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: so like in high elo if the game is weird and when nobody wants to die and they all just farm minions they will all get banned ?
Then must be serveral criterias, like amount of gold, amount of dmg dealt, CS and so on. WIth nowadays IT it's possible to create and algorithm, that would calculate MVP score, and in case if you have much lower than average and your teammates reports you, you get ban. Some thing like that. I m not against Riots, I want to help them to improve the gameplay. And I think I m not the only one who wants changes in Reporting/Ban system in League of Legends.
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: Riot has a bad punishment System? Awww yeah, remember how people praised Overwatch for being so "creative" to mute players and such? But then recently they are adopting Riot's system and get closer and closer to it, since their system is not nearly as good as the system from Riot. Riot's system is good and at the moment the best that we have. You have multiple chances. You get a few chatbans, a 14 day ban. That should be enaugh for you to reform. If you don't reform, the system says you will never reform and permabans you. Of course this doesn't change the behaviour of this individual, but the system simply gets rid of people who cannot reform. It's pretty efficiant and fast actually. Anything else that Riot tried either was too slow or wasn't accurate. If you come up with a system better than this, then share it.
I m pretty satisfied with ban system in dota2. Their pros: 1. Support department shouldnt parse tons of reports, so they work more effective (in dota2 u have 3 reports per week, so you make them rarely but on reason) 2. If you get repoted you must play with people like you (Low Priority system), and win N games. In my case, i m not talking about toxic ppl, who owned my mom or whatever. I m pretty grown up to pay attantion on it. I m talking about leavers and feeders.
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