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: Perma ban chat instead of account (Idea)
The problem is that an infinite chat ban is not nearly as harsh a punishment as a permaban, so people wouldn't be afraid of flaming. There is zero risk of getting banned, so why wouldn't you call this 0/5 Gragas a peepee head?
: It's always the defence we see "they started it". I never understand why people try to engage, personally. If that person is already THAT upset with you, their mind is made up. Engaging and resorting to their behaviour just... well it's not going to improve the situation, so why? Humans are strange creatures.
I think it's about power. Yeah muting resolves the problem, but for me it just feels bad letting someone step all over me and do nothing in retaliation. It's like a school suspending the bullied kid because he fought back. I know that rules have to apply to everyone equally, but humans are just like that.
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: This is why many players get punished "for no reason"
Personally I partially agree with this post. A few weeks ago I was banned on my main account for 2 weeks. I don't have any problems with that, I did deserve it. What I do have a problem with is what I ended up getting banned for, and that other people didn't. It was after a long bad streak of ranked games. I've been openly inted a few times (I don't mean having a bad game/feeding. I mean intentionally dying to my lane opponents to make me lose). I reported the guilty person every time, but got no feedback, meaning none of them got punished. I must've reported like 5-8 people like that and all of them got away with it because going 1/7 and intentionally failing ganks for example won't get you banned. To be actually banned for inting you'd have to go 0/15 and run it down over and over until the game ends. Nobody is that obvious. So when it happened for the n-th time, I snapped. I lost dozens of LP because people know you can soft int without any consequences, and when it happened again I started flaming. But that wasn't new. I've been flaming for days or even weeks at that point, and it's never been a problem because I'd call people "the human equivalent of an untangled shoelace" or "worth less than the air they breathe" instead of swearing so the system wouldn't pick that up. I said a blacklisted phrase - since boards censors it, let's say it was an acronym of Keep Yourself Safe. I got banned for 2 weeks within 10 minutes of that game ending, and that infuriated me. I've been flaming scot-free for a long time, I've been getting inted for a long time, and neither me nor anyone else got punished whatsoever, but saying a blacklisted word is an instant ban. As I said previously I'm not making an argument that I **shouldn't** have been banned, because I most definitely deserved it, but Riot's system is so flawed that you can literally flame and int all you want so long as you avoid certain obvious giveaways, such as an excessive use of swear words, slurs, or dying multiple times under enemy towers with no allies nearby. I wish someone would respond to this and tell me I'm wrong, because I really wish I was.
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: How many of you have started smoking because of League of Legends?
I think that if you start smoking because of League, something else would've broken the camel's back sooner or later. Thinking of games as a coin flip and worrying about whether you win or lose is a fundamental mistake if you want to keep good mental. Nothing should concern you except improving. IWD got to Masters from unranked in a week, and he complained most of the way there. Bottom line is, if you're better than the division you're in - you will climb. If you're not - practice until you are. If you need good influence I personally recommend watching Riste on twitch. He's a master tier Garen OTP. While his champion might not interest you, the man is completely impervious to any and all toxicity, and always thinks and says out loud what steps he should take to win. Believe me when I say you'll carry over some of his attitude.

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