: Ironic that you're complaining about dodgers and their positions not getting autofilled, yet dodge and become the cause of the same problem you're advocating against... Autofill is great imo, if you can't deal with it you obviously haven't played ranked before it. Pure chaos.
I dont think that you get my point.ill give you an exampel.I get Mid and some one dodges because they got support.The next game it takes away my mid role and gives it to some one els and it gives me support.Why is it giving me support if i got mid first? why isent the system just changing the dodgers support role.insted of taking my mid role and giving it to some one els and putting me on shitty support.Thats my complain.If i play 2-4 matches as my role and then get support then i might consider playing support this one time.
: wroted about that a year ago and here is a copy/paste of my oppinion autofill is a bullshit, literally, i hate that thing and no, i am not afraid to get autofilled to certain role i am not a ranked player, i play it only when all my friends are offline and often i select that ''fill'' when i am not feeling like playing specific role but also when i feel like playing it, then i have to suffer from autofill? i also had things that i wanted to play support and would have picked it to get autofilled into jungle cause riot thought it would be maybe better if they put me into match sooner then with people which actually want to play that role... and lets face the fact, how hard is to find jungler? once again, FILL is something good and i dont think that i am the only person which puts it into most of the games but if i want to play specific role, let me to play it when i want not when you want, i am not playing this game to save some time in shorter que's cause if i wanted to save time i would have do it by not playing it... i will not even mention one tricks etc, they must be like it even more then i do... So, RIOT You failed.
they should make 2 queue one with auto fill and one with no autofill.i rather wait longer in queue then play a borring roll.i play this game to enjoy my self.not to do somthing i dont want to.ill go watch a show while i wait in queue its np for me
: > 90 minute and i still havent had the chanse to try ekko any one els se somthing wrong with this great auto fill system? holy S Sooo... you could just have played one game autofill, which takes about 20-30 minutes and afterwards you are autofill PROTECTED, which means taht you are guaranteed one of your main roles. If you dodge games, don't blame the system - you are trying to play around the system and that's the result of that.
i did autofill i played vayne.then i got my autofill protected game and got to play ekko for 10 min because the enemy team had an AFK and they surrender as soon as they could.guess that was my auto filled protected game.after that i gave up
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: In my case I almost never get autofilled, unless I'm playing badly, that's 1 thing I noticed
i dont think playing good or bad has anything to do with the roll you get.im not a 100% on this thou
: Here's what you do. - blind pick - lock ekko - call role that hasn't been called yet Ekko can be played top/jungle/mid and with a little imagination even support. ADC is a role that's called often, so there's no need to worry about that.
blind pick is also a joke.u spam mid mid mid and some slow guy goes.i wanted mid if i dont get mid i feed or troll
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: Is this your first account? It seems that you're not aware how bad queue times were without autofill, you had to be lucky to get 10 minutes queue, in most cases you had to waste as much time waiting as playing games
m8 i had to wait 90 minutes to get to play the champ i wanted to play.Because so many ppl dodge when they dont get the lane they want or they go afk in game or they ban the champ or people cancel the join when it pops.its ridicules
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Sianon (EUNE)
: Riot you let me down! (not your usual qq thread)
i think your lieing about your age because no 28+ year old cares about their birthday
: You level faster so you get BE faster
lol thats BS.theres no point in lvling exept the BE rewards like wtf.were they thinking? having a high number next to my account means nothing thing to me
: I think it's because before the Xp boost would just give you XP, now the Xp boost in turns also gives you BE
how mutch be do you get from them ? or do you mean that i lvl faster so i get be?
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