Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Yes,but I am a Silver Scrub forever :D
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
How exactly would this happen? You would be practicing a champion in the best environment, the one you are usually playing. Although it is true practicing at lower elo might prevent you getting totally dumpstered it should not be so low the totally opposite thing happens
: About lootboxes and reward system
Then it must have been something temporary. Even though you have bad luck protection it feels underwhelming for me.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AnataBakka,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yUOoTZGI,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-02-15T11:50:33.067+0000) > > this means that if a person only plays solo queue and gets challenger, if he wants to play normal he will play against bronzes? Potentially, yes. The queues are treated entirely separately so that could technically happen under the right circumstances (being really bad at normals, getting gud, playing ranked only)
Would it not make more sense to have a normalised MMR in other queues too? I don't think normal games should influence your MMR but it should be taken in consideration at least in normal queues.
Rioter Comments
Etérnum (EUW)
: Currently takes 127 levels to buy all champions via BE.
You are not accounting for rewards for good behavior, first wins , events. Is there also a reward for end season? Can you activate shards using less BE?
RazerX (EUW)
: Can we do something about poke in aram?
Riot stated they don't have any intention to make changes to other any modes outside of summoner rift because that would take away resources from the normal development cycle. This was the main reason one mode was completely cancelled, it was battleground something. Unfortunately ARAM is never going to be balanced with fixes. If you think about it the effort is like having to balance a whole different game. Champions, and items would feel inconsistent and some should be completely reworked for a fun mode.
Rondö (EUW)
: Oooops, i forgot my smite
Unfortunately bans given under these premises are rarely lifted. You can try contacting support and hope they accept your explanation, but this is highly unlikely. If you are truly concerned of the safety of other accounts,the steps you have taken are in the right direction. Change all your password using a computer that is not connected in the same net as the computers could be affected by keyloggers. I would recommend you use a password manager. This kind of programs provide password creation ,management and safe storage of passwords. You can use one on your phone or a tablet. Many other modern services and companies (see Blizzard) have a two way identification method, enabling the service will give you the safest option available without using third parties programs. I would also recommend you document yourself on safe passwords and internet usage, I know this might seem obvious, but it is literature every internaut should know and be aware of. Good luck in the future and stay safe.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: How about I start trolling ass welll
Let me solve a problem becoming a part of it! So,you are saying you are willing to spend your free time actively ruining the game of 9 other players upwards of 30 minutes just because? That gets old REALLY boring REALLY fast,trust me. If you want to go ahead with your "plan" please do,you are actually going to help feederbuster to become better or will eventually get banned. Either way you will end up playing in lower division and with player with abysmal MMR and that's a really gratifying experience. Maybe that will make you quit. In a way or the other player who wants to play normally won't get affected that much and the community will reject you. You can face all this OR maybe move on , try to get better, never getting to play with this kind of people and ultimately being someone other player enjoy playing with rather than avoiding at all costs?
: How do i position as ADC in team fights vs a heavy engage comp?
As ADC Cait main the comp you just showed us scares the pants out of me. Your w is your peel in this case and you should try avoid malph ult at all costs as it is the main setup for all other champ, once that is gone you can even ignore him and focus your attention on gragas,azir,tristana. In the future try picking off one champ with your team. If it is not possible rely on your traps for peel and stay well back
: Take towers or team fight when we dive midgame as ADC?
If it is safe to dive turret you should lend a hand. Only do that if you have a full wave behind, you can secure a kill on a dying champ in the next 2-3 shots and the rest of the team is not MIA or close to the dying champ. Diving a turret is a risky play and good player can use tower aggro to have a retribution kill or escape with a kill. Better player abuse tower aggro mechanics to swap tower aggro and dive effectively, but I won't count on my team mates if I am in lower elo. I generally don't follow my team myself during dives unless we have a secure kill or I am extremely fed. I'd rather take tower and play safe. In the case of Tristana you can easily take tower yourself with e,q. You can press the following advantage to get ahead in item without risking a death
: i need a new mid laner pick for me!
I played Orianna for quite a while and she is still strong in teams that are able to deliver her ball. She is a highly technical champ and missing her ult is huge, sometimes even when you hit a big ult it doesn't matter because you need follow up from your teams to kill the enemies. Azir is popular right now, and paired with nunu is a total kill machine, this is also a highly technical champ that relies on his team. You can still poke and siege with him but is not as pokey as ziggs. In the later game you can't let Ziggs get anywhere near a tower. his w is not the real problem, his passive deals waaaay too much damage to structures. He is also quite fun to play,with an EXPLOSIVE personality.
