: Ranked game crashed
Maybe someone found a bug similar to the old [Tiamat crash bug](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yn7plgTCS-o) on the enemy team and tried to do it to avoid losing lp?
: If someone complains about "tank meta" again, I will....
Can we have a little look at Cho'gath? The champion that can get 6k health in a regular game with a fully tank build, pop his Gargoyle Stoneplate and literally one-shot any single person with his 3k true damage ult. That seems a bit busted. Along with some other champions such as Shen who can have ridiculous amounts of resistances and health, but still dish out so much damage, it seems like the tank-meta is non-negligible.
: DIA2 Mid LF Duo to get Diamond on Smurf
Wait, how are you a diamond 2 mid, but cant get diamond on your smurf?
Arnoter (EUW)
: So, I wanna climb Elo as Support.
dont play thresh, brand, nami, bard or rakaan
: In 6 months, no it will not matter, but now it does. Is annoying to feel like I have to warn people every time I start a ranked game to give them a fair chance to dodge. And then it is really annoying to die and not be able to farm enough to keep up with the rest, simply because they are better than me. Also it is annoying that I progress instead of getting down to my level. Need more reasons why it matters?
None of those things really matter. Telling people that they can dodge because you're bad? You'll just make them feel worse. Dieing and not being able to farm to keep up, how will knowing how long "mmr takes to settle" change that? You'll just need to improve mechanics and farming. It's annoying that you get better instead of getting worse? How does that make any sense at all? Yes I need more "reasons" why it matters because you haven't given any.
el barno (EUW)
: **1) Why my account has been banned for something I've never done, or even contemplated doing.** Because it's highly likely you're lying. **2) How many other people are falling victim to permanent bans that are completely baseless. If it's happened to me it's happened to other people.** Not that many probably, banning innocent people is bad for business. I trust that a riot employee would only ban someone for legitimate reasons. In your case there are no grey areas either. You either scripted or you didn't. Since riot concluded that you did. I'm going to believe them over you.
Well there are grey areas, some programs while said to be used at your own risk, do not give you an advantage and yet there is a chance of being banned. I think programs that "give" you skins are a bit shoddy and sometimes get passed off as scripts, maybe something like that happened?
: You don't get punished for picking out of meta champions PERIOD. Ever. You can pick Teemo support and you will not be punished for that eve if reported by the entire team. Yes, it's really helpful to all call lanes and communicate properly in champ select, but it's not enforceable. Well it is, but in order to enforce it, it would be turnt into Draft Mode All Fill.
Well you do get punished, a singed support who stole the enemy's jungle camps nearly got perma'd for basically not following the meta
CivolJ (EUW)
: Dog Walker Thresh and Life Guard Thresh
: What adc to increase skill and mechanics
Go to [leaguecoaching.gg ](https://www.leaguecoaching.gg/) and get yourself a free coach that will help you learn ADC, easier and most likely faster than asking for help here, good luck.
: How long does it take mmr to settle?
I mean, does it really matter? Just keep playing and wait until you get more losses and less wins and your LP goes down to about 20 per win.
Evile Theif (EUNE)
: I was s1 with mmr s1 last year and started rank at s3 this year at solo due but now I am s5. in 4 from each 5 maches my team was terrible.in 2 from that 4 we had trollers or afk's. Because of those loses my mmr now is s5.now that I am thinking, normal maches specialy draft mode have more playing style quality from players than ranks.
I think you just need to git gud™. Boosters exist so there's no reason to blame trollers and afk's. The mere fact that there are people who are paid to boost accounts through nearly almost all ranks proves that it's solely up to you to climb the ranked ladder. If your team is bad you don't have to lose, otherwise Boosters wouldn't be able to do what they do since everyone in Silver is bad.
: How do you deal with a heavy poke lane bot?
Sounds like he was executing the Trading Stance™ on you a few times. Have a watch of [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iko2tqmDpJQ) video, maybe you can spot what the Draven was doing? Basically, whenever you are trying to go for a cs, while you are attacking you cannot attack him back, so whenever there is a minion low on health, the Draven would stand by it and wait for you to attack it so that he could attack you. If this is done over and over again you can whittle down your opponent and force them out of lane or out of objectives such as dragon.
: Yeh I am really fed up of reading about my Mum getting prodded by people's genitals. I'd rather here it from now on.
