: Maybe even hail of blades... procs until you’ve done 3 attacks but if you don’t do attacks then you get to break the attack speed cap and high attack speed... and no delay like lethal tempo which will work better for garen
Only thing is that you cant break the AS cap with it...
: 1,000 days+ no skins
Heres a thing rito doesnt understand: Whilst ahri skins do sell, champs who dont get skins will immediately sell the new skin very well due to mains starving for new skins.
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Kashiro (EUNE)
: If not for the post about deletion i wouldn't know it's still there. Burn it with fire and redirect any resources it had to proper game.
It had no resources, and now they act as if they did spend them. Last time they looked at it was in patch 5.11 and now they wonder why nobody plays it.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: Riot isn't even aware that Twisted Treeline exists. > in my mind this make 0 sense cuz she would be good in 3vs3 I thought so too, but when I tried her she seemed utterly underwhelming and I don't think adding the root would help. 3v3 meta doesn't favour assassins.
They were aware but purposefully didnt add water for qiyana on there so TT could be deleted easily
Well with rito deleting TT they might just spend that 0 effort they spent there on TFT. Enjoy your gamemode I guess?
EIJeffe (EUW)
This VILEMAWS OUT FOR IT trend gave me an idea abour what the gift to the active players should be: A vilemaw thumbs up emote, if not a vilemaw elise skin.
: Riot ruined it by trying to turn it into Dominion, Dominion sucks, nobody wants to play it. Remove the damn alters and make a full, proper jungle with buffs. Make the Map's boss worth killing, and fix the lanes, make them longer and place the brushes properly.
First of all: Vilemaw buff is a baron buff but the minions fear enemy minions as well. Its a stronger buff. Second of all: The altars are a core part of TT. They dont need to change it, they need to leave it as it is.
EIJeffe (EUW)
: {{item:3104}} {{item:3170}} {{item:3090}}
If ahead take me, no dmg for ap champs and the love child of zhonyas and rabadons
: Limited Time Mode E.g. ARURF, nexus blitz, blood moon.
The thing is this: If they use all attention they gave TT on LTMS now, LTMS will cease to exist.
: Well they said they removed it to focus on more LTMS and other stuff. The difference in TT players before and after TFTs launch wouldn't of been a massive impact anyway because of how small the TT community was. I'm gonna miss TT when it goes, but if it means more LTMS, then it's a good trade.
Mind me asking what LTMS is?
Mártir (EUW)
: I want to cry, jesus... God, dont remove the mode... many of us play it on a daily basis... All of this because of TFT. They'd rather give Ezreal and Lux 20 more skins also, they like working on that.
The only mode that remembers us how old league was with it’s map design and minion models...
: It's not retired yet. If you take some time to scroll through the link i posted, you will see that it's being retired at the end of the season. TFT is pretty good btw.
TFT? Sure lets make it permanent. I dont mind it being there. But why remove TT for it (they didnt directly state so but we all know it they did it due to TFT). People see TT the same way as I see TFT. They dont mind it being there and some occassionally play it.
Paronak (EUW)
: Removing Twisted Treeline will only hurt League.
They’re a multibillion company. It wouldnt hurt them to keep it. Those few dollars wouldnt chane anything. Even if they wouldnt change anything we’d just have a gamemode thats fun. They dont need to delete it for no reason. Nobody complained about it.
: > [{quoted}](name=DerpingDestroyer,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=NPezNcee,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-31T18:16:13.885+0000) > > Riot has a new habit of deleting that what they could keep without bad consequences if they would’ve kept it. Exhibit A: The subject if this post. Exhibit B: Deleting TT what? 3v3 is being deleted too? xdddd
Yep. They said in their post they made attempts to increase popularity. But did they really if they didnt do so?
: Tried a game with new cursor. Im not playing any more until i get the old one back.
Riot has a new habit of deleting that what they could keep without bad consequences if they would’ve kept it. Exhibit A: The subject if this post. Exhibit B: Deleting TT
: Make the announcer toxic is your solution? I like it.
A toggleable toxic and super positive announcer feature. The toxic one is sarcastic af and perfectly describes how you feel. Ace > Now go baron! Oh wait the scuttle is up nevermind. Quadra > Now hope someone won’t steal the penta. Oh wait.
Seroza (EUW)
: Riot and the popular champions
You forgot kaisa, just a quick champ to look at.
: Fuse Project and Program skins into one category
They are from the same universe but look distinct and have different lores. PROGAMs are helper bots for the society that got corrupted by Lissandra, where PROJECTS are augmented humans either against or with the PROJECT corporation. TL:DR they are the same universe but not similar enough and with vastly different roles.
: >those reports are not doing anything can i remember you the nubrac situation? or others as well for instance i remember in one of my games a garen jungle that went farming all lanes instead of clearing camps. he could very well hide behind the offmeta excuse, but truth is he was clearly griefing and he was punished for it
If it affects other lanes negatively directly (not just dying a lot in your own lane) like taking farm, inting (walking under turret and stuff not just playing bad) it should be bannable. But On hit bard top could be just some fun and you should give them a chance. Yasuo adc was born by these people and it was meta.
Shunpοrn (EUNE)
: Katarina Ultimate/Legendary skin idea
Good idea for a hooded kata, and it would be an 1820 rp skin at most from what I gather. It could also be cheaper but that depends on how riot treats the skin. The only problem is that at the moment every skin needs to be in a skinline of kinds and I can’t name a skinline for this except maybe the medieval DND one.
: sure i mean, people that cant waste Money want certain skins, not random 1's...
If you want a skin, you have to pay. Riot only earns money because of them and you want to take that away. Skins aren’t necessary, so be glad with the options we have now. There are infinitely more ways to get them for free and cheap than when I started and yet you think we should be able to use “random skins” for “any skin you want”
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Fhaca (EUW)
: I cant believe there are people being paid to balance this game.
Irelia and Lee Sin? Haven’t seen those in forever. AP items have always been like that, mages have high burst and thats how its always been. DPS mages like Azir also exist but they have lower scalings. I think you’re just a bit salty about people trying to give every champion a time to shine as to keep the game alive. The system is far from perfect, but can you make a system fit for low and high elo as well as esports? Suggestions please
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HH Robin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
DerpingDestroyer, EUW, Eclipse Leona (Both versions)
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Zvonimir14 (EUNE)
: LeaverBuster
Well, next time i will get 20 mins. I would like to see that if would be 15 mins it would become 12 hours, them 24 and then 2 days. I think it would be great.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Lvl 13 to me..
: Forum level bug (follow-up)
i am lvl 12 in game, but on forums im lvl 8...


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