: And there is your answer... Idk why are you complaining.
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: What's wrong with the Turkish server in Istambul? Isn't that reasonably close?
: I haven't played that many games with server selection, nor paid that much attention to it, but it seems the Middle East is usually left out. Which indicates the reason for that is rather fundamental and not just tied to one or few games. I could imagine a few reasons why companies refrain from installing a server there: - political situation. which is quite important to long-term business relations. Now this is a rather weak argument as lots of business is going on anyways but I dont think it can be entirely left out. And this should not be the focus here. - infrastructure. This one I can only suspect as I have to admit I am absolutely uneducated about it in the area we speak about, so I will leave it as very open. But undoubtedly you need sufficient coverage. - Potential customers. now this might probably be the biggest reason why companies dont take up on the endeavour to build a permanent facility with all the necessary expenses to build and run it. There might just be too little of a playerbase/customerbase there to make it worth the investment. I would be interested to be educated about any of these and what you think.
true but no 1 will investment money for playerbase/customerbase there is no rich guy care about games so they can investment
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