: Sup secondary = sup main => choosing mid secondary although HATING solo lanes.
Wait.. I don't understand, are you saying you're OK with playing ADC & Support? So why would you select anything other than Bot + Support?
: Best 2v2 comp right now?
No idea if it's good, but I think you have to at least try {{champion:427}} + {{champion:107}}
Grammos (EUNE)
: Ban Quotes !!!!!!
{{champion:53}} Fired up, and ready to spectate.
Grammos (EUNE)
: Ban Quotes !!!!!!
{{champion:202}} The suspense until my next act, could _kill_. {{champion:35}} The joke's on me! {{champion:43}} If it preserves balance... {{champion:57}} End this burden! {{champion:31}} The ban list - It BURRRNNSSS!
: "I want to lose"
Hopefully in the new client you'll be able to report players at any point. Pretty much every other game allows for this, so I'm not sure how it hasn't been implemented all these years.
Xhyr (EUW)
: Back after two years...
Honestly buddy, your best bet to find out is not the forums. It's mostly a circlejerk that represents a very small percent of the actual community. I'd recommend just playing, treat it like you did when you first played the game.
: someone broke into my accout
This is something you should send to support, also, remove the usernames from this post because it's against boards rules, no need to get yourself suspended or something for it. But yeah, let support now instead, they'll be able to do something about it.
: if you know you're gonna get flamed, why do you point out you're female? it's like going to iran and having gay sex on the street. it's not wrong, but why would you do it if you know they're gonna murder you? i'm a guy and nothing in my name indicates it. why would i provide information about my sex in my name? it's against the rules to discriminate, but it will always happen. and it will always be ignored by riot most of the time. so...what do you plan to accomplish here? you can check their accounts on op.gg tomorrow and you'll see they will most likely still be playing tomorrow.
I see where your logic is coming from with the iran thing, but my god is that actually one of the worst arguments you could have pulled from your ass. This is an online game. Key part - GAME. Are you just OK with people flaming someone for gender/race/sexuality because they had a certain IGN? Should those people be made to feel bad for who they are? That's not what should be even considered when playing a game with someone. You should be there to have fun with each other. What you have, sir, is the mind of someone truly weak. Your reasoning is 'because this negative situation could occur, I should never do it and hide'. If the world worked like that my friend, then we wouldn't even be out of slavery. Think about that for a moment, I know it's not on the same scale at all but it's the same principle, if you want to be treated the same you have to fight for it, not just hide away because it could happen again.
: I never pointed out I was a female? Yes, my name may be Miss Milla, but what does that really have to do with me putting myself out there? :) In another perspective - you have dragqueens that call themselves by female names.. but they are males, are they not? I have many times thought about changing my name. I don't plan on achieveing anything here, i just honestly would like to see a more strict punishment towards these ''people''.
Don't change your name unless it's because you're bored of that one. If it's ever because people harass you for it, I'd say that should encourage you to keep it. Not because it's going to be fun getting attacked by keyboard warriors, but because it's truly terrible if you cave in because of people like that. Someone else mentioned before that they'd rather see personal insults get treated as more toxic than just the usual flaming 'buzzwords', maybe that's something to try and bring to RIOT's attention. Possibly through support? I don't know how to get their attention unless you make a crummy meme joke somewhere. And even then they respond once and never visit the post again. Until then, I'd say mute them immediately after they say anything negative the first time, before you end up responding to them. Sometimes whenever someone flames me I just go along with it and act overly positive about it, like when someone tells me to kill myself I'd joke back asking how would they like me to go about it. It's not the method for everyone but I find it a little enjoyable, at least.