: Rylai's was originally introduced to give assasins some sticking power. So maybe give it the grievious wounds passive from {{item:3165}}. That would be really intressting in Zyra's case since often their are no item slots for her to build it. Actually one of her higher winrate builds (when she get's to full items) is with morellonomicon as final item. It would push the item more in the situational direction like it was intended. For assasins it will become better again especially against some spirit vissage divers like {{champion:19}}. {{item:3165}} would maintain it's passive. However it can still be change to something like: * **Unique Passive:** You periodically charges your next ability against an enemy to restore 60 - 390 (based on level) [+ 50% ability power] mana against enemy champions. Recharges every 14 - 6 seconds.
I think both items are good as they are. I am confident in Riot's position when they want to give each item a unique use so you could pick up what is best for a given match,and not only what gives you the best stats. Giving another item a stat that is found only in one other item for that category (ap items) would change this balance. I would like to remind you grievous wounds is picked up vs high sustain champs and as such is inherently situational. The reason Morello is built so often is because it provides the second highest ap increment whilst also providing other useful stats beside burst or more ap. The third tier in order of ap provided is 70, if you closely analyze each item in this tier you will see greater utility eg providing also a slow in the case of rilay. Giving an extra stat or changing one of them could either change the nature of the item itself or it could provide too much utility so it would trump the trade off for the ap you are sacrificing to build the item. You could make a case rilay is not providing too much utility and give it +30 ap because the stats given are underwhelming for the tier the item is in,but during the mage rework this was the case. Rilay had 100 ap,along with zhonia. Riot clearly thinks +30ap does not justify the lack of stats,so they traded that for +slow%. The last argument I would like to use to sustain my opinion is that, even of Rilay had 100 ap I would chose Liandry's over it because of magic pen alone and the fact it scales much better in late game because of the burn.
Łevente88 (EUNE)
: Thanks for the positive reply! Well i won 2 out of 10 because i was on a huge losing streak and i was dumb enough to play. But somehow i managed to get b1.
No probs! You will usually be placed in a lower league so you can feel accomplished by the actual climbing. Make sure you make the most of your placement to learn more on basic mechanics and champions so,when you will eventually be promoted to silver you can feel on a even playground and be a valuable asset for your team!
: Can I have one champion that can change role depending on how you build him?
Bruisers,and Juggernauts have the best flexibility as you are able to customize their items and can find a perfect balance between damage and survivability. Fighters mage,can also be incredibly Customable for the task. To give you a few examples Diana is a fighter mage that needs offensive items to burst down priority targets trying not to be destroyed. You could build her {{item:1402}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3020}} to have decent survivability/burst Or {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3165}} If you are snowballing hard and can kill everyone before are burst down yourself Most of the meta bunglers actually fit your description.
: Can Rylai's get a buff now
How would you buff the item? Riot's stance on the item is that it should not provide too much health being a mage item,but it should serve as a utility item that provides kiting/chasing potential while providing a small health buffer. In fact,last changes to the item buffed the slow % reducing the HP provided.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
True that. To put in other words,you should take in consideration that every time you lose your opponents will be easier to defeat,causing you to eventually win due to you being superior to them. Can you see how that balances itself out? :)
: on my way ping
It could be a cool feature as it indicates not only the time for the laner but also for the tanker so they could time better their tanks. In the current state you have to estimate roughly how long it's going to take you
: Dodging skillshots.
One useful technique noone mentioned is to keep moving your character randomly clicking around it trying to keep range from the enemy. Once they shoot their skill shots your character will still be moving in one direction,all you have to do is stop clicking around and let your champion finish their movement or make a small adjustment depending where the skillshotis coming from. One of the main advantages of this technique is that you are always ready to dodge a skillshot as well as your character is not an obvious target. Buying boots and having move speed runes/items as well as practicing in ARAM helps a lot
Łevente88 (EUNE)
: Can i get placed in silver? And how? Any advice please?
What you described is called ranked anxiety. Not playing because you lost two measily games is not good if you want to play competitive and ultimately climb the ladder. Always remember you will lose about 49% of your games, and aswell as having winning spree, you will have catastrophic losing sprees. Don't be so worried of where you end up being placed or where you will end up at the end of the season, focus on how much you improved during the season and what you need to work on to keep improving. Remember always to look for these elements in yourself, never in your team or others.
