McM4ster (EUW)
: Rito
1 in 790 ( champions, skins, wards and summ icons) but the number is bigger because you cant see all of the skins.. legacy limited and such... but remember you can still get 2 same skins for example in a row... wish you luck m8
: your gradings dont work
you need dmg, minions, wards! WARDS! xd clear wards as much as you can, take turrets, and i mean lasthit the turrets (same on inhibitors) objectives so drake, scuttle, nash.. all that counts when you play jng.. and i think where you are in the game, so movement (if you are 40 mins on bot side of the map well dont do it, be everywhere) its wierd the grade system i mean.. gl for future xd :D
Mr duck2 (EUNE)
: My main just got hacked(sorry for my eng)
Go and spam support, give them that link if you can, all the info what happend and hope they can help you.. here you wont accomplish much, since we are same as you players xd mabye some1 from riot will see this, but he/she will say the same talk to support and tell everything.. GL man!
: Riot Just Ripped me off!
Yes you can get champions that you own.. have them all.. i just reroll them for fun to see what would happen, and yes it did give me a champion.. :D xd LB i think.. same stuff with skins you can get shards of skins that you have and if you reroll them you can get a skin that you already have... so its not that great sistem imo thats why its free :P with an option to buy chests and keys... (to get stuff you already own xdddddd) :D
: Key Fragments , chests
What maluber said and also, if you got a chest with some champion lets say lux, you cant get chest with her in this year (season) no matter how many S you get or if your premade get an S, if you are playing lux (and have a chest available check your profile to see when you will be able to get one) you will not get a chest, so play different champs to get chests and for keys well we are all kinda in the same point, no key fragments.. but tbh the system is broken, if you are able to get a key lest say if you are lucky enough.. you open the chest its a champion or a skin that you have already... if you reroll 3 shards you also get a skin that you already have so at this point its just not worth it imo.. if you get them great if not ehh just play another one and have fun :P
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Question about Hextech Crafting
I think you will get that champ, saw a couple of guys who are missing one or two champs only, rolling them and getting that champs only, but not 100% sure since no official statment from riot, but you should save those shards, they are working on something for us who have all champs
Diego555 (EUNE)
: Key fragment...
Yeah kinda same stuff here, been on a losing road last couple of days but before that kinda about 30 wins with no key fragments, last one i get about 2 weeks ago i think not sure 100%, basicly when it came live and yeah i play with premades to increase the chance to get them, same story with them, and im sure 100% none of us didint get any reports, and never had any kind of punishment or restriction... so yeah i get what you are saying xd good system rly awsome from them but they need to tweek that srsly fast xd one good thing i heard that they will fix champ shards if you own all of them so im looking forward to that :D
Ladrac (EUNE)
: other options to spend the IP
connection with hextech would be awsome, mby some high cost skin shards, wards, possible rly high cost key fragments or boxes with monthly limit 2 or 3 of them (same for keys) no matter the IP cost since you cant spend it anyways and it stores to 100k 200k and up... that tbh would be awsome, but to be real i cant imagine riot would do something like that not in anytime soon but never :( we can always hope ^^
its in progress, it was said that they know about it, and working on something for us, mby we will still get champ shards well most likely but we will be able to do something with them so it will be fine :D
kobie24 (EUW)
: Earning key fragments
I think you can, since you earn chests by mastery 5 or getting S on them, cant see a reason why you would not earn key frg with f2p champs
: So, is it possible to use custom skins?
Yeah they are allowed, but to be sure use only wooxy app, since riot confirmed that you can use that one, some of them are still in violation of TOS, you have a post here somewhere that gives you names of app you can use.
: Riot making a "free" system to get more money, even though they are swimming in money already :/
The problem is that system is broken, for example i have all the champs and boxes i open, two of them champion shards, well great... and keys fragments at this point just simply dont work... all of my league friends are saying just that, cant get keys... so at this point hextech is here, great riot well done for that, but same as if it was not here since if i want something i have to get atleast 10 boxes from store, and even then i will get champ shards xd
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: The key drop rate is so low.. Or I'm just unlucky af.
try something like 30 wins give or take one or two... no keys for me or my premades :(
: After getting 3, key fragments seem not to drop anymore
same stuff here... open 2 boxes last month, and after that about 30 wins give or take, not a single key fragment, not only me but also all of my premades, and yeah we try to get 5 premade to increase the chance of getting key fragments, but boxes yeah when i have one opet next game or next two games i got it np... keys are the problems....
Irrsinn (EUW)
: Pretty sure that skin programs are not okay the moment they use official skins (or other extensions).
yeah that why i asked, only because official skins, no other thing, well i cant find other extensions, there is no timer and stuff that was on mk lol, but riot skins was kinda ehhh dont know if this is k, although on the other side only you can see it so its not directly againts TOS... mby they will update 3th Party apps... we shall see
Rioter Comments
: What about SkinPreview?
Well this is responce from Riot, if it helps in anyway, "While we don’t strictly condemn the use of third-party modifications, these programs can be dangerous and worthy of suspension where they violate our Terms of Use. I can’t tell you whether a particular third-party modification is against our Terms of Use or not."
xCillion (EUW)
: 3rd Party Applications/Modifications - What's allowed, and what isn't
Is this one OK to use... same stuff as wooxy just custom skins, its called SKIN PREVIEW... so if some1 can tell me would appreciate it.

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