Derezz3d (EUW)
: [Resolved] Pulsefire Ezreal icon not working after todays update
Had to restart computer for it to be fixed. Strange bug. Only client icon that didn't load. Thanks for the quick reply though, Eambo <3
Smerk (EUW)
: What do you mean not working? At least there on boards it is clearly visible
> [{quoted}](name=Smerk,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=E4sEBRdx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-15T14:06:41.679+0000) > > What do you mean not working? What can I possibly mean by that?
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: Game is almost 6 years old...
Old%%% here remembering the logout button.
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: new Loading-Screen?
Waste of development resources
: Raging
Life isnt fair Sorry
: Low Priority
Do you disconnect every game and is AFK every game? There you go. Fix your stuff before you play.
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: Gut this retarded Ekko shit.
Dodge his Q and W lol not that hard
Nankyoku (EUNE)
: So you try to combat toxicity you say?
League of Legends is a game that works in the troll's favor 1. feed on purpose 2. make your team super mad 3. your team flames you 4. your team gets chat banned / warning / banned 5. you laugh and queue a new game 6. PROFIT
: Ekko potentional improvements
His numbers will definitely go down I also expect Riot to make his W stun duration scale with level, like 1 sec stun level 1 and 2 sec level 5, as this is pretty common.
Derezz3d (EUW)
: DDOS drop klicked whatever, lovin this
Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?
Derezz3d (EUW)
: DDOS drop klicked whatever, lovin this
Thats funny because my internet connection didnt die, only LoL now what?
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: Add "LOGOUT" BUtton
Believe it or not, there used to exist one
mmo (EUW)
: Katarina makes me want to kill myself
Focus all your cc on her, everyone says What about the other 4 enemies?
Good Be3r (EUW)
: [Bug?] Karthus Q and Cassiopea Q are NOT intuitive at all
smart cast by design because faster is better
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evanslol21 (EUNE)
: Please RIOT PLSSS <3
You do realize this will make loading screens even longer? Why would you want that?
EXophyt3 (EUW)
: Am I able to play LoL Like this?
Internet is talking to you?
gayboi (EUW)
: New loading game screen !?!?!?!
Looks nice, but in reality it will make loading screens even longer, so no please.


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