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: Hey there, im glad theres still people who aren't toxic, also im glad the game helps you with your problems as much as possible,hopefully we will meet again when i move to EUW
most of the community is not toxic, but they get tilted fast. can't wait to meet you in the howling abyss.
wArr10r (EUW)
: This does put a smile on my face! Stay strong, and enjoy Worlds (if you watch it).{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
I am glad, you deserve it. And of course I watch the Worlds, it is amazing.
: As a completely cold person with all his emotions suppressed,i cant tell what depression is,but i am sure as hell sure there are better ways to cope with it than a video game.
I am not coping, I am just waiting for nothing, I have a purpose, even though it is way less than a real life purpose playing this game, but still, it is giving me something, thanks for your concern mate and thanks for being on my post list for good player-base.
Rawgu (EUW)
: Wanna be my friend uwu
Yes, and I am sorry in advance if I breakdown in the future and end up removing everyone from my friend list, but I can give it a try.
4HM3D01 (EUNE)
: Hey mate, thank you for having us as a community. I rarely ever (in case i get banned) log on these forums, but your post made me happy and cheerful in 4am that I decided to write something kind back and of course upvote this post. I myself am very toxic and many times I try to refrain myself from {{summoner:14}} teammates, but sometimes I write very, very bad things to people that make me very mad (like very bad things ex. cutting body parts, Ddos attacks, and other weird psycho things that flow through my mind when I am MAD). So again mate, thank you for the kind words and please **never ever have harmful or suicidal thoughts** run through your mind. I hope everything gets solved in your life mate, even if it doesn't just keep your head up and continue living on. It's not worth to do harmful things to yourself just because you are unlucky. If you still haven't finished school and uni (if you have the will for it) I'd advice to finish that first and move on with life. **Stay strong!**
Hello good fella, no need to be toxic, game will go on either ways, but if you flame, people might leave, troll or end up acting worst than they have started, I do encounter people that play bad, troll or rage feed, I say good things to them, help them overcome their inexperience with their champ or remind them that it is just a game and shall not throw it all away because of just one person, they actually end up doing good or better. Calm down, just remember that one day, it was you who couldn't play. I did finish school and university, I am older than you think but instead of life being on my side, it ended up screwing me, without this game, I don't think I would have made it this far. So again, thank you and thanks to all.
: Hi ^ω^ This is my first post here, I just read the boards from time to time. I was wondering whether to write to you, because I'm struggling with social anxiety and I'm not a very sociable person >.< (I don't even have an instagram or facebook etc) but I just have to write this..I want you to know you're dear to me :) I'm struggling in life too (and by seeing your icon and name I think you love rock and metal music just like me ^-^) and I know how you feel and it's truly breaking my heart. League is really good if one wants to escape the reality for a while. Nowadays some people tend to make fun of depression and anxiety and meme about it, but I know the majority of them doesn't know how scary and destructive it really is, because they have never really experienced it. I just know some of the people will understand it's true meaning when they're older, because sadly, life is getting harder and harder everyday for the large part of the society. I can tell that you're a precious person just by seeing your writing style (not some 'lol u r noob k*s haha' kid) and I wish I could hug you (◕ω◕). I think you don't even realize how intelligent and valuable you are ^-^. We can play some ARAMs from time to time together but only if you want :) You don't have to chat with me about yourself or about anything if you don't want to, we can just enjoy some ARAMs sometimes (I mostly play arams nowadays (this is one of the several LoL accounts that I created) and I don't really like to talk about myself :3 ) I'm not toxic and friendly, chill in games :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Hello, I don't have social media either, I made cuts down to Whatsap, Viber, Emo ... etc. I have only normal phone messages and Skype (for work). Your analysis is perfect; Getting older does break people with different views and certain struggles in life; As I commented before, I was doubtful to accept or add people after this post, because it is not meant to be about me personally but about the community and appreciation, I am happy to add you and hopefully I don't get a meltdown and end up emptying my friend list again, it gets really dark sometime. Thanks for sharing and commenting.
Jeerus (EUW)
: Skip all the negative comments, don't waste your energy. I respect your post and understand it, having dealt with a friend of mine with the same issues. He's in good shape now (took some years to finally climb out, did it all by himself. No therapist, nothing,) and we played a lot of league together. If you'd like I can add you and we can play some league? Only if you want of course.
