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: last was sweetheart sona during 2016 valentines day. sadly the way riot works is they only make skins for popular champions, and skins for unpopular champions like once every 3rd year (per champion)
sona op. sadly games dont go lategame anymore nowadays, so nami is the go to pick now
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: League's best ever Joke
agree on that one. My sona hasn't had any new skin for 2,5 years now QQ
Shamose (EUW)
: It's not really a nice thing to force someone out of their lane. Not everyone wants to swap.
It is also not a nice thing to go afk bcs of it
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: Banned
Changed your name into Hasakinever
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Masantha (EUW)
: Isn't it awesome?! I think the team did a brilliant job too {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
yeah the team did a really briljant job. I guess you put a lot of money into that project? Where did the money come from? Took it away from the balance team?
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: Doesn't mean it's fine tho
Then I hope Riot will lemme know with a reform card or something, since I've been doing it for a long time
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Can we aggre on that Riot Games is one of the worst gaming companies ever? my question is: then why is it still on the top? why do they make so much money with a free to play game? how come we dont see it dieing? why is it still growing? if they really that bad how come everything they touch in LoL brings ppl in? >game design and mechanics, as well as balance team does nothing that deserves respect. did you play the old game? season 3-4? if not there are a few videos from FrostPrime that worth watching: after you watched those tell me where do the balance team fails >Rune changes, no one liked it, yet its being forced on us. dont assume that if you dont like a thing the majority will agree with you... >Skins coming for same champions every year, other champs are literally forgotten. their only income from the game are skins, and with the amount of free skins they give away with hextech crafting they have to make something that brings in money, so there is no point making a skin on a champ that is picked in less than a percent of the games >Player community has 0 impact on anything or has no options to decide the things that we will have to experience in upcoming patches. 80% of the stuff they are doing were asked by the community... they wanted to remove itemsets with the new client, but ppl complained so much that they added it, there were no plans on a skin tab in client, but ppl asked it for so long they made one, ppl complained about the price of the runes so they made them free, they asked the community which skin should they make for illaoi, the recent aram changes were made because the community asked for it, and a lot of other stuff, so dont tell me the community have 0 impact on the game >Everything is creatod to make a "meta" and to be a potential "pro tool" in the future Pro Tournaments. the meta was created by the players in the early seasons, and since then riot is making changes to certain roles/champs to shift the meta so the game does not get boring, as for everything geared towards the pro scene its a good thing really, at least they are not shaping the game on the ideas of a bronze 5 yasuo who flames the team because his windwall does not block tower shots >They began to ignore the casual playerbase, and started forusing on pros only. Everything revolves around them from that pont now. the events (vs events, the murder bridge etc), hextech crafting, honor lvling, unlimited lvling is all helping/focused on casual players and not on pros >The game takes unexpected turns every patch, if you take a break for one week youll have to learn everything again when you come back. if you play daily you know the issues with certain changes, and the only way to fix those is to take an unexpected turn >We are being judged by Programs and Systems that doesnt know the meaning of true justice. All the power they give us, players, is the Report tool. We are expected to suffer for 20+ minutes and not say a word. We are expected to be friendly to people that know nothing but hate. you are being judged by programs because its literally impossible to monitor every game by humans, the whole human population wouldnt be enough to watch all the replays... the report tool is learning from the players, but since ppl report every little mistake it have a hard time catching real trolls, because it does not know what does trolling mean. and finally you dont have to be friendly to ppl who flame/troll, all you have to do is IGNORE them and report after the game. >We are expected to believe that anything works fine. you are expected to report any bugs/issues or help identifying them so it can be fixed faster, telling riot that stuff is not working and they should fix it faster wont help at all >Bugs and game breaking issues have never been so frequent and crucial in previous seasons. I dont think I have ever seen 4+ issue going on at the same time. Every patch/event brings at least 3 type of bug issue that ruins games. Rankeds disabled, missions dont progress, server issues, connection issues, end-game issues and many other problems. they are frequent because the game changes and they always add something new, the other problem is the playerbase, with this much players interacting with others a million ways in itself could cause a lot of problems, btw dont bring the connection problems here, i dont even remember when was the last time the server was offline for a longer period of time >This game needs a complete rebuilding. Burn down everything from season 5 or 4. No Runes Reforged, no "role nerfs" no "hyper hybrid" champions, no "game changing" renovations, no item removals, no element removals. Leave all the champions though, but restart the whole thing from like season 1-2. Go back to the REAL Rift. Make us REAL summoners again. Make this game a game again. The only way this would be possible is to forget this all. League of Legends 2. This is what we need. if you have problems with the game or the direction it is heading then why are you still here? this is what i cant understand, if you hate this game so much then why do you want to change it? there are tons of other similar games out there. if i dont like a game i just leave, because i cant be bothered clinging to something that doesnt grant me joy anymore
You have a point in every single reply. I agree the game is changing in a fast pace and it becomes less enjoyable from time to time, but there is no need to hate the game.
