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: Honor system
It's a psychological trick, it'll make someone work harder at something if you don't offer clear milestones to achieve it. Pay rises at work and playing coy in relationships are examples of the same skinner box and it helps the honour system achieve it's intended goal. Which is not to be something that you "farm", but rather to influence player behaviour for the better. P.S. there's 4 more people asking exactly the same question, if you want to get an answer faster, search for it. P.P.S. Most likely, the criteria for what you need to progress will change depending on how you play. The systems been designed to be engaging for casual players as much as it is for professional streamers.
des323 (EUNE)
: Honour Progress Bar
It's a psychological trick, it'll make someone work harder at something if you don't offer clear milestones to achieve it. Pay rises at work and playing coy in relationships are examples of the same skinner box and it helps the honour system achieve it's intended goal. Which is not to be something that you "farm", but rather to influence player behaviour for the better.
: That's OLD YORICK.
Just looked it up =0 how embarrassing! Still, I suppose great minds must think alike. XD
: I liked old Yorick so much I honestly believe this should be a thing lol
Tell your friends, I believe Riot have heard allot of similar feedback before and with enough support I'm sure they'll listen.
Solicitude (EUNE)
: >The only champion to ever be completely removed from the game Well, {{champion:114}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:14}} were changed completely as well and if i recall correctly, the only thing that has stayed the same throughout history of {{champion:28}} is the stealth on her passive.
Touché! I don't recall old Sion, Fiora or Evelyn. But I had a friend who used to play quite a few Galio support games with me. They were allot of fun actually now I remember. Maybe I'll create another character suggestion as Galio was definitely completely removed =P. As i didn't really play any of these champions myself, I'm not in a position to say whether or not they have a place in the current META, but I believe old Yorick does! Probably not as a competitive pick, but only 10% of the entire champion pool are competitive at any given point in time. These champions that're easily forgotten about, they're the ones which have the most potential to break the meta like singed proxy farming or counter jungling as support. Did anybody see Faker get shut down by Urgot mid? the player-base's unfamiliarity with the champions is one of their strengths! Yorick made a great off-meta support because he could tank dragon or counter-jungle without taking any damage (god bless minions), his self-heal was so strong that he could body block for his lane companion and the ghouls were so annoying he could completely zone off enemies by sitting in the brush a little like Blitzcrank (who was the most effective counter FYI). If your AD was clever enough to freeze the lane I'd normally win and at level 6, he doubled his ADCs DPS and had a Zillean ulti that only lasted 10 seconds. If they wanted to make him truly META, we'd need a Sheen based AD support item. I don't really wan't to see new Yorick replaced (who still isn't meta AFAIK #justsayin) as that'd make new Yorick players as salty as I am. There's room for both of them to co-exist independently though! Maybe it could be like Tekken which had two versions of Heihachi, there could be a "revived Yorick" or something. Or maybe one of his skins would bring back the older kit.
MrGerund (EUW)
: Yorick. Or if the champion would be a thing, it would be the ruined king
The only champion to ever be completely removed from the game {{item:3070}} that I know of at least. (I'm casual, so I'd main ADC and use Yorick to fill all other roles and drop out for 6-12 months at a time when other games beckon) Mr/s CV Byotrexx is right, Soraka was once veeery different but IMO she kept enough of her old kit to be recognisable at least, I suppose Riot would say they preserved her core (I'm with you though brother, I miss my old Soraka build for when ADC wouldn't pull his/her weight {{item:3100}} {{item:3089}}). I assume Urgot will join him soon, enjoy him while you still can!
GaMerX26 (EUNE)
: oh well fck i needed 10 more tokens
Tell me about it! It only appears in the client to say it's "ended".. it also ended on a Thursday which is really inconsiderate. Some of us have jobs!
: Suggestion for a new ping
<3 Warded ping idea. I hope they stick around for a minute or so, or until checked with an item. I play kalista allot, normal pings seem to work just fine for me.
