: Lock In is BS
I think it's to dissuade people from leaving because some prick banned Zoe, and half the reason to play the game mode is to complete the mission which requires playing as Zoe. Riot appear to be doing pretty well with the new honour and behaviour systems then they pull this out of their a**, gj >_>
: It was actually the word "C*NT"
That has 4 letters so would be censored as "%%%%" while your log says "%%%" so I don't think anyone's falling for that one.
Rioter Comments
: how much afk is bannable/ the problem with leaverbuster
I don't think Riot frequent the EU boards, best you can hope for is a mod. Report the player, if they're saying in chat that they're trolling then there's a pretty high chance it'll get them a ban, or put them pretty close to one.
: Being held hostage in a game
Yeah well I was Silver 1 53lp, close to Gold. Next game, mid complains of 500+ ping and then disconnects, shortly after support says "sorry guys something's come up" and goes afk. Next game, whole team gets stomped. Yeah ok I didn't win lane with Janna vs Xayah and Leona, but even if I had I would have been up against a fed Jayce, Malz and Graves. Mid also keeps disconnecting. Next game, support "doesn't have any supp champs" so picks Ashe. Top ragequites at ~20 mins, we were surviving and tbh if we could get to endgame 2x adc would have been good. I'm now at 0lp. Yey. I'm keeping my cool though so I play another game, we stomp pretty hard early and take most of their towers. We (mostly I) get 5 dragons, looking really good. Suddenly they manage to ace us and win straight off that - I'm instantly dropped to Silver 2. Wat. Keeping a lid on the tilt, that's fine, play again - autofilled support. You can guess how that went. Last game doesn't count, let's try again. All lanes do really well, we take mid and bot inhib without too much trouble but our Jax keeps suiciding trying to take top. I do get the top tower but they chase me down. Then they take baron. Jax suicides 4 more times trying to take an inhib back, and in every single teamfight Fiora dashes right into the back line and kills me. They take a second baron, ace us and win the game. So tell me more about your awesome day lol
CJXander (EUNE)
: What is trolling for yourselves!?
I had a guy threaten to troll in champ select, then at the last second switched to a sensible pick and said "jk" - if this were anywhere else on the internet it would be said he trolled us, and this is what I consider to be a troll. Someone who just does stuff to get a reaction out of people, usually to the detriment of his allies.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: About autofill
You haven't thought this through. Even if you manage to get it to work, a lot of people could enable the option which means there are less people autofilling support. This means that anyone with the option enabled will face a much higher frequency of autofilled games, which in turn could prompt them to enable the option which... Eventually everyone gets longer queue times (except supports), reminiscent of the old TeamBuilder queue. Playing support isn't that bad, sometimes you just need to find the right champion for you. If you like your tanky top laners you can take Nautilus, Leona, Shen, loads of cool picks. Then it's kinda like playing against a ranged champ like Vlad with both your junglers present, and you don't have to bother with CS so much. Prefer your bursty midlaners? Try Brand or Veigar, I've even been up against an Ekko "support" who actually just carried the game and went 21/3 or something stupid. Maybe you prefer your mages, try out Lux, Bard, Morgana, Soraka, Sona, etc. I wouldn't so much go for the actual support picks like Blitz or Thresh as these guys require practice to get right, and if you're only supporting when you autofill then you won't be able to keep up and these champs get pretty useless when your lane falls behind. Regardless of who you pick though you should play a half dozen games with them to get a handle on them first before playing them in ranked. I mena if you get occasionally autofilled and you can't play any supports, you're screwed, your ADC is screwed, and you have a much higher chance of losing the game and LP.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Unfortunately we as players have no way of knowing how many matches are autofilled, but it doesn't really matter. You set something up to generate a report of all the players who stand out in their autofilled games, and manually investigate a number of them. If there are thousands, start looking for trends you can teach the automated systems. If there's only a few, manually audit them until you have enough data to look for trends. > Oh, you misunderstood. His Camille pick was banned in champ select. I... fail to see how this is relevant. I think the guy called "troll or feed" is a troll in champ select but that doesn't mean he will be.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Not to quite that extent but I often also work with data in large volumes so I know you can't just query IsTroll() but there are absolutely metrics you can check. At least to start with, just treat autofilled games as their own set and if you're constantly being reported in them then trigger manual intervention even if the player is well behaved in games they get their role in. Especially if they're otherwise well behaved. Your data management, if there is an error or something one of the first things you do is look at similar cases right? Customer did X and incurred a problem, when he or other customers did X previously or afterwards did the same problem happen? When player X got autofilled last game he was reported and there's some discrepancies in the game data, is there a similar trend when he has been autofilled in the past? Also your example of Camille is in line with my point, he was _main support_ Camille. As in, he is opting in to that role, not being autofilled it. Whatever reason he got banned is irrelevant, the systems picked him up, but what if he only played that when autofilled? Would he have been banned then?
