: Even though I do agree that Yi is especially a mess in low elo (I mean I have to know, right?), I think he might also cause problems in Higher elo when played properly. Most elo Yi players Just run around, do almost everything wrong and still win because they are fed. But when the one who plays him is able to Dodge the important skillshots, keeps track of his passive and manages to Block high damage abilities with his heal, then he might even be problematic in high elo, for the afformentioned reasons: extremly high damage against any target that can't be blocked by armor is hard to balance and will surely be abused by some people. Prove me wrong, but from what I have seen Yi's difficulty is just too high in high elo and too Low in low elo. But maybe I'm wrong so idk. Also there are some high elo zed Mains (I think). Maybe both must be played in a way that counters the plays that counter them.
My point was...that {{champion:11}} got huge counterplay.This is why is not broken and he will never be if he doesnt get a rework. Look if you wanna do dmg with {{champion:11}} you need {{item:3124}} To get there you need item jgl first then you go guinsoo but...you need a lot of farm or hopefully...you can get a good gank but another problem with yi is that his early ganks are awful. No cc no slow not even dmg so ofc his useless.So early game yi bad.We agree here right.Even if you get those 3 4 items..1 simple cc youre dead.Youre not tanky at all.To do dmg with him too you have to stack guinsoo and then practically you start.. So its not easy to reach that point.Even 1 simple root can %%%% yi up easily.Even in low elo.. The point is that he got big counter play not only early but a simple cc his dead.If you play against a {{champion:24}} for example...Thats broken. He got cc he can block auto atacks,he can do tons of dmg bcs his ult especially if you get first item {{item:3078}} try {{item:3124}} on him more busted then yi...And he can get better early game.+his tanky like hell he needs 1 2 items then full tank gege...He can 1v9 easily.Yi is not like that. This was my point from the begin.
Rioter Comments
: Everything is taking stopwatch nowdays.
Dumb item.But riot dont care.{{item:2419}}
: Low elo, low elo, everything you can say? Plat 3 where you are is not high aswell
Only low elo think {{champion:11}} is broken...The same way tehy say {{champion:238}} is op… Yes plat isnt high neither.Yet people in this elo know to counter yi really easily.Low elo….is where people are noobs and they have no idea how to deal with a champ like {{champion:11}} Only them qq about him..He is not broken...easy to deal with.Same zed too.Give me a break. You people never saw a good {{champion:24}} or {{champion:39}} {{champion:131}} ..thats %%%%ing broken.
: Broken doesn't mean OP. Broken means broken, and yi was allways broken, because: -The champion is useless if the enemy team has some cc. Literally useless. -The champion is too strong if the enemy doesnt have cc, because then he literally can 1v5 a team with barely any counterplay Either way master yi isn't fun to play with/against. This is why he is broken. On the other hand, in higher elo, they can easily land a cc on yi, and it's gg for him. But for lower elo players where you can't rely on your teammates landing the cc, he is cancer, and riot should rework him for the sake of majority of the playerbase, and even for the master yi mains for them to be able to play in higher elo.
In low elo is broken..then. But there even {{champion:29}} jgl is broken and evryone complain about him.Even {{champion:74}} is super broken in low elo. The champ is easy to deal with.Ofc low elo is low elo for a reason.
: > [{quoted}](name=Devrost,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Wj2E2efK,comment-id=00030002,timestamp=2019-05-04T13:51:11.707+0000) > > Why evryone thinks {{champion:11}} is broken.. > > Oh well in silver evrything is broken. He kills a full item tank as fast as the adc, it just takes him just 2-3 seconds, how is thats not broken? Rageblade is making him do that, without it, he is perfectly fine.
Yi was never broken and he will never be if he doesnt get a rework.Low elo..even janna is broken for them.
