LA Losty (EUW)
: Thats not flaming, dont be so sensitive if you post online. Also you should probably buy a support champion instead of other fighters like Pantheon. Lastly the guy has as much right to judge you as you had to judge your adc. She should have warded, and you should have gotten a proper support to play.
450 IP Poppy and Soraka are 10x more valuable then any LeeSin. For 1350 ip you have sona or a veigar or alistair etc etc. Why would you join a ranked game without even a couple supports? I didn't flame you tho, I even supported you statement about warding. But don't expect to come judging others (your bronze teammates) and don't get judged. P.S: Sorry Niko it was meant as a reply for the upper post
: Yes I will ban Camille in ranked. Every game. Stop raging.
Played two ranked games so far. She is quite easy to play, mechanic-wise. Both games lost from factors way not under my control (mid uber fed, a twitch fed etc) so I cannot really tell if on the long run of the game she could be OP. So far I don't feel like she is a threat in lane at all. Her Q dmg is good only at level 1 then she scales very poorly. The Q is good later on to tear down turrets. She has a good amount of armor at start but she is seems not so tanky. Overall very item dependant. I tried both rushing a triforce and rushing a titanic hydra. Din't notice any difference after you get a sheen. Every part of her kit is easily counterable, especially that stupid ultimate, that looks amazing on paper but in teamfights is like a suicide everytime I used it. In all these years I saw more complex champs being OP since day one but that's not the case. So my advice is to ignore her and ban the rat instead. Way more dangerous.
AstralDream (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=kiksenx,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EoVTaaAk,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2016-12-13T00:41:34.968+0000) > > There is no normal draft on eune, so how should the player get to know Camille if he or she is not allowed to play her in ranked? it's no fun playing against bots, and blind pick is horrible. WOW I need to explain that after all the time this game exists? 1 game with a champion -> CUSTOM GAME, you vs some bots, just to get used to cooldowns and abilities and try some different items and stuff. After that you have blind pick on EUNE or just few more custom games, and then maybe a ranked, if you think you will do well with a new champion. Playing a champion for the first time ever in ranked should be bannable. Its competitive mode and you wont be good at all with new champion, and the guy on the other side will play one of hist best champions, so trolling like that you lower your chances of winning, I would not care if it was only your chance of winning but you also do so for other 4 people that you get. Its not nice to do so.
I usually create a custom game with Twisted Treeline and add 3 bots: 2 intermidiate and 1 beginner. You should pick some heavy champs. At minute 10 or so they group up and start pushing as 3. I just tried her against Trundle (denies the follow up), Tristana (knocks her out of ultimate) and Amumu. So far she seemed to me not OP at all (I expected some serious wercking champ), not very hard to learn, very dependant on itemisation and the ultimate can be easily countered and doesn't last very long.
: What you also have to consider is the player's champion pool. let's say the Yasuo support player is a 1-trick pony who only plays Yasuo. If he gets autofilled for support is it better for him to play a non-meta support pick like Yasuo that he is comfortable with, or try to play a meta support that he has never played before? The jury's out on that one but I know a lot of players would rather use a comfort pick in an unfamiliar role than an unfamiliar pick. What you have to ask yourself is would the Yasuo player have done better on a meta support pick?
This is a valid point of view. It was not on point tho, because there was no autofill yet. But it makes sense. That yasuo still bought a sighstone tho :) Althought sometimes I think it is better go for a simpler choice that brings more utility to the team. There are a lot of cheap and easy to play supports, let's not lie about it. A Yasuo support had no gold to deal dmg at all, and in the end, he brought nothing for the team (no cc, no tankiness, no healing, no shields, not even raw dmg etc etc). Same for leesins supports wannabees. It looks cool, you can suprise the enemy but... it is pure luck if you go away with that for more then X games. He barely made a statikk at minute 20 or so. They won the lane because the enemy was truly bad or just suprised and let them snowball. All of this said. Bringing challenger examples is kinda fun and interesting for theory crafting but let's not forget in which elo the aveage player is actually playing!
: LOL no? Who the hell are you to tell me what to do? You think you have solid ground to stand on? I could care less for you opinion. I am playing a GAME to have fun. I am not trying to lose, I am trying to win. Your path to victory is not the same as others.
