Sffc (EUW)
: If the ADC is an ungrateful sob you're right, just go mid and camp the shit out of that lane, and then wait for the jungler + mid and go gank the bot too. Sure your adc won't be able to farm as much, but you're going to get your mid fed and your mid is gonna snowball the bot
Yeah, I do that, especially when I'm playing with a {{champion:42}} that is 0/5/0 and says "Imma gonna get mah powerspike soon" - *rolls eyes*
: Well, about the various points: - Karma is ABSOLUTELY fine as a Support even now, except if your team comp needs tanks. - About Alistar being boring, I guess it comes to personal opinion, but I find him exactly the opposite. He's in my top 3 favourite supports. And he doesn't always use the same combo, he has a LOT of ways of controlling a team fight. As a support, he brings everything you would want in a support to the table, except poke. - I find it weird ( don't take this the wrong way, I don't mean it in a bad way, just surprised.) that you like Karma but find Janna boring. Both, in terms of utility, bring more or less the same to a game, the only difference being Karma has more damage (which is, obviously, the less important thing on a support) whereas Janna has more healing. - About flamer ADCs, unfortunately, we can't do much. There are always gonna be players that can't accept their own mistakes and blame the easy targets instead, to keep their own name clean. In LoL, the easy targets are and always will be the jungler, and especially, the support. What is important is that you keep picking what you feel is right for that particular game or team comp, and DON'T refrain from picking what you feel is right because you're afraid of being blamed or criticized. Fact is, you're gonna be flamed or criticized regardless of what you pick. When others enter the game with the mentality of blaming others and not acknowledging themselves, you can't do much about it. Be open to suggestions, but don't ever restrain your picks because of the flaming of others. Those ADCs don't think that ADC stands for AD Carry, they think it stands for AD Carried. Supports don't carry ADCs. They support them (which is already probably the most important thing in the game). There's only so much you can do. From that point on, it's the ADC responsibility. - About the playing with your food thing. I can see where you're coming from, but you're missing something. Which is the notion of why junglers and supports ever needed to come to existance. Let's talk farm distribution. There is NOT ENOUGH FARM on the map to have 5 lane carries, and have any of them have any sort of gold flow that will grant them an optimal performance. To maximize the gold flow to an optimal extent, of the 5 base players, 1 of them had to be moved to the jungle (which gives you just about less than a lane, but is safer), and 1 had to be made to give up any sort of farm (before gold-generating items were invented) and resign himself to have only his spells to help others, and use any little gold that they get into team-oriented items. By trying to focus on damage as a support, you're working against your team twofold: - First, you're getting something that's increasing the risk you take a kill instead of someone else - which means your carries will kill less. - Secondly, you're getting something that helps you but brings nothing to others, which means, your carries will die MORE. Any half-decent team will capitalize on this and before you notice it, your carries will be food for the other team, and they WILL walk over you, because their carries will have their items, and yours won't. It's all fine to have poke, but champions with good poke will have it regardless of their build. Building more than that is risky and unadvisable in EVERY way possible. - About the MS stack. Yes, they stack, but, because of the reasons I mentioned in the previous point, I strongly advise against building Luden's on any support, because you're only helping yourself by doing so. Please consider building things like Mikael's, Zeke's or Locket instead. Ardent Censer is an AMAZING pick indeed. - Indeed, Karma's defiance is very satisfying and is a hymn to Support Role excellence :) Hope I helped.
Thank you for your very detailed and engaging post. The reason I feel {{champion:40}} is a bit boring because I like to have the option to defend myself in lane and not rely on other players in my team to protect me (9 times out of 10 in SoloQ they will misplay and you will end up dying for it). Janna, although she has bucketloads of CC and disengage, I feel serves a 5 man premade team much better because of her lack of damage. That is why I perfer {{champion:43}} for SoloQ so that if I get into a problem or my ADC is feeding, Karma is able to defend herself pretty well and dish out some good damage. Thats really the only reason I like her over Janna.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: When it comes to high damage supports, look to the midlane. Lux, Orianna and Zyra come to mind, if you're looking for burst _and_ utility. Otherwise you can go crazy with the fully damage focused ones like Brand, Annie or Fiddlesticks. Also to answer, yes, the movespeed increases stack from multiple items, since they're not unique passives.
