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: How to test new champions
Oh shet, well guess I have to wait a while to register I guess, I got really tilted in a game and I got a 1 week ban, does anybody know how long after you've been banned before you can apply again? Do I have to wait till next season or something?
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: Rule of thumb is, if it's in rapid succession after someone has died, then they're complaining at you. if it's every so often then someone is missing.
Sounds like a good rule
: Meant to be champion missing but it gets used for "What are you doing?!?!" as well as "Your laner is here why didnt you react?"
Yeah, now I know because I haven't been able to know if it actually is an enemy missing there and be afraid or not but now I know they are just blaming me lol
: People use it as a way to mess with you when they think you did something wrong (which most of the time is something wrong only in their minds). Ideally it should be used to notify your team that an enemy is missing and is probably out to get them, but... 1) If you really want to warn them, use the red " ! " ping instead. Its sound is way more noticeable. 2) If you can, ping AND write "SS -lane-". You have 0 guarantee that your team will notice either of these warnings, but by all means they WILL flame you if you don't write SS. Sometimes they WILL still flame you cause "you write it too late"...or simply they won't care at all and flame you just because.
I use the ! ping when I want to warn them And it is so true, many of the times they spam ping me with that enemy missing thing when I haven't done a thing wrong
elin990 (EUW)
: Usually it means enemy is indeed missing and you should be careful but sometimes people use it to ask you what you are doing because it displays a question mark.
Yeah, sometimes I can't see if they are actually talking about an enemy missing or just saying that I played like s***
Viavarian (EUW)
: It usually means "wtf are you doing?," sometimes "wtf is that damage". Since the ping is so overused, the best way is to mute everyone's pings and keep watch over the minimap yourself at all times. That way you'll also see things that pings won't ever tell you, like the enemy jungler's position whenever he walks over vision. Knowing his general position is crucial to knowing how aggressively you can play the lane.
Yeah, I play Gnar a lot and I pay a lot of attention to the minimap, if I don't im dead
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MillzUk (EUW)
: {{champion:84}} Is fairly decent at escaping and can use her W + teleport it will only make you visible for about 1 second and make you invisible again. Not to mention she can also W over most walls.
Yeah my friend plays that champ a lot and he likes her but he would probably be pissed if I started using it though
: {{champion:245}} {{champion:238}}
Will try em out thanks
: Pinkwards (streamer) TP-Shaco {{champion:35}} He uses his invisibility and right after that he TPs to a tower. That's a magic trick that leaves everyone with their mouth wide open.
Thanks I will check it out
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