: Any champion that builds {{item:3124}} is utterly broken in damage. {{champion:96}}kog'maw is fine because he can't fcking move unlike Vayne and Yi {{champion:67}} {{champion:11}} So right here, if vayne was unable to build {{item:3124}} {{item:3153}}, she would be forced to go in to a late game crit build. I'm blaming 2 things here, {{item:3124}} and Vayne's kit{{champion:67}} . The combination of Vayne's kit and guinsoo's rageblade is horrifying. It makes her have **14% max hp true dmg** every 2 atuos instead of 3. So making it **10 AA **= **70% of ur max hp in TRUE DMG** ------------------ In my opinion, riot should remove guinsoo's rageblade or rework the passive of it and actually focus on balancing the champions without the dumb on-hit passive on guinsoo's. Literally this ======> {{item:3124}} <====== is making Yi and Vayne broken. Without that, yi and vayne are actually somewhat normal champions to play against (vayne top is still aids and she needs some nerfs for toplane vayne, botlane vayne is fine) Right now, vayne and yi are a horrific mess of a balance all because of guinsoo's rageblade.
Why evryone thinks {{champion:11}} is broken.. Oh well in silver evrything is broken.
: Sure, there are. But they are nowhere near the top 100 on a champ. I personally have 80 games on my champ, mostly made in diamond ELO, 60% win-rate, and double-diamond on both soloQ and flex 5v5. That's how I got my rank 89-90. OP wants rank 100 on 45% win-rate silver 3. You feeling the difference ? > Bcs having a -50% winrate..negative from season 1 to 8 you couldnt climb.At least not from silver+.Now i see people with 40% winrate in gold +.I guess skills right. False. About the 40% win-rate. It all depends on LP gains and losses. If you win 30LP and lose 10 LP, a 33% win-rate would grant you on 1W 2L 10LP. With 30 games (20 losses and 10 wins) you would be able to reach promos, and climb out of a division, by having 33% win-rate. It's all about MMR.
I played this game s5 s6...trust me without 51%+winrate you wouldnt climb.And i saw people in p3+with 400+games and 45% winrate..How do you even hold a plat elo with such winrate. I can understand 20 30 maybe 50 games..but 300...300 +games in gold with 45% winrate even less i saw..How you keep that elo.How you go ahead. I got 54% winrate p3 player.I gain 19 lp and lose around 20..Its impossible for me to climb if i dont win 3 4 games and lose just 1.And people with 45% winrate..Cmon.There is no logic here.
: Nah ur right. It's not his fault for being under 50%. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/summoners/bard These guys just got lucky with their teams. They aren't better than the thread's poster. lul
You know there are people with 40% winrate in diamond...Is that skills too?Or poor luck? Bcs having a -50% winrate..negative from season 1 to 8 you couldnt climb.At least not from silver+.Now i see people with 40% winrate in gold +.I guess skills right.
: Short answer, you're not good enough. Long answer : Rank 89 Udyr here. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/summoner/champions/udyr/eune/The+Lane+Police These ranks are decided mostly because of your overall in-game rank. Performance comes second. If you're master ELO with 20 games played 60% win-rate, you will have a better rank on that site, than if you're silver with 85% win-rate out of 200 games. First off, you need a 60%+ win-rate to even come close to top 500 or so. You have 43.5% atm. It doesn't work like that... Some people get their high ranks by playing a champ at the beginning on the season in a lower ELO, getting 80%+ win-rate on them, then using another champ to grind ELO. Frankly, those ranks mean nothing. But yea, if you want top 100, get at least to a D3-D2 level.
Wtf good enough you talking about dude.He is a 1 trick {{champion:432}} Not udyr. If you really a diamond player you should know champs have a Greater impact then skills this days.You cant compare a %%%%ing {{champion:77}} and a {{champion:432}} Especially that jgl even after all this nerf they still have the highest impact into the game. Even smurfs use the right champs to climb.
