: Maybe they flame you because you suck at gangplank? I checked your op.gg and it seems that you reached your peak mmr, you won and got many good scores then declined because you are just not good enough for the elo in which you are in. Also why the fk do u give a shit about mastery points? It means nothing, I got my mastery 7, Camille, while levelling up and in Iron elo, now that I am in Gold that mastery means jack shit because It was not earned in Gold, they need to add a system that gives you a mastery for each elo, so like a "SIlver Camille level 7 Master" and it's decorated in Silver colours or gold or whatever division you got it in. People that worry about master points will never actually climb because they are the same people that use op.gg before a match has started to determine the outcome of the match in the loading screen, and then don't try their best because they can see that their team's MMR is lower than the enemy.
I feel like the point of my post went right over your head. I dont care about winning or losing the games, my primary goal when playing is to enjoy myself. I play Gangplank because I enjoy his kit, not because I want to be the best GP EUW or because I think he is op broken must play. I play Gangplank because he is fun. I dont care about the elo, I care about people ruining my experience playing. People see that I have a million points on GP and the minute I so much as have less cs than someone on my team or the person Im laning against, its ruining my experience, and more than likely is the reason I start making worse plays. My mastery points gets me camped constantly, and flamed constantly.
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