Deefje (EUW)
: Patch 8.23 - Aatrox moving in regenerating state while snared
Same goes for Kled when he looses his mount.
: [Fun Activity] Can you think of a Champion kit from any of the following images? (16 images)
Yea, the third one is Yasuo and Riven's daughter who has gone a dark path.
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: It's your own personal Sanic ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
LMAO {{sticker:draven-pose}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Sieptium,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=5XGWvetZ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-12T12:08:28.179+0000) > > Nope, I wasn't able to put on a single augment all the way up to onslaught. It's just impossible to progress without them at this point tho. then u were bugged all the time. I could always use augments until just recently
Same here, I could use them up until I got to onslaught.
Sieptium (EUW)
: Checking it now.. And yea. Same issue. Actually, it works now. All the augment slots are just locked. Am I supposed to level up my champions or what?
Idk, I still get the spinning ball.
Sieptium (EUW)
: Odyssey bug?
I can't even access the augments page in collection tab. I just get the spinning ball for all eternity.
persvesi (EUW)
: Stop spoiling esports in client [SPOILERS]
LOL There are no spoilers in sports. And although I refuse to accept esports as a real sport, I think the results should be said in client or wherever. On the other side, I do agree that they should make such a function to hide the results and any kind of spoiler. I do not follow pro play, don't care in the slightest, so if there was such a function in the client, I'd use it. But I have no problem ignoring it, after all, it's not that I hate it, I just don't care about it.
: yeah the soulhunter kayn skin suxxxx his shadow assassin form looks like wizard,ewww what? darkin is good, im buying the new kayn skin 10000%%%%
It looks to me like someone from Bloodbourne (or Dark Souls, but probably Bloodbourne)
: Versus event 2019
The only problem I see in this is that they're both ninja. So giving one a white themed skin while the other got black wouldn't really fit the one who got the white one.
: 2 Bugs, 1 during loading screen and 1 that costed me the game...
The loading screen bug happens to me too, but only if I alt + tab, so every time, yes.
: Marks a goalkeeper and she can either push away the ball (ult on a cd) or stop it with well placed and timed tornados. Some variety
Good thinking but the ult has a big cooldown and you never know if there'd be a goalkeeper at all. It's kind of like leaving the strategy side to players but all having one champ so they're on equal terms. Some would like to have a goal keeper and some would play without a goal kepper. Idk it's just a concept that I had and thought I should throw it out and see what people think. Thanks for input.
: Shorter game time and Janna's as goal keepers. Edit: auto correct
I agree on shorter game time, but why goal keeper Janna?
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: mecha rengar and project vayne, the car and the motorbike
Agreed. I posted this on the pbe boards, but deleted the post since it belongs on the live servers.
: What I think is that with {{champion:107}} it's changing his body and model to match the car. In case of {{champion:67}} they're just adding something
Eveninn (EUW)
: I love it, better than any featured mode we had so far. \o/
I agree, but the lack of playable champions makes it stale preety quick. Solution: Star Guardian Yasuo and Riven! :D
And I need a Star Guardian Yasuo skin. Also a Star Guardian Riven skin.
: Am I Likely To Skip A Division?
I think that if you gain 25+ LP per game that you're going to skip a division, but I'm not really sure if it works like that.
Leptyx (EUW)
: Pro tip : play support when you're in promo
neviss (EUW)
: Is it bannable to have more than 1 account in different Regions?
Sontax (EUNE)
: Nerf Pantheon for freaking sakes please
Tbh just make his Q a skillshot and increase it's range and he's good. I agree that he's annoying to deal with but no need to nerf him 'til he's unplayable.
: Could ornn be played as a support
Sure, but he prefers to be alone.
: Viktor's successor?
1. idk 2. idk 3. i doubt it 4. i don't think so 5. that'd be amazing (also i'm expecting for it to be) 6. probably no, because his ult upgrades aren't items (although you buy them as one) 7. probably no, but even if you could it'd be better to upgrade e.g. IE
Nàsus (EUNE)
: Graphics Cards,Which one should i be using and how (help wanted)
The AMD one. As for how to set it up idk RN, it's late and I'm too lazy to think, but I'm sure there are others who know and are willing to help.
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Trigered (EUNE)
: Im Lonely
Go out.
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: Which champion to go for to learn MID?
I'd say Yasuo {{champion:157}}
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Who was your first pentakill with?
I think it was {{champion:121}} on ARAM
skocc (EUW)
: Imagine this game mode
I would like to see this happen, I'm dying to play more old rengar ;-;

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