Smexy007 (EUNE)
: About Zed in animations
Isn't winning every matchup enough?
: >I could think of a handfull champions that are or even need to be played a lot safer than Ezreal -cough- Ahri -cough-
yeah ahri is annoying but she only has ult for mobility, so i don't mind it as much
GPet (EUW)
: I could think of a handfull champions that are or even need to be played a lot safer than Ezreal, while I even see him making offensive plays quite frequently. .-.
that's just it, he hurts while running away and then he can jump in when you're low, it's so cheesy xD the fact that he does a lot of damage makes it even more infuriating Get back here (lands q) nearly got you! (uses his blink and another q) damn slowed, but i've nearly got him (another q) xD
Gasburger (EUW)
: Why is every piece of criticism considered flaming?
Because my feelings are easily hurt :'c play better? reported!!!!
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: What's the reason behind manaless champions?
So riven players can press e until their heart is content
: And the lag continues
ye whenever i pressed my ashe arrows me and this bard player would freeze up xD
: Fervor of Battle is typically used when going Bork first in you build. You don't need the additional sustain and get more power in the midgame this way. Also Bork active helps you kite so less need for the extra movespeed.
: well i was playing solo, and it didnt seem at all like a lucky guess. I think it was meant to threaten me, like "I know who you are"
I doubt it, if they did want to threaten you, they'd harass and stuff out of game hell maybe they weren't talking to you, maybe their friend had the same name you thought they were tlaking to you and he just went along with it :D
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Warlord's Bloodlust provides a safer laning experience, able to stay longer in the lane and rely less on {{item:2003}}. Fervor of Battle increases her damage output mid-late when team-fights are more frequent. It pretty much depends on the player's preference.
it helped me a shit ton vs thresh as i'd just aa a minion and i'd just walk away xD it was pretty funny but it's definitely the match up, if you lose the match up you're best taking warlord's as it's easier laning. but if you're equal, go for fervor as you get stronger as the fights progress
: Somebody knew my real name in a game
lol honestly it's probably someone your friend knows, trust me. it has happened to me and usually the truth is less sinister :P or it was a lucky guess. don't worry about it :P
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: There is one possible reason why bloodlust is a bit less effective on Ashe than others, so you energise your autoattack while moving around and autoattacking giving next attack lifesteal, but the problem with ashe is that her first autoattack won't crit so you lose a bit of lifesteal. Of course you can easily get around this by using her W before autoattacking.
yeah but problem is her laning is aids, so usually you're going to be outmatched unless you're vs a twitch or get a nice ult in, so usually you'll spend most of your laning running away from the support or adc (if it's xayahj or draven) then when your jungler joins in, you'll be wanting to kite around them or catch up to the fight. later on it's not as useful. but it did help me chase a lot of targets down (crit slows, plus movement speed = yes please >:D)
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whyrawr (EUW)
: Is it me or Camille model looks outdated from the start?
I think it's just because there's not much to her, she had knives for legs, that's about it xD
: Darius healing.
save your mobility for the circle and get inside it
Smerk (EUW)
: There is no such thing as troll pick. You can pick whatever you want on any position
I got reported for playing kayle top. apparantly she's support
: The sure thing is that a champ with broken mobility into a creep wave, a ult that allow him to zero in on opponents instantly (albeit situationally), and double crit chance will ALWAYS be overplayed because it's simply way too much alluring until you remove or rework some of these things. It's the exact same problem of guys like {{champion:64}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:412}}. Commercially, Yasuo is probably one the greatest success ever of RioT, gameplay wise, one of the biggest failures.
Thresh was a great release, shows how one champ can shake a whole position. playmaking supports were what supports needed, a champ that was able to make those cool plays ^^
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RaL Zarek (EUNE)
: Look at Shyvana!?
