: Petition: Change the Victorious Skin for season 9
: Dunkmaster Zilean skin concept
Yeah, let's make the most badass skin in the game for the most %%%%% champion in the game "Ivern". Add another %%%%% which is Zilean.
: Dunkmaster Zilean skin concept
Yeah, let's make the most badass skin in the game for the most %%%%% champion in the game "Ivern". Add another %%%%% which is Zilean.
: Pyke is my new "Yasuo"
This is the most dumb true post I've ever seen. Look, there are many people who complained about Pyke. We get it, stop crying about him. Everyone knows that Pyke is on, Riot is just ignoring. GET IT
Moon Jedi (EUW)
: dude algeria is middle east , doesnt matter where the server goes as long as it serves the whole area , but my friend i am afraid we are gona have to wait until the 20th years anniversary to get a server {{sticker:cass-cry}}
Algeria is Middle East ? Do you even know what's middle east? If Algeria is middle east, than North Africa has no existence... wtf ?
: > [{quoted}](name=Diävolo,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=BAQIAJf1,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-16T16:02:18.100+0000) > > So, I see lot of people saying that Riot should make a "middle east" server. But none talks about North Africa even knowing that the net is worse in North Africa than Middle East. > So, as an Algerian player, I want a server that give me the same ping which a player in SA gets. So, I'm against the "middle east" server, but I want a MENA server. So? The server shouldn't be in dubai or SA which are further than EU to North Africa. We want the server to be in Egypt or somewhere between Egypt and Palestine. > And here's another fact for people who think that Northa Africa got no players compared to middle east : North African players are about 70% of Arab LoL players + most of them are in high ranks compared to middle east players. I'm just saying that Egypt and Algeria got more players than the whole Middle East. > So, to my brothers in ME, next time when you talk about the Arabic version of League, remember that we exist, because it looks like you forgot that... لو كان السيرفر فالخليج ماراح يوصل البنق حلو للجزائر؟ ولو حطوه بين الخليج وافريقيا لازم الدولة يكون فيها النت حلو اعتقد مصر النت فيها ضعيف , الكلام مش من عندي الكلام من اصحابي الي من مصر
لو كان السيرفر فاللخليج حيكون بعيد عن الجزائر. و حتكون اوروبا اقرب
DJ Sσna (EUW)
: Saying the truth about riot game
I agree, last week I've been saying that Riot sucks and walmart EA. Now I went to "Boi If the new shooter costs money, Imma buy it idc". As Yassuo said, we won't be bored anymore, actually who gets bored of league ? Even when it sucks I still play. Now I can play a better version of Overwatch <3
Rioter Comments
: actually that's right we really need a middle east server because taking my location into consideration I can not play in any region without having a high ping which is a really big problem not only for me but for many players, so creating a server or idk looking for a solution for this would actually solve this huge obstacle which many players require, all they need is to play comfortably just like the players from other regions so yeah we need to end this once and for all
Correct "middle east" to MENA.
Busted911 (EUW)
: i agree,please add a middle east server{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Nah, we need a MENA server, not an Middle East server
gabymad (EUW)
: middle east server
Let me say something : If Riot wants to make an Arabic server, make it in a place that makes the ping in Morocco is the same ping in Saudi or close to it. We don't want a server in Saudi which gives us 200 ping in Algeria/Morocco. If its like this, better not do it because most of League players are in North Africa.
: Thank you for playing our game. <3
Thank you for your hardwork
FreshMeets (EUNE)
: So I started playing ranked about a week ago, I'm a returning player
Look, don't %%%%ing comeback to the game. Just leave as you did before. You don't want to play that trash game. Just play another game, destiny 2 is f2p. Sadly it'll take me ages to download it so I'm stuck with csgo. Just leave that game.
DexAeon (EUW)
: Duskbringer Irelia Idea
Duskbringer Irelia vs Darkbringer Kayn? hmm ?
evol (EUW)
: League edit 'Surprise'
Can I be honest ? - The edits are perfect but the video isn't fun to watch - The syncing is perfect but the song isn't good for that sync - I don't understand the meaning of that edit :thonk: The video is good but its not fun :P try to consider that and your vids will be great :P PS : Just an advice, not hate
: A love letter to League
Holy shit that's cringe. Let me correct, what you love is "the first 7 years of league of legends". Not league of legends.