: Is a 14day ban really needed cause of this?
I occasionally see kay-why-ess used in LoL, and every time I report those players I get a message 2 minutes later "thank you for your report, a punishment has been issued". You can now personally attest that the system works from experience =P
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
You don't forget to buy a gold item... Any item at all, sure it happens, but you don't accidentally buy a Doran's Blade. Even if you do, you would immediately buy a gold item on your first back. Supports also don't attack low hp minions and try to get CS without a gold item, and they don't pick an ADC like Sivir or Jinx (same story a few weeks ago). MF support was a thing but she bought a gold item and let her ADC farm. Singed Support was a slightly different story, he picked support and employed a strategy that left his ADC alone. I'm somewhat with Riot on this one for banning him, though they should have put forward sooner that it was the lack of communication and adaptability that was the biggest problem. He would paste in his spiel which would be a lot to take in and make a decision in the short time afforded by champ select, and where the ADC pleaded him to take something more meta he ignored them. Really he should have teamed up with someone who was expecting to and comfortable with playing solo. Either way, you don't employ an off-meta strategy when you autofill right? I'm not saying that autofill supports are automatically in the wrong but players certainly should be scrutinised when autofilling, and also investigated solely on their autofill games separately to overall. If you only autofill 1 in 30 games, what's to stop you trolling every single time? The reports on their own aren't going to be enough to trigger a manual investigation, and if Riot are being as lazy as you're implying with their troll detection then these vile players are going to get away with it. Is that what you want?
: If they troll ingame by doing things they shouldn't be doing, then try to talk with them. And if you get no response, try your best to NOT tilt and rage at him. Raging makes you get the report and not him. If you did this, if same thing happens in the next game. He is gonna get a small ban unless he been banned before. If a support legit never buys sightstone and only takes cs from their adc in multiple games, the chance that they will get banned is pretty strong. A support who doesn't do anything around the support role, will fill in the system's behvior system.
I never rage, tilt maybe a little when you have a Twisted Fate trying to take all your farm and successfully stealing every kill. I always try to calmly talk them out of it but they never listen, mostly it's just food for the behaviour system (I hope) but this last guy refused to respond at all. There's no point flaming them or anything, you're just piling dirt on compost. The problem is, he isn't going to do it next game because he's autofill protected. I've barely had any autofill games at all lately, maybe 1 in 30? If you troll 1 in 30 games, overall the system might not notice the real problem and put it down to random reports. If, however, it separately checks only autofill games and treats them as consecutive, it could get something more usable. Even prioritise that player to autofill it it needs more information.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
But being autofilled support seems to be a huge issue for some players to the point they'll troll or steal other lanes. It should be very easy to look at a game and see that nobody's bought a gold item, look at damage to minions and cs in the early game, time spent around the ADC, there's a ton of metrics you could investigate. Heck, if someone gets reported every time they autofill support that's a huge indicator right there. Yes I realise there is going to be random strategies people employ but those people -choose- to be support to employ those strategies, not when they get autofilled with a random ADC.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
On the other hand, Negative Attitude, Verbal Abuse, and Hate Speech are all separate items? To me they all fall under the same banner of "verbal toxicity" and probably run through all the same filters.
