blue had three players playing a champ for first time this season.
: Do I get my LP back for losing a game against a scripter?
How does scripting help decreasing cooldown?
Reigny (EUW)
: For every1 who wants to win because rito don't want to fix it <3
Nice funnel abusers. No use to nerf that strategy.
Scoliidae (EUW)
: This! You basically get free farm, a free banshees and an ult that has damage and cc and isn't even a skillshot. If you want an easy, but slightly boring game, play my favourite void boi.
Malza is very easy to gank, he has no escape, no hard cc except ulti and no burst dmg to take someone with him
MissJJess (EUW)
: Support in ranked
Positioning! The most difficult part is to position yourself correctly. Watch few of your matches and try to think why you end up dead (or not able to help), why you were there and what did you tried to accomplish.
MissJJess (EUW)
: Oh I have been thinking of playing him, is he hard to play? I am one of the people who have no idea how to beat him lol
He is one of the easiest dmg supports. I have played him once in my whole life (end of last season), i was a bit drunk, stomped enemy bot and got an S.
: It would be a good time for a next moba release, if it is actual decent it will kill off league completely.
Lol is dying anyway, but yeah, a decent new moba would put nail in the coffin
N ú i (EUW)
: Savest Midlaner?
Safest one could be lissandra with aftershock
: Leona and Nautilus
Neither of them do anything without a team. If the enemy positions itself properly, both of them become useless and will be killed in no time. If they are so op, why their win rates are around 50%? Help yourself if you think they are free elo.
: They don’t... there’s litterally no way for a system to force wins or loses you can’t predict how people will perform in game. Any matchmaking system will make you go up against harder opponents as you start winning, and match you against worse opponents as you start losing... so if you go on a heavy win streak it will read that your too good and readjust your elo, and visa versa if you start losing a ton. This has nothing to do with any forced 50% win rate bullshit, that’s an excuse generated by people who think they are good but can’t improve and everyone believed them... if a matchmaking system is working as intended you will end up with a 50% win rate simply because it’s matching you vs players who are evenly matched therefore there’s a 50/50 chance of winning
> [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Kmu2pd9G,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-02-09T21:50:29.101+0000) > > This has nothing to do with any forced 50% win rate bullshit... ... if a matchmaking system is working as intended you will end up with a 50% win rate > Have to say im a bit confused.
: Akali nerf to 30% winrate, LB still gets free oneshot
Akali has 100% ban rate in pro plays so something had to be done
Hansiman (EUW)
: I'd rather believe Riot's balance team on the matter than what some random player says though. Unless that player can provide evidence to back their claim up, there's no reason for me to not believe Riot here. And sure, if you can find a Trump tweet about league's balancing, I'd be interested in reading them.
Why are you twisting my words? Did i say that trump has tweets about lol? You can believe what ever you want. In the end you work for them.
: Yeah... someone asked about how riot balances the game, hansiman gave how riot balances the game That’s litterally how citing works. And of course the game isn’t balanced, if it was they wouldn’t need a balancing team would they
If we only had a balance team. Did you just miss my point deliberatly? Do you really think that the game is not balanced around pro games but mostly around diamond?
: Wait... so your argument is riot said this is how they balance but that’s only riot’s opinion so it’s invalid... what? If hansiman says that this is how Riot balances stuff and has quotes from riot saying that’s how they balance stuff that isn’t anyone’s opinion, that’s the person who balances the game litterally telling you how they do it. How is that not proof
Hansiman is just repeating riot's words. What proof he has? Some riot quotes? I know you can think of yourself. Do you really think that the game is balanced a cross the board?
Hansiman (EUW)
: I just gave you sources. The very first one specifically states where they focus their balance on. That's not my opinion, that's their standpoint. If you're just going to deny anything that doesn't conform to your views, a discussion is not going to get anywhere.
I don't mind that game is balanced around pro games, it is very logic, but to claim otherwise is pure lie. Your argument is as good as if i said that things are what they are because Trump said so. I could put few links of he's tweets here. My point is, don't blindly believe everything you read online. Do you really think that everything riot says is true because...well, they said so?