True Sight (EUNE)
: Why is poro king so toxic?
huh, that's ironic. I've been playing {{summoner:30}} constantly because ARAM became too toxic, I'm having a much better experience in Poro king. Everyone has been positive and optimistic in the game mode with me whether we win, loose or get crushed. I've not seen a single robot player and AFK players are basically non-existent. {{champion:55}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:45}}
: I upvoted for the trying itself :D I liked old yorick too :D
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Insides (EUW)
: Hello guys ! IMO, some of the examples youve chosen are not even basic knowledge but logics. Like the one with the kill=2 minion waves. Thing is , the tips arent there to make you , necesserily, play better, but some fun fact of the game, mostly, and lore. If you wanna play the game better you need to do the research yourself.That s why there are plenty of vids on youtube for any player level. Also, a game is made to be discovered, not be thought everything in the tip section.
Playing against people who don't even know how to counter my pick isn't very fun for me though.
: Interesting idea. Although even if someone at Riot picked it up (dubious) it'd take some time to implement. At least in the shape you describe, since I wouldn't expect the framework being there to give everyone customized tips based on which champions are picked in any given game. Another challange would be keeping them up to date. But all in all I like the idea, shame it probably won't ever come to be.
You're right, it'll take some time to implement this well. Showing a random tip based on the enemy champion pool shouldn't be too difficult but the logic to check your win-rate against the other champions, or suggest executioners calling based on team composition would be allot more difficult to implement. There are steps you can take to ensure the content stays up to date, cooldown times can be loaded directly from the in-game logic for example.. But again, the more intelligent the tips are, the more complicated it becomes to implement and maintain. I think there's allot of potential that could be explored for the loading screen tips!
ˉˉsorry (EUW)
: I'm not asking for game play tips. I know how and when to roam (I highlighted my high win rate in my original post)... I'm saying that the honour system won't reward me for playing in a way that wins games as an enchanter support.
My main point is improving your communication skills is the easiest way to gain honour. You seemed to suggest that you're less likely to receive honours when you roam as a support so I thought I'd point out some scenarios where it may not be appropriate or where it would be particularly frustrating for your lane partner. I didn't mean to patronise you. If you want to gather all 3, you'll need to do something **very ** eye-catching. Yes it usually goes to a champion that carried the game, but only when s/he has done an extraordinary & consistent amount of damage or surprised everyone with a penta or something. Most often honour goes to whoever talks the most in chat (if it's positive and draws other team-mates in to comment) but I often see it go to whoever turned the fight that won the game and Janna is in a great position to get honour that way with her ulti. Also, the systems only been out for like a week. Give people time to adjust and figure out what is worth rewarding. I'm a casual player with a big mouth, this week I've made 4 new friends in the client and received an awful lot more honour from being friendly then I did from the 2 games I carried. Maybe because my 4 new friends are more important then the honour to me?
: darius only get 5 stacks max.
That's why I need this! XD
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: If you keep focusing honors by amazing KDA, you wont go anywhere. The honor system is to show appreciation towards a player, not a way to say, "nice job going 1/2/31 on Janna amigo!". Obviously people will honor the best KDA which is completely stupid because that´s not how the honor is suppose to work. Also, the champion role doesnt matter either, "Enchanters will not get honors". That is just an honest bull sht excuse. Pardon my french there. The champion DOES NOT give you the Honor, THE PLAYER behind the champion DOES. The sooner you realize this, the more honors you will get. Being friendly, having tough skin and not giving up a lost fight, or having the best FNC Yellowstar shot calling in your team. Going 1/2/31 with Janna, or Bard or Soraka, Sona, Zyra, Taric, Braum, Galio, Rakan, Morgana, Tahm, etc doesnt give you the right to give you "free" honors. KDA means nothing, it never meant anything with the old Honor system either. ___ The only reason you arent getting Honored is because you are focusing on getting honors the WRONG way, and because of people´s lack of understanding of what happened in the match. Look, I main support and I feel your struggle, I honestly do, but this is not the way to get honors, it truly isnt.