Awesome, thank you. I have always wondered if I could buy both, its great that I can.
MynadarxCZ (EUNE)
: {{champion:25}} buff: during her ult (from cast to stun proc) making her immune to dmg and CC while in the same time she is silenced and disarmed (pretty much like cog after he dies without the movement bonus) so she can skip zhonyas and still not be useless mid/late game. Her ult is actully the worst aoe CC+dmg TF "around-the-champ-area" ult in the game simple because she doesn't have built in mobility to land it properly like the other champs with similiar ults (galio, amumu, kennen,...) while every champ has some mobility ability now so they can always walk from it when you use zhonya and when you dont use it they just burst you dont... nerf: Nerfing dmg on her Q while in the same time adding a debuff to her Q which makes her W do a lot more dmg on the target - her late game random Q hit poke can be pretty ridiculous sometimes right now while her W seems like doing 0 dmg even if combinated with CC for more uptime so this would make her whole combo feel much better imho while fixing the "cancer" part of her which is her Q dmg (atlast thats what I see ppl complaining about most of the time when it come to Morgana, i mean they cry about the root too, but that part is ok - it is a skill shot and its just root, not stun, so its ok imho).
I think her snare time needs to be nerfed a little because its a little too long. Not saying guy her because she's actually pretty balanced. I feel her shield is also too impactful for the cooldown it has and the cooldown should be longer, something like {{champion:127}}'s claw (E) (16 Secs at Rank One) because of how impactful it is, being the only shield to counter CC directly.
GawnMower (EUW)
: Take you main and give him a buff....
{{champion:43}} - Soulflare (R+Q) now marks the target in addition to its damage, allied attacks and Karma's basic attacks will do 3% additional damage on marked targets. Allows Karma to use her ult to coordinate with her ADC to bring one target down faster after she uses her burst. (Its almost impossible to finish off people like {{champion:18}} because they have long range dashes and Karma can't use her W to snare them). I hate it when people escape on a fraction of health XD Either that or... Defiance (R+E) now does magic damage in an aoe around allied champions when cast. (But I think Karma used to have this on her ult shield, I would like to see it come back).
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Scuttle (EUW)
: Why do people barely play karma
I main her and she is my favorite champ in the game, never played her before her rework but I've always liked her little bit of everything type kit. She feels fun but not overloaded like {{champion:412}} who is an abomination.
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Mael bro (EUNE)
: I wouldn't be actually hating Zed if...
{{champion:64}} - has the worst playbase, the only ones who whined enough to get Lee Sin's rework cancelled, didn't happen for any other champ.
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Endellion (EUW)
: Riot is not your parents, psychiatrists, social worker or anything of the sort, they are a games company concerned with making money. If a person is making an excessive amount of games toxic it's better for them to ban him (even though he might spend money on the game) than put off many more paying customers. Happier people tend to spend more money, and if they are turned off completely for Riot it's throwing potential income down the metaphorical drain. It's up to YOU to improve yourself, Riot is not going to wipe your backside while you make the game unplayable for other people.
Because Riot only care about ONE thing... Your Wallet... They couldn't give a fuck about your wellbeing.
: > Now I know that Tristana's bombs work in a slightly different way, in that you have to auto-attack the target to release their true potential however the damage on them is obscene late game and they are point and click, so no aiming needed. Sorry, but for me this sentence translates to: "I know that my example doesn't really apply to the situation, but I'll use it anway". Don't get me wrong, I agree that Riots statements about what they do or don't do are sometimes a bit contradicting. But I don't think it has anything to do with hypocrisy (a term that doesn't really fit what you describe here anyway). I think what Riot has to work on is improving how they explain their decisions and how they explain when they change their mind about something. I think there is nothing wrong in changing your mind, it only shows that you are able to recognize your own mistakes and fix them instead of blindly sticking to what you said before....but I think Riot often forgets to mention that they changed they mind about something and especially WHY they changed their mind.
No, Riot did this, simply to promote ADC's as with the current season. They really don't give a damn about balance, look how most AP champions have been treated this season.