Hansiman (EUW)
: They've talked about balance plenty of times. I couldn't find the specific diamond quote, but here's one stating that it focuses on upper-plat: > We focus more on normal play than pro play, but both are always taken into consideration. To quote our patch notes: > "Those of you who haven’t been around the international tournament block before may be wondering: 'How is Worlds balance any different than normal?'** First, our normal balance target is somewhere in the upper-plat range**, but tournament patches skew more toward balance at the highest level of play." [Source](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/f/A7LBtoKc/d/FTNhAQKr?show=flat&amp;page=4). --- On being asked what they find most difficult when it comes to balance, Riot states that balancing a champion for a single group isn't a problem, but considering everyone is a bit different: > It really depends. It’s not too difficult to balance a champion for any singular group of players. What makes things difficult is when the needs of one group of players is very different from the needs of another. In LoL, we can usually break this down into three main groups: average skill players, very skilled players, and pro players/teams. Players of average skill tend to optimize around the basics of the game, but they aren’t coordinated and are error-prone. Very skilled players tend to be fully aware of most nuances and optimizations available to them, but still aren’t incredibly coordinated (in other words, high level solo queue). Pros are similarly hitting most of the individual skill optimizations, but, unsurprisingly, also benefit from being highly coordinated between teammates. We want to provide an experience that feels balanced for all three groups, so the champions that become “difficult to balance” are the ones that thrive in one of these groups and not the other(s). As some examples of how this becomes problematic, they go on to state: > Ryze is a common example of being dependent on team coordination as well as mastery of the champion’s inputs (i.e. hitting his buttons correctly in any given circumstance), so it can be difficult to get him into a state where he feels balanced for pros but still useful to solo queue players of all levels. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the things that would need to be done to make Garen a powerful option in pro (or even high skilled solo queue play) would likely mean he’s disgustingly powerful for most players. (Although we know Garen just needed a magical cat by his side). [Source](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/03/ask-riot-hard-to-balance-champs/). --- Another thing to consider is how player perception of a champion impacts how they're tackled. Certain champions and styles may be seen as frustrating in one region, in one MMR range, but not really in a different region. > Player perception is something we talk about frequently when we’re working on champions (particularly polarizing champs like Zoe, Yasuo, Zed, etc.), though very rarely does it influence whether we take action on a champ in a vacuum. A very common statement that we’ll hear is “X champion is frustrating to play against,” which is a pretty vague statement that could refer to any number of in-game experiences: Is it that counterplay doesn’t feel obvious despite having faced the champion many times? Is it that you die very quickly when the champion executes their combo well? Is it that they have high mobility and are very hard to hit with skillshots? Is it that you feel like you can’t walk into Fog of War to follow them if they’re roaming? > --- > Another thing we consider is that the perception around specific champions or the meta varies drastically depending on MMR, region, position played, etc. While something may feel like an issue to a very specific set of players, oftentimes (but not always) that perception does not impact the rest of the playerbase. What might be a problem in NA at high MMR may not be an issue in KR, what’s an issue in Brazil in low MMR might not be an issue in Vietnam, and so on. We try our best to design with a global perspective. [Source](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/02/ask-riot-balancing-champions/). --- Hopefully this answers your concerns.
So it is just your opinion. Actually, not yours but riot's. You don't have any proof what so ever but riot's word. I'll remain unconvinced.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Majority of balance is done for low->mid diamond. Some balance is done with consideration of the pro-scene, and some balance is done with consideration of low elo.
Do you have some proof on that or is it just your own opinion? Of course same goes to vice versa.
: Its not actually rant, just a pointing that ADC should scale UP, not Down (like Kalista) :)
Its not just adc's, several other champs also scales Down
: The problem that site has is that it only looks at results from that patch (so a week) and by looking at just platinum you reduce the sample size further... so it’s not that accurate. Better to use plat+ As that’s high elo with a good sample size
Yeah, could be. Anyhow, the point is that soraka (or sona) is not dominating the top lane, bruisers are.
