: Well you are right. Having to close the client is annoying, then again you need to wait 5 min+ anyway so it doesn't really matter. xD
Hahah you don't have a mac then :P for real I have no clue why, but when you start the client my mac just go to hell for 3/4 min and then start to respond again (I know a mac isn't a game pc but :P)
: Dodging saves time and prevents your MMR from decreasing, but it's always a gamble, because you can never predict the outcome of a match 100%. If you dodge a winnable match you lose LP so the penalty is kinda needed to stop players from dodging excessively because of insignificant reasons, like "my top laner picked champion X, and for some reason i hate that champion so i will dodge" (there are people like that).
I'm not against the penalty as a way to prevent the system to be abused, I just think this should be an option available on the client. It seems most people are missing the point with the addition of the other suggestions on that, but the main thing here is to actually add a feature to enable dodge as part of the system, I will add that to the original post since it seems it seems people are focusing on the "free dodge" part instead of the dodge system as a way to have feedback on why we opted to dodge the match.
Larry (EUNE)
: Rito said that if they did such a thing it would corrupt the mmr ladder
That's a great point but I can't actually see how that's different from what we have today, the action is there already just not as explicit option as it would be with a button. Can you point to that post (I've searched but couldn't find), totally understand if that's an old thread you just remember but can't easy find.
Larry (EUNE)
: Learning when to dodge will reward you.Better off with -3 lp but no mmr loss, than -19. Every time i lose a game i'm like "oh gosh, i have to win 2 in a row now in order to advance". It is very demotivating xD
Yeah, I understand that part of dodging , I just think this should be incorporated to the client since it's already part of the game and not something that is an obscure mechanic used just by 1% of the players. Not all my points are perfect but I believe that at least adding a button to do so is needed.
Owyn (EUNE)
: he kept silent, people could ask him "her, are you, by any chance, going to troll?" - and people usually don't hide that fact
In the post I actually stated that he assumed he was going to troll before the game started but yeah maybe I should be more vocal when seeing something like that, but on my experience whenever you question someone on champ select you are triggering or offending the player and that sometimes make them troll.
Tarolock (EUW)
: i say no, we dont need free dodges why? first of all most of the time you dont know if a player will troll or just have an off meta pick, in that case dodging wouldnt help then there is a queue issue, 9 players sit through the queue and got into champ selection, but since you are dodging they have to do it again, now imagine everyone have 3 free dodge, so its possible that there is always at least one player who dodges so you just cant start a game and finally there will be always some players who are trolling no matter what, and you cant change that, if you dodge you cant even report them so free dodging is a lose lose situation
I agree with you on the point that we dont need free dodges,thats maybe going to far on that point. But as I stated those are some options I see as a valid option. Dodging is already part of the game in some sense, I think the best case scenario considering your point of view would be just the dodge button implementation, I've never dodged a game on purpose so far but I think thats more related to the need to close the game and open again then anything else (I play on Mac, so the game takes 2 to 5 minutes just to open)
Owyn (EUNE)
: > Give players the chance to dodge 3 or less games without punishment (something similar to what we have for refunds) and an indicator like "Rerolls 80\200 ARAM" for that, so you can dodge like every 10th game
I like the idea, I would probably add the condition to only ranked games count and also not make it available for normals or simply have a complete different dodge counter for each mode, just to avoid the system to be abused.
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I Am Matt (EUW)
: Mac client not working
And it happened again, thanks Rito for the 30 min ban :D [ss](http://i.imgur.com/em86ANR.png)
I Am Matt (EUW)
: Mac client not working
Happened to me today 3 times already. 1 on EUW servers (ranked) and 2 on NA servers (normal), I was thinking that was related to server route or something similar, but since it happened on both server and you are here posting this, I imagine that's something related to the MAC client.

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