Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Asi said if you win early game but still lose that just means you need to work on your late game, whatever it is decission making, or teamfighting.
Oh okay I get it now thanks, yeah I need improvement in those areas
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Well then all you have to do is close the game.
LA Losty (EUW)
: I wouldnt mind helping you or play with you, feel free to add me ^^ But there is one thing i request though. You have to realise that you are in bronze for a reason, and you need to focus on your mistakes and yours alone, and not care about how your team does, there are no excuses :P (The reason i say this is simply just because a bronze player added me earlier today and he was so fed up with himself that he simply refused to aknowledge anything i said, and in the end straight up insulted me) :)
The way I see it is you are a higher elo than me for a reason, so any advice you give I will listen to :)
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I actually even find questionable what he means by "wining my lane", going even against a late game champ while playing an early game champ isnt winning.
Meaning I'm ahead in CS, kills, towers destroyed, them having few or no kills, not letting them roam, that kind of stuff.
Medhany (EUW)
: define "winning your lane" in your words and shouldnt you be able to beat the enemy fed champion when you "won" your lane ? keep in mind that bronze and silver games can be won without any help from your team
Meaning I get farm, kills, push the lane, etc etc with few deaths
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: This is just a small view from Match history. Spectating the game itself would provide a more detailed view. that last game your team got outscaled, Your score was : 15/5/16 Outer tower went down pretty good, on time, early dragons were good too. Miss fortune <-- fell behind on kills didn't get fed Janna Leblanc <-- assasin Rengar <- Assasin Garen vs lux <-- CC annie <-- CC ashe <-- cc xin <-- actually does have CC from his Ult Teemo <-- slows and annoying as hell overall, your team late game was weaker then the other team.. Your only chance would be a Good early game then followed by splitpushing, Your team got crushed mid then lost all its towers, despite doing well, simply because your Comp got outscaled. You need to also keep in mind Win conditions.. their team Were stronger as 5. your team is stronger in individual fights aka rengar and leblanc, they don't do so well in teamfights, unless extremely fed, which they weren't and it was late game. So once the game reached 50 minutes and they Charged down your midlane, the game was lost. only way to balance it was possibly a Splitpush from Bot and Top, but either way a Loss is a Loss. Learning the advantages of comps and their powerspike helps in planning how to create win conditions. but you did good and unfortunately were defeated by a scaling comp. Next time try to make decisions based on your comp, <-- only win condition here is split pushes at late game and base race. Your early game was good, only Late game team fights are not recommended. Ofcourse Match history cannot give you a clear view of any game, Good luck at the Rifts !
Yeah Match History doesn't say much but it gives a slight idea I guess. Thank you for your input, I learnt something from it.
Sarokh (EUNE)
: In bronze, it only depends on YOU. If you lost the game then it is YOUR fault. If you won the game then YOU carried your team, no matter what. I played on my smurf on eu east from bronze 3 and didn't lose a SINGLE GAME all the way to silver 2. I lost only 2-3 games from bronze 3 to gold V. I feel like I just can't lose a game in silver, especially in bronze ;) Everytime I say this to a bronze player usually change their mind on "elo hell" or whatever and just win every game to silver! I hope you do it as well :P
By that logic everyone in the team carried the game if we win...but the season is almost over so I don't think I'll get that far, but thanks.
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: Wards yes (especially pinkwards) Sightstone no, at least not as Lux. There are non-support champs that can go for a sightstone, but Lux isn't one of them.
Oh okay thanks, just asked because I've spectated some high elo ranked games and nearly everyone had sightstone so was just wondering.
: When they are needed. Midgame and you have a lot of teamfights that leave you victorious but half hp and almost oom? Go and buy homeguards. Enemy team is ahead and you need full power to defend? Get hg. Your entire team is roaming around the map a lot for objectives? Get Alacrity. On Lux those two are the only ones that really make sense at least.
Thank you, any other helpful tips you may have? Like should I buy wards or sightstones? I only ever buy them when I'm playing as a support.
: >Plus my team didn't ward And where is your upgraded trinket? This is a 48 minute game we are talking about, and you were fed (11 kills, 18 assists). You didn't have 250 gold to upgrade your trinket? And you placed 8 wards...even your basic trinket has a 2min cooldown, that means in 48 minutes, you could have placed 24 wards. 24. You placed 8. And despite being fed, you never bought a pink ward... You are aware that you didn't ward much, that's good. Whats not good is that you think running around excuses that, because clicking "4" on your keyboard isn't something you cannot do because you are running around the map...in fact its EASIER to do it when you run around. >I know my minion count is low that's because the Lucian was a pain in the ass Lucian can farm efficiently via autoattacks. You need your spells. So why did you buy {{item:3108}} on your first back, and {{item:3028}} on your second? You need the mana regen more than you need the CDR. Reverse that order in such a matchup, and CSing becomes much easier. Also, Ignite...why? You are Lux, against a lucian, if you are near enough to ignite him, he can shred your hp. Go for heal or shield or even tp. Ignite is for champs who are mid ranged or like it close&personal, Lux is neither. And finally boot-enchants. Buy them.
Yeah I always forget to upgrade my trinket, I will try to more often. Thanks for the summoner spells tip, never thought of it that way. I've always bought boot enchants last, is that bad? When should I buy them?
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