Bataaa99 (EUW)
: Server is down currently
ohhh okey{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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Cnsleague (EUW)
: What time season ends?
u can see it here! [](
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: Same here, yesterday i tried to log in to my account and its banned for scripting.. I have never used 3rd party tools playing league and for last month I am playing just ARAMS and Nexus Blitz (1,2 games per day) so there is no point at all for me to use any programs that i get advantage from. Contacted support, they said I wont get unbanned.. So i can say that they dont care about this at all, watching my last games just proves that i am not using scripts as they say.. its just terrible.. Ban for no reason at all..
But the thing u see is i spent so much money and hard work on this acc since 2012 and now its banned for no reason.
: Are you the only person who uses your system? Maybe someone else used hacks?
Nope im the only one who uses my computer.
: Contact Riot Support to see if they can help you out figure what the reasoning is behind the ban, or to solve it if it was a false positive.
already did it and im waiting for response and i check the boards and there are people who have it to, baning without reason they tried to log on and they cant!
OBS Okami (EUNE)
: Did you use any skin mods?
nope, i dont need that and i have money and i bought the skins for the champs i main!! and where is the fun using some skin mod without having his or her skin.
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Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Try different browser, as this could be a problem.
it worked thanku so much dude!!!
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Try different browser, as this could be a problem.
okey i will try! lets see if it works
Smerk (EUW)
: > it only apears this "check my eligibility" Click it, if you're eligible then sign up form will appear and you will be able to create PBE account
i click it but it just reload my page and doesnt do nothing, i was honor 5 but now im 4 with 2 checkpoints and i didnt get any ban!
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: Settings>Interface>"Legacy cursor". Try in a custom game to see how it works in all scenarios.
thanku so much it realy helped me a lot
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