Solash (EUW)
: Silences, Suppressions and Stuns, oh my! - A Helpful guide to Crowd Control in League of Legends
Good guide, but I knew as I was reading this you'd end up forgetting {{champion:32}} Curse of the Sad Mummy. Not many people seem to know it, but it has it's own category of 'entangle', which combines disarm + root. Meaning you can't use basic attacks or move, but still able to cast abilities (so long as they are not movement based, that is). Really powerful when you think about it. like how {{champion:103}} Charm is a taunt, disarm AND a slow. Although with Ahri it's a little bit more clear as to what is going on.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dirty Riven,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1dEwus7m,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-07-22T13:38:29.361+0000) > > They don't need to be nerfed. They are fine as they are. The only issue with those I have so far is Gangplank's ultimate and it's not because of the ultimate itself, but how it interacts with Thunderlord's, but that's just the mastery being a little too strong. > > Honestly i just read another one of your posts, I think you need to take some time to think about what you're trying to convey and explain why you believe that these are issues worthy of being addressed, because at the moment it just comes across as babyrage on the boards. > > I'm not trying to offend, just trying to help you post properly if you want to raise awareness. if your not welling to say somthing usefull or if that thing will take some of your golden time and you don't want to waste it on a such worthy subject then dont comment and waste your time in a such sbuject
Get upset if you want. It's your loss. I'm trying to tell you that if you want to be heard and not have people simply ignore you or retaliate aggressively, you should take the time to properly construct your argument as to why you believe these abilities should be nerfed.
: It's not partially global. If it's global it can be acticated from anywhere to everywhere. Tf ult has a huge range, but you cant call it global.
Read again. His ultimate has two parts - the first is a global reveal. It will reveal all enemy champions regardless of where twisted fate is. If that part of his ultimate isn't global, I don't know what is.
: Ire stun adc while she has higher Hp ...
Yeah it works on % health, not flat health. If you have 1000/1500 (67%) hp, and she has 1200/3600 (33%) hp, Irelia would still stun you because she has a lower health %, even though you are at a lower flat health total.
: Nerf Gp ulti range and shen !
They don't need to be nerfed. They are fine as they are. The only issue with those I have so far is Gangplank's ultimate and it's not because of the ultimate itself, but how it interacts with Thunderlord's, but that's just the mastery being a little too strong. Honestly i just read another one of your posts, I think you need to take some time to think about what you're trying to convey and explain why you believe that these are issues worthy of being addressed, because at the moment it just comes across as babyrage on the boards. I'm not trying to offend, just trying to help you post properly if you want to raise awareness.
: So Tf ulti aint a global one ? nice
Well partially global. As in, the first part is guaranteed to be global because it gives sight to everyone, but the teleport part isn't global, just very long range. Same applies to nocturne.
: but it would be not boring if assassin was oneshoted because tank items are completely useless on him and he needs to build full dmg as before.
The problem of assassins building tanky is deeper than just 'tank item good hurp'. It stems from the fact that too much damage was given out to EVERYONE this season, what this lead to was marksmen, mages and tanks being able to kill assassins nearly as well as assassins could kill them, and we saw a big dip in which assassins were playable, save for Zed really. So, for them to ever deal damage, they had to stay alive. So they turned to tank items. TL;DR Keystones and Marksmen/Mage updates made damage building assassins irrelevant. Damage in this game needs to drop a little on ALL sides before we'll see assassins come back as assassins.
PengWin (EUNE)
: Is this bannable?
Yes, yes it is.
: What was the most ridiculous thing you were flamed for?
I've been flamed once for taking the fervor of battle mastery on Sivir.
InTheory (EUW)
: The definition of climbing the ladder has changed now and nobody wants to know this or understand. Old ranked was about individual skill or "i can carry myself without any help of my team". This has changed and now you climb by "being able to integrate in any team comp you get and being able to perform good with any players as a whole team". Change in definition is they key.
That's just a cheap bail out they're using. They basically don't want to face up to the fact that they wanted to make it easier for 3-4 man premades to get involved with ranked play, but simultaneously screwed over solo, duo AND 5 man premades. More people can potentially suffer with this system than can benefit.
: The last doesn't have to dance with the rest. It's just a little rude to attack peaceful players. If he wants to win, he can just take free objectives in that time. ;)
I'll agree on that, there isn't a need to attack them, but you'll still get called a try-hard for pushing down turrets whilst everyone fools around.
: Aah, I see. I bet you get called a "tryhard", am I right? Not killing afks in NORMALS (not ranked) is like a gentlemen's agreement: there is no rule against it, it's just rude and (now it comes) tryhard. The danceparties I referred to are not single players that run around dancing. For example players from both teams dancing in the baronpit. The Vayne adc who flashes in and goes full ham on everybody iiiiis (can i have some exciting music?) a tryhard! Do you get it? To play to win, doesn't mean, that you can't have fun WITH your enemies. Wining is way more satisfying if you do it sportsmanlike and not with the afk player you killed 12 times.
