: Having a free dodge in your promos completely defies the point of having punishments for dodging. Your skill should be determined on your ability to win games, not just to have to the best matchup. Admittedly, it is very annoying when you get a yasuo support who builds full AP and takes cleanse and smite (yes, that's happened to me xD) but you just have to accept that they are trolling for a reaction. Just accept it and report them after. Getting a reaction is what makes someone troll even more. Sorry to hear about you losing your promos like that, but I don't think that having a "free dodge" in your promos is a particularly good idea.
The guy literally said he was going to int and ruin the game for us. If the report system was worth something we would not have to deal with players like that one. Dont give me a free dodge but at least make a good enviroment so people like that get punished.
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GI1tch (EUW)
: I checked your match history, you managed to lose a game with 4 gold players and 1 platinum against 3 gold player, 1 silver and 1 unranked.. You also lost a game with 2 gold players an 3 silver, against 2 gold,2 silver and 1 unranked.. But you did manage to win a game with 4 gold player and 1 silver against 1 gold,1 silver, 1 unranked and 2 bronze players so you got that going for you witch is nice... Be glad the system works this way otherwise you would probably lose even more..
In my last three ranked games I had no platinum player in my team but I had a unranked player in two of those games. In one of them i got ganked 4 times in a row, dove by a hecarim plus malzahar that managed to kill me without punishment. In that same game my skarner leted me die for the sake of not steeling a kill from me. That guy never actually played skarner properly in ranked, went with a shity bloodrazor build and a questionable jungle strategy. Unranked midlane ahri got destroyed by gold V Leblanc that snowballed the game out of control with Hec and Malz. I had most of the jungle pressure on my lane but the other lanes lost and skarner didnt capitalize on hec being toplane all time. I can explain to you how the other games went really bad but its not worth the time doing it. Of course I make mistakes, thats something i will never deny since I am a low elo player that didnt invest the hours people from diamond and above invested but the matcmaking isnt fair and unranked players should never start with people that played a lot more and climbed their way in the ladder. There is a lot to say in the matchmaking topic belive it or not but you, like everyone of us, will not have any issue until you enter a loosing streak, thats how human mind works, we dont care mostly about problems until they hit us straight in our face.
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: Nerf morde
Morde is useless without rylais cristal sccepter and he can be quited, his late game is great but his early and mid game are trash to the point that he is a very bad laner, riot left him after nerfing him when they made that big mistake called ''juggernaut update''
kaketsuu (EUNE)
: yeah i just love to get insta deleted by full offensive jarvan, well done riot
You can dodge the combo or flash the cataclysm since they changed it to aoe. That higlighted game was an example of snowballing, the guy who played sivir admited that he didnt respect the J4 and act naively to the point where he got killed. The third game he was more aware and didnt get killed that much.
DaveRod (EUW)
: Jarvan is STILL strong no matter what happens to him. Just take a look at this cheesy top lane LCS Jarvan video and you'll understand that he isn't weak, just underrated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjLnwwXl6co
Ofc i know that game, i watched it as I said at the end of the post XD That Sivir getting popped is a big reason to play J4. Champs with mobility can negate your burst, kite you and run away so you have to practice and be careful about how you engage.
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: Yeah this indeed happens occasionally in Silver and I have almost never seen a case where the new player didn't have to be hardcarried by the team, except in cases where he/she was obviously a smurf. When I started doing Ranked last season I got placed in S2 and even though I had not instantly started ranked and instead played a lot of normals I was clearly not good enough for S2 and started loosing a lot, which deterred me from playing ranked completely. It was only until the start of this season that I could start again, cause the reset put me to B2, where i was actually able to play on the same level as everyone else. Especially now that the exp required to get to lvl 30 and anyone can buy 16 cheap champs with some IP/RP I doubt that most players enetering the ladder play on Silver level. It just seems unlikely that a new player plays as good or better than 50% of the playerbase. it would probably better to have placement matches take place in Bronze. If the new player is indeed better than that he will climb fast anyway.
That´s exactly what happened to me and fortunately i got placed in B3 after the reset and got the chance to learn and play agaisnt people who matched my level.
Maluber (EUW)
: Unranked players start with silver mmr. If they do well in their placements then they will keep playing vs silver/low golds. If their placements go poorly then they will start playing against bronze. We've all been unranked at one point and had our team put up with us and we've all have to deal with newer players, but it doesn't mean they should be segregated from already established ranked players as how would they learn?