Yes we can, I have been doubtful to accept or add anyone since I posted here, I sometimes get breakdowns and end up removing everyone on my list, but I can give it one more try.
: I logged in just to give this an upvote. I hope your life picks up and keep playing if it keeps you happy. See you on the opposite side of howling abyss brave summoner.
Why not on the same side, I assume we can be good ... I am better at being a punch bag (tank).
Drachtyl (EUW)
: Glad to see someone with the same point of view. :) I have been playing league since season 4 and have enjoyed this game and the community! Yes, I agree the game has its ups and downs, but it has become a part of my life now. Anyway, Thank you Riot Games and people of this community! Keep up the good work! :) GLHF!
Hello, it seems that thankful players exist, glad to meet you here and hopefully in games.
Diävolo (EUW)
: I mean I can believe you. But why I got downvoted like I wished death to someone or I'm flaming someone ? jeez
Downvoting is not a report, people might have disagreed with you, like people who didn't agree with my post, it is ok, you expressed yourself, I am ok with it !
: It requieres a lot of courage to be this honest and open hearted, if you play only half that brave in Game, every Team should be happy to have you. Check your Friend list pls.
I am sorry that I don't reply right back, but my whole post is a big thank you to every single human that is involved in the League of Legends in any way. I am glad that you found that appealing and felt good, you all deserve to feel good for being good people, thanks again.
Netenir (EUNE)
: Aww, that's so sweet in its sincerity. Thanks for being a living evidence of a good community that I believe in.
Thanks for your comment, there are a lot of good people out there, this is why you get honored, good people honor good people, there are no exceptions, but people express their moods differently.
TriCookie (EUW)
: I'm happy to see another positive post, they're a rare breed for any multiplayer competitive game. I'm happier to see that you're enjoying yourself and that this game helps you and your mentality, I couldn't imagine what it's actually like to suffer from that. I'm glad you braved to make this post despite of it, a lot of people on boards are toxic and looking for more toxicity from what I've seen (it shows up on my phone's news feed). I hope you continue to enjoy your time and may you find another game that helps you in the same way if league ever stops being that game for you.
I don't think another game might take the League of Legend's place, I am acting normal here for thanking everyone, good people deserve good things in return, and this is the only way I could do it. Thanks for your comment.
: As a fellow player from S1 I thank you for this post and for reaching out. Although, our mental health is a serious matter and I hope you know that and you are receiving the help you need. There are lines you can call if you can't afford or if anything stops you from visiting a therapist. Please take care of yourself.
I know what you mean, I am sorry for not being able to reply to your this reply, I don't want to seem melodramatic and turn this post into a psychiatrists office of some sort, but long story short, I tried, I tried a lot and nothing did me any good, so now I see myself here and I am comfortable somehow.
Aernath (EUW)
: Finally i see someone posting an actual positive post and not just some hate towards riot. For all of you who don't agree or look down on this person's view ... instead of forcing your thoughts on riot on others, please just appreciate and accept that not all people hate, but actually love riot for their game. I for one love league but also ofc get annoyed when up against someone who's extremly broken. Then again would people play a game that doesn't have some op content in it? I think people would get tired of a game that static which is why every patch some get buffs and some get nerfs to make the game shift around in order to keep it interesting. Your champ get nerfed whilst it's counterpick get buffed like crazy? So what! Just play around it or try a different champ for once. Posting a postive meaning in a broad community like this takes a lot of courage so Death ov Glodra creds to you. Many people who feel the same way as you don't want to post their feelings towards riot because of all the negative comments they probably would get. You did something not all dare to. Keep that courage and it will help you out in so many ways.
Usually people that are satisfied with something, don't try to find a way to thank the provider, they think that it is their duty, but because of my personal issues and having my life on the line in sort of manner, I have to say something, it became more of an obligation from my perspective. Thanks for your reply, it was nice.