: Platinum soraka is 5th on the site I use https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/builds/top And yeah Sona is rock bottom on all sites
I think that page counts games in platinum and higher combined. I used this one https://champion.gg/statistics/?league=plat#?sortBy=general.playPercent&amp;order=descend&amp;roleSort=Top
: 8 out of the top 10 are bruisers... soraka and ornn are 5th and 3rd respectively
Depends heavily on tier, e.g. in platinum soraka is 22nd and 32nd in gold on most played list (and sona is not even top 44 which demands more than 0.45% play rate)
: > [{quoted}](name=DeCoqq,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=s0RQ6GM1,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2020-02-08T14:37:14.912+0000) > > You claimed that bruisers are dead. Howcome nine out of ten most played toplaners are bruisers (the odd one is ornn)? > You claimed that soraka is dominating top lane. Howcome she has been picked 4 times out of 160 picks in LCS, LPL and LEC combined (3 of them being wunder, 0 at LPL? > You claimed that sona is dominating top lane. Howcome she is not even top 40 played toplaners (less than 0.4% pickrate)? > > Why are you calling me a kid? I'll bet im much older (and wiser) than you You dont know to read the stats kid
Excellent argument. According to your logic, aurelion sol is dominating mid lane! He has the best win rate in platinum+ games. But, nobody is whining about it. Why? Because win rate doesn't tell the whole truth. Lie, whopper, statistic.
: > [{quoted}](name=DeCoqq,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=s0RQ6GM1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-02-08T09:29:11.983+0000) > > Bruisers still rule the top lane. Pay more attention to facts Yo kid go and see who has highest win rate top and then come back and talk to me about facts
You claimed that bruisers are dead. Howcome nine out of ten most played toplaners are bruisers (the odd one is ornn)? You claimed that soraka is dominating top lane. Howcome she has been picked 4 times out of 160 picks in LCS, LPL and LEC combined (3 of them being wunder, 0 at LPL? You claimed that sona is dominating top lane. Howcome she is not even top 40 played toplaners (less than 0.4% pickrate)? Why are you calling me a kid? I'll bet im much older (and wiser) than you
: bruisers and top lane are dead!!!
Bruisers still rule the top lane. Pay more attention to facts
Müdkip (EUW)
: Buff Bruisers
If ranged top is so OP, howcome na, lec and lpl combined (75 games, 150 toplaners) only have played 14 ranged champs in top? (5 kennen, 3 soraka, 2 vlad and 1 svain,karma, lb. gnar and kayle are borderline so i counted them as one)
DeejayF (EUW)
: Morg mid is the most boring and cancerous pick in this entire game period.
Morgana is a midlaner but played mostly as supp because of her shield and the fact she have zero killpressure alone
: Zhonias hourglass
I agree. I think cd should be increased a bit. Though, imo stopwatch is more problematic, it is too cheap and you can get it for free. Stopwatch should be completely removed.
: Akali
Akali only has 99% ban rate in pro games so something had to be done. And something still needs to be done, although her kit is so badly designed that it is probably impossible to balance
donkeyXP (EUW)
: Dude I am Zyra main since Season 4 and I am very good at her. She is just compared to other champions too weak and outdated.
Dude, you are not good with zyra, S1 and 48% win rate. This is your 7th season with her and you haven't figure it out that she is not a burst mage.
: If they think now champions are OP , they never played againts Jax or master yi in season 1
So, if some champs were OP 10 years ago, we still should have OP champs?
Timely (EUW)
: I have never felt this depressed and disgusted at the state of League of Legends
This game is not fun anymore. I haven't even finished my placements yet. I will play with my friends now and then but i have little to no interest to play soloq at this point. The fun is long gone and it is not coming back without drastic changes to the game.
