: Lagging and freezing
If you are experiencing that you might aswell quit the game, there are people who are experiencing that for like a month or more now and we got no change, maybe they are working on a fix but i doubt it. Riot games is a capable company to figure out this issue in less than month, but who knows maybe im wrong?
: FPS is fine, ping is fine, yet I have unusual lag/latency? Packet loss? Can anyone help?
Last 7-8 days my ping is 73, before that it was 33 my isp isn't problem.. RIOT help
: I'm having the exact same problem. It only started for me about 2 days ago (The new patch). Been searching around and I can't seem to find any fixes for it either... I'll message if I find anything, and I'll also keep dropping by to see other responses.
: Where r u from ?And what is ur isp ? My ping on both eune euw 72 or 57 but seems more laggy then usual. My euw ping past month was 35-38- eune 32-35. Im from croatia,isp Amis. rito seems not to care about this..
croatia here... b.net ffs rito
gazz7 (EUW)
: I have the same issue, im on b.net (croatia), after new patch my ping is 73 (used to be 33)
I'm from croatia too, b.net ffs guys b.net says its not problem with them mine was 33 too and now its 73 WTF
: That doesnt have anything to do with them. Its something about ur pc
its problem with my pc too? since riot said that "ping wagging" i had 33 ping and last 4 days I have 73 wtf


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