: Deranking is not.
I deranked like 10 times already on some accounts and still not banned ^^
: Everyone has bad games, remember NOT TO FLAME :))
I see that he is actually not inting at all. Probably very bad or deranking. both are fine imo
King Lego (EUNE)
: Um...shouldn't turrets get buffed?
Logged in to upvote. Turrets are like minions lategame. Matter of fact, a tank with only two tank items can tank up like 20 tower shots or whatever. Turrets should have more health and armor/magic resist lategame and do at least some % of health true damage, bcs towers should stay relevant as they are the core objectives of the game.
CurseOfLife (EUNE)
: Are you gonna do anything about yasuo doing 35% true damage with 100% uptime?
no riot wont do anything about it. u think they really care about individual opinions? They care about making this game unbalanced, which will make players toxic, getting them banned, letting them make new accounts and buy new skins which is more profitable for riot than tuning the game in the right way. voila
: "turnaround every teamfight lategame since playing " meanwhile the majority of the games are now decided in the first 5 minutes. 8 minute 3rd tower is not late game ok
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: Toxicity rising (without end in sight)
Yesterday started to play ranked again with my fingers crossed. And same story, one sided games with leavers. Last game I played i had enough and i just left the game and started playing on my other account. Im smurfing there in bronze and its way more fun. I actually see tons of players in bronze that are WAAAAYYY better than gold players. I enjoy every second crushing my enemies in bronze. I think I wont play on my actual gold account for some time. It downright frustrates me. A game is supposed to be fun to play anf competitive games are supposed to be balanced and fair, but league is faaaaar from that.
: So if their house is on fire, they should continue playing the game? If you play all of your games to the end, and you afk one game, just once you should get 14 day ban? Also internet isn't always in your hands, fok man I have the best internet available in the city, but sometimes even I dc. intentional afk's should be punished, I agree. But I wouldn't ban someone just because they afk one game in 2 months.
I understand that and heck I don't even want them to get a 14 day suspension. But afk'ing in ranked is even more frustrating than someone who flames in chat.
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: > Got ban because system thought I asked someone to kill himself False. System banned you for using a ban-triggerword. Even if it's not directed towards anyone it's illegal to write it out. So are racial and homophobic slurs. You also got reported for something, even if it wasn't for this. As far as I know, system doesn't punish people who weren't reported. It's like pulling a gun out on the street, without the intent of shooting anyone. You will most likely get in trouble. You have to learn what to say and what not. Take better care next time, it'll be a perma, even if out of a mistake.
I dont know why this got massively downvoted, because he has a point. Don't say these words, because we all can't interpret the real meaning (not towards a player or a joke, etc.) Just don't say these words, mute the player who is typing these things in chat
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Breakhz (EUNE)
: sona is not cute is sexy {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
OBS Okami (EUNE)
: It may be an olaf skin, dunno, looks like an axe to me.
or anything about the upcoming Akali rework. her kama also looks like the object, but the lion/wolf reference doesn't really fit her lore imo xd
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: League is not dying. My opinion
In my opinion, League is also not dying, but Riot is suiciding with the decisions they make, like balancing the game, leaving the client in a bugged state, etc.
: Riot, it is time to either really fix the client or go back to the old one
Guys to clear things up: i am NOT implying we SHOULD go back to the old client. it is a statement to finally make technical support understand this client needs some serious fixing. They aren't really fixing the client, as today I (again) encounter a lot of bugginess in the client. Can't choose roles and can't go into a lobby. Stop having your feelings hurt bcs I said something small about the old client. It is only a strong suggestion for Riot to finally stop looking at their bank accounts with dollar signs in their eyes and do some fixing already.
: Yeah, cause the old client had no bugs at all, right? Seriously, did u hit ur head on something and lose your memory or did u just have some upgraded version from the clunky, glitchy, trashy old client that i used to play on??? It's so infuriating when ppl just cant take off their goddamn nostalgia goggles. The old client was so full of spaghetti code you could have opened up an italian restaurant inside. Not to mention that it could never have supported the flashy new animations, custom item sets, runes, the collections tab, crafting, and the list just keeps going on.
it seems you have bumped your head as well bcs thats not my main point
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: petition to swap sona's W and Q with each other!!!
Bread and butter of a champ is mostly put into the Q ability
Wukongz (EUNE)
: I have to say, I love the ARAM reroll changes
Did you mention... sona in enemy team? Kappa
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Well, understandable, but at that point (or from that point on) the game might decompose and then maybe quit existing. They might transfer the champion development team to the balance team or make a new tribunal rofl
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fAl1bcag,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-03T12:13:14.016+0000) > > I have already said that they've already planned that. Planned what?