: {{champion:105}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:38}} these are overpowerd {{champion:517}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:103}} these are balenced
Akali has been banned in 72/73 games in LEC, LCS and LPL combined. Nothing wrong with akali
: Well Nautilus just to name the most famous one. I still see my duo mate botlane doing 1v2 and winning them. LOL
Well, i.e. blitz does more dmg than nauti. Supports are several levels behind everyone else so their dmg is even less meaningful. Its not the tanks dmg that kill you, dmg from carries does.
: With "nothing else" you mean, super good cc, tankiness and insane damage for being a TANK ? :)
Which tank offer "insane" damage?
: Why arent u nerfing hook/hard engage champs hard?
Because nerfing them would make them useless. Hard engage is the only reason they are played for, they offer nothing else. Against hook champs you have to stay behind your minions and they do nothing. What comes to 100-0, is not happening. These engagers wont kill you, it is rest of the team. Good example is from LEC yesterday. In a tf nauti hit two hooks, e, at least one aa and ulti, so that is more than one rotation so the dmg is really high, right? 580 total dmg in that tf. Yeah, you are really oneshotting people with nauti.
MVNleague (EUNE)
: Nerf Lee Sin
Problem with lee is that there is no late game anymore. He does fall off drastically in late but games tend to end pre 30min hence lee is very viable through the whole game.
Wolferk (EUNE)
: LoL was best MOBA I ever knew, LoL is garbage now. Stop making new champs, please!
: Revert the conqueror change?
Should be removed altogether.
Goat Kayn (EUNE)
: Tank
Ornn does dmg only if he hits the whole combo and that is quite easily dodged
Eadbert (EUW)
: Disagree on that If everyone is OP, no one is now if you were to buff tank items, all the OS-potential would be gone
I didn't say that everyone is OP (and you didn't directly suggested that) but too many is unbalanced. Buffing tank items is a good start. It won't remove OS potential, though, as it shouldn't. Squishies are still squishy and should be able to be oneshotted without any def items.
: And that’s just the tip of the iceberg... he also could kill entire teams while untargetable for all of it. League might be unbalanced but at least there’s not a single champion that wildly out of line
That is probably a bigger problem, that we have many unbalanced instead of few. Those few can be banned or nerfed to the ground until proper fix is made, but you can't ban them all.
Dhaos (EUW)
: Nothing has changed. It's just you making stuff up. In fact all of what you listed (tactics, positioning, teamwork) are more prevalent now since you can be killed faster. Buying defense items still helps you and even without defense items you can avoid being killed in 1v1 if you're playing correctly. It's your own fault if you get left behind in game. That simply means you're not good enough to win.
Again, you keep talking about being behind and winning. I haven't complained about those things so why you keep bringing them up? Have you actually anything relevant to say on this topic?
: Funny how you generalize "assasins" when the tanks, mages, adcs and actual assasins can be counted into this category Tanks do way to much damage. For building only into tank items. Mage and Assasins share same OP AP items. If we nerfed AP items abit the assasin meta would tone down a bunch. And everybody wouldnt blow up so often. Botlane.... The support does by default over 50% of the botlanes damage easily. ADC's only follow up in damage after mid to late game if not at all compared to some "supports" damage.
> [{quoted}](name=Mendökusai,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gY8m0PBA,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2020-01-14T15:47:33.548+0000) > > Tanks do way to much damage. For building only into tank items. > No they don't.
Dhaos (EUW)
: Lol you're making up stuff. It's your own fault if you can't carry and are being left behind.
What am i making up? How does me being behind or ahead has anything to do with the current state of the game? How did you come to conclusion that i can't carry? In short, what are you talking about?
Dhaos (EUW)
: League has its' own identity now instead of being another DotA. I like playing League instead of DotA that's why I play it. Games don't take ages cause careless players keep feeding. Then again it's minority who keep complaining about this stuff. None of the top players would want tank meta back.
Lol identity has completely changed in recent years and it is now as any other moba out there. It used to be about tactics, strategy, team play and positioning, now it is about who can blow up the enemy fastest. Half of the champs are useless since the game is already ended before they are online.
GLS Jonga (EUW)
: It was the best one on how they did the placements, anything else was a joke lol
Last season placement were the worst we ever had
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