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: Noo, don't do that. Even changing the client language is done through meddling with the files for which you get banned
Aright, Thank you for the heads up :)
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: Unfair Matchmaking
There will always be smurfs, there will always be boosted players, I get really angered by some players, and I get carried by other players. Getting carried by smurfs isn't really fun though, It just makes me feel like a really shit player and gives me a cheap and an undeserved win. But yeah, the matchmaking is ridiculous, I've had teammates who are lvl 30, with no mastery 5 on any champions, clearly new to the game by looking through their match history, and in bronze 1 rank, fighting an enemy that is gold 4, lvl 220, Katarina OTP with 300,000 mastery points, and a great knowledge of the game. As you could probably guess, no matter how many times mid was ganked, we still lost, our mid was 0/10 by the end of the game and Katarina hyper carried by using her advantage from our mid to obliterate other lanes. I don't blame the player, but I'm frustrated by riot on why I was paired with this player in this rank and he was challenged by such a better player. Really unfair.
: Every monday on 9 pm, GMT + 2
Thought it was 8pm? no?
: Until there is Irelia i liive for league of legend
Though the champ isn't brain dead and needs learning, it's still overpowered, Especially with steraks, she becomes too overpowered because she has very little outplay, the only outplay she has is if the Irelia messes up e.g misses her ult or abilities or does a funny dash, otherwise, you won't run away, you won't out-damage, you wont out-tank, even in a a 1v5 situation, she can neglect so much damage + her steraks + her damage + her mobility, she will kill a majority of you before she goes down. The only reasonable "counter" to her is for the jungler to camp irelia to make her fall behind, but that's not her mechanics, and it can cause a disaster for other lanes if they drop off as their jungler will be pre-occupied. Definitely need to make adjustments, Need to tone down the champs late game a few thousand notches so she can become a teamplayer and not a solo carry. Also, to Riot, Please fix Kayle, I was never a Kayle main, but she was a really fun champion, now it's afk farm for the first 20-25 min, then, if your team didn't feed hard enough, you can enjoy the 5 minutes of being strong (not entirely broken though as her ult is dogshit compared to her old ult) until the game ends because you were absent for 25 min and lose, or your team is winning and you hyper carry for 5 min and win (even though your team would win anyways) Really need to balance her, make her early game stronger, more enjoyable, and fun, and make her late game weaker so she is balanced by her early game and doesn't absolutely destroy the game. Really questionable and concerning actions taken by riot on champion designs recently. Like what the %%%% did they do to Galio? he was strong but not broken, compared to current meta champs..


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