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: >1) Thunderlords is not that great now, few champs use it [Mastery Usage](http://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/masteries/all) Just saying 44.1% But that aside I also don't think that Secret Stash is bad. OP also forgot that potions and elixirs last 10% longer. So every health pot gives you 35 (20 instant + 15 over time) health and 10 mana more than usual which is around a third of a health potion in value (17 gold per pot).
Its not health that I really need in lane, its more mana then anything else and yes, I'm conservative anyway but not having blue pots anymore really makes you feel each spell cast because you cannot happily spam anymore.
2Bibby (EUW)
: Boring because you don't know how to play them ^^ Thresh is the best goddamn support in the game. Also, that meta karma support.
Yes, its so hard to use... press 1 for a ward... WOW! So complicated. No, how about I don't like {{champion:412}} because he's an overloaded piece of crap that has been a bane on this game since release. He is just basically {{champion:53}} 2.0 and I will NEVER play him on principle. {{champion:43}} may not be considered "good" in the meta but she is actually my main and she does fine in the support role because I ENJOY using her and she has fairly decent poke damage because that is 10x more fun then waiting around on {{champion:16}}, {{champion:40}} or {{champion:12}} (The last one is totally overrated and only popular because he's spammed in LCS)
2Bibby (EUW)
: Because poke supports arent suppose to be a thing. It's what bad players do when they are stuck in the support role. They'd rather try and kill the opponent than support their carries. Suppose you are on of those guys that would rather buy a deathcap than a sightstone and pinks.
When sightstone gives decent stats, I will buy it, otherwise its just a useless item slot. I like to use {{item:2301}} and btw, thanks for calling {{champion:43}} useless because she's not. Not all of us get off on playing boring supports like {{champion:12}} or overpowered horribly designed champs that don't even need to build damage to get damage like {{champion:412}} .
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Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: After spending thousands of euros on this game
I just think that Teemo is there to taunt you... XD
: Hey guys, wanna hear a fun fact about HEXTECH CRAFTING? Toxics don't get it for over 3 months =)
Must be nice to be a self-rightous prick, most of this community are
: Hey guys, wanna hear a fun fact about HEXTECH CRAFTING? Toxics don't get it for over 3 months =)
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: because he is actually balanced.
Meanwhile on Earth, the children are worried about losing their training wheels (= {{champion:238}})
: Nutshell? A fan base same for riven Lee vayne ect. Look what happened when they tried to give riven a resource... Loads of riven mains flaming riot. What happened last time they needed Lee? Thousand of Lee mains flaming riot. They have gave the fuck up on even trying to balance vayne. Any champion with a stupidly large fan base they won't touch anymore unless it's effecting the proscene to hard
That is a rediculous notion, if a champion is so toxic they are affecting general game enjoyment, they should be reworked or nerfed properly, not just ignored because people like that champion. That is so biased, it isn't fair.
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Eeten (EUW)
: ***
Its not sad, my friends don't like this game for its purely unwelcoming, unfriendly and rude community. I have never met a genuinally nice person in this game.
Eeten (EUW)
: ***
I don't NEED or require friends, I like to play this game BY MYSELF... how is that so bad? Oh and I do have friends, just none of them play this game because of the toxic and frankly evil community.
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Savage Devi (EUNE)
: I'm willing to guess this is DiamondFrostman's new account? Welcome back c:
Points for commenting with no relevance to the topic at hand.
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Wise Alien (EUNE)
: soraka nurf
Riot don't care about avarage players, they just wanted to fuck over Adrian so Immortals wasn't as strong in the LCS, it has fuck all to do with the rest of us. That is how petty and pathetic Riot is at the moment, trying to manipulate the LCS.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Toxicity Explained - Why the LoL Community is toxic and Riot isn't able to deal with it
Don't quote psychology when you have NO IDEA what you talking about. A better study to use would be Zimbado (1973) - The Stanford Prison Experiment. Look it up. http://www.simplypsychology.org/zimbardo.html This explains all you need to know about humanity and why we are incapable of accepting peace and tolorence.
: Help decide the best Armor Penetration item for the Crit Tryndamere Build between these three
How about you don't play him and contribute to toxicity in this game.
: What is with the french in this game?
Its pretty much true, although you'll get downvoted for this because everyone likes to pretend that racial stereotypes don't exist for a reason.


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