: Why cant i carry as a bard onetrick
Its solo que.There is no team.You either carry you either lose. Your team is just there to give you a hard time.Thats 90% of the time...So {{champion:432}} to 1v9..and climb its very %%%%ing hard. Thats why you have to play dmg.Supports like {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:99}} etc.You can easily carry with them.{{champion:432}} is not bad but eh..its like a {{champion:201}} {{champion:412}} You rely on your team to do the dmg.That wont help you climb. If not...try a duo.Maybe its working.
: Because shes strong in lcs. Riot balance priority is LCS.
Truth.They nerf mostly based on lcs..they dont give mutch of a %%%% about solo que.
Rena (EUW)
: Or you learn how to beat them instead. None of these champions have 0 Counterplay to them. If they would have no counterplay, they would have already been hotfixed and permabanned in LCS/proplay. But you guessed, that's not the case with any of these. Yes they are strong but I don't see a reason why you would need 2 bans. Yes it's easier instead of learning how to play against them.
LCS/PROPLAY is another game..Solo que and lcs is not the same think buddy.
: Again people can have their opinion, just because you believe they are nerfed doesn't mean others need to agree with you.
This is not an opinion LOL.They really got nerfed.
: People are entitled to their own opinions and thoughts, this is just a pitch in for a new item or effect.
What opinion?Shields got nerf really hard.I really dont think they need more pain.They more then fine.
: There needs to be an item that reduces shield power/shielding.
Why people even agree with this.Arent shield nerfed already???
: I don't know
Its not about matchmaking but luck.I mean if you get a midlaner {{champion:105}} and enemy {{champion:4}} who you think gonna win?Even if tf is better he gets no chance 1v1 aganst that guy. Its all about luck.You cant decide what your team gonna pick or enemy team..I got master yi support..I guess its my fault LOL.Bcs my teammate is brain dead.And i was in promo so wtf can i do. Its luck poor and simple.You either destroy the enemy..maybe bcs you get a better early with your champs or a bit of luck..either you get destroyed.LEague is no more fun.Not anymore at least.Its all winning and winning.You win 9 and lose 1...you feel so bad for that lost.
: >Yeah, my mistake... it's Bronze IV. Np I also made that mistakes, in my placements match I was like "wow I played so well that I went from Bronz 1 to silver 4" and then I remembered.... >Pyke doesn't have damage but surprisingly i was very comfortable with him for the very first time i played him and when i have a teammate that can understand his combos we carry easily. Problem is that i can't do it alone. Late game pyke is great when your team can do a lot of damage just so you can finish the ennemy. >I will take your advice and try with Fiddle but i don't think i can carry my team... Early you poke with the crow, since it's botlane if the supp and ADC are close that will deal a lot of damage and if there are minions it's hard to dodge, for late game all you need to do is join in the team fight with your ulti and if that hit all 5 ennemies you'll do a lot of damage, just be sure it's not warded when you ulti and again if the ennemies are close to minions you can always get 1-2 hits on champions.
{{champion:555}} is a risky pick. Not so easy to play and if you dont go ahead you will struggle.So i dont think is best pick for a bronze player. However {{champion:9}} yes.Can carry from support and even carry alone.Same with {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}}
Yraco (EUW)
: I don't think they should deal super high burst damage like an assassin. When I say they should deal more damage than an adc I mean that more as an "on paper" thing. They should deal more damage if they're just allowed to hit a target over and over but this is balanced out by the fact that they'll be in melee and easily killed if they play incorrectly. Basically, my view is that they should be a bit squishier to make bad plays punishable while good plays are rewarded by more pure dps than other types of champion can put out. They should have to be cautious and deal very little damage at the start of a fight then have higher numbers to compensate for this, if they go in at a bad time they should be killed instead of just pressing a single button to negate 50% of any physical damage coming their way (irelia).
Yes i agree.This is truth. But we reached this point just because pro plays..And if they keep nerfing around that..solo que wont resist for long.