Nilly00 (EUW)
: Lost on the rift
Some of the champions you enjoy playing don't really fit the gameplay you described. Khazix is an assassin jungler which revolves on isolating it's prey. Aatrox is a scary dueler with incredible sustain with a cool revive mechanic. In my opinion if you want to strictly stick to your gameplay of play safe and go for objectives you should play top or jungle. Jungle is all about objectives control and when you want to take them but you are required to gank. Knowing when, how and what you want to achieve when ganking aswell as your enemy jungle position is crucial for the role. Top is more technical and you require minion wave control. I suggested these two roles because you should Usually pick tank or bruisers in this role and they are far more forgiving than carries as you would build tank, usually. If you truly detest fighting and want to be completely passive play protecitve supports, who are incredibly powerful in this meta. I must warn you though you need to understand and know when you want to be aggressive in this game to be truly successful. When you play completely passive you can either be on the same level of the opponent or losing. You can't truly win lane by complete passivity, you need to gain an advantage to be able to win consistently. Overall, because you are so new try playing more champions and more games, i am sure you will find the champions and the role that suits you the most.
: xD i know cs is really bad in this pic probally cuz this is wood divison but still had a nice attitude
I agree with both! You are supposed to have this kind of cs at min 18 -20 and everyone died too damn much! The experience you felt is mostly related with everybody getting along and winning after a 40 minutes match but mostly because nobody started calling names, flame,etc and that would be really nice to have every game!
: Silver Scrub Needs Help.
If you want to progress you will have to start to build on your core skills: CSing Trade Matchups Mechanics specific for your role/position. Attitude This is the personal regime I went through when I went to climb from silver 5 to gold 2. Start a game with only you inside,have no rune or starting items with the champion you intend to use and simply try to cs for 10 minutes for 3 games for a a total of about 30 minutes. Setup a realistic expectation for your CS and try to meet it consistently. If you don't know what a realistic expectation for your CS should be,try 70 to start with and go up to 80 when you feel more confident. If you need some help last hitting you can try adding runes to help you with that,but absolutely no starting item. I can assure you your CSing skill ingame is going to be much better. Once you train your CSing play the rest of the day with the champion you just finished to train with: 5-6 hours will give you some decent understanding of matchups and mechanic specific for that champion. It is important you spam constantly the same champion over and over and over,every time you will learn new things ,do the same thing for two or three days but you can switch every day to a new champion as long as you just play only one champion per day. The most important part is to keep your cool and never think "OMG my team is so bad" or "OMG why that xx champion died yy times,we now gonna lose" or even worse "OMG this champion is so broken or useless in our team comp". Adapt to the situation,assess only item build and what objectives should you focus next. If you are not sure: Nexus (duh!)>Inhibitor>Baron>Tower>Dragon>Kill . Note that achieving one thing and using your advantage well will achieve one or more other objective Example: You just got a kill,you could either try to take tower or contribute with laner/jungler taking Dragon but ,when possible, try to damage or take tower: I have seen so many junglers kill opponents' laners in bot lane never to push and take tower or damage it hard. you will be surprised how much damage you can deal with in two creep wave with just doran's and your support.
: i hate this season
The community has been asking for a Zhonia type effect accessible for ADCs without compromising too much on their build. I find the stopwatch to be an elegant solution to the problem: a one use only item which can be used to build a defensive/offensive item for AD, defensive /offensive item for AP and pure defensive item. I honestly think the direction Riot is taking with this item,which I remind you can be used one time only, is good : whichever way you decide to aquire the item you will have to sacrifice something: either gold that could be used to buy damage stat in the early game, or overall damage with a suboptimal primary or secondary rune tree,using one of the tree slot.
: told riot support i'm leaving here's what they said
In my opinion the customer service should be able to check if any of these person received the gift you sent. If you have a log or remember any of the gifts and to whom they should be able to help you better. What you could do is to contact at random a few of your friends to check with them if they have received their gift,if this happened to all you can be sure all other people received them. Either way,try expressing your concern with another person at riot support and that you were dissatisfied of the previous interaction with Riot support. BUT TRY TO KEEP IT CLEAN AND PROFESSIONAL,and I speak as a person with experience with customer assistance : nothing sucks more than a rude customer with an attitude who won't even listen to you and only wants to hear themself talk. You could be lucky and find someone who is simply better at their job! Expressing your feelings here is good to find sympathy but none here is able to help you beyond that! Go try that again :)
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > 134 champions total as of patch 7.14 Chances that support picks leona and adc picks Vayne are (1/134) *(1/133)= about 0.00555 or .5% You're forgetting that it's far more likely that the ADC will pick an ADC champion, and support will pick a support champion. So the total pool isn't an even 1/134, since one group of champions have a much higher chance of being selected. Vayne is also a popular ADC, so amongst the ADC's available, she has a high chance of being picked. The same can be said for Leona, who's very in meta right now, and is as such favored when it comes to picks.