Touki (EUW)
: Good to hear you are handling yourself well! Keep it up When you say > every-single-player who was ever nice to me, thanks for being that good, that nice, that well-behaved, that funny, that well-mannered and friendly I was starting to think are we playing the same game because I just got called a cancxx dxx shxx player and an apx Then you say U play ARAM, we good xD
If all have their minds set on being good players, then all could be, but some people deal with their own problems in different ways, some rage, some insult, some ignore, some mute, and the weirdest, are who troll ... these are the people I could never understand. I encountered people rage-feeding in few games, and I talked them out of it, so you can make people behave differently if you change your approach I assume; Good luck out there mate and thanks.
Neptunus2 (EUW)
: ***
Take it easy on him, this is his thought on the matter, he is entitled to comment whatever he sees fit. Thanks for your comment earlier, it is heartwarming.
: Wrong board man. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I have played many games on euw and eune which definitely was enough to see, that indeed most of community is garbage, i know that for example having a lee sin 1/22 doesnt happen that often, but since rito focuses on flamers not feeders and trolls this game is a lot less funny to play. About company, did you know how many people, most women were abused in this rito games? There was even a dude who was coming to other employees just to fart on their desk and go away, you can look for that on google if you want. Game is rather broken, for instance when i play against kayn his w is 60% of time invincible so i get dmg and slow not even knowing why, before i realise riot broken yet another thing. About hell, hmm i guess depends i know few people who play like bronzes or silvers but are carried to gold by diamond smurfs, rito wont do anything about it in low ranks but still its irritating what they are focusing on(constantly new fckin skins instead of balancing game but when most of rioters are in silver i cant expect bad players to ubderstamd what is a problem, like lately they increased blitzcrank hook distance wth). And about sikning or not, it all depends on what teammates you have, i have feeders in team half of the time at least which makes me hate this game more than like, since you cant carry whole trashcan team by yourself anymore. You wouldnt believe how many times i was the only fed ap mid would mb could carry but %%%%%%edd team started fight without me all died when enemies also had baron so defending nexus tower was impossible. You cant change my mind
I will not be defending Riot here, I am not a Riot employee nor their lawyer, but I can tell you that if you find yourself uncomfortable in a situation, work, game or place, you can just leave, or accept it as it is, for me, I only play ARAM and did few SRs back in the days when I was with 4 other premade players. Riot can't change player minds, here is an example, in case god exist, you can see rapists, murderers, pedophiles, thieves ... etc. and god is not doing anything about them, so you expect riot to find a way to monitor 8 million players a day !? that sounds unlikely, although, they are trying their best and I know it, but simply, it is a mission near impossible to do 100%. I truly feel sorry for your experience, good luck out there.
: I get despion (the big sad) from riot MMR system and how unhealthy it is.
people are people,you can help them to improve you know ... or find a punch of people that you are good playing with and stick with them.
CJXander (EUNE)
: You could skipped the first part tho :).
The first paragraph is the one that matters, the rest is an explanation ... to show everyone what good manners and good words could do to someone, in this case, it is me.
Diävolo (EUW)
: Man stop playing this game. I stopped and I'm having a life lol. This game just brings chaos to a human being. Killing you from inside like nothing. You'll feel it later. I think you just didn't realize that feeling that this game is the thing which is killing you. Try to go outside and take a nice breath without that game for a day. And tell me your feeling.
I don't think you understood my post there, I am glad for the player base in-game to be as good as they ever could be when my life went from bad to worst and still going down the hill ... I am literally alive because of the League of Legends, not the game itself but the Player Base & Riot Employees, I just wanted to show my thankfulness in this and this only way that I know how, if I quit the game ... well ... I did quit it for two years 2016-2018, it didn't go well at all ... I am not trying to sound like am seeking attention or whatever, but I am barely alive here ... if the last thing I have which is this game, stops, I stop ...
DutchPro (EUW)
: I mean sure when u only play aram u don't really feel Riot's bad decisions (I have like 3k games on aram so I know)
I have more than +- 4K SR (Ranked and not) while I have +- 3.6K ARAM games, I don't have the mental stamina to set for 45 minutes playing SR, this is why I switched to ARAM few years ago.
Tmenov (EUW)
: ***
Please don't be offensive to all, I know that there are people who are toxic and give you a bad time, I encountered many of them, but with the good attitude from your side, you can bend their minds and behaviors, the second thing is NO, no, my depression didn't come from this community, if anything, some mere actions made me feel really good and positive, therefore, hence the following : -Community is not garbage, you are one of the community though. -Company is not shitty, you are not forced to play. -Game is not broken, you can counter and learn to play. -No hell to be shown. -This game carries you to another world and not sink you. Sorry you can't change my mind, but you are entitled to yours though.
