: > [{quoted}](name=DeoFac,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EbEV8tRG,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-16T04:52:31.549+0000) > > And i guess there are alot of people saying......"dude, but nightblue...bla bla" > yeah.....a full dmg rengar deals dmg.....just like a full ad leesin or a full dmg any other tank/bruiser > but compared to them, his base dmg is a joke and his scaling isnt that good either... > Well.. you missed the point. Without a pink, there was NO way to dodge any part of his damage. He was killing you the moment he jumped you. There was no counterplay. Not even {{item:3157}} and pray for help. The "!" should give you the chance to ready yourself for whats comming after you or your ally. But it was just a warning for sure instadeath. He still does huge damage. He still deletes squshies or solo targets. But you can atleast react now.
oh sorry i forgot....they increased the detection range of his ulti by ~300 range...
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: What is Darius's weakness
he has almost no weaknes.... people are telling you "outrange" him..... yeah.....thats only possible with skills like that have 700+ range..... because if you start hitting him with a 650 range skills....he will catch up the 100 while you are in your animation. (autohit or cast) and if he catches you, you are pretty much dead.... because 200 free ad and an insane bleed effext....and an ulti which deals ~1k true dmg with fully stacked passic and almost not dmg items.....well.... even cho had to go ap to deal 1k true dmg with his feast... and in lategame he always run faster than you do. bla bla, much talk. darius is one of the champion which are not balanced at all.
: You know nothing about the game don't you ?
no i dont know anything....i dont have 4 accounts, and iam not dia with 2 of them...
: So let me see if I understand this. You main Rengar. And you complain about broken and toxic. And you think tanks should also be one-shotted from your burst, apparently. K.
rengar is no longer an assassin.....he deals the same dmg as a ful ad wukong and even less than a full ad leesin.... they killed him.
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Djhrum (EUW)
: why would you handle "sensitive" as if it was something bad? Some people are more sensitive than others. You not being sensitive doesn´t make you a better person. Just a differend type of person. If you think sensitive people have no right to play this game or exist, there might be something weird going on in your thinking. So maybe all the sensitive people should uninstall LoL, and let you be less sensitive all alone.
wow..... i guess people like you have bigger issues than being flamed in a game...
GLurch (EUW)
: When you mute someone,the damage is already done,you can only prevent further damage. Also,you can prevent this damage forever with punishing this person or trying to get him reformed(I rarely see toxic,really toxic people reform). Would you either choose: A few bombs that will explode and only do a minimum of the damage or a few bombs,but only one of them will explode (and also there is a chance of 50% it only does a minimum of the damage) ?
and whats this "damage" you are talking about ? are you that sensitive that a swearword from a stranger is going to damage your mental stability ? but ok....if we continue your dream of banning every "flamer" for flaming......they will creat a new account. and they will be pissed as hell because they lost all their skins, runes and champions..... do you think that he will say....ok this time iam peacefull......or do you think that he will be even easier trigger?
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: Because people get constnatly banned for minior stuffa nd are forced to level up to 30 and after the frustration they get from finally get to 30, wasting IP on runes and champs they are just irritated and careless and when they lose few in ranked they go full troll mode... So... quit perma banning people over some words and your community will get less anoying and they'll be more spenting... I mean true the skins are just like 1-2% of the income, but seriously... who would buy skins if s/he knows s/he's need a new account in a month? maybe that's why they giving away free skins with the hextblabla system
yeah it should be like in dota 2..... if you flame and you got reported, you will get the chat restriction. BUT NO PERMA-BAN !
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MikeGR1 (EUNE)
: Nerf yasouo
i still dont get it why people are considering him being balanced..... his triple passiv alone is reason enough to remove atleast one.... and the "downside" of his passiv is what...10% less dmg with crits xD ?......no offense but this a joke... he is way to mobile, deals way to much dmg, and has way to much cc.....and ofc he is way to tanky with the 2x 540hp shield.... the only reason people dont consider him being gamebreaking is that there are even more overpowered champions atm.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Saturdays + DynamicQ = Toxic terror game of doom
because the casual trash is free...... because the boosted scums are always in rankeds because dynamic queue promotes boosting because riot wants rather a big player base of trash then a littler smaller but with actuall humans.
: How far can a casual player go up in ranked ladder?
easiest way.....go to an eloboost homepage, and do dynamic boost-...... oh sorry i mean dynamic queue....