True,if we consider a smaller portion of the champion pool viable to be what is considered a good ADC, although I am considering EVERY POSSIBLE CHAMPION played in that position.
: > [{quoted}](name=ImAJesterMain,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=e1bVavtz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-01T23:16:42.756+0000) > > they are buffing his ult lol or they did in 8.2 ult dmg isnt jhin's issue. his issue is inability to trade/poke in lane. he has 2 abilities, but both of them do very mediocre dmg, and almost any adc has more attack speed early, meaning more dps. and lategame his dmg is good anyway, so the ult buff is next to useless.
I wouldn't call a super long range ability with % missing health damage,slow and that also applies an aoe slow and damage around the dead champion useless :)
: In which bush is he hiding?
I would suggest to check it yourself,but facechecking a bush is never a good idea. You'd never know you may find : The personification of the void predator{{champion:121}} A creator of stars enslaved by the cunning of Targonians {{champion:136}} A colossal behemot that is possible the biggest creature by the lore {{champion:31}} A satanic beast which resides in the wildest nightmares and primordial fear {{champion:17}} *SHUDDERS* The problem is not Ivern who disappeared,the problem is hyper efficient and fast junglers who literally burns camps like wildfire. As a tree I would stay clear of them! :)
ApoIlon (EUNE)
: Can somebody calculate...
NOTE I could provide totally wrong calculation as probability has never been my strong suit and I am more than a bit rusty on math ^^ 134 champions total as of patch 7.14 Chances that support picks leona and adc picks Vayne are (1/134) *(1/133)= about 0.00555 or .5% If you want to calculate all the possible teams with Vayne and Leona is a bit more complicated because you have A: Summoner 1: picks a champion that is not Vayne or Leona B: Summoner 2: picks a champion that is not Vayne or Leona and not what Summoner 1 picks. etc... D: Summoner 4 picks Vayne OR Leona E: Summoner 5 picks Vayne OR Leona Chance is (A*B*C*D*E)/(all possible combinations of champions) My knowledge stops here,but I am interested in seeing all the workings and what principles you are using and if I am right at least in the first section
: "Creepy adc"
Maybe he was referring as you focusing solely on creeps! What do you know? People are strange, people on the internet are scary strange! Don't take it too seriously
Hello! Fear not for punishments as long as you are not leaving games on a regular base. Also punishment for leaving rarely results in a punishment that is different than low prior queue. This should not encourage you leaving games in progress as you affect 9 other players in a negative way. On this occasion,if you didn't even connect to the game chances are your team voted remake, so the disruption is minimal and affects only your LPs. Again,this is not an incentive to abuse the system,rather a safe net for these occourences.
: Literal Zoe one shot in LCK, numbers and footage dissection + a little discussion involving Zilean
Your argument is compelling. In my opinion the gameplay shows how Zoe is unhealthy for the game and I will demonstrate she could be considered oppressive in her current state. To support my thesis I am going to break it down in 2 points. 1 Using one single spell to kill an enemy,even if squishy,is not healthy gameplay. 2 Dodging a spell can be incredibly difficult : projectile is too fast,enemy is not shown on screen 1 While I approve of her gameplay and the general feel of the champion,relying on a single spell,even to kill a squishy enemy,as shown on the clip shouldn't happen,unless the disparity between the two characters is too great and I mean 1 full item ,2 levels,no resists,incredibly low EHP. If your calculations are correct and there was no disparity in levels Zoe would have killed Ezreal if he had QSS or completed Maw of Malmortius on cooldown. This is not healthy gameplay,and I quote the casters "Load of gameplay here", "Very interactive" (satirical). Now,my conclusion is a bit broader than "on this single game,in this exact circumstances" because,and I take OP's calculation for true, even with one full defensive item,the result would have been pretty much the same considering the disparity between Mow cd and Zoe Q cd. It would be interesting to have the same calculations done for all the ADCs in the same conditions to find a pattern but I am fairly confident the results will be similar. 