MrFaker (EUW)
: Looking for long term duoq [Gold]
Hi man, I may be interested ! Add Dislocker In Game. See you on the rift
Hannsen (EUW)
: What do you pay for this? Remember this is a nearly 5 years old graphics card. Don't know if there are optimized drivers for games, because the Quadro line is more a thing for workstation to do simulation and so on. I only used this for science, but not sure if they are good for games. You should look for some benchmarks.
This config is 480€. I already had a look, the Quadro is slighty better than a GeForce 720M. I assume this would be enough to run the game in low graphics? There is also another laptop for 300€ (15"6) with a similar CPU/RAM, and an AMD Radeon HD8750M as graphics. It seems to be better, more like a 740/750M.
Hannsen (EUW)
: Hi ;) Please make sure, that you can ask the following question: "Do I need a LAPTOP to play LoL?" In my opinion a Desktop-PC is more affordable in terms of Performance/Price. If you still want the Laptops: I only would buy the HP. The Lenovo has an Intel HD chip - make sure to get a dedicated graphics card dude! Also the NVS5200 made me laugh, because this is not the card you want run games on.
Hi dude, glad that you my proposals made you smile :D I indeed need a laptop since I'm travelling much, otherwise I would've take a desktop PC for sure ! The HP appeared to be the best, though I found a (way) better one in the meanwhile: **CPU **- i7 Quad Core-4800MQ 2.7 GHz (up to 3.7 GHz in Turbo) **Graphics **- NVIDIA Quadro K610M **RAM **- 8 Go DDR-3 1600 Mhz Refurbished by a well-reviewed professionnal, so I think I'll go for that one.
: U should probably get the third one the HP [17-ak092nd]
That was probably the best of all 3 but finally I found something better, thanks :)
: Don't go for the Dell and you all be fine