: RIOT Fckin ban these bots for real !?!? wtf
: People who think the game is alright and that DQ is the best thing that happened to League have to be low-elo. That is the only place where you are happy to finally be able to get boosted through 5-man queue and think you actually got better at the game or that x champion is weak or not because people at that elo can't play them or they stomp with them because people can't play against x champion. I also agree with the fact that Riot has been sacrificing the old player base for the new one for a while now, that's probably why ranked has become so casual-friendly and is not even close to showing your actual skill. No wonder Riot thinks the community approves DQ, 70 % of it is bronze-low gold and actually thinks DQ is great since they think they can improve through it which is a complete lie, you just climb faster because of how easy it is to abuse it, ofc that % of players enjoys it:^)
thank you.......god damn ...... there are still people with brain in this board !
Infernape (EUW)
: Lol Illaoi is OP? Oh my sides. All you have to do against Illaoi is not get hit. It's not hard. Swain and Vlad are strong and you can reduce their healing if you bought items with Grievous Wounds. Swain is getting hit with the nerf hammer next patch. Brand only does that much damage if he hits you with his abilities three times. All of his skills apart from his ultimate and his E are skillshots. Avoid them. Zyra is annoying to play against but can be dealt with. Play around her cooldowns. Last I checked Rengar is still capable of oneshotting squishy targets. That's literally his job.
no he is simply can NOT oneshot squishy target..... have you even realized that they nerfed and kill his killcombo ? i guess not. and illaoi has 145 base ad.....thats doesnt even sound somehow balanced... oh and ofc her ability all scale with TOTAL ad...not bonus ad. which means that she can take full advantage of her broken base ad. besides that her ulti hase no dmg reduction if multiple tentacles hit you....which means, she can one shot you super easy.
: I am quite enjoying this season to be honest. I'm happy boots are no longer a first buy requirement to not be flamed.
HAHAHA low gold elo...... why are you even allowed to talk ?
Tarolock (EUW)
: it sounds like a player who is bad at the game. heres a tip for you: less QQ/rage more improving skills :D
you are fuckin bronze....there is almost nothing less skilled than you ! so pelase stop talking
: Says the guy whining about rengar.... Rengar isnt free elo at least anymore ... Like rly killing adc in 0.1 sec without counterplay while the adc is cced? Sounds legit kappa Rengar is still viable and playable if you can actually adapt ... Some things like vlad and swain are rly strong atm but they will get nerfed in the next patches, zyra is annoying af y but not DUHHH BROKEN like for example pre nerf rengar or release xin... YOU DONT GET BALANCE, you whine about item changes etc when that balances things out but in a way the hame changes all the time so it wont get boring
there is so much wrong in your comment its just insane... "old" rengar could oneshot IF he was fed....just like every other assassin. AND IF rengar wants to oneshot you, he has to emporer his Q and not his E.....which means NO CC !!! so please shut the fuck up if you have no idea
: I personally don't see a problem with this season. Sure there's been some issues, but they've been sorted. I agree with Swain only. He is way too strong.
you just have no idea about balancing ..... thats it.
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: That's not what the stats are saying.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: DynamicQ gets more hate than it deserves, often enough the problem people complain about are new champion select related or simple toxicity. Right now things have calmed down and we get prety similar amounts of hate to previous soloQ.
Bullshit....people still hate this fuckin elo-boosting-favored system.
Larry (EUNE)
: I'm Quitting these boards
because this is the main concern people have.... COMPETITION IN THIS GAME !!!! and guess what. !! if youreove the competition.....people will be pissed....
: Why We Need to Stop Flaming Riot
since season5 end.....every patch has made the game worse.... not better.
: I just started abusing one of the "balanced" champs
Riot is not balancing the game. they are killing it. turning it from a normal-paced moba into a fuckin hybrid fast-paxed pile of shit.
DeoFac (EUW)
: Why i left League of Legends.
Just anwser this question for yourself. did lol become a better game since season 6 start or did it become worse? and dont try to argue like "some things are better, some are worse".... just better or worse. from my points of view, this game is getting worse and worse.
: Just a reminder to all.
you dont win game by losing your lane either.... ...and if you suck at this game, they have to tell you that. but if you are winning your lane, and someone blames you. feel free to pay a murderer to kill them in reallife. thats the punished they have to get.
