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Stano (EUW)
: your joking right? xD you need to play some more soloq bebore you think about joining a team, you have only played 1 soloq game EVER xD
xD I know and I will play hard I saw you on a spectate xD THE other day GJ SENPAI But I know how I play so its possible xD
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: I'll show you my best scores
: Ofcourse i've played with 4 Bronze MMR's yesterday: You can't be as bad as these :p
: btw i main, Support and i branch ADC -> Top -> Mid i almost play every evening with friends, i don't think they'd mind another player (we play Gold->plat MMR though, are you up to that level?
I can try show you my skills :) Can I try?
: Damn Sergeant you're one quick mofo
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: looking for friends
I'm almost lvl 30 I can supp, jungle or top My main supp is {{champion:40}} but I also can supp very well with {{champion:201}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:37}} Main top is {{champion:92}} I can jungle with a lot of champs :) like {{champion:41}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:10}} if you want we can chat more


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