2 Most of the skillshots have a range which puts the sending champion to the receiving champion in the same screen.this is also true for Zoe before level 6, you can even see her setting up the paddle and react accordingly. After 6 things are a little more complex. her R allows her to send her Q a much greater distance and from behind walls or from FOW and this is the real problem. To build on this Zoe is completely unpunished for making such plays,you either need to have vision of where she could be,anticipate her skillshots or dive her hard. The first one is impossible to achieve,even with the contribution of the entire team and without the enemy team destroying your vision. The third requires to dive a backlane mage who also has an hard cc which can hardly punish all attempts . The second requires constant positioning and map awareness,which are basic skills but with the premise of being one shot at every step your gameplay becomes like " oh,I just stepped on a minefield". The only possibility where,as a player, have agency is often incredibly difficult to impossible because hard diving Zoe and her team is most likely fatal. To conclude my thesis and to demonstrate Zoe can be considered oppressive I will state: Zoe is a burst mage which relies on a single spell for pretty much all her damage,this damage is overtuned. Her main ability,combined with other abilities can abuse FOW in a way that is incredibly difficult to see the ability coming,in conjunction of the projectile being incredibly fast and have no indicators for counterplay. Her abilities punish misplays and attempt of diving her in a disproportionate way,if Zoe catches an enemy with W aggressively she will kill or heavily burst the enemy hit,if she catches an enemy with W defensively she,and her team will most likely kill or heavily burst the enemy hit. Her abilities are incredibily low cooldown,with her base 6 seconds on max q rank,in the incriminated game.she could one shot ezreal from FOW with little chance of retalliation every 6 seconds. The last sentence is my definition of oppressive:how can you simply 0-100 with those premises and not call it that? TLDR: Zoe's abilities are incredibily low cooldown,with her base 6 seconds on max q rank,in the incriminated game.she could one shot ezreal from FOW with little chance of retalliation every 6 seconds.
hamzayi (EUNE)
: sivir vs vayne
I agree with Duckarp,you should not be dueling vayne with sivir,it doesn't matter how fed you are vayne will most likely three shot you during her ultimate in most scenario
Doomley (EUW)
: It's not the change to minion hp. It's the change to turret damage against minions. Now its percent based damage instead of flat damage to minions.
In the note patches they said it has been normalized to have the same impact,haven't tested but i #trust
: Placements Results
/mute all git good
BIG CLAPS,you sir deserve a standing ovation
: That player was not using Kha'zix, Troll picking into a ranked game after being asked not to, ignoring all pings, taking ignite and TP and going 5 vs 1 every single time when asked multiple times to stop doing so makes this in my opinion intentional. I think I will simply wait untill the normal ranked is back, this is just sad.
My apologies then, i assumed it was him due to the score. It is sad to have someone uncooperative selfish and desrupting in a team and it can be frustrating playing with them. Regardless of his/her motives I believe there is no such thing as troll picking and anyone can have a bad game/bad day and even if they literally walk for 40 minutes into the enemy team finishing 0/30 I would encourage you to find the mistakes you have made or what you could have done better in terms of mechanics/decision making so you learn from a bad game experience making you a better player, this person will carry on with this attitude and won't gain anything from it and possibly get banned, you will outclass him/her.
: Placements and trolls
Greetings Scripting Zyra. Although kha zix had 17 deaths he tried to build normally. Unfortunately I can't judge this specific case as I can't watch the replay but I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say he didn't do it on purpose and he most likely had a terrible game. I will rise the stake and say it was his first time in a while or the absolute first time playing the champion as he wanted to try it after the rework. If this was indeed a very ranked game I will have to insist you refrained playing ranked for the next couple of weeks as the chances of finding this kind of people is quite high and try only playing normal for the time being
: worst troll ever
"Fister your sister" got me good
: Alpha - how to ban people?
As far as I know there is no option to block a person unless it is on your friend list. If you want to report someone in the beta client you will find the option on the score screen next to their name, it is the exclamation mark.
Bubbarain (EUW)
: Very cool story journey of rankin up, I thought bout writin mine which is very cool but too long to write like you did :) This is my first season I had long breaks as well managed to get plat one month earlier , prolly the fact you came back and went rank straight up messed up ur elo, When I took 3-4 months break I just became better and better.. it's honestly all about being a positive person never tilt don't feel pressure have fun. Don't do preseason rank won't help you anyway if u mess up your placement games. cheers
Apparently preseason rank affects your MMR for start season
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >I somehow managed to climb up to gold 5 and plateau there. Top tip for next season: stop playing ranked at that point. It will still get you so very obviously desired, and up to Gold 1 is immune to ranked decay. Personally, I do the grind-climb about mid-season, when all the tryharders are already done. It gives for the most relaxing environment possible (in as much relaxing as ranked play can be), and you still have time to get where you want.