: 1st off the masteries being op doesnt really makes sence. since everyone have them doesn't that make everyone op? They tweaked the masteries so that your choice really makes a difference, but hey we all got different tastes. you might have a point with the game turning fast paced but times change, the audience change and the game adapts. As for the community being toxic i also do agree with that, but still there is a mute button for a reason. For me i just ignore them without replying, if they continued with their spamming or went troll i simply report them and move on. Tbh Ranked isn't what i play league for so i don't care about it. Ive been lvl30 for years and still haven't played all my ranked games so i can't care less about it. I want to mention DynamicQ lastly because i want to point sth out. No one could deny that Riot is caring less and less about solo players ever since Season 6 ( and yes them lying to us about soloQ returning was a really frustrating) but what can a player do. I still enjoy the game when i do good and the feeling of winning despite the enemy team having a premade who have been talking shit the entire game is a great feeling indeed. Yes league haeve changed alot ( and i mean alot) since season1 and early players say that league lost it's touch and that's completely understandable. Best of luck to you in your new game and hf :)
"1st off the masteries being op doesnt really makes sence. since everyone have them doesn't that make everyone op? " no its not balanced.... its not about champion, its about gamebalance..... for example: would an item that kills 1 target instantly be balanced ? even if everyone can buy it ?.....i guess not. yes its an extreme....but you should get the point.
: > back then, there were only bronze, silver, gold and plat.......no divisions. and if you win a game you will be rewarded with ~25lp, if you lose, u will lose ~25lp. your mmr was almost identical to your lp. LP never existed outside of the division system.
it was called elo.... is that everything you have to add ? keep your shit under your superior attitude under your hat. thanks.
Solicitude (EUNE)
: You might not agree with RIOT's decisions, as everyone you are free to agree or disagree and express your opinion. But you can bet that the biggest part of the community agrees with them. You see, LoL might be a free to play game, but its their product and they make money out of them. And in order to make more money (this is how companies work) they have to please as much people as they can. They have a lot of people working on what works well, what is bad, what the community likes and what the community doesnt like. And they do that in order to make their product more appealing. To them it doesnt matter what one player likes, but what the majority of the community likes. But i think that instead of just complaining it would be better if you made some suggestions. If the community likes your ideas then riot will consider them.
Riotgames doesnt belong to "Riotgames"(origin) anymore.... they sold their company to tencent (a chinese inet-company) on dezember 2015.
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Fawkz (EUW)
: > Screwing up rankedgames Am I the only one that actually likes Dynamic Queue? It gives you your two favorite roles, and allows you to play with as many mates as you want in Ranked. But no, for some reason everybody can't stop talking about how bad it is or whatever. Yes, it might not be the fairest way to show off your skill because you can invite as many mates as you want, but at least you aren't forced to play support or jungle or whatever role you suck as just because you are "last pick". > -New masterys.....they are broken as hell How, just how are they a bad thing? They were broken as hell with the old Thunderlords, but since they changed that they are actually really balanced. If one is OP, then why not just pick that one as well? > Making the game faster by killing the towers (towers are made of paper now) Riot actually realised this and towers were buffed a patch ago. But why is it a bad thing that games take less time? > mage rework...."swain xD" I kinda have to agree here, because Malzahar, Swain and Vladimir are/were broken as hell, but Riot will probably nerf all of them. Swain was nerfed last patch and Malzahar the patch before that. Anyways, I get that you are not happy with Riot's decisions, but some people are. They can't keep everyone happy, can they? I'll be looking for your comment here to defend yourself (which you probably will do). {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
-ranked game.... no you are not the only one, they are allot of boosted scums out there with no sense of competition for ranked game. -mastery it is abad thing because they just have every champion soooooo much more dmg that almost everyone can become an assassin. -tower nerf they nerfed the towers to death in s6. and even they buffed it.....they are still hald dead.
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Dlnzu (EUNE)
: Dynamic Queue is destroying the game we all love. I suggest we all stop buying RP.
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: This is Riot
riot is not making the decissions.....its tencent.... Riotgames doesnt belong to Riotgames anymore dude...... they sold to tencent at dec 2015. (when all this shit started)
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Dlnzu (EUNE)
: This community sucks because people cant shut the fuk up and because people cannot use MUTE BUTTON!
no this community sucks because people are falling for the blame and flame back....and riot will always punish the flaming guy. not the blaming one.
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