yeah, she's kind of outclassed early by everyone (since everyone has a million mobility spells) and late again she is outclassed because everyone has mobility, people like kled/jax(to name a few) are better late game carries because their kits are just better suited
Celestina17 (EUNE)
: She ISN'T a dumb champ. I have never seen a Riven with 0 cd E. You're making a elephant out of a fly here. and I said it in other post: if Riven is behind, she's USELESS. So I don't see where she IS A DUMB CHAMP{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
if any champ is behind they're useless
Neonchan (EUW)
: I think this one covers all bases here :D
Yeah it says -I am a yasuo player, I will defend my pogchamp with memes-
Neonchan (EUW)
Celestina17 (EUNE)
: so what? she could have 6 mobility spells and she's useless if a player doesn't know how to play with her. You say she's easy? Try to carry with riven to Platinum. You'll see how easy it is. Maybe look at her weaknesses instead only her strenghts? Yeah she's mobile and she scales well on ad. But she doesn't have sustain, She doesn't have the tankiness, she doesnt' have the that much presence if she isn't fed. Yeah she can delete adc in midgame but who CAN'T? She's an assasin/fighter. ofc she would have mobility. but she's squishy for a toplaner. And it isn't exactly easy to kill someone like {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:58}} with {{champion:92}} . All of these champions listed have good poke, insane lifesteal and sustain, or are too tanky most of the times for riven to take out. So I don't see where you should be laughing and using sarcasm {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
she doesn't need tankiness that's not her job. out of all of them who can 100-0 and still be mobile? and even then her 0 cooldown shielkd does a good job at keeping her alive in skirmishes, just because I haven't reached plat with that champ doesn't mean it's not a dumb champ
Neonchan (EUW)
: In which patch did they add a free Banshee's Veil?
the one where your passive is a shield, that will pretty much shield you from a spell because of how high it is
: Hi 49Undefeated, When there are large scale server issues affecting a large amount of players, loss prevented is enabled. This results in ranked being disabled, LP gains being reduced, and LP loss being disabled for losing a game.
hi eambo, we played together once :3 I carried you with my jax :3
Groentje (EUW)
: Lose a game with minimum of SALT LooooooL
: The only thing I would consider hard is to make a maneuver that is both defensive (dodging skillshots) and offensive at the same time by timing your dashes. Bad Yasuos just try to intimidate you with "wild dashes" or they do reckless dashes that will get them killed. Good Yasuos will dash when you least expect it and when you are most vulnerable. Having so much mobility doesn't mean you can stop using your brain.
LOL, yeah you know you'll have an easy time when he dashes through every minion of the first wave and this is before they're even close to last hiting xD
Celestina17 (EUNE)
: It's because Yasuo has a high skill cap, almost as high as Riven. When you master him, he's annoying as %%%. Bad Yasuo's don't know what they're doing and dashing anywhere. Similar to Riven. If you're a GOOD riven player, She's gonna destroy your team 1v5 and there's nothing you could have done. They claim that their champs are hard. Mostly they're right
riven? yo mean the champ that has 4 mobility spells (one with a scaling ad shield on an extremely low cooldown) hard? Ahahahaha ok
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: Draven has bigger dmg output than ezreal, Vayne can make huge plays with her ult and tumble, ofc there are adcs that matter except for those two. True, Xayah is overpower atm, because Riot made her way too strong, tho all adcs are really good and can do miracles. Every adc is unique. Jhin and Draven have prolly top burst/fast dmg , while eg kog/varus can poke a lot, trist can shoot fast and has big range and... There are really many adcs except those two. Dunno why u thought Ezreal is this good tho, almost all adcs are better than him, he is good just at mobility, but eg draven can oneshot ppl. Ez can't. Well hope I helped somehow.
vayne is just a nerf waiting too happen so I'm kind of turned off by that.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Sivir however is kinda hard to get used to. Easy to pick up bot not so easy to trade with. You want to make sure that if you hit enemy champions with your q through minions, you atleast clear 2-3 of them, since q's poke aint that much. However, a q that doesnt hit anything else but the target with just it's tip, can take off quarter or even half hp. Also, mana is a huge problem until you get essence reaver. People will try to bait out your spellshield and if they do, you are vulnerable.
yeah i just gave up with botlane, unless you buy the higher ip champs it's not much use
Anela (EUW)
: just now a yasuo main gets his champ banned he picks zed i automatically dodge. low elo players maining yasuo zed vayne etc are so bad
I just play kayle
: i for one do not like the fact im gone in a split microsecond
I wouldn't mind so much except there's no real counter play to a champ becoming invulnerable through a part of their rotation
: Yasuo is banned less in my games than in the 6 bans system for some reason. I just need to trick my team into not banning him by saying I will ban him and hover yasuo ban untill all of them have banned and I will probably get him
your poor team, I ban him so my team can't play him. the enemy can go right ahead
ToDie4 (EUW)
: 10 bans... Wost thingy i have seen in this game so far.