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xStyrosx (EUNE)
: ranked aram,hehe haha, what next , ranked vs bots ? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Why do you have to be negative in every comment mate !?
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Don't forget that there is a new concept that is not fully released for the new Mastery System. It means that the whole League of Legend is advancing except for people that play ARAM. You mean the terrible paywalled achievements that add a pointless little icon above your mastery emote, i haven't forgotten about them, i just don't care about them :P And ARAM doesn't need to "advance" its literally a "for fun" mode > On a side not, I have been a player in the League for the past 10-9 years, I couldn't acquire the exact date of join from Riot for technical issues. Sure i've been here since season 1 myself, not sure what relevance that has though :P > I have more than 3500 in SR as well, but that was way before the Champion Mastery was introduced, once it was, I was on the Howling Abyss map, don't I (including a lot of players with me) deserve a chance of gaining points !? Yup, sitting at just over 3k normal SR myself, not including the numerous ranked matches, ARAM's, dominion matches etc, you do gain points, you just don't gain mastery tokens, there is a big difference between those 2 things > Your notes are highly valued and make a lot of sense, but I am an oldie and believe that I deserve something And therein lies the problem, that sense that you are in some way owed something :P
> And therein lies the problem, that sense that you are in some way owed something :P ok, I will have to disagree with the way you sounded saying this line :D ... I don't mean that I am owed or anything, I just say that all the maps or way of advancing should be equal to one another, yeah, that will benefit me, being selfish is a nature human being feeling, but I am not asking for myself alone here, I am asking for a change leading to almost equality, Riot change a lot of things and changed a lot of things over the years, that benefited some but not all, I am filling the holes only (_at least they appear as holes to me_). Please don't dismiss that I am a human, we all are. > You mean the terrible paywalled achievements that add a pointless little icon above your mastery emote, i haven't forgotten about them, i just don't care about them :P I pay in-game for extra benefits (skins, tokens ... etc.) ... I don't see the harm in them introducing something with cash. In the end, it is a company and companies require income in order to proceed producing whatever they produce. I do really want to play ARAM with you Mr. Old-Schooler {{sticker:galio-happy}}
xStyrosx (EUNE)
: blah blah blah , i'm silver, i want ranked aram {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
> [{quoted}](name=xStyrosx,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=bkgGjKQE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-22T15:05:41.010+0000) > >i'm silver, i want ranked aram {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} I didn't mention the word RANKED ... did you read what I wrote !? well yeah I mentioned it but not in the sense of asking for a RANKED ARAM ... again, please re-read what I wrote if you are interested and don't quote a WORD out of the content, you didn't even quote a sentence ... I will put it in easier format for your mate, you seems to be lingually challenged , I am talking about Champion Mastery Points, not about SILVER, GOLD, etc. RANKINGS (_summoners rankings_) ... is that clear enough for you !?
: Option to mute all sounds of a specific player / champion.
I TOTALLY FREAKING AGREE WITH THAT !!! I searched the whole Esc menu for anything to do it ... but no luck, thanks for bringing it up !
Cypherous (EUW)
: > If you know that you might raise your rank during in ARAM, it will lead you to play better. Except ARAM is literally the "for fun" mode > My suggestion does not affect trying new build and item sets, it is just a little reward for doing your best. No but your suggestion does make it too easy to farm the tokens, which devalues the system as a whole > Besides, I smile when I get an S with a champion in ARAM (with or without a chest). Sure, everyone does, but that doesn't mean it took any skill :P
Don't forget that there is a new concept that is not fully released for the new Mastery System. It means that the whole League of Legend is advancing except for people that play ARAM. On a side not, I have been a player in the League for the past 10-9 years, I couldn't acquire the exact date of join from Riot for technical issues. I have more than 3500 in SR as well, but that was way before the Champion Mastery was introduced, once it was, I was on the Howling Abyss map, don't I (including a lot of players with me) deserve a chance of gaining points !? Your notes are highly valued and make a lot of sense, but I am an oldie and believe that I deserve something (_with my fellow oldies_)! {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Help, I suck
Hi mate, I did add you in game, I have few tips for you. PS - I am not an online coach asking for money to train you, I am just a player that helps other players with basics.