So your path to victory is denying your team a 800g item that gives you free wards and grants you vision on the map? That prevents the enemy to gank and get free gold on kills and steal objectives? In exhange for what? what kind of AD/AP item gives you a clear lead for 800g in a duo lane? Only executioner, vs certain match-ups, i guess. Nothing else. That's the *** basics of the game. The fact that in season 7 we are discussing this makes me wonder how low this game is went in the last 3 years. If your fun is to make the game more frustrating for others, well, good luck with that. If you are climbing at all is because, right now, the average player is truly worse then 2 years ago, and dynamicq boosted a lot of people around that have no *** clue of what they are doing.
CV Kalen (EUNE)
: The shocking of a bronze adc and his teammates
Everytime I see a LeeSin going support I'm like this far to unistall the game. Even tho in bronze you can carry a game even with a teemo support full tank, you have no right at all to come complain after you picked a LeeSin support. It is utterly useless. Every season has its major issue, deliberatly created by Riot to make the community focus on something so blatantly and stupidly negative. So I guess this season will be autofill. For the warding part you are probably on the right side. I see it in plat as well. Some ADCs forget they have a free ward and in the first 8 minutes is kinda hard to keep a full vision of the river, especially now that people ganks u at level 2. Some other ADCs buy you a pink ward at first recall. So it pretty random tho.
: Trolls and Feeders? I can't see them.
Problem is: this season we have 3 ranked queues (3v3, 5v5 solo/duo, 5v5 flex which can still be played as solo/duo), with different specific skill levels. And there are SO MANY people around, "boosted" from last season dynamic q joining now the soloq, creating a funny imbalance. I'm talking Plat 5 and a whole bunch of diamonds. Plus the placement are quite random, mixinf silvers with plat and so on. Then youhave this autofill crap, forcing people where they cannot do their best. For the rest you are right. Most people now talk about "intin" like a new cool slang for pros.
: Rylai's "nerfed"? Time to spam Zyra support!
Damn you! You are so right! Not that she needed any help tho. I've been waiting for this item nerf for so long. Ahhhh.
: Full AP mages, or in WingsofDeath's case, full AD Jarven. I was watching his stream yesterday when he did it and his team were flaming him for not getting a sightstone, and his response was to say "my team wouldn't make use of the vision, I might as well build damage so that I am useful in fights". He also said that since his team were so far behind all his sightstone wards would be instantly cleared and there was no way his team could protect them. While I can kind of see the logic in this, the thing about getting sightstone is it allows you to swap your ward trinket for a sweeper, which is very useful for defending your own jungle. Players are a lot less eager to enter the enemy jungle (even with a lead) when they don't have wards down. Now don't get me wrong, I watched the game and agreed with Wings regarding the current scenario. I mean he had a top lane kennen going some weird AS build with Frozen Mallet, Hurricane and Wit's End, and a Twitch ADC who suicided multiple times into the enemy team despite having full vision of them. In that aspect a sightstone wouldn't have helped. HOWEVER, I know for a fact that less skilled players who look up to him will look at that game and think to themselves, "well Wings doesn't build a sightstone, so I won't" and do this regardless of the situation.
I once witnessed a yasuo support succeed in high plat. I was toplane and I have no clue how they could wreck that lane so hard. Surprise effect? Just bad opponents? Both probably. But in a normal scenario, in an average elo, what is a yasuo support or a full ad jarvan bringing for the team? DMG. It could work only if u have enough cc and tankiness already, if you have a good combo, if you are strategically thinking is some way. There are so many factors to ponder about. Thats what is cool about this game right? So yeah, everything goes in my opinion, but just in certain scenarios. I played a lot of Eve mid last year (season 3 like) 1 every 3 game the enemy will surrender at 20. The other 2 games people would call me troll (depsite not directly losing the game for them). Problem is, if you force a guy to support and he goes full "IDC" he won't ponder so much and you are basically playing against all odds.
: People don't have to buy items just because the community tells them too. I remember when this game used to be a place where you could play whatever you liked and buy whatever you wanted but now Riot has just hammered the meta into everyone's head. If a player does something out of the norm then they are trolls or get reported. Pathetic.
