nemlaca (EUNE)
: Game keeps crashing at sign-in
+1 having the exact same problem, bugsplat when client is authenticating/connecting.
: They DO count every game but unfortunately they are notoriously bugged so often progress is not recorded as intended :(
As of now I am still missing one game. It doesn't really matter if they are counted but no progress is recorded since it still doesn't work.
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D Guardian (EUNE)
: LP gain and lose based grade
And a tank/engage player that would screw me over, since I often die just to buy enough time or distract the enemy enough so our carries can kill them. I can already tell when I jump in late game, I will die, the ADC or Mid will clean up and my grade get's a little lower every fight, despite me actively contributing to the win. So no, I don't want grades to affect my rank, only my ingame decisions that make me win or lose a game.
Potats (EUNE)
: Finisher Animation
You'll probably get it once one house won. You have to be in the winning house though (obviously).
Yoda1285 (EUW)
: Where do I find this reward from the mission? Or what is it? "House Spawn Ceremony"
It will probably unlocked once a house won. And if you are not in the winning house, you'll get nothing.
: I wanted to do same trickery few years ago, and just in case asked Riot Support if this would work, they explained that original username will be forever reserved on the original server in case if you will want to return back and get the same username. There is no way to change username on original server :P
Thanks for the info, seems like I have to abandon the account. Was low level but had Snow Bunny and Leopard Nidalee, so it's a shame Riot are doing this :/
Senna Main (EUNE)
: If I recall correctly, you can get it if you use a summoner name change. However, you cannot get the name by making a new account.
But the summoner name change only changes the summoner name, not the username. "same username (not summoner name!)"
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: same for me, allready wrote a ticket to riot. what makes it strange tho is that riot website says that you get the finisher at the end of the event and only for the winners house. then why the %%%% is there a mission to collect it...
Probably if you do the missions AND your house wins you'll get the finisher. Maybe if you pick a house but don't do any mission at all you'll get nothing.
: ***
You wanna repost that with your main? Or do you post stuff you know you'll get banned for with a smurf because deep down you know you are wrong?
: Cant stick to what works
Feel you. Wanting to invest time and become really good at a champ, but getting bored by every champ after a week or two can be so frustrating sometimes!
: if words/negativity affect you that much you sound just like the people you describe "perma tilted players" lol
People spend their free time playing this game. Most of them don't want to spend their free time dealing with people who are basically angry just for the sake of it. Humans are not meant to deal with so much negativity, our nature wants us to have a supportive community (usually friends and family) that we can rely on in times of need. So in the long run words/negativity affects us that much, yes!
Alearem (EUW)
: I can't open MSI Orb :/
Same problem, can't open them and clicking on them just opens a tooltip that says "MSI 2019 ORB - Chest".
: anyone want to teach me riven for fun ?
Maybe this video can help you, I understood how to do it (and it made me stop playing Riven because I know I won't be able to learn it ^^" )
Necromant (EUW)
: The fast combo can u easily practice with dummys. and if u need an visual effect, buy hydra. every time, the autohit dmg went out, the visual effect of hydra appearse.
And you can take Press the Attack, so it's even easier to see if your autos went through.
Mikukaeru (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Healerius Hiiri,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AtnBKedW,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-27T11:44:18.424+0000) > > Bots are if you're trying champ for the first time and wanna test how their abilities work in general. > Normals are when you're learning the champions. Off-meta picks are fine as long as you try your best. > Rankeds are the tryhard mode. Not sure how you can learn something when you are being demoralized when you know someone picked something terrible, that he is most likely to contribute to your loss and then see it all come to fruition in front of your eyes. That doesn't float my boat, at all.
It's actually quite simple, because if you lose you'll learn so much more. You can truly test the limits of your champion and see what you're capable of without being stupidly fed. So you should thank them for making it harder to win, because challenges are opportunities for growth.
Phagosaur (EUW)
: Is there a way to make champion icons on the minimap smaller?
That's because they play with a 4K Monitor. On a normal monitor you won't be able to do this.
: well, you can say it to the enemy team so more people will report him ( i once had a midlaner that started following me in the jungle, stealing my camps "just because") but i do realize that even asking the enemy team is pointless, they can act all high and mighty but at the end of the day the troll is making them win the game
And since it doesn't matter how many reports someone receives after a game, it doesn't matter if you ask someone else to report a player.
: Calling asshole an asshole
I always ban the same champion that I hate to play against. If someone on my team wants to play this champ they have to wait until next game or dodge. Even if our blue side first pick hovers the champion, there's always the possibility that he may play something else and the enemy can pick the champ I would have banned. It's my ban, and no one can tell me what and what not to ban. If someone responds with toxicity then I'll gladly report this person and continue with my game. If someone bans the champ I was hovering I'll play something else, and if I really wanted to play that champ I'll just dodge. So you'd call me an asshole, and guess who's going to get banned if we keep on doing this. I'm quite sure it won't be me though.
They are gonna remove her and add a new champion with her name to the game, so the skin will probably get changed in a way to fit more with current blood moon skins. That's generally the only way to change an old skin.


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