> [{quoted}](name=DELDE115,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Jrb38u9Z,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-07-02T15:03:34.388+0000) > Being friendly, having tough skin and not giving up a lost fight, or having the best FNC Yellowstar shot calling in your team. Does "Definitely not Blitzcrank!" count????
ˉˉsorry (EUW)
: Maybe this was a bad example but you kind of missed the point, or I didn't make it very well. The point is, Janna is designed to enable other champions to carry. If she does her job then one (or more) of her team mates will carry the game... and therefore get the honour. If I stick to my adc they will honour me. If I enable my ADC but also roam and help mid lane or jungle then I have 2 or more people carrying the game (best way to win, hence high win rate) but I'm less likely to get any honour at all because the carries will get it. The new system disproportionately disadvantages me for helping as many team mates as I can. I will get more honour for being a worse support and just sticking to 1 player.
Explaining this to your laner will help, ping mid, drop a ward en-route, only do so when your laner is pushed out (has room to retreat) and the junglers shown up top-side or the friendly jungler is nearby. Not all ADCs can farm effectively under tower and if your against a kill-lane bot (like Blitzcrank/Vayne) then don't roam because the ADC needs your help/lane-pressure to stop them engaging. Mobile ADCs like Ez/Trist you can leave no problem in most situations, but a Kalista or Kog'maw main will be a little peeved as they're so heavily dependant on their support. OFC if you get a kill in-lane as Janna, roam immediately after you shield your ADC as the enemy don't have sight of you and you're hardly going to deal any damage to the tower. But you'll be able to disengage for your jungler if he want's their blue or throw a surprise whirlwind mid-lane. If your ADC is not having a great game, say in chat that the mid-laner is your priority, ask for a lane swap. don't ever use the "?" ping on a teammate, but you can take the mick out of the enamy team.
: If the vayne went 22-7 then maybe she did something and it wasn't all you. Getting 1 honor out of 4 is perfectly fine and above average tbh. Most of the times you get 0 regardless of your role because most people dismisses it without honoring anyone.
ˉˉsorry (EUW)
: New honour system disadvantages enchanter supports
Now you only get one honour per game to give, you've gotta be pretty sycophantic to get it =P. Being active & positive in chat seems to help most and to a lesser degree pinging jungler positions, major cooldowns and objectives etc... I main ADC and if I receive a few shields that save me, or catch a few ganks off a ward or spot a few disengages, I'll always honour my supporting buddy. Unfortunately if the game is carried by someone, they'll normally soak up the honours, which is a shame because they've already got the damage charts and on-kill skinner boxes to encourage them. I wish one of the options for honour was "defender" or something like that.
NitroDaxs (EUNE)
: Does honors from friends work to
If your friend honours you at the end of a game, sure. You won't get keys from your friends getting honour though. If your friend gets an S, you can get a box.
NitroDaxs (EUNE)
: Honor system.
The former. I know the higher your honour the higher your chances of getting a key, dropping to 0% chance if you're dishonourable. I'm not sure if winning also helps though.
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: Missions not refreshing
They decided to end the event on a Thursday because... Reasons.
: No missions today???
They decided to end the competition on a Thursday because... Reasons.
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Hey! VS. Event daily missions has ended. This is from [VS. Event FAQ]( > #Q: How much time do I have to do my daily missions? > **A: Daily missions will reset every 24 hours at 11AM PT. The final daily mission will end at 23:59 PT on 6/29.**
On a Thursday? Do they expect all players to not have lives. That sucks. I'm sure I read somewhere that the event doesn't end until mid July so I wasn't too fussed. "A manifestation of orders will, born from light. Can be forged into order exclusive loot in the VS. event Tokens expire from inventory on 7/24/17", nothing on the home screen to warn players. This doesn't seem very well thought out!
: Quests disappeared ?
Yeah, I've logged in after not playing for a day or two and my missions have not refreshed since the honour update. My mates seem to be in the same boat. I'm so close to the 140 benchmark too!
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