Ranked wise. I dont give a shiit about what people do in normals. It is not about what the community tells. We are not talking about metabuilds and shit. Yeah, let's all play in a blind map because the support has to buy dmg. Thats his/her role right? Yeah, once in a while you get a xerath support that wrecks everybody, nice. Same for Lux and Brand (althought brand are always buying an eye so far). And dont start talking about pros playing out of meta picks. They know better. Whats that sound? A baron gone? A drake perhaps? Facechecking, and jungler camping and 4 men bottom. Everything avoidable with a damn ward. I know you guys love to play in bronze and are trying to recreate it everywhere you go but i'm kinda sick of it. I'm sick to play every game against all odds. Vision is so important to the game I dont even know wtf you are talking about. For what I'm concerned they shoudl implement a bette rupgrade on the trinkets to allow people to ward more. Buy that *** 800 gold sighstone and use it. End of story. Or fucking dodge the queue, dont ruin the game for everybody because you are superstar.
nrganev (EUW)
: Banner of Command (Paradox)
You forgot to mention that once the bannerino was a mystical item that made minions go faster and increased all minion dmg in a radius (+15% if i dont recall badly). It was used on Zyra as second item to empower plants. TBH I like the removal of AP on this item. Now you can build it on almost every tank and it is kinda cheaper. One of the few things I liked so far from this preseason. I get your point tho, about the "paradox". But I guess it was thought to protect from the assassins (that why you get so much armor) and to push a lane mid/late game. Still armor + AA immunity makes sense cuz you are supposed to use it to push right? so you and you supp aminions are tankier against assassins and ADC. I guess.
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Eωsforos (EUNE)
: got "placed" twice..
Played my provisionals 3v3 yesterday. Got a 9:1, played mostly vs diamond 5-3 and got placed gold 2 (I was plat 5 in 5v5). So... now I'm going to play my extra game and I know already I'm going to be super pissed. EDIT: played vs a dia 3 OTP irelia with 300 games, got legendary and confrmed the previous placement. (3v3 tho, maybe just the 5v5 q s broken?) Side note: You cannot remake in 3v3? Bummer.
: With my Gold 4 "smurf" account (which has like 20 champs total and 2 not even full runes pages) I've been eating diamond 5-3 for breakfasts for the 2 past days. (and no, i'm not playing any assassin, nor any FOTM etc etc). Consider that my main is in plat 5 and stayed there all season, impossible to climb past Plat 4 thx to our beloved 3 men premades. Solid proof -to me- of HOW MUCH dynamic q was boosting people, especially to plat 5. The last days of the season I checked my ladder and my friends list: believe it or not, genrally speaking, 80% of the players were playing on dynamicq, all climbing super fast while the soloqer were so slow. So yeah, good riddance dynamicq (tbh they should put the duo option into dynamicq and keep the pure solo q separate).
I tell you more. Just finished my placements for 3v3. 9/10. The 10th game was the only game I had a Diamond in MY team. Guess what? He fucked up big time. The 9th game I played against a dia 5, 4 and 3 = no sweat. So glad we can go back to soloing in 5v5.
: The hypocrisy of LCS sheep...the Quasus case study.
Rofl really? I played an AP nasus like that right after the roa "rework", maxing E and still stacking my Q. I went ROA first then tank item (visage or sunfire), iceborn then some bullshit item (i was atroll so...) like abyssal and zhonya just for the laugh. Highest dmg in every game because of the ultimate AP for AD exchange + max health dmg.
: Patch 6.22, a patch made from silvers to silver players
" I love this game, i truly do, and watching it getting ruined is very depressing for me. Riot pls fix all this mess." *cough**cough* You are a whole season and half late my friend (minimum, but who can recall ho it was at this point?) I'll give you a free prediction about this one: 1) First 6 months: balancing the assasin reworks. There are still issues with some past champs, but now this will be the priority. Some of them will be super broken, some others will be super OP. Let give the pros a couple weeks before somebody gets a new champ/ role /build that will grant you a free elo ride. Then they will change something, make it broken, adjust, and then something else will come up eventually at the end (probably a Ryze rework) ;) 2) Say goodbye to draft pick: remember how people complained about DynamicQ? Well, we sucked up to it an entire season and now basically they are doing what we asked last preseason. So no draft pick till season 7, I guess. And I FUCKING HATE blind pick. But... 3)... most people will try shiiit in 3v3 ranked now. Which is the thing I've ben waiting for years! Finally! 3v3 raned yay! 4) Plants: useless. So pls remove them. They are just an embarassment. Smite and jungle diversity: the smite heal is so... stupid. What about some strategic though about clearing the camps? Nej. Lux jungle? OK. Kata jungle? Why not. Next step: Any bruiser support? You got it. Supports in the jungle? Why nobody is doing it already? Etc Etc.