: Unless this is a ranked game, it doesn't have to be intentionally trolling. -.- If it was in ranked. Then yes, not so good. You could report them but apparently it is hard for the system to identify those issues. People play what they like in normals for fun. Yesterday I played Ashe support in normals, I intended to play as support and building supportive but my teammates were negative and called me troll. I think those people were the ones who should be punished for flaming.
Yes but you still built for support, got a gold item, let your adc get the farm, etc. This guy started Doran's Blade and took the first 3 minions. He tried to take every minion after that but he was really, _really_ bad and I'm pretty good at last hitting. The last time I had this problem the support asked "can I jungle?" then locked in Yi without waiting for an answer. Jungle then went "wtf I adc then" and locked in Graves. Welp guess I'll support then... The time before the support said "mid or troll" but I'm stubborn, I don't let these scum get their way because they threaten to troll for it so we went duo mid. He went Twisted Fate which was very hard to ensure I kept up my CS, I think we went about even.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Negative Attitude does mention "griefing" which I guess this sort of comes under. It would just be better to have something less vague, as Negative Attitude is basically the catch-all for people just mouthing off and stuff without actually being abusive. As this is an automated system, you would think there would be a specific type of report that would then specifically check that player for griefing rather than just their chat.
Rioter Comments
: I know you're just defending your point but it comes across as very condescending. You can't know a person after reading a few of their posts on the internet. (Great /riamverysmart material)
I wouldn't claim to know anyone but you can make some pretty good guesses. Good spelling and grammar, correct use of homonyms, apostrophes, and punctation, this all implies a person of reading. Ability to see and reason with both sides of a discussion, plus of course the Summoner Name, you probably enjoy a good debate as long as it is in good nature. Am I wrong? =P
: You didn't mention it so i'll mention it : Asking for reports is uterly useless, a single report will be treated the same by the system as 9 reports, you only need one report to triger the system to investigate on the reported player any additional reports are just "wasted" If you just report the player yourself, then asking for more reports will **only** add to the negativity
Not to mention that "Report X" has become something people say about an ally who is just having a bad game. It's implying that they're somehow in violation of the rules just because the enemy Yasuo or Zed got a good early gank for first blood and snowballed the game from there, so report calling on them is just going to make them feel worse. I'll report most players who report call (unless subject is actually being toxic, though I still don't condone it), apparently due to large number of reports things like "easy" were added to the database of negative behaviour so if report calling isn't already there, maybe with enough reports it can be.
: Unbann me please
I'm curious as to what's changed between "**this is your final warning, continue to be toxic and you will lose your account**" and now.
: ***
Do you even know what autism is? > Autism: a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. You're right, that can't be a joke, there's no context in which it's funny. Well, with the exception of irony I suppose but don't worry, laughing at the autistic kid is pretty tasteless in my opinion.
: What is this player doing in this game??
Pff, that's nothing. http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2920289941/212889581?tab=overview In this game I was level 21 summoner in a game of Gold and Platinum opponents. Yes, it's a smurf, but I only play champions I suck at on it, the point being it's an account I can learn champions I have no hope of doing anything with on my main.
: Yestreday I was silver 2 and today silver 5 0 points
I'm curious, when people say they're "loosing" a game, does that mean they eventually "loost" it or what...? xD VERY SIMPLE RULE: Do not play a ranked game after a loss. It is _extremely_ easy to drop a whole tier in an afternoon because you're frustrated with how much you're losing. I know from experience. Do something else for half an hour (TV, eat, read, w/e), then play ARAM, THEN play another ranked.
Stark31 (EUNE)
: Bronze players are people too. When you played your unraked matches you probably got placed with silver/gold or higher players that said the same thing about you. Just because he was bronze in season 3 doesnt mean he is not just as good or better than you. (i have a feeling that only people that got hard carried to gold complain about this).
Four seasons is a long time for someone to improve =P Especially if they started playing in season 3.
Wahabi (EUW)
: i didnt flame every game it was my first game and the ban reason gives me only 1 game that i said maybe 4-7 bad words.