You dont learn when you get stomped and not understand why all happened. I learned spaming normals and watching streams and guides because the knowledge you need on this game isnt avaiable in the game itself. A lot of times you need to read it somewhere else and you need a lot of normals to get mechanics and muscle memory. As I said, the requirements to play ranked arent right, maybe they are ok for people smurfing but not for new players who dont even knowwhy they need boots or what dodging skillshots is.
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Práedyth (EUW)
: what a coincidence that youre silver 4 :P honestly tho all champions have their advantages and disadvantages. and it seems as you cant find their disadvantages at all. one of the reasons why youre stuck in low silver probably.
Your comment dont help nothing. I brought my points and you didnt bring nothing to the table. This is a forum so instead of insulting people because of their ranks, bring some solid points and discuss them so we all benefit. I may be wrong but I try to understand the game and thats part of the learning process. By the way you talk you seem like one of those people who think ranks are cages instead of sections of the game learning experience.
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: he gets destroyed by fighters and assassins. how much more counterplay do you want?
I want some breathing room if I am not playing a fighter or assasin. He has stupid advantages into his easy matchups. Darius for instance can be hard to lane against with some champs but at least he is not hypermobile and has cooldowns so you can work around him, thats a fair design to play and play against. Yasuo does not have a fair design in that matter.
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: Any adc that builds frozen mallet can kite a tank for days.
> [{quoted}](name=Mecha Syrena,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bAAue3sw,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-17T19:51:22.756+0000) > > Any adc that builds frozen mallet can kite a tank for days. The issue is with the items, a assasin built as a tank destroys any adc. Try tank Ekko, he cant be kited, he has tons of damage, slows, movespeed and gapclosiing, you dont kite him, he kites you, same with tank akali and tank fizz. Those champs are now tanks with damage with assasin kits. I guarantee you even with frozen mallet you wont kite them because they have speed and gapclosers. Go watch lcs and you´ll see how tank Ekko is a pick or ban champ. Man, if you dont want to look at the facts it is your problem, it isnt me a low elo scrub the only one who complains about this. Every high elo palyer knows about this issue and you will find posts and videos about it, get you some information or try the builds yourself and you´ll see.
Destruox (EUW)
: Can you tell me why toplane got destroyed by Riot?
Did Gp got outplayed or maybe he got outdamaged by a tank?? No real damage items needed and he fills the role of the assasin without the risk involved in doing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuADbUR-suc
: "people build tank thats proof of only being able to win as tank" No.
Maybe I didnt explain myself to well, I dont believe you should build tank to win regardless of what happens in the game. It´s just that using those broken items your chances to win against someone that didnt are incredibly high since they provide damage and tankiness at a cheap cost. The pure damage items are more expensive than the defensive ones and that´s a fact. Sure you can win by outroaming your oponent heavily and having more mechanical skills, i still play Gp toplane with the damage build and just one defensive item, the damage makes me able me to carry games if i put effort, roam when i have my powerspikes and teamfight as a beast. But the point is that it takes way more effort than slaping a tanky build and smashing everyone with it and that my friend isnt fair, Tanks should be good initiators and tanks but not pseudoassasins that kill you with no risk involved.
: nope
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gubc7HsNZKA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_oabLy5TnQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2wINUuipmc Want more proof?? Go watch lcs building full tank Ekko and that bruiser Zed build
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Zorxon (EUW)
: TL;DR play normal games until you get better and until you can catch up with those good players. Sure, having played hundreds more games is an advantage, but if you know the champion roster and what they do and if you can play a few champions (very) good, then you can surely handle ranked aswell. I personally took more than 3 months before I really started playing ranked after I hit 30.
Definetly doing that. I may need much more games to improve my skills. I still dont have a full knowledge on the hundred per cent of the champs so I rather keep playing and testing until my ranked time comes. Thanks for the advice¡
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=MisterSnugglesOP,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=s7HBEorx,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-01-01T13:57:29.619+0000) > > As soon as I read "forgive my english" I gave up on reading this 10 paragraphed essay. And people acting rude like you are the reason why after new tecnologie and communications where developed we started struggling with the lack of politenes and manners in social media. I didnt insult you or hurt you in any way so your way to respond to this post isnt justified. Not mad at you but internet isnt a place where you can forget about politeness and manners and trash people. Anyway I am not arguing with you have a nice day.
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