emthy (EUNE)
With my Gold 4 "smurf" account (which has like 20 champs total and 2 not even full runes pages) I've been eating diamond 5-3 for breakfasts for the 2 past days. (and no, i'm not playing any assassin, nor any FOTM etc etc). Consider that my main is in plat 5 and stayed there all season, impossible to climb past Plat 4 thx to our beloved 3 men premades. Solid proof -to me- of HOW MUCH dynamic q was boosting people, especially to plat 5. The last days of the season I checked my ladder and my friends list: believe it or not, genrally speaking, 80% of the players were playing on dynamicq, all climbing super fast while the soloqer were so slow. So yeah, good riddance dynamicq (tbh they should put the duo option into dynamicq and keep the pure solo q separate).
PPR Indi (EUW)
: Is Ranked match making "scripted"
I made a couple posts in the past about this, with pictures of the teamcompositions and teams MMR (Lolnexus prediction). Every 4 wins or so I got put into a 3 or 4 men premade team with a significant lower MMR then mine. I called this "the filler" (need to compensate the low mmr with a higher player). This happens for 2-3 games till my MMR is totally wrecked. Repeat. So I finally realized how broken the dynamicQ is, forcing soloQers to deal with this huge huge shiit and making impossible to solocarry when you are teh stranger in an already made team.
Limitless (EUW)
: There isn't even a fiora game in your support/mid games (?)
I got a smurf account where I'm mastering/maining Fiora (if the matchmaking allows me...I keep getting my secondary role).
: Can you Buff Illaoi?
Did you know that th eBalance team is giving away a life-time-free-win-pass? Basically everytime you join a game you automatically win. All season 6 has been about making this game dumber and dumber but they eventually realized that it is easier this way. No need to learn how to play anymore. You need to send a ticket to the support team tho!
Binnsey (EUW)
: Yasuo needs to be changed somehow
Yesterday I played Fiora vs Yasuo At level 1 he killed me without having his Q :D I hit 3 vitals and kept AA him and still he went away with 30% of his hp (I had 4 ad more at level 1). Isn't it some huge bullshit? It was impossible to trade. So I rushed a randuin and an hydra. Still couldnt trade with him. He went triforce, sunfire, frozen mallet build, which is the emblem of thsi season bullshiit. He had literally half of my AD and armor and 0 crit chance and I couldn't kill him alone. Not once.
CzarnaSowa (EUNE)
: Matchmaking system
Wanna hear one funny about qq times? 20 mins waiting for a mid position (I restarted it 3-4 times but nothing). So ok.. lets go support again. 2 secs later: 4 french in my team. Oh yeah, this is happening QUITE OFTEN. Nomen omen. I guess I did somethign really ba din my revious..season :D
: Matchmaking, What is wrong?
All season 6 has been hellish for me. I've been cursed with the "filler" position for half of my games. By that I mean I've been choosen as the highest player for a team with 3-4 premades way lower then me. In my promo for plat 4 I had a silver 1 player in my team (duoq with a gold 2 ofc), just to say. I wrote a couple threads on the matter with pics showing the randomness of the teams MMR matchups and how thsi si affecting me. A couple friends of mine (both plat in s5 as well) just duoq their way to diamond in no time while I'm about to get demoted for the 3d time from plat 5 to gold (im on a 15 loss streak with 3 french premades in EVERY SINGLE GAME!). I cannot stand another full AP bard with no sighstone as support, or a bunch of wannabe midlaners supports (Lux being the favourite) or people building hydras on ranged champs, full HP ADC using the heal just to run faster. Come on, pls, dont tell me "if you are good you can carry", that means almost nothing this season. Is not even me playing worse because I had games with dia 3 smurfs that got impressed with my Karma and told me to tryhard with her to get their level. Kinda ironic. This season is all about this **** dynamicQ, boosted players around every corner, and abusing the rotating imbalance of the champ pool. GG WP soloQ.