Well if it's not so bad, post it for all the world to see =P
prostituta (EUNE)
: haha, that's actually very funny:) I'm personally annoyed when anyone talk about immaturity over a one nickname - like they knew who I am from just one word. DeadlyBagel is a supreme, over-the-top mature nickname.
DeadlyBagel is juxtaposed and implies I have the ability to laugh at myself, but also that I am capable of taking things deadly-seriously (yes I went there). So yeah I guess it is over the top maturity but then I've always been like that. The fact that you said that sarcastically speaks volumes, however. You think maturity is about being all pompous and prude, not finding things funny. It doesn't. Being mature doesn't mean that you can't be silly, just that you know when to be silly and how silly to be. It means thinking of potential consequence and being able to empathise, think past yourself, to how your actions appear to others. For someone actively trying to call themselves "butt hole" with no other context, I guess I shouldn't have expected you to understand what maturity is so there isn't any point in saying you're not. My bad.
: Wrongfully Banned for 14 days.
You say you had a bad early game against Ekko, then: Obbymaulerz: dont play lee. Obbymaulerz: when u cant gank Obbymaulerz: dont play jung again What a hypocrite xD But more seriously, you need to use that mute button at the first signs. Every time I've thought I'll leave them unmuted just in case, I've regretted it. Maybe you'll miss one call, but you'll be playing 5x better throughout the game so I'd say it's worth it. Also you don't end up quite as salty afterwards. Also you don't end up banned for being baited into responding. Speaking of which, talking back is pretty much the worst thing you can do. If they they can get some response they feel validated and they'll keep flaming, keep whining. If everyone mutes them there's a good chance they'll realise they're not getting anywhere and just go quiet. Some of course will keep shouting into the abyss but the ones who stop bothering will focus more on their own game and play a bit better, even if they reject any teamwork.
: False int accusations (and feature request)
How do you report "abuse of report"? For one you have no indication or who reported you, other than what they put in chat (which is arguably negative behaviour, but still not proof of reporting). Secondly you have no idea what they're reporting you for.
prostituta (EUNE)
: Year of gaming gone - how Riot stripped me of my ranked rewards.
Just because it is an obscure term doesn't mean it's not obscene. Personally I'm sick of getting into a ranked lobby to find allies with names like "troll or feed" and "k1nke btth0le" because it just screams a level of immaturity beyond what I hope for in an ally. This is your gamer tag, your identity, and you basically want it to be "butt hole"? What, are you five? Guh huh I can use a thesaurus and be clever, well I hate to break it to you but there are actually intelligent people on the internet. You could argue it escalated a bit quickly, or you could argue that you got a just ban for trying to be clever and wasting time. I'm just pleased to see Riot is finally taking summoner names more seriously.
: you should honestly dodge because you save an incredible amount of time and you even save yourself LP, you only lose 3 LP for the first dodge and get 5 minutes penalty and your MMR is unaffected. sometimes it's just not worth wasting 30 minutes and 15 LP to report someone and hope they get banned.
I know where you're coming from but if the standard becomes "just dodge" then the behaviour doesn't get punished, which means it becomes commonplace. You'll find yourself slowly dodging more and more games because these people have found they can get away with it scot-free and thus one-trick-pony players who only EVER play Yasuo or whatever just troll pick in any game he's banned, or picked by the enemy team.
Modso (EUW)
: is there anyway i can subtract the chat history from a game or do specific games have an unique ID that i can refer too ?
Only Riot have access to the chat logs for each game. I know what you mean, I had a game where a guy just stole another role and was really flippant about it. The guy who got shunted then stole my role. I contacted player support and got some scripted message to have faith in the automated tools and that he couldn't disclose any action taken, though it did promise he'd personally look into it.
