Takumaron (EUNE)
: I haven't seen that yet. Does it mean "kill yourself"?
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Smerk (EUW)
: Next sale should be around end of season, so you can expect to see it middle/late November
Thank you! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: when you claim to "reform" "toxic" players into "decent people"
Hah, tell me about it. Im stuck in honor 3 and you have to believe me here, ive not been toxic this season and sort of 'reformed' myself purely to get the honor rewards. Now after maybe around a year of the new honouring system I started at level 3 and im still stuck here with 2 checkpoints, meanwhile my friend who plays solo que (sometimes duos with me) throws all sorts of shade at our and the enemy team. And guess what? He's now level 5 and shoving it in my face, I dont like where the new league of legends is going, sure its hard to deal with this sheer amount of players but dont leave the honourable players out while rewarding the flamers...
: If you don't share your honors with anyone you will never get any honors. Might be the only reason i can come up with, usually people who don't gain any honor checkpoints are highly toxic people who don't think any of their teammates deserve their honors. If you honor your teammates, you gain honor back. (Ofc if you play only with premade you won't gain any honor at all since riot don't want you to abuse the system)
Thank you for the response. If that is the case then playing with premades might be my problem. I do always honour back however as you said a lot of the time it is my teammates that I honor so I guess I need to start honoring other people :P. Again thank you for the response, maybe finally I can get that checkpoint I've been waiting for.
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