Tarolock (EUW)
: if they ignore you then its not RIOTs/dynamicq etcs fault, its theirs, and since i dont know any way of telling if a human being is going to ignore others or not you can not fix that issue, premades and random solo ppl have equal chance of ignoring the rest of the team (or even using their brain) /had a game nasus top but little behind at one point we held their whole team at our bot inhibitor turret while nasus was working his way to their top inhibitor a little more than 324523 times i asked him nicely to stay there and take their tower+inhib (or even win the game for us) but for some brilliant reason he recalled went into the whole enemy team and died/ for the camping part: since they changed bot towers and introduced first kill on towers i had tons of 5 man (yup 5, the whole team) ganks on bot lane, be it premades or 5 solo player and i have to say again that im not against premades, they change nothing in my gameplay/mentality anything, anything other than me in a game is a variable and i think im pretty good to work with what i have, i make mistakes, i give first bloods since somehow i have to test my adc if he is going to get that kill or chicken out in the last second etc, but i dont care if i play against 5 challenger even if im silver, i just join the next game and prolly forget about it in a few hours, im more annoyed by ppl who lock in yasuo mid saying in the first 10 seconds of the game that he will carry and ends up 0/15 then blaming the team if i have a 4 man premade and they ignore me i dont give a flying crap i just going after them and help them as i can, if you just say omg its a 4man premade they ignore me and you go the opposite way you are lowering your chance of winning
Well, you know, playing in silver and low gold is quite different. You know that people kinda sucks anyway and you have to do the job yourself (or at least trying), right? But in plat you expect people to do certain things, do play in a certain way. Hell man, last year I got easily to plat 2 by playing support. Sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don't. But the 3 men premades are a fucking cancer, along with boosted and on-boosting people. You have no idea of how many people. And it is all on due to the dynamicQ. Example: I tell you just this: they go on Lolnexus they see I'm the highest rank (they usually pick me for the "mmr filler role" for the team with a 3 men in it), they see I got 250 games with karma and bam, aram is served. How can you carry a 1v2, 1v3, hell, even a 1v4 lane? Just yesterday thie happened to me like 4 times (!!!). The jungler ganks me 5 times in 8 minutes, then the support comes to help and some times even the toplaner. At some point (around minute 12-15) they just drop the tent in the bush and they stay in lane till minute 20. Meanwhile your 3 men they dont give a shiit, they don't get a drake, they don't get a turret, they dont even help each others (!!!!!). Let's just say that I'm on a HUGE loss streak, about to get demoted again, due to this ****. All season I've been playing ranked in this situation, which it is extremely fustrating.
Maiziea (EUW)
: It's 3rd, I'm guessing people didn't understand what you meant with 3d in a previous conversation so you said "(THIRD)". Figured I'd correct you real quick :).
Thank you very much! These days, ranting on the forum is pretty much the only english I practice anymore :D the caps-locked THIRD was for emphatic purposes :D
: Twitch Smurfs boosting accounts in Platinum
Nothing new under the sun. I'm about to get demoted for the 3d (THIRD) time from plat 5. Boosted people left there to ruin games, smurfs everywhere (trying to boost people that have no clue), 3 men premades deciding if you win or you lose. SoloQ this season has been a nightmare. But it is you, not your team, remember? If you are good enough you will carry, remember? Etc, etc.
Tarolock (EUW)
: ppl QQing about premades having an advantage because of communication so RIOT matching premades with higher mmr players so it "balances it out", then ppl QQ about premades lowering their mmr... you cant please everyone and on the filling part, how would you make a team of 5 if you have a team of 4 already made and missing 1? (and dont tell me to remove 4man premades because thats not a fix that just ignorance)
Communication creates advantage only in a duo lane. The best games you can play are with 4 other strangers that won't touch the chat and know what to do by just using pings. Which, sadly, this season is a truly rare thing to see around. You have a basic knowledge of the game you don't even need to use the chat. I know my english is not perfect but I'm not complaining about my MMR or getting lowered by them (which, btw, would be an awesome issue to discuss). I'm complaining about a random anomaly that keeps occuring in the matchmaking system, how it works, and how frustrating it is. What I'm QQ about (as you say) is that "balancing" by picking an outsider with higher MMR is plain stupid. My skills and my knowledge (if i have some ofc) cannot be helpful to a bunch of headless chickens that will play their own game, ignoring me totally, even flaming me when THEY fail. Which is what I see every couple days. You see these low golds picking key roles and failing brutally and I have to stay there and watch them fail because they won't give a shiit about me being a full division higher then them. Basically the system is bounding me to pure luck and randomness (NOTICE: every 4 or 5 games, not always ofc) Plus, fun fact, the enemy team usually starts camping me with 3 or even 4 men ganks when they see I'm higher then the rest. Fun times. And yes, I would remove the 4 premades totally, which is unnnatural for a team based game. The system should work this way: SoloQ 2+1+1+1 (DuoQ) 2+2+1 3+2 (this one especially) no 4+1 5 premades
: Dear Matchmaking System...