: No Surrnder? ( game already unwinable)
lmao that's not even as bad as some games I've won. 90% of their damage comes from AD, with the exception of Vayne's true damage of course. If you can make it to late game and blow her up, you can win fights. But yes, I know sometimes you can look at your team and then at theirs, knowing there is a HUGE difference in skill that cannot be overcome even if everyone got to full build, but your team still won't surrender. There's a few things you can do. First of all, find a purpose. That might be a challenge - how many times can you stun Vayne without being killed for it? It might be training, just focus on farm and don't die (vs a fed team they will seriously punish any lack of vision). Find something productive to do so you're not bored and you're still getting something out of it, even if just experience. Secondly, leave openings. Don't bother recalling to clear minions from the inhibitor tower or join your team for a teamfight (unless it's convenient for you). Either the game will end quicker (yay) or they won't abuse the openings which means they aren't playing smart and you might actually have a chance of winning after all (also yay). Your team won't surrender, that's their right, but it's neither your responsibility to carry or even prolong the game, just to remain in it.
Kluteman (EUW)
: Banned even though a guy was more toxic.
The lag must be pretty bad for all you Americans with EUW accounts. You lost your hono**u**r rank beause it is, by Riot's words, an indication of consistent sportsmanship. By holding a badge of honour you are recognised as being the elite of good behaviour, and are thusly rewarded with the occasional freebie. You don't have a right to the free stuff, it's Riot's encouragement to be a better teammate and stay that way while also rewarding those who have always been good players. You broke the rules and said something truly abhorrent, why do you think you're deserving of the title of "honourable"?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Getting banned for telling someone to kill themselves is a very smart move. There is absolutely zero reasoning you can provide me with that can justify such horrific behaviour. Telling someone to kill themselves is one of the most toxic things you can do, which it's dealt with very strict. This behaviour is not at all honorable, which is why that's stripped away from you. You'll have to prove that you're an honorable player if you want honor levels back.
He means that saying that was not a smart move, not that being banned for it is not a smart move.
: permanently banned
You had ample warning you were well on your way to being permanently banned and you didn't reform. What's changed?
: Greetings. I know that this is frustrating, but I'm afraid the LPQ isn't as unjust as you think. >the loss here being enough punishment in my opinion The problem is, the rest of your team is going to lose a game because a teammate is missing, and that's you! Even though you didn't do it on purpose, you are the cause that up to 9 other players had a worse experience. That means you are still responsible, and you have to **somehow** stop leaving games. Emergencies and technical failures can happen, Riot knows that, but the fact that your LPQ is already up at 5x20 minutes shows that you've been leaving **A LOT** of games. --- You clearly have a persisting problem with your connection, so you should definitely make sure to fix that before playing PvP again!
Exactly, your hardware is your own responsibility. To the average player it should happen rarely enough that it won't affect anything overall and they're fine. If it's happening constantly then you should consider how fair it is for your allies, who ensure they maintain their equipment etc, who now have to play 4v5. I realise not everyone is tech support but it is still your responsibility to keep it running smoothly. When you have a car, you don't complain at the police for running into the back of someone because your brakes occasionally fail, do you?
Esmeralde (EUW)
: Why does it feel like nobody understands English on EU West?
Foreign 1337-speak maybe? xD man I am so grateful the internet (mostly) grew out of that phase. I have quite a few games with foreign players but I'm yet to meet anyone I've confirmed to not know English. German and French players are generally pretty good with it, even if they aren't totally fluent. Aside from that, pings are generally pretty good at getting a point across. If five big red DANGER pings on someone hanging around a tower doesn't turn them off, a polite comment in chat is going to do about as much as a fart in a fan factory. There's a massive problem with your suggestion though, to split the servers out. Sure, there might be enough English players to keep the server running but then what about everyone else? Do you have an "English" server and an "everyone else" server? Even still, the latter would probably not have enough players to sustain healthy queue times AND skill pairings, but despite that the English server would probably suffer some too. There is EUNE, not really sure where that covers exactly but I heard (years ago) that it had long queue times and that the likes of diamond players were the equivalent of low gold players on EUW. I'd be more concerned that you're sitting at a level appropriate for players with constant 300ms lag. Pick a champion whose only counters are fast-paced instakill champions - Veigar or Brand would be pretty good for this, both capable of killing someone before they have time to react. Especially if they can't dodge skillshots. Climb up a bit and you won't have to worry about those sort of players.