Maluxorath (EUNE)
: Because mother needed something from the store and I had to rush out to buy it. We have a store right next to the building but it still took me 6 minutes to go down, find what I need, wait in line and then go back up.
Oh, well that's okay. If you leave the game once in a while, you won't get a leaverbuster. If you do, then you get the queue.
: Permabanning Illaoi at This Point
1 simple counter to Illaoi: DONT STAY IN 1 PLACE WHEN SHE ULTS YOU
Maluxorath (EUNE)
: A rant about the Leaver Buster
Soooo, why exactly did you leave the game? Your feelings got hurt?
JkuanTR (EUW)
: Perma Ban for negative attitude
There's no use in reportcalling. Only 1 report is enough to trigger the IFS
: You're the worst kind of troll, the one who trolls just because you think others in your games troll, you feel violated and that's why you int. If people who troll like you would play normally there would be like 75% less trolls. Most of trolls (I mean real trolls not someone having a bad day) just troll cause they think it's okay when it happened to them. It's same with flaming, you just try to put out a fire with gasoline. How do you know that people who trolled (as you say) in your games weren't the ones who tried to prove your point like you? Everything has multiple sides, try to see it from another perspective before making decisions. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
> [{quoted}](name=MentolCZ,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fys73MYy,comment-id=001b,timestamp=2018-06-01T05:07:24.582+0000) > > You're the worst kind of troll, the one who trolls just because you think others in your games troll, you feel violated and that's why you int. If people who troll like you would play normally there would be like 75% less trolls. And I love every damn second of trolling ^^ Makes me very happy to see my team flame like autistic people :D
: I only report scripters. So welcome to the club :) Toxic people in my opinion are also very hard to identify since most of are probobly just have a bad games, but put their hate depression onto their keyboard. The only place where I report someone for toxicity is when talk nazi talk. No one wants to hear people say how much they hate "x" race or how much they want someone to die.
in fact, I even honor toxic people and people who ragequit and feed. It's like that kind of behaviour is 'normalizing' nowadays
: Yeah right. We already have people flaming left and right cause they are outstanding a@@holes and proud of it, and what you wanna do? Make player reportable for "not communicating" or whatever other BS so that those flamers will feel EVEN MORE RIGHT when they treat the team like s@@t for the whole game. "Report jungler. Never ganked me. No communication." "The support took one CS. Report it for not playing as a team" "Mid never came bot. Report cause he ignored the team" "Top did not pick teleport. Report because top must teleport bot to help the team" And so on. Great idea. Genius. Literally.
Thing is, the honorable players get demoralized to play the game in the right way bcs dishonorable player get away with it in the end, bcs they have '20 other accounts' or they don't care if they get banned. If we try to make a stand and ask for change, we get massively downvoted, others telling us it is 'not possible', asking us what should be done about it then, instead of simply agreeing and be like ''I feel you bro, I hope it will change. More voices means more ears
Nutzilla (EUNE)
: they are both off meta and therefore just as troll/bad as soraka mid. I don't fully understand what you want, so if I troll 50 games in normals with soraka mid/veigar support/lulu mid I can troll ranked with it?
veigar support is viable as well as Lulu mid is. It is allowed and not considered trollpick as long as you ->communicate and do your best<- I had tank karma top last game. Nothing wrong with it. She went alright. Even if she was gonna be stomped, I would be fine with it
Nutzilla (EUNE)
: this is where you are wrong, thess people are playing with you because you are trolling, if you were not they would be playing with someone who would be playing on the same level as you, but not trolling so this means that all get statisfied - trolls get to play and have fun and tryhards get to play and get what they get from it.
except for the fact there are a lot of people who can make the game incompetitive, and there are even trollers in diamond and above. If the game was as competitive as say soccer or basketball, then things would be different
Nutzilla (EUNE)
: your complaint makes no sence, if you troll around for 100 games you will just demote and play with weaker players/ trolls like you, while people that don't troll and have the same skill climb higher. how exactly does your actions ruin the competitive part of league of legends? all you do is ruin your own games, unless you find it fun and don't care to get better/climb, but in that case who cares?
> [{quoted}](name=Nutzilla,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fys73MYy,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-05-29T23:18:27.905+0000) > > how exactly does your actions ruin the competitive part of league of legends? ''competitive'' <- this is the one word that should make you understand why I made this post :) I made like 200 games completely uncompetitive for let's say (200 x 9 other players) 1800 players. I even couldve continued until maybe 2030. Who cares? Well obviously those 1800 players who flamed autisticly hard ^^
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