Worst thing is that I'm starting to see a method behind it. The game after the one I mentioned in the post had no premades. Guess what? The team MMR was 150 point higher, we were all plat 4-3 playing. Easy win. But if every 4-5 games I get matched with a lower team with permades just to compensate their mmr how the hell I'm I supposed to carry? Or even have a good game at all. What's the point of climbing if I keep getting matched with people that belongs to a different division? I srtaed taking pictures of lolnexus everytime i see that. It is so sad to be matched with gold 5 players and have 0 chance to win becus emy premades are **********. And yeah, the "implicit boosting" of premades is getting out of controla s well. Plat 5 is full of them.
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: Fps drop 2
I bought a samsung high end-top-of-the-notch last year. LoL running at 250+ fps. WOW. I'm so cool. One patch later: 130 fps. Wowowow. Still cool. Well after 3 patches I have it running at 80 fps with major drops at 15-20. Unbearable. Couldn't even play it. Solution: cap it at 60. The screen is running at 60hz anyway, so playing "who has it longer?" is just bulshyte. Now it works fine everytime. Zing!
BIuePaw (EUW)
: Every single premade has a boosted in the team Do you remember how good were you at lvl 1 first game of league of legends? Well then, as a plat 3 solo player, i get people like that so many times and it's taking me too much time to get to diamond, and guess what, they're all premades Riot decided that having fun is more important, but that's just stupid and retarded how they allowed premades in rankeds... teams made by 2 people were enough, as last season Dynamic Q sucks, who doesn't say that or doesn't think that, it's either someone getting boosted by someone, or he's lieing Just guess why so many Youtubers and High elos are leaving this game just because the ranked system is total shit I don't even care about other problems, but rankeds are f*d up #bringbacksolofkingQ
Playing with 3 or 4 friends is undoubtly fun and rewarding if you have no malice (aka boosting someone). Unlucky me that y friend quit this season. So far every time i get 3 pre in my team i'm 100% sure i'm going to lose.
: I feel you i not longer feel like achieving plat, is something to be proud of like 2-3 years ago, since so many people this season as abusing the 2+ system. It like hey i can suck at the game, but thanks to my m8's who are decent i can climb. I get its a team game, but ranked should me focus on your own play, rather then your teams, there is normals for playing with friends and ranked 5vs5 teams.
Getting to plat has been so hard this year. I got demoted like twice in a couple months (and went back). The matchmaking is beyond nuts with these 3 premades running around, i hate them so much. Playins solo = being a hero this season. And every 2 week or so there are at least a couple of champs you can abuse so...
Tarolock (EUW)
: if you were on a losing streak the system tried to match you with ppl who are lower mmr than you to see if you need to fall down divisions, and since you won that game i assume the system got back to your mmr, the same happens after you go on a winning streak, you get a higher mmr enemy so the system can see if you really should go higher PS: this is all speculation and im not sure if its true, but based on your pictures and my prev experience this is what i think
I get that, but with me it works on the contrary. This, above, happned afer a small hot streak (3 or 4 games won in a row). It keeps happening. After 6-8 wins in a row one or 2 games in a row aremissmatched like that. Which happens mostly in promos. Then I start losing due to this. And mostly because I'm matched with lower premades. You can see the game i played immediately later. Lonexus shows a 150-200 team mmr difference from the previous game.
Daromiro (EUNE)
: Kled opinion discussion
Played against one yesterday. I like to call it "the gremlin" Early game = easy peasy, despite he is kinda tanky for what it is? Then for some reason he was just impossible to kill. Aside of the tons of LS he buil, he has this "fizz jump" invincibility every 3 or 4 secs, jumping up and down the ride, which is kinda broken IMH0. Me and my friends were like "wtf I just killed him" but he managed to stay aroun din fight with 100-200 hp forever.
: MMR & DynamicQ
The game right after [IMG][/IMG]
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: This "Its only a normal"
It is only a normal. People tryharding in normal games are usually the ones that solo-lose you a ranked game. (90% of the cases the most tryharding people are silver players. Chance?) If you want to tryhard = go to ranked. Why would I say all of this? Because you can carry 1v9 100 normal games then join rankeds and easily place yourself in bronze 4. Because they are 2 different things. And people need some place to chill or learn or figure out new things.