: Ha.. I just got demoted to silver 2, Never gettin to gold boi.
I hear ya man =/ Been gold last 3 seasons I think, of course due to rank shift got put in Silver this year. Was trying to duo with a mate but went on some 5 game loss streak and got demoted to S2. So close to the end of the season ;_; never going to make it. Last weekend I changed my attitude, only slightly. Climbed right back to S1 in a day, and suddenly it seems within reach again. I don't really think anyone can give advice for such a subtle change as mine, but the golden rule is never play ranked after a loss. Read or watch TV until you're no longer thinking about it - any negative attitude towards your previous game will distract you, however slightly, from the next. Secondly, you need a good carry to main. Play them exclusively, so you need a champion that doesn't get picked or banned very often. Ideally someone who does well in the late game but not too bad early, and who doesn't have any impossibly hard counters. Be aware if you're going mid that you'll come across random Akali and Katarina players who just make lane miserable for most champions, regardless of your skill.
: Am I still eligible to get season rewards?
Assuming "%%%" is a certain three letter acronym, probably the only thing that comes close to that in toxicity is "get cancer and die". You have to understand that this isn't because either is such a grievous insult, but because people have a wide array of experiences - including tragic incidents involving family members. My uncle recently passed away from leukaemia, I have a friend who, in his early 20's, lost his mother overnight to a stroke, and I've recently been through 6+ months wondering if I would still have a wife when I got home from work as she suffered through severe clinical depression. These are the last sort of things you want to be thinking about in a game such as LoL, and having some snot-nosed brat throw these words around as if they meant nothing is beyond ignorant, and beyond insulting to those you've lost or even nearly lost. So no, I don't think it's fair either, but it would be unfair to wish any of these experiences on you because it would affect other people.
: > [{quoted}](name=DeadlyBagel,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gpJTKf7b,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-10-19T10:36:56.553+0000) > > It's a tricky one because on the other hand the trolls shouldn't get away with it. What if his intention was that someone would dodge? They take the fall, he plays another game and probably gets his desired champion. No reports or history for the dodged game so the abhorrent behaviour goes unnoticed and unpunished. > > Unless I was in promos, I think I'd rather play the game. Get whatever you can out of it, practice playing from behind, map awareness, etc and report them at the end. At least then if their behaviour persists they'll be booted from the game. If someone dodges, it encourages the behaviour and there's only going to be more of it. From personal opinion, people tend to forgot these trolls and don't report them after the game anyway. Considering they do somewhat okay. i had experienced this once. some dude picks jungle despite me already having locked(and i was assigned jungle). He did better than me, so I was the one getting reported (despite being completely silent after the first 3min, and i wasn't even flaming or cursing before 3min).
How do you know you're getting reported? Besides, it only takes one report, though in these cases it's best to add detail of why you're reporting them as well, and it will (if Riot have done their job properly) see that he frequently gets reported in games where he's not in the role he's supposed to be in. So what if you're getting reported too? As long as you're not flaming or anything a report won't do anything to you.
CJXander (EUNE)
: But why!?
Personally I don't understand why people are toxic at all, at a guess I'd say he hasn't faith in the behaviour system (or is just ignorant of it) and is just projecting his own frustration of failure onto you. If it's because you haven't ganked, it's your fault. If it's not, then it has to be his fault and his feeble mind can't comprehend that he's not challenger. First sign of language or anything, I'd mute. If they don't understand that you don't gank a lost lane then it's not worth trying.
: What to do against these kind of ... not great teammates?
The solution is to not play Blind Pick - IMHO it should be removed entirely, it's just throwing a bunch of people together and hoping the cooperate, an idea which is laughable in its ridiculousness. Buy enough cheap champions that you can get into draft pick.