: what is a trash singer for you??? dont make any sense your logic
: lol are u ok??? I mean imagine dragons are a band and dont have impact like ari khalid or diplo wtf are u talking about?? trash music??? what makes a song trash for u?? an artist?? I mean all artists have trash songs, but have good ones too. Pls dont be a dumb
Yeah, the singers make trash music. Trash singers = trash songs. ez
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Since this thread turned into ideas then have some: Battle Academia - as typical tentacle monster from anime with cartoon animations. Either professor or villain. Final Boss: as typical arcade alien boss with retro animations. Green color? Elementalist: He will shoot water, fire, arcane, light, dark, ice, whatever and will dress accordingly - just like Lux Blood Moon: Mask instead of his eye and blood/shadow tentacles instead of flesh. Overall this would be a spooky flying 'head'.
Nah don't %%%% bloodmoon with this champ :). Its like making Candy Kayn. Just embarrassing to see
Dyzlaxia (EUW)
: When will Vel'Koz get a skin ?
Ok. Imma say it Vel'Koz is a %%%%ing champion that none plays and none gives a %%%% about. People keep telling Riot to make a skin for him when none plays him. They are greedy so don't expect the %%%%ing skin.
: Music skins tied with the tenth anniversary: Ariana Grande (Qiyana), Diplo (Bard) and Khalid (Ekko)
Ahhhh, getting trash singers to make a trash game's 10th anniversary trash. There are many singers. Just get Imagine Dragons or something similar... I prefer seeing Logan Paul (which I despise) singing his shity diss on KSI in this 10th anniversary than seeing one of these singers singing a special song for LoL in 10th anniversary. Anyway, it'll be ok. I just hope they make a song that doesn't contain "babe/love/dear...". If they make a trash song its ok, I hope Riot makes something new in the 10th anniversary
: League of legends new region
Most Arabs are cool players. Except people who make their IGNs : Omar213 or mohammed123xX. I hope they stay in EU XD PS : I'm Arab. Don't say I'm racist -_-
: Server Creation For Africa / Middle-East
We tried, but Riot just doesn't give a %%%%...
Rioter Comments
: +akali +jinx +kaisa +pantheon +shaco +sylas +veigar all of them have abbilitys that deal increased dmg if the arget is lower on hp -> which used to be how leagues executes all worked anyway
Okay this is annoying honestly. Pyke and these champs are different. Pyke's ult works like Darius/Cho/Urgot's ults. Its not that damage you're talking about
JustTits (EUNE)
: Remove the True Damage from Pyke
Ok here its too much. Pyke needs one nerf, ONCE NERF. The gold on his ulti and he's %%%%ing fine. People just wants to delete him entirely from the game. Let's not be shit and agree that his ult is his only problem. If he get that nerf he's fine.
Shakara (EUNE)
: If you have some good plays and you want a montage, pm me!
Ladies and gentlemen, try to montage yourselves. Its more fun and you'll feel great after doing it yourselves. PS : Dude make your own content XD
Anoligarh (EUW)
: People who were bronze/silver for a long time, what changed and how did you climb?
Well, I was a silver for 3 seasons and didn't think about climbing much. Because I was having fun playing for fun in normals which were so relaxing. Anyway I got serious to climb this year. I climbed to gold this time with Kayn/Lee Sin/Kha'Zix. Been stuck for a time. I started hating jungle so I moved to support playing Pyke and Shen and got into gold 1 in 2 weeks and stopped playing. What changed? Nothing but the fun and the challenge. In gold there is no fun/challenge. Just toxicity and tilt. Silver players are more challenging and chill than gold. Had fun playing.
: Why are you responding to a post on the forums of a game you don’t play
Because why not? + Why is that any of you business ?
: I don't think you understood my post there, I am glad for the player base in-game to be as good as they ever could be when my life went from bad to worst and still going down the hill ... I am literally alive because of the League of Legends, not the game itself but the Player Base & Riot Employees, I just wanted to show my thankfulness in this and this only way that I know how, if I quit the game ... well ... I did quit it for two years 2016-2018, it didn't go well at all ... I am not trying to sound like am seeking attention or whatever, but I am barely alive here ... if the last thing I have which is this game, stops, I stop ...