Greatest thing ever no more million mobility spells then the 'lal outplayed' or no more press w and goodbye every projectile
: Rito kames did it again
always buy your chest first, riot likes to screw us over. I get woad darius every chest i open, but i know if I buy warden jax, I'll fget it in the next chest :'c
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: There are. But since it has been mobility meta for ages now, then mobile adc's just survive easier in soloq environment. However, a vayne q crit can even oneshot assasin, not to mention squishies. But her early is kinda weakish. Caitlyn on the other hand can be played around traps, siege or just straight out long range dps. Tristana...well..she is a pain in the ass if she gets past her midgame. It is her weakest point, but i've seen people even use scaling runes and overcome that weakness, making him good allrounder. She has a bit of everything. The strongest depends a lot on elo. Vayne can be a monster if enemy is dumb enough to feed you. Same with jinx. A bf sword trist can take turret or 2 in a single wave. With to gods his team doesnt protect her or your base is gone before 20min. Caitlyn and ezreals are a pair of uncathcables early-mid. Mid to lategame however, kalista and vayne can become very dangerous. Jhin, draven....their damage is just bonkers. Draven q can oneshot you as easly as vayne q,but draven wont even need ult for it. Then there is corki who is very strong early mid. And ofc kog and twitch. Who if peeled properly, melt the whole enemy team. And then there is sivir...waveclear skirmisher god. If you get to late with over. Last whisper stacks sometimes even with 1 q, depending on enemy movement. And not to mention that even {{item:3133}} is enough to start clearing entire waves like a lux.
thanks man, I will be giving sivir a shot :D I really appreciate the info ^^
: Or play normal blind instead of normal draft/ranked... that's always an option
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: Draven has bigger dmg output than ezreal, Vayne can make huge plays with her ult and tumble, ofc there are adcs that matter except for those two. True, Xayah is overpower atm, because Riot made her way too strong, tho all adcs are really good and can do miracles. Every adc is unique. Jhin and Draven have prolly top burst/fast dmg , while eg kog/varus can poke a lot, trist can shoot fast and has big range and... There are really many adcs except those two. Dunno why u thought Ezreal is this good tho, almost all adcs are better than him, he is good just at mobility, but eg draven can oneshot ppl. Ez can't. Well hope I helped somehow.
I think he's good because of how safe he is and how much damage output one q does. in a game full off assassin's ready to kill you in half a second, having mobility (and the build path) of ezreal is really good
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Rioter Comments
: Some people just dont give a %%%%
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I don't give a %%%%. Never cared about the banning phase, the only reason i banned in the past was because if i didnt i would dodge.
lol alright cowboy, calm down
: I love how you've said my arguments are BS yet you've yet to actually put any yourself, you've basically resorted to trying to insult... So either try to do an actual discussion or don't bother responding cause your wasting your time trying to do what your doing.
I'm not reading the hobbit.
: Some people just don't care what champions are banned or not, and they just don't ban anything.
they should xD it's really important and can make or break a team
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: Players who say "I go feed"
: the minions` hitbox was increased in preseason 5 i think (the adc rework) and it stayed broken since then.
: Yeah so much BS that I'm taking it directly from riot. Each class has a criteria for being a part of them, if you don't meet this criteria then you aren't part of that class. Skirmisher isn't even related to fighter... skirmishers are a sub class of slayers, the other slayer subclass is the assassins. Fighters are a completely separate class who is made up of divers (think wukong) or juggernauts (like mundo). Xerath is just an artillery mage, artillery mages are a sub class of mages who excel at long range fights via abilities yet struggle to deal with people who get onto them... due to jayce's transforming nature he messes stuff up a lot but he does fit the criteria for an artillery mage in his range from thus the artillery mage part (also note that mages in general are not required to deal magic damage, just casters in general so an ad caster like jayce is fine)... his melee form is the skirmisher part as he is too squishy to be put into the diver category and doesn't have an escape for assassin is out so he ends up in the skirmisher category. So call my arguments bull as much as you like... I'm just taking the directly from riot, thus when talking about champions and what riot should change them to be like these guidelines are what we should follow as they are what they use to make the changes we are talking about.
: Are you trying to correct a spelling mistake or is that your attempt at an argument... cause I really hope it's the former cause if it's the latter that is honestly the worst attempt I've seen on this site. He utterly fails to qualify as a tank, there are guidelines to being a tank and he falls down on it... at the same time he doesn't fall down at being a juggernaut thus he is a juggernaut.
you make up bullshit xD what#s the point of arguing with you jayce is a artillery mage/skirmisher hybrid' lol, fighter. let me guess xerath is an artillary, seige champ, but isn't a mage jax is actually a skirmisher' yes this is another word for fighter
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