Najns (EUW)
: I think I read somewhere that they removed it because it was "too distracting" and there were "too many noises" or something. I thought it was so cool D:
: This still exists.
Its wierd, it stopped doing it on my games, its only when I pick my champ that they say anything now.
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candoodle (EUW)
: well if there is only one support you can play well seems logical that it would need a nerf if a player who cant play anything else can still play that i dont know what you think this "favortisim" is or comes from but the fact that you would first use thresh and then lee as examples of champions that never get gutted is laughable The problem with the community is kids spammng capslock when their freelo champ gets nerfed
Favouritism DOES exist... and it shows just how corrupt and selfish this community is. Remember {{champion:64}}'s rework to make him less toxic. Yeah... only rework EVER to be cancelled because the Lee Sin fanbase cried hard enough to get it changed. NEVER HAPPENED WITH ANY OTHER CHAMPION IN LEAGUE HISTORY! Ergo... Favoritism
candoodle (EUW)
: how long have you been playing this game? I remember back when thresh got nerfed back to back for weeks, thresh has one of those kits that even if his abilities did 0 dmg he would probably still be viable. It's not like they are buffing thresh. Not sure if the Karma nerfs are needed though, seems like this is another Classic case of "oh crap we made an item that is to strong on this champ (ardent), better nerf the champ" then after a few weeks of people building ardent on lulu's and morgs they will finally nerf the item without reverting the karma changes CLASSIC RITO all that said, why the hate on thresh? just because your favorite champ is getting nerfed doesnt mean you have to call for nerfs on somebody else's main man. I dont even see thresh that often. >Riot, this is why I troll supports now. why troll just pick thresh
Karma DIDN'T NEED A NERF! She was the only support I played well and Riot destroyed her. I hate Thresh because he's a symbol of EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THIS COMMUNITY - Like {{champion:64}}. How favouritism protects champions that actually NEED gutting.
: I take it you were handed your @rse to you by thresh or by (point and click) assassins those last few games,that is most likely why ur screaming for nerfs and crap. Normally,i would give you an answer,but after ur pure douchebaggery on the thread before,i may just as well give you what you should hear: Thresh can be counterplayed,thresh also sucks at early,and if the player isnt good its a 4v5 in a nutshell. Get your @rse outta the mentality of (riot needs to do what i want or they are not right) and THEN expect to hear good-minded answers.
I'm not arguing that he cannot be killed. I am just SICK OF THE FAVORITISM! WHY CAN'T PEOPLE LIKE YOU UNDERSTAND THAT!
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: > [{quoted}](name=StarfleetEquine,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dURTRueA,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-08-04T09:33:41.116+0000) > > The game would be about 50x better if the assassin class as a whole didn't exist but since they do, I fail to see why they deserve some of the best and easy mobility in the game. > > Also, could you tone down on the Riot blow-jobbing a bit... you'll get Herpes that way. As far as he is concerned,he didnt come here to listen to a riot haters bullsh!t as well,so if you want any real attention given to your post,stop being so fucking critic. Ur not the only one here that can insult the fuck outta you while he thinks hes in the right,and oh boy trust me,assassins have counters. Even the point and click ones. Its called CC.
Oh please, grow up and deal with it. I am tired of people like you who will do anything to defend a clearly morally corrupt company.
: Being popular isn't the same thing as being succesful. Thresh has a perfectly normal winratio of almost exactly 50% on all elos. He is probably the most balanced and well designed champ in the game (the latter is a matter of opinion of course).
I am sick of a how a champions popularity protects them from changes that would balance them. Its the worst thing about the corruption and how sick this community are... (E.G. {{champion:64}} )
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: Why are we comparing point-and-click CC with point-and-click mobility?
Because they are still both point and click, allowing assassins to randomly jump about the map with 0 skill does not make for a good gameplay experience, especially for immobile mages and yet Riot is has systematically destroyed pretty much most mage supports and a good chunk of mages but assassins can keep their point and click dashes? Its completely unfair.
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: If Thresh is as OP as you say....why isn't he more successful than other supports? And if he is NOT more successful than other supports....why is he OP? edit: And about his lvl 1 damage. I guess you are refering to his E? Well, if you go for AD runes a fully loaded E deals roughly 120 damage, autoattack already included. Let's compare that to another support who also uses just one autoattack and one spell. Let's take Lulu as example. Without AP her autoattack on lvl 1 deals 55 damage. If she levels her Q she can also use that and deal another 80 damage, resulting in a sum of 135 damage ----> more than Thresh (without any AP!!!). Long story short: Threshs damage output on lvl 1 is not at all unusual.
He IS more successful then other supports. He has ALWAYS been in the meta for supports... ALWAYS because of how broken he is. He needs his scaling reduced as he doesn't need damage on a support like that.
: Why is Thresh consistently ignored
He gets free access to insane damage numbers for a support at level fucking 1 so don't lie.
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kurnubego (EUNE)
: One thing I have difficulty with to understand in people mentality with this game.
NEVER compliment the enemy team, NEVER do this. It reinforces their morale and gives them a much higher percentage of winning. Always remember, they are the enemy, they are not the same as you, they are an obstacle and destroy them mercilessly, EVERY game. NEVER help them win and NEVER let them see you bleed.


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