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Why am i happy to see Yasuo getting nerfed
Once I witnessed a yasuo with cinderhulk only, manage to be ganked by 3 and come out cleen and fed (at level 4). Wardlord passive is just that OP I guess. Try to fight a vayne with wardlord after she gets a BOTRK. Now, that's not even about being skilled. Is just about playing a broken champ. Same with Ekko. Seeing it with a triforce (quite legit) and a frozen mallet makes me sick inside. But those 2 are just a small part of what is wrong with this season.
: pre lv30 ARAM on EUW - Insane amount of AFK players
They are called "leechers". I saw them too on my lv 18 account. Pretty annoying, because they keep moving to avoid the afk check. They mostly los egames so they dont get much XP. Another problem are bots. They come in 3 or 4 at a time. A players is controlling one of them (I guess) while the rest of the bots are replicating the movements and the skills. If you spot them again report them checking "third party program user" and put a comment with ARAM BOT.
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: The " It's you, not your teams" quote
This season that sentence has no meaning at all. Dynamic Q is pure bullshit. As a mostly pure soloQ i can tell you why: 80% of my ranked games has been an ARAM so far, with 3 or 4 people mid, starting minute 8-10. MIdlaners that barely can play their champ getting camped by their supp/jungler/toplaner friend. Which, in any ideal scenario should be actually a good thing for your team right? Well, no, it is not, because most of teh time they have no clue at all (not always tho, there are plenty of good players out there). When I have 3 premades in my team I'm 100% sure I'm going to lose, for example. Then you have the ranks. i was playing for plat 4 promo... I check lolnexus... and wtf... a silver 1, a gold 5, a plat 3. pure random composition. Best way to play this seaosn is to duo q a botlane tho. All my friends are diamond now XD
: Thresh, I would say is the weakest support in the game right now only after Tahm.
Sona Soraka and janna are quite safe and easy to play. Thresh is more open to plays and have an higher skillcap, so a good thresh player is kinda OP way mor ethen a master son player
: This is why i love dynamic Q
Today, for the first time in the last 3 months, I won a game with 3 premades in my team! Hurray!
: Uncalled changes for Karma. Again.
Ok thx for the replies. I don't have time for watching the LCS so I don't know what's hyping right now. I player her for 3 years so I don't really feel her ups and downs. She is always strong for me and I don't play her support so. Well, suck it. Support wise I think that braum and sona are far superior right now. And then you have the allmighty tresh ofc. Thx and hf!
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Tarolock (EUW)
: i couldnt find statistics about it, and as i said the last info i saw was 24m :D and on that post they said its rising :D
If all the high elo players have at least 1 or 2 smurfs there you go... Tee state of the game and community is all but friendly for a newcommer.
FishOfHonor (EUNE)
: I think I played enough
I started in season 3. Struggled in bronze and then finally made it to silver! Season 4, from bronze to gold. It felt so great! Seson 5, struggled a bit in gold then finally went to platinum and stayed mid platish on both accounts for the rest of the season (peaked plat 1). I really looked forward for the new season for obvious reasons. There was still room for improvement right? Diamond 5, come on guys. Well, in preasason i got DEMOTED to gold. All my main champs (which were barely in meta) went totally off meta. Something unbeliavable. I climbed back but my MMR was already fked up (yeah preseason: the time we can figure out new stuff without risks right?). All the preasesaon and season 6 smelle dfunny to me and I didnt like it a bit. Last week I got demoted from plat again (meanwhile a friend, ADC main went diamond 5 just by playing cait...fucking cait). Unfortunate streak of afk people and ragequitters. Couldn't go past plat 4 tho. Now i'm free falling to low Gold. Now I'm feeling on my skin the pressure of having 3 or 4 premades in my team, people constantly blaming each other, flaming, or just not picking the OP champ for that specific lane. I keep playing these days due to vacations but it got really really frustrating and there is nothing better at the moment. I think I'm just too old for this game probably. It was a good ride tho.
: So... Rengar AP, uh?
I actually played Naus AP in a couple ranked games. Works differently but definitly working. Ofc you don't tear down a turret in 2 secs after minute 30 :D I saw 2 AP Rengar so far in ranked (plat 5ish) and they finished all with a 17-3 something kda. Instashotting everything with 2000 hp or less, and 2 shotting the rest of the team. 600 magic dmg from 1 bola, wtf is that??
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