Yraco (EUW)
: Jax and Irelia should be able to do more damage than an adc really, if left to do their thing, because they're supposed to be good sustained damage dealers and they're melee. The issue is that they're also given such strong survivability that there's not as much risk as there should be when they're stood right in the middle of the enemy team to deal that damage.
They are bruisers...Not assasins.Adc should have the highest dmg into the game at least mid lategame.Adc are very squeeshy.No mobility neither..So dmg they should have it and you even need peel from your support. Someone like {{champion:39}} with her Amazing dmg+tankiness is just not healty for the game. Assasin suppose to deal with adc bcs they got mobility and they can 1 shot them..almost at least. Tanks must stay frontline as mutch as possible. Adc must do the most dmg while they backline. Supports must help adc to stay alive as mutch as possible. Bruisers must outscale tanks as thats their main role..and output more dmg then them. But here as you can see bruisers are tanky...dmg and some of them even mobility.And im talking here even champs like {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} .Bcs they can output dmg got mobility and buy defence items too. So as you can see not fair at all.Thats how the game was from season 1...Ofc it changed in very bad way with evry year.
: Farewell League (Yes, this is a rant, but a heartfelt one)
All this guy said its truth. Unlucky riot focus more on pro plays then solo que..And thats so bad for their ranked solo q.With dumb champs like {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} that can tank better then {{champion:111}} or {{champion:57}} and do more dmg then an adc..is just stupid. But hei...focus pro plays lets see whats gonna happen s10.
vinné (EUW)
: why the tahm kench nerfs?
Bcs pro play. Again riot is too dumb to realise that most players are in solo que not pro stage.And thats why solo que becomes unplayable.Gj riot..focus more on pro plays give a %%%% about solo que.
: Ziggs Needs a buff,now he's at tier 5.
{{champion:115}} is not bad.The problem is he gets destroyed in laning phase pretty easily. I mean champs like {{champion:7}} {{champion:103}} just destroy him.Even {{champion:238}} that got nerf is better then him because of mobility.Right now is all about mobility..Sad story but truth.
: secret trick to make the game enjoyable
I dont mind {{champion:157}} in enemy team.Just dont want him in my team.
: Sylas has a 2 part e that also stuns an opponent at the same time and gives a shield. Riven has to use 2 abilities to accomplish the same thing and her e w combo won't get her nearly as far as sylas can potentially get. Kled has 2 dashes and his ult. Tryn only has his e sure, but it's on like a 2 sec cooldown late game. Quinn has her ult and her dash on e. This "Riven has too much mobility" argument is a bullshit remnant from season 2 that's no longer accurate and it needs to die.
You knowwww….whats mean mobility dude??? MOBILITY...Not %%%%ing speed...MOBILITY...Check it out if you dont know what it is..seriously.
: Damage and can be tanky because....? Because of the 20% cdr AD items she gets, rushing 45% cdr before level 11. Again, it's the items and runes that are the problem. Her having an E she can use every 6 seconds to dodge damage is interactive. A 2 second cooldown shield isn't.
Adc got nerf because even tho they didnt deserve that.They got nerfed as champs +runes+items. So dont make special treatment here eh..She deserve a nerf and for good reason.
: Aight, here's a list of chamions with the same or more mobility than riven: {{champion:84}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:26}} Riven's mobility is nothing special anymore.
Sylas got e..{{champion:23}} got an e..You know whats mean mobility dude?????Where you saw {{champion:133}} mobility?????Or {{champion:240}} Dude youre funny..but im serious xD.Stop trolling.
Salron88 (EUW)
: something is wrong with the matchmaking queue season 9.
I dunno why people still ask this.Is riot fault.They didnt reset the ladder fromt he begin of the season.Most of the people that played at the begin of season even if they were silvers..in s8 they could easily get to plat even with 40% winrate.With negative winrate you could get around 20+lp and lose less then 15.. I saw even chalengers with less then 50% winrate and that shouldnt even be possible.Thats why ranked is %%%%ed up matchup is %%%%ed up but bcs riot ...like Always %%%% thinks up and dont do nothing about it..