While that makes sense, when everyone else does the whole dance in baron pit nonsense, why does that mean the last has to follow? Can that person not enjoy the game however they want to without having some form of negative connotation attached?
Shozis (EUNE)
: Well, I personally am not saying that I am much better than my team, honestly I suck, but I don`t get why my enemies will in most cases be better with champion "X" than my teammates. Here are several examples: 1) I am a support main. During this season I`ve seen only like two good Vaynes on my team (judging by the early game). What I mean is that most Vaynes on my team just act passive during laning phase and are almost afraid of trading eventhough I provide such opportunities as support by catching enemies with my CC and getting them low on health with my pokes. I would be fine with such passive playstyle if not for the fact that almost every enemy Vayne turns my botlane into a nightmare by constantly going aggro on my ADC or me, zoning us from creeps and even perfectly harrassing us under the turret without taking any aggro. 2) Shaco. The same exact story: our Shaco doesn`t counterjungle or invade, applies minimal pressure on the map and makes the game feel like 4 vs 5 while the enemy Shaco plays like Challenjour players, ends the game with 14 kills and is uncatchable because he is using his invisibility and boxes extremely smart. Moreover, it`s usually not my lane that fed him, so it`s really hard to blame yourself. 3) Tanks in ARAM. Let`s say our team has two tanky champs Rammus and Singed. Instead of building at least some tank items they build full AP (like WTF Rammus? Who even builds AP Rammus?) and go down in two seconds in every teamfight. Meanwhile enemy Soraka and Pantheon who are not generic tanks build almost full tanks. Yeah I know it`s ridiculous bitching about Aram because it`s a fun mode, however, it`s not really fun for me losing 6 games in a row because tanks are building zero tank items in tank meta.
Something that irritates me the most is that hardly any pressure seems to be applied most of my games outside of winning lane. As in, the amount of roaming on my team seems very minimal, bot lane is untouched by anyone else but the adc+support. And then you end up going against a team that'll camp your teams bot lane and just destroy them non stop, making use of their teleport non stop to keep them behind etc. It's strange, if I actually don't constantly remind people to pressure something, they never will.
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: My opinion while people aren't happy with League currently
You know what is the biggest problem for me? When I want to play a game, it'll take like 10 minutes to get into. And then I find that I might only have about 5-10 minutes of actual fun during it. It's just so slow.
IkOerman (EUW)
: Even if someone understands all of the points in your list perfectly. If a player dies 10 times within 40 minutes he is still a bad player, and he will still lose the game. Its basically a 4v5 with the enemy also having a gold advantage. But in reality its far worse: Most of the times a teammember dying alot of times is the result of not understanding alot of points on your list. Thus making him **even more useless**. As i said in another thread: "_having a bad day_", should not mean **dying like a headless chicken time after time**. I have bad days, but the simple basics of the game, and basic decision making are never "lost" by having a bad game. It's just some propaganda to keep people from flaming bad players IMO.
That completely depends on what that player is doing to get those deaths. If he dies every time he starts the fight for the team, but his team wins the fight overall, then that would make him a good player. He's actively starting fights and/or dying to protect someone else that will secure the victory. KDA shouldn't be the basis on which you judge someone's skill.
: > Well there is a joke section for a reason, and it's funny you make a comment like this when posting you own joke thread on the same board :D Why yes, if you profit from content you didn't create why shouldn't I? It takes literally no effort. I did this since you insisted on making these boards another memefactory. It was a general question, no reason to be spiteful.
: You forgot {{item:3363}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:13}} and Thunderlords for more blue!!! And if you're on the red team, dodge.
Oh, and you need Lumberjack Sion for even more blue.
: Builds for Any Champiom
Aight I'ma let you in on a special I've been working on. That's right - **Blue Build Sion** {{champion:14}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3102}} Thank me later Kappa
Bombardox (EUW)
: Stop crying about urf lol
I enjoy URF a lot, but it isn't like when it first came out. You'd actually get people trying every champion they could to see what was ridiculous. Now that people do know who is ridiculous, you only see a small handful of champions, maybe 15. That would be 15 out of 130(ish?). It just sours the entire experience when you can clearly tell people are only playing to win, that trying out many champions or different team comps is no longer what URF was, but now who didn't get banned. If I wanted to experience that, I'd just play ranked. If URF was random instead of blind draft, it'd be AMAZING.