I mean I can believe you. But why I got downvoted like I wished death to someone or I'm flaming someone ? jeez
: I Want to Say This to Riot, LOL & the Player Base
Man stop playing this game. I stopped and I'm having a life lol. This game just brings chaos to a human being. Killing you from inside like nothing. You'll feel it later. I think you just didn't realize that feeling that this game is the thing which is killing you. Try to go outside and take a nice breath without that game for a day. And tell me your feeling.
: lol what? As a Bard OTP I really don't see how you can compare him to Pyke in terms of annoyance. Yes you can proc electrocute with Q+AA at level 1 and do lots of damage, but aside from that Bard has a really weak laning phase.
You just don't get it. You're used to play him and rarely play against him. You'll know how cancerous he is if you play other champs against him
Rioter Comments
: I'm just in shock ! Riot, do something already !!!!!!!!!!
“don’t feed the enemy” That's the most dumb thing to say to a Yasuo. Tell him try to play safer or something else. If I'm doing bad + you telling me to not feed the enemy Imma feed them. Just learn to talk. Lol Otherwise everything is true
: Petition to bring back Rotate gamemodes for the weekends like we used to
Riot just don't give af. It won't bring them money so don't expect it.
: Riots recent decisions cause general dissatisfaction within the community
last 4 years isn't lately. Change lately to since season 6.
Ritmann (EUW)
: People who Alt + F4 right before the Victory/Defeat screen
I don't want a explosion in my ears + a 2 years waiting for the client to load. That's my reason
: They will give us a "10th anniversary pass" to celebrate. And, to make it special and well remembered for years _-as it is a big moment-_, the pass will cost **10** times more than other passes in the past.
I don't want that. If that happens Imma try my best making everyone I know leave the game. Thanks
: Riot Promised Us More Game Modes But They Have Not Delivered!
I'm surprised to see that none upvoted fot TFT. I saw too much *animals who look like humans* trying to make TFT more better and making it the main game meanwhile League going to be the side game. Everyone realized that TFT is shit
Diävolo (EUW)
: I didn't say anything about homosexual people. I said, don't talk about your stuff to straight people. Lol. I'm feeling shit talking to you.
I was intentionally awful to him. I mean, I don't hate any homosexual. The problem is that these boards are about fun. + I simply doesn't like who talks about it everywhere. If someone is homo and I know but he doesn't talk about it its fine. But the problem is don't talk about it. Got it ? I was awful to him exactly. Sorry to all homosexual if you felt offended. Shout-out to my homosexual friend ;)
Kravixman (EUNE)
: ***
I didn't say anything about homosexual people. I said, don't talk about your stuff to straight people. Lol. I'm feeling shit talking to you.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Did I pulled never string? New? no sorry, new account yes. 80% things you already wrote are nasty and deserve a ban, I was simply changing 2 or 3 words of what you said... but still those are your words. Sorry that you're new in Verbal abusing and flamming, but boooy... don't start a war with EUNE in this thing, or you get rekt x)
Dude, you can't change my words to your side because I'm talking about what you do not what you are. Yeah, what I wrote is nasty because you deserve it. Don't talk shit about Arabs when you can't argue. + You're turning and argument into a war weebo boi ? I bet you're a dude who kept all his life watching Naruto and became fat asf. Later couldn't get a gf and now talking shit. Don't talk shit about Arabs. I repeat, don't talk shit about any origin. Trash
Kravixman (EUNE)
: You mean Q that gets blocked by minions? Suuure... So just increase ration on W and E by 200% to balance out. :3
I mean, I won't comment to any of you posts again or reply to your comments. You're just a dude who doesn't understand anything I say so...
: Power Creep
*Excluding supports* Ok : Brand/Pyke/Zyra/Lux/Lulu/Bard/Neeko/Sona/Yuumi/Zilean/Zoe
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Taliyah's Ultimate.
Yeah, but nerf her %%%%ing Q please :) She's just a Lux 2.0
: No more PvE
The problem Riot is still making cringy skins like prestige skins or E girls skins because YOU PEOPLE BUY THEM. If people stop buying their shit, they'll just work on making the game better
Kravixman (EUNE)
: I see you really love to jump in, write your thing and ruin the fun. :/
Which fun dude ? If you wanna talk about gay shit just go into a closed group. I have no problem if you have a crush on a dude. But just don't talk about it ffs. No offense to gay people tho
: So the Riven buffs has nothing to do with her new skin + prestige
Rito please, don't buff Yasuo. He's fine and fun to play. We don't want him OP again
: About the 10th anniversary
Bug fixes which will cost RP
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