: High mobility? Don't make me laugh. That was a valid complaint in season 2. Now that everyone has 3 dashes, she's actually below average, especially considering the dmg vs mobility tradeoff she has.
Wtf you talking about...Did you ever played her??? 1 trick ...she is the most used in that domain for good reason.High mobility...she got..she got a shield she got dmg she got great cc.Wtf you talking about?? Someone like zed doesnt have thsi.Yet she can be tanky dmg and cc in the same.Thats not balanced buddy.Did you even saw her wirnate.
: No, let's stop nerfing the champions and look at the items and runes that effortlessly give rivens 25% spellvamp and lifesteal, 45 cdr and teemo-level attack speed. The issue isn't when Yi can kill teams in seconds- he has the damage to do so. The issue is when: 1. Yi jumps in 2v5, kills the carries, the tank takes him down to 70 hp and dies, now it's only the full HP support vs the yi. Yi alpha-strikes and autoattacks, and because of his insane, unfair, ridiculous lifesteal, he's back to 200 hp before the support's autoattack lands. 2. A malphite or tank gragas builds 100% armor, with decent health, and Riven proceeds to melt his HP bar, ignoring any damage the malphite, whose W and E scale with armor, deals to her. Without black cleaver. 3. A Zed combos a Veigar two times, his shurikens pass through countless enemies, but it triggers electrocute, which deals 40% of the combo's damage. The veigar strafed perfectly to dodge at least one Q, but the slow was just too much. The Zed proceeds to flash - auto - ignite the Veigar under his tower, and gets first blood, at level 4.
She deserves a nerf..High mobility dmg can be tanky too.Cmon lel.She deserves it. Yi…1 cc his dead.Zed got nerfed again like hell.Malph tank..really..
: LP gain in Diamond 4 and why are riot not doing anything about it
I dont know if its only for diamond...i have 50+% winrate..and from gold i was getting like 18 lp and losing 20..How you suppose to climb like that?
: shit happens this particular case is so rare that it's completely insignificant congratz you lost 20lp now you will never get out of silver... wait you are plat well i got some bad news for you
Is really that hard to remake if someone dont leave the fountain….?????I dont think so. Lost 20 lp..when was a free win bcs we all did good..but enemy were 5 and they could easily farm and split all day.Gg...20 lp lost bcs "skills".And win 17 xD.Yeh..
Rioter Comments
: So this happened....
When i said that solo que is %%%%ed up evryone was blaming me and sayng "riot did a good job". There you go.
Rena (EUW)
: You realize that he is one of the strongest Midlaners right now?
Really?They practically nerfed him worst then preseason buffs..They gave him q dmg +w cd...and they removed ult passive. Now they nerfed q and nerfed w cd..He came back from where he was.Pretty bad.
: Laners refusing to help at scuttle.
No team no win."Skills "LOL.
: Why isn't this guy banned yet?
"bad games".Obviously riot logic yo.
: Sorry bud but if anyone is gonna change my mind about vayne it's certainly not gonna be a plat 4 adc main. Higher rank or not.
Those downvotes should help too buddy. I say thsi to evry "smart guy"like you .If adc is so op go play it.Gain elo easy peasy.
: Well duel means 1v1 and if you haven't tried to duel a lategame vayne before. Then that would explain your opinion very well.
Vayne is vayne...yet she can be easily 1 shoted.Adc like {{champion:29}} {{champion:18}} and so on are more then easy to deal with. Maybe you never played against a jax lategame..to see truth OP.Not Vayne.She is not even close op like a jax or irelia lategame.
: The balance is out of the window,give up on expecting it
Riot balance team is awful.But when i said that evryone told me im wrong.