I understand your point,for me its really different though because I don't play anything outside of ranked. I can't think of anything worth taken from normal :D
yohnnysu (EUNE)
: Zac, Diana or Elise
I played all of them this season for a while,never been great at any of them but certainly had fun with them. I will start off with the champion that is mechanically easier on this list: Zac I think Zac is also the easier on the list to win with because of the amount of cc and utility he brings starting from level 2 if you want to cheese the enemy mid laner with a super early gank with slingshot. This champion tends low on health during the first clear but his successive clears are ridicolously fast,the main thing for you to watch out is to pick up all the droplets as they fall as soon as possible,especially during your first clear as this is mandatory for you to survive a full clear. His passive is great: it has written gank until it procs on it ,there is also a chance of your droplets being ignored during teamfight if you die too quickly and you leaving scott free :D . Another great thing about this champ is his E: It is super fun to use and it will get you out of trouble if you mess up or you are too low after a fight. The second champion I want to talk about is Diana. This is an all or nothing kind of champion,once you go in you come out with a kill (or more) or dead,very rarely anything in between. Her first clear is very easy because your w will tank a lot of damage from camps and your passive procs + q will clear camps extremely fast but you are going to rely a lot on blue buff for your clears as your spells are kind of expensive early. In team fights you would want to try and reset your ult for max damage with your q plus disrupt any champions around you with your E which has a very long cooldown if you want to win! Elise is my last but not least champ to talk. I believe she is the hardest one mechanically because of the combo spells and the huge variety of builds you can use on her and still be successfull. The only things you have to remember is q in human form = damage for CURRENT health = spam it at start fight/gank q q in spider form = damage for MISSING health = use at end for execute . Her first clear is extremely easy as her spiderlings will tank the damage for her,never ever tank a camp with her on human form and you will barely take any damage enabling you to gank right after full clear/ double buff clear,you will have to work harder for all your clears though as you need to switch between human and spider to maximise your clearing time but that is a good practice mechanically for your ganks ;) Short list of Pros and Cons for each champ Zac Pros * Great engage and disrupt during teamfight * Very scary during lane and right after 6 * Resourceless,spam your life away! Cons: ????? maybe someone will help here :D Diana Pros: * Her assassin potential against squishies is absolutely bonkers * Even when build full ap she can be quite tanky thanks to her w Cons: * She is balls to the wall * When you build her full tank she SUCKS! Elise Pros: * good assassin/setup * Spider lady! Cons: * She requires lots of attention when it comes to managing cooldowns between forms
: Need help with build?
if you manage to land a stun with Syndra and Miss fortune doesn't have {{item:3140}} or {{item:3026}} she should be dead by your spell rotation alone assuming you built {{item:3020}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}}. Against Irelia it could be really tricky as she has LOADS of tenacity and she is going to wreck you simply with her stun but I would like to see any ad carry surviving after a good Syndra stun :)
: Runes ( crit damage & crit strike )
There is a great difference between crit damage and crit strike: Crit strike is the likelihood of your character to land a critical strike express in percentage: 20% crit strike is exactly what it says: 20% of your auto attacks will be critical strikes. Crit damage is how much the damage is increased when you land a critical strike: Infinity edge's passive increase the critical damage by 50% So the damage of all the critical strikes you land is increased by 50%
Om PS78 (EUW)
: So what's in a new season for supports?
With everyone playing assassin jungle and mid I doubt. If you see any of this support feel free to feast on the flesh of their dead carcass as you collect 300 gold and joy at their certain demise.
Rioter Comments
: Why do you play games? Help for my essay
1 - I am trying to play 5-6 hours per day,i usually spend my two days off playing league too. 2 - I am playing mostly league as of now but i enjoy grand strategy games and occasionally some chivalry to cool off. 3 - Usually multiplayer games,if I find a single player game I am playing until the end I will know its worth my time and money 4 - Generally go solo 5 - I am addicted to the competitive aspect of the game and the adrenaline 6 - Personally no,but I'm biased 7 - I admitted proudly many times I am a gamer,but you need to know me better in real life to know this info :D 8 - I played many roleplaying games and if I have to commit to a single avatar/persona for a long period of time and the game encourage you to do so I will roleplay
desalmada (EUW)
: blitzcrank and alistar jungle {{item:3070}}
Member release tf? I member! *goes to a corner and cry.
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