Yeah, the ol' "haha noob I had fun time with your mom". I really hope that if Riot decides to add voice chat, that they include a mute system similar to the one we have now, I mean, if you look at some FPS games with voice chat they're often filled to the brim with toxicity and other "randomness", CoD being an example. I think Riot wouldn't be foolish enough not to include the ability to mute people's voice chats, but they have done some questionable stuff in the past before {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: "Int"
Is this some kind of joke? Int is short for Intentionally Feeding. As in running into the enemy and letting them kill you.
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: How long exacly did it take you to unlock it? I am in the same situation and I am going crazyyy
Not sure, i didn't receive an email for my chat restrictions so I can't check when I received them.
Rípley (EUW)
: Coordinating more the higher you go is honestly soso, considering the boosting barriers and the randomness of match making (or diversity in player skill), it's only true with coordination at certain divisions.
What do you mean by boosting barriers? Also, a large majority of boosters /mute all upon entering the game and don't really need any co-ordination otherwise boosting wouldn't exist.
kiramick (EUW)
: So I opened a ticket and Riot responded and completely ignored all the points given, and instantly accused me of: 1. Me being the one Scripting/botting (ignored the whole statement about me being away and not having used this account for 8 months) 2. Sharing the account with others (clearly stated I never did) Seems like the Riot worker simply copy pasted the general statement paragraph and copy pasted it to avoid even looking a the possibility of me being innocent and instead just states why scripting and sharing accounts leads to suspension (instant accusation) which I'm obviously aware of. Here is the link to the response: [http://imgur.com/a/bypKj](http://imgur.com/a/bypKj) The response also states that I'm responsible of what happens to my account and that it should be reported instantly if anything is suspicious and I understand that, but as someone who studies abroad Riot can't expect a user to log in on his account from another region everyday for 8 months just to check if theres anything suspicious activity or the chance of the account possibly being hacked. Honestly, it's pretty disappointing for a company like Riot to just instantly accuse victims of hackers of being cheaters and not even try to look into the problem and give the victim a chance of proving its innocence.
Usually, responding provokes the attention of "human typed" response, rather than a classic CTRL+V response, try asking on the same ticket again.
: about supports who leave their adc when they are having a bad game
Err, looking at your op.gg, you don't really play much ranked, only normals and ARAM. In that case, I don't think it's really much of a problem for your supports roaming. It's usually the best for the team and normals is where most people try out new champions, builds and importantly, tactics.
Haunted (EUW)
: Communicating vs flaming
I mean, looking at your op.gg, you're in silver 4 now. As you get higher up in ranked people will usually co-ordinate with eachother more as everyone is on the same page in what the best next move is. Until then you need to improve yourself. just /fullmute all and spam ping danger or an objective, you don't really need to communicate more than that. Maybe you could work on your skills to prevent the "katarina roam"? Constantly shoving the wave in and keeping brushes warded are a good way to keep the enemy in lane.
: i want to discuss the chat restriction i just got because i think it was unfair
I don't understand, why didn't you just not trade champions and pick your own champion main?
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: Concerning the dodge problem in Aram/ARUF
Nice idea, I'm sure if anyone from Riot actually listened to suggestions you might get some light shed onto this, maybe even something put into the game, shame the chances are slim. Maybe try reddit too? I'd say many people share your opinion and you'd get loads more publicity there. Good luck <3
: I'm not sure if this is the right discussion area.
I'm pretty sure that garen was waiting for some kind of pop-up to tell him that his botted game had finished so that he could start a new one, he'd probably been waiting for the notification so he turned off the scripts for a minute to check what's happening, then turned them back on.
: is flaming urself in game bannable?
Yeah, I'd definitely send a [ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) to riot support. Try talking about how you weren't directing the flame towards anyone and you were slightly drunk during the game so you didn't really mean anything if it offended someone. It would probably also help if you included the fact that you have a case of autism, just so that Riot support wouldn't interpret that as being offensive to autists, y'know. Good luck <3
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: Regarding [R], this might actually be very interesting if it stays this way, opening windows to some nice plays and adding another layer to his ult. I like this, and as long as Ornn isn't too strong overall I don't see a reason for it to be removed.
Yes but what if someone had 2 stacks of brittle then was to get stunned by a long cc, say a level 5 veigar E. In a teamfight you'd basically be out for the whole thing, you might as well be afk.
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: When have rotating game modes ever started on a wednesday?
They don't? 11/8/17 is a Friday not a Wednesday..


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