Rena (EUW)
: I have to disagree with some of your points. With others I agree. Vayne and Riven both don't seem "op" yea they are strong but they aren't like broken like Akali or Irelia was half a year ago. About Riven I can talk more since I am a onetrick. It's true that she is very strong. But if Riven makes mistakes (which she will we aren't in challenger) she is very easily punished. Her cooldowns early are really high. Fiora and Renekton got buffed because of the bramble vest buffs. It's not really a buff at the end. Notice how riven is not getting buffed even with the bramble vest changes. So it's an indirect nerf to her. Yes with the rework point I agree. The new champions/reworks are all just way too overtuned. Your examples are good Jax is only good vs certain champions. He has some of the worst matchups of any toplaner. His E cooldown is high, meaning he has counterplay. I assume you are talking about Funnel. Yea that's annoying af. That's the game outside of Tank meta. Yea it sucks I agree Smurfs are actually really good practice. I personally don't mind them. I mean the Runes have always been kinda useless. They are very similar to the keystone masteries. The Kayle changes are good. If kayle kept her early game, she would have no real weakness or strengh. I like that they didn't nerf her late game alot, but instead her early game which should be her clear weakness and time to shut her down. Your last point is very interesting. The problem with that is if they nerf that rune, they don't just nerf that OP champion but also all other champions who use that Rune. But it's interesting because I have suggested many times to nerf Death's Dance, so Riven is less of a problem and takes more skill again. She is one of the only Champions who has Death's Dance as a core item and it makes her alot easier to play. With Vayne they tried it with Bork nerfs, but now they also nerfed Lucian again whch is idk. Overall you have some good points. My main problem with the Game is that the new/reworked champions are just way too overtuned. Like wtf I miss the times where one ability just gave you a shield. Now it is a shield that gives you ap and does this if you cast it again and this if it gets destroyed.
Wtf you talking about lel.Mistakes?Evry champs that makes mistake are punishable.Easily. Riven is a champ with high mobility dmg scale very well and Amazing cc.What could you ask more.And this item on her is just OP.{{item:3161}}
: Season 8 was great. Being able to duel an adc lategame was actually possible.
Really??In what season was adc "unkillable".Im curious.
: Worst season yet?
Is really adc that op lol? Honestly botlane have like the lowest impact into the game.S8 was horrible.S9 is pretty bad mostly because they didnt reset mmr like evry year.
: Explain
I really believe the system is so %%%%ed up that puts you with complet brain dead people just so you have 50% winrate..All the time i get 51%+and i win like 5 wins a row...then i lose 5.So i get back to 50% no matter what. And to prove this..i just saw a {{champion:67}} losing vs a {{champion:75}} .I mean..wow.
: Patch 9.8 still no nerfs to riven and vayne
You will get downvotes bcs "riven is balanced "LOL. But i dont wanna jump to conclusions...maybe is just this item that makes her so strong.{{item:3161}}
: Can't reconnect
Is just the client.Nothing you can do about it.But hei...instead of fixing this shits...whatever.
: This Patchnotes are literally " Lets buff obnoxious toplaners " + Bramble vest.
Cadelanne (EUW)
: Why is it so bad to lose ?
The problem with this is that you dont lose fair games. Right now League s9 is pretty dumb.If you win 10 games and lose 1 that 1 lose makes you tilt so badly.Because right now 90% of the games win the team with better champs or simple luck. You lose most of the time bcs afk,tilted people,trolling,bad picks.Its just not fair at all.I dont mind to lose a fair fight.But if i lose bcs of a 4v5 its just stupid.To not talk about smurfs too that ruin majority of games too and end up 0 10 and lose game in 10 mins.The point is the majority of games are not decided by your skils.Thats why is frustrating.
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: Riot needs to start nerfing and buffing with utility and not just damage
Tanks are not bad i agree.But because evrything is 1 shot and champs like {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:92}} still exist into the game you just dont play tanks. They buff and nerf the wrong Champions thats for sure.Balance team yep.
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