: Goth Annie
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: The Updates Champion Select is part of the Dynamic Queue experience, it wasn't released separately. It worth mentioning to show what was done right rather than constantly bashing Riot and forgetting this section of the system exists.
I agree that champion select is fine, a few issues here and there but definitely an upgrade all round. I'm sure most people see that too. However, while people do go over the top when whining about dynamic queue, it shouldn't just be dismissed. The new champion select can be as great as possible, but it's just a simple fact that a lot of people do not like the idea of their competitive option being overrun by groups of people that have a communication advantage. Even if it doesn't happen often, the thought of it is enough to sour the experience.
: Elder dragon spawns at 35 minutes no matter what
I know, it's almost like what i posted was a suggestion.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: You must be thinking of a different game because the Old Solo Queue barely had any of those Pros. I'm making a balanced argument by attempting to list the pros and cons of the system (and not just one side which the majority of people [including yourself] seem to do).
Though I'm not actually too fussed by dynamic queue, he isn't wrong. The thing is all your pro points are actually about the new champion select, whereas the cons focus on the issues with dynamic queue. They're not the same.
Sdars (EUW)
: I dislike the RNG factor with the new Dragons
They should try it out like this: 4 Elements, Two of each kind (two fire, two air etc) They give their respective buffs, and if a team kills two of the same type, they gain a 50% increase on that buff (Blue team kills two fire dragons, goes from 10% bonus AD/AP to 15% etc) Then have the elder dragon spawn after those 8 have died, and have it double all their current bonuses. This way, _**you'd really want to contest dragon**_, meaning more team fights and Dragon wouldn't simply be just a trade off for towers/rift herald, and it could make your late dragons/5th REALLY end games as intended. Not only that, but both sides get a chance at each buff, and urgency is added when the enemy team tries to deny your team that buff. You could actually have the rotation as RNG because it then makes you want to know what the enemy might be going for etc. Biggest flaw with this idea, is that it takes quite a while for the elder one to spawn if every dragon was taken on time. Around the 43 minute mark, earliest. I dunno, though. That's just looking at making it more contested whilst giving the other side a chance to get their share.
: Thats isnt rly true(the second part) It only counters self heals ! So soraka isnt affected by that.(or rather her w isnt) Vladimir isnt rly squishy :/ the thing is, would you rather make the heal of him a bit weaker or would you deal 15% more dmg? :~
True, but having Soraka unable to sustain herself in fights can be a huge factor in how much healing she can throw out in the long run. Also, it really depends. If they can guarantee multiple heal procs, you'll probably prefer mortal reminder to 15% damage increase on yourself. Mostly because you'll probably end up doing the same effective damage BUT with Mortal reminder you're allowing your teammates damage to stick to him too, as opposed to just improving your damage. The best part about the item is all it takes is one instance of physical damage to debuff them for 5 whole seconds.
: vs HP tanks yes but vs anyone without bonus hp they are 2400 gold for 45 ad which isnt worth at all
Well duh. They're built to counter tanks. What were you expecting? Also, the mortal reminder one is also great against sustain tanks AND squishy champs alike. Especially if they have champions like Vladimir or Soraka.
: So your definition of fairly early is mid/late game which is around 20+ minute. With how long the games generally last fairly early sounds about 10 minutes. I also never said that I rushed it I was just giving examples of why it isn't cost effective based on the scenario you gave which turns out to be mid game when you should have one anyway.
Fairly early in terms of full build. The entire point I've been making is that a lot of people complain about having no damage for the tanks when they've been saving their LW item as their 5th/6th item. Please, stop trying to nit pick.
: I only read the first few lines, but that's the problem. 1300 gold for an item that only counters bonus armor is just too much to rush. If you rush it to counter a tank you don't bring damage to your lane. If you don't get it early on you have problem with the tanks. Before it gave it based on armor overall but they changed it to bonus only. I used to rush the item often on champs like Lee and Jayce because it was really effective. Now you can't rush it unless a majority of their team has armor or its cost effectiveness is low. The fact is you need to worry about your laning phase before the mid/late game. If you're only grabbing items to help with someone on a different lane you're just going to make your lane that bit tougher.