Cypherous (EUW)
: i think the main issue is that getting an S rank in ARAM is a piece of piss and would devalue something that is already borderline worthless, so i would say that idea was just permanently shelved > Couldn't Riot just add more attraction in the Howling Abyss for people to keep playing it or start playing it if it is not on their radar !? Its already the best place to farm chests
If you know that you might raise your rank during in ARAM, it will lead you to play better. My suggestion does not affect trying new build and item sets, it is just a little reward for doing your best. Besides, I smile when I get an S with a champion in ARAM (_with or without a chest_).
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Suggestion: Implement a ping tester
My internet ping on PC is 15, my ping in-game is 75-115 (playable) ... but sometimes the ping spikes during the game up to +1000,not during the load screen and not before starting the match, I don't know how your method of programming will detect me !
Her KhaI (EUW)
: Rankeds for ARAM
Once you PICK a champ either you will play with or ban, that makes the match only AM not ARAM ... AR = All Random and AM = All Mid. Your suggestion creates a whole new Howling Abyss map that is ranked but not the same old ARAM we all know now and like, besides, Riot explained before why they won't make ARAM ranked, it is a stress-free map without worrying about climbing the Ranked Chain beating people.
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reprot (EUW)
: Im with you on this one. It would help with a reliable source stating that age doesn't affect toxicity ingame. Because right now it just sounds like words from Hansiman's own cognitive dissonance. Matter of fact is, No one of us know wether a group of 25-30 yr old would equal or less toxic than teenagers ingame. Because it haven't been studied but common sence says that grown ups would be slightly less toxic. And for the record, the studies i've seen and which is common sence says that the older you are - the more likely are you to respond calmer to hostile situations. Such as being flamed, one of your teammates doing a mistake and what not.
Hi mate, I took myself as an example for toxicity in games actually, when I get insulted, threatened, raged-on ... etc. I simply tell him to calm down, reminds him that it is just a game and should enjoy it, if he/she keeps going on the same way, I mute them in game and block them after game, I even talked few guys few times in games to come back and we actually won the game after they went AFK, trolling or intentional feeding for a reason or another.
Hansiman (EUW)
: If you agree that age does not correlate with toxicity, something that's actually been studied, you shouldn't then propose a change to implement age restrictions since according to you now, age correlates to toxicity. You don't know the age of the average person you play with, and it does not really matter. If you restrict the age limit so you only play with 25 - 30 year olds, you'd still see roughly the same amount of toxicity since the amount of toxic players would be around the same in that age group.
Hi there again, Clarification $1 As shown in my previous reply, I mentioned that I agree with both of you, but as I assumed, when growing older, you are less toxic than being a kid $2. Can you please share these studies for everyone here to see what you are confidently talking about !? cause you seem there like you are fighting me for some reason, I mean, it is a discussion, and no matter what Riot decides if this post read or not, it will not come out of your money-pocket, so no worries. I understand being defensive of your own ideas and thoughts, but defensive doesn't aggression even if you are right. $1 "Sorry that the way of my commenting-replying is the same as writing an official-professional e-mail, but that is part of my real-life job". $2 "not generalizing that statement, there are some exceptional kids that are calm and good behaved".
Hansiman (EUW)
: Let me ask you, what would be your next suggestion after adding this and seeing that nothing changed? Age does not correlate to toxicity, so you'd encounter the exact same behavior. What next?
Greetings mate, I will be agreeing with the original post here, although, you are somehow correct, age does not correlate to toxicity, that is a valid point, but when you are for example me, aged 29 years old, and you are to play with people that are 25-30 years old (this is an example for limitation), I will for sure encounter less toxicity than playing with, for example again, 15-20 years old players, I know, that would mean that players are restricted to play with an age category, but hence the twist, having honor level 4 or maxed at level 5, will break down the limitation. Besides, you can make this only applicable to Ranked SR games only, or Ranked generally ! PS - having an age limit, means you have to enter your birthday, then Riot maybe will say (Happy Birthday) to the players with a Hextech Chest or some kind of a special chest for this occasion.
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