: League Of Legends Permanently banned
Saying that there is a mute button as an excuse for flaming is like saying that there are restraining orders as an excuse to stab someone. Idiot logic. "Basically trashtalking is a part of the game" - orly? So the four plus warnings that trashtalking is explicitly NOT part of the game and will NOT be tolerated were what exactly...? There aren't as many trolls as anyone makes out. Yes, there are some, and there are people who don't take to being trolled well, but in the last 50 games I've probably had 4, and 2 of them were in the same game (support stole jungle who then stole my role, ADC). One of the other trolls got support and picked Jinx, stole farm and died a lot in the early game but due to my mad skillz I managed to survive and we got through the mid game, at which point we had two ADCs and were able to win (as much as the scum didn't deserve it). For feeders, there are even less, and this is where I think you earned your bans. There is a HUGE difference between intentionally feeding and doing badly, and the automated systems are actually pretty clever in distinguishing which is which. I went up against Vayne as Cho'Gath a while ago, and slaughtered her. She couldn't show up to lane without being instakilled. I had 3x her farm and she was 0/10 pretty quickly. However, we had some stupid bot lane (Fiddles and I think Volibear) who were just useless, but I was a monster. In a 5v1, I killed 3 of them before going down. I steamrolled through the top lane and took the towers and inhibitor, the rest of the team did the same bot I think. Took the nexus towers and got the nexus to 1/2 hp as the team respawned. Apparently Vayne had bought an item because she walked out of the base and killed me 1v1, that true damage oblivious to Cho's scaling. They cleaned up the rest of my team and pushed the waves out. I was useless from that point, the Vayne I'd shut down was impossible to kill or escape and she basically carried the game from there. Sure, our bot lane were idiots and tried some stupid gimmick but they weren't trolling. As useless as they were, they tried and for most of the game they were about even. The Vayne I went up against died repeatedly but that wasn't her fault, I got some good ganks and took off. She could hardly be called a troll because she won them the game. Feeder? Sure, she fed me but nothing she could do about it unless she wanted to sit on the fountain. The trickle of farm she got between deaths eventually bought her the items she needed to win.
: I really need back my account can i get it back?
Wait wait wait. Let me get this straight. You _bought_ an account in violation of Riot's Terms of Service, then when the sellers reset the password you come to Riot to try to get your account back? "Hello, police? I bought a stolen car off this guy and it seems he kept a key because he drove it away in the middle of the night. Hello? Hellooooo?"
PonTacôs (EUW)
: Reason to dodge game.
It's a tricky one because on the other hand the trolls shouldn't get away with it. What if his intention was that someone would dodge? They take the fall, he plays another game and probably gets his desired champion. No reports or history for the dodged game so the abhorrent behaviour goes unnoticed and unpunished. Unless I was in promos, I think I'd rather play the game. Get whatever you can out of it, practice playing from behind, map awareness, etc and report them at the end. At least then if their behaviour persists they'll be booted from the game. If someone dodges, it encourages the behaviour and there's only going to be more of it.
: I just watched the replay, isn't it just the thunderlord's proc that kills you? I'm almost positive that was it.
Derp, so obvious now >_> lol thanks
: He probably just dealt more dmg at the start and you healed it with life steal. For example, you start with 1656, he deals 1200, you heal back up to 753, then it pops.
Hmm good thought but if at all I only hit him with 1 autoattack with 183 AD (%hp Kog) vs his 151 armour, only life steal I had was BotRK. When he ulted me I ran back from the minions so didn't have anything to lifesteal on, plus he Ignited me so had Grievous Wounds. EDIT: Just worked it out, 8.784 life from BotRK WITHOUT factoring in Grievous Wounds.
: Maybe you forgot the bonus damage from duskblade? (dunno if he had it tho)
Yeah he had Duskblade but it didn't activate with his ult. As far as I can tell he didn't even auto me, just ult + spin + shuriken. EDIT: 2 Black Cleaver stacks from his shuriken and spin confirms no auto was used, Duskblade is an on-auto proc so doesn't come into play here.
: Masteries: He got +2% ability damage (sorcery), +3% damage (double edged sword), +2% damage (assassin), +3% damage when under 40% hp (merciless) Fun fact: he used ability power reds for this match.
He would need 18% additional damage to make up the extra 144 damage
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