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: The video editing is ok, nothing spectacular but I'm fine with it. However, the content itself was lackluster. The "plays" are just ordanary - mostly autohitting the enemy while they overchase. Nothing you wouldn't see in a regular game. And then ending was a bit harsh, instant. No endscreen card. The music was about to go ham and suddenly the video stopped. Tell your friend to keep going and improve on editing. For the most part, he definetely needs more interesting plays. I'm not watching a montage, with things I see a Thresh main do regulary in my gold games.
Thanks for the feedback, was appreciated greatly (i will tell them) , however the game itself was a defeat and therefore engaging is pretty much suicide. but hope the next one is better. :)
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CeBy (EUW)
: Plat 5 Mid main looking for DuoQ to get to Diamond
Hello, i win all placements as i am a god at league of legends, i will hard carry you and solo carry every1 in that game, i am a former lcs player, i will play anywhere but support as i need to carry ty
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: Leblanc Gets 2 shot from gangplank and caitlyn
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DH714 (EUW)
: LF or making Ranked team Silver
i main adc, would love to have a go. im also bronze but dont worry coz im a god at league of legends {{champion:29}} xox
: ✪ GLB Blue LF: D3+ Jungler ✪
Hello, i do beilve that i can apply for this chance ty
PHL Wings (EUW)
: Avolon eSports Prime : High Plat - Master Tier Team (Looking For Players)
HI i would like to apply for this g8 chance pls xoxoxx
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lil vane (EUW)
: Serious Team LF High Plat/Diamond ADC
Hi i am would like to try out, just add me or what evz gg wp gl hf xoxoox


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