Well if you rush it you're doing something horribly wrong. It shouldn't be rushed, but it should be considered as a 2nd or 3rd item. Usually as a 3rd. Tanks are always going to be problematic earlier in the game - They have to be. They scale better with their levels than they do items. On the flip side, marksmen scale better with items than levels. You always build an item or two for lane first, the problem is most people keep on building for lane way past lane phase. And then complain they can't kill the front line.
: I feel like Illaoi needs a nerf too. Went to gank her and got destroyed in 0.6 seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex_Uha4VtpI
Honestly I believe Illaoi is pretty useless. But you did misplay quite a bit here, mostly because I assume you saw her health bar and got impatient. You should have killed the tentacle on the way in, and not just walk directly at her. Because you walked directly at her, she got to pull your spirit. Not only that, but when she did ult, you stood directly in the range of all of the tentacles, so all 3 tentacles hit both you AND your spirit for even more damage. That's asking for trouble. For Illaoi to be strong, she can only ever punish mistakes. Otherwise she's simply too slow and doesn't bring... well much to the table. Apart from zoning power.
: So is riot doing anything about the tank meta?
Everyone seems to be painting tanks as being too strong. But it's not tanks, it's AP assassins that were given really strong base damage. Of course they're going to build tank items, they've got the damage to still take on anyone but can ensure that getting CC'd doesn't mean death. What rito needs to do (which I think they're already working on) is nerf base values, and increase AP scaling. Make them have to build correctly and work for their damage output.
: You forgot to mention the fact that armor/magic pen was nerfed, tank items buffed, and with those items tanks do the same amount of damage as carries. It's not just about 'no armor pen=immortal tanks'
I won't speak for magic pen, but whenever I have played adc I've had no problems with tanks as long as I grab last whisper fairly early. This, however, is a concept that goes over the heads of so many people. They don't really understand that their job as the adc, is to kill the enemy teams FRONT LINE. So they should be building towards that goal - It's the front line that will be on them if they're playing right. Too many ADC players are blinded by crit chance and seem to think that's what they need to be relevant. However, one thing about armor items I agree with is that some of them have a little too much on them. Not in terms of effective health, but random bits of damage thrown in. Like Dead Man's Plate {{item:3742}}, someone tell me why it does bonus damage on the first auto attack when it gives so much already.
: i don't know if you actually understand the problem here.... the fact that champions that shouldn't benfit from these items are building it, and champions who have huuuuuuge sticking potential and building it because they have already high base damage and don't need more to one shot a carry, and the carry can't kite or even escape sometimes even with summoner spells just because the sticking power is just that dam good, fizz, ekko and akali are not supposed to be played as tanks, well they could but when tank fizz is better than assassin fizz, there is obviously a problem
It's not because tank items are too strong, but because some assassins have good base damage values - couple that with the overpricing on AP items, it was inevitable that AP assassins would have to go tanky, really.
Sourika (EUW)
: It reduced all armor before the change. Not only bonus armor.
But the items also now give really strong passives. However, every ADC thinks stacking crit only is the way forward because it helped them kill the enemy adc in lane. New Last Whisper may be weaker in terms of the armor pen, but it's DPS increase when upgraded is far higher.
LPhawk (EUNE)
: I honestly don't think we need to know the damage from every ability that hit us. I'd be happy with something like: Killed by LeBlanc, 962 damage. Damage sources: LeBlanc: 86%, Nautilus: 12%, Minions: 2% Magic: 91%, Physical 9%, True: 0% (All numbers matching the color of the damage type in which the majority of the damage was dealt). This would give you all the info you need without cluttering the screen. Disclaimer: all numbers are pulled out of nowhere and are in no way meant to be real.
That would be pretty cool. But, it could have an option to show an advanced panel, to show each instance of damage taken, maybe even time CC'd, a bit like this ( I might steal your numbers!): Leblanc: Sigil of Malice (401) --> Mimic: Sigil of Malice (561) Nautilus: Riptide (147) [1s Slow] --> 2x Basic Attack (142) [0.5s Snare] Minions: Basic Attack (34) Including how many instances of the same spell used would be nice too, maybe shown like the above example of Nautilus' basic attack. Only issue with this is maybe when it comes to champions like Yi with devourer's/Guinsoo's you'd get a lot of instances of damage per auto attack.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Not sure if troll or just uneducated Do you honestly think that the art and event teams having anything to do with the balance teams? They have completely different jobs and are more than able to produce skins and things like draven day without diverting manpower from the balance team, so while you can complain riot has ignored the issue don't start spreading BS about it being because of other teams doing jobs that do not relate to the issue at hand
Chill out mate, it was a simple jab at the stupid stuff that they're throwing at us to cover up the fact that their balancing is god awful. No need to get so riled up lol.
M4nhunt66 (EUNE)
: Despite nerfs, keep Udyr permabanned, his new build makes him even more cancerous
It's not Udyr's problem, but the problem of Turrets being so weak since pre-season. It's been complained about but Riot has ignored it non-stop. Y'know, cos they're busy making stupid shit like Draven day.
: Abyssal scepter is a common item for diana vs magic dmg. {{item:3025}} is redundant if you buy {{item:3116}}
Not if you love slowing everyone and everything like I do! 8^)
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=vampirekid13,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=8iWUuHiF,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-13T04:59:44.079+0000) > > im not talking about moderation. i was talking about a reply to one of my comments. not something that got removed by moderation. > > so, i just got a "you got a reply waiting for you" notification. one of these: http://puu.sh/ognUf/b3a12b97ab.png > when i clicked it, it showed me that it was for a comment that was made 5 hours ago. > > have you had your morning coffee? i think you're malfunctioning :D > > > i just checked, we both should of used the word updates not notifications. i think the OP is referring to the same thing as me. Ah, there's a terminology difference here :-) "Notifications" is actually what you receive from moderation - "updates/my updates" is the tab where you receive responses/replies. I'll take a look into that one, although that's a bit more difficult to track down. "Notifications" is the "!" in the top right :-) Edit: But of course, both are technically notifications, so that's where the confusion stemmed from ^_^ Thanks for the clarification! (PS: I hate coffee, but I do have an energy drink at hand...)
Ah, I was confused at the original reply but it seems there was a little confusion with the terminology, my bad. But it still happens, it 'updates' whenever it feels like updating, it seems. I wish I could provide any more details as to what's happening, but it seems too random as to when it will update.
: Atm everyone is like "herp derp I need to build gauntlet + sunfire at toplane" and Riven doesnt work with these items, but she is probably still fine. Allthough i wouldn't be surprised if some players actually try it, thinking it would be op. Yesterday i saw an absolutely useless Diana top building these items. xD I also saw a Nautilus vs Riven top yesterday and Nautilus got wrecked and then he was like "op faceroll champion blah blah".
You should try Diana mid with a couple of bruiser items. But the BIGGEST mistake I see people make when they try go bruiser Diana, is that they never rush Abyssal Scepter. I mean.. it's honestly the best item on her in my opinion. For a rush, atleast. I used to do it a lot a couple of seasons ago. I'd typically start with these 3 items (with boots depending on team comp): {{item:3001}} --> {{item:3025}} --> {{item:3116}} .. I forgot what I was typing about at some point here..
: Nullify a cast time....I guess that is not an "exploit" at all. You just made me feel note disgusted about riven :D
It isn't an exploit really. But it still has the cast time even when you use E first - it's just it doesn't look that way because the cast time is 'hidden', for lack of a better word, by the shield. Really, it's all the shields fault. Stupid filthy Valor!
: [Mild buff]Ashe suggestion
Hardly a mild buff. That would make Ashe ban/pick every game. I personally think Ashe is in a good spot right now, she may be utility based but by no means does she have low damage. She scales quite hard. Also, Draven, Vayne and Quinn's interrupts aren't spammable. Quinn's Vault is the most powerful given it's repositioning factor, but it can only become 'spammable' once she's built a good amount of CDR. A change on Ashe I would like to see is an increase of speed on her ultimate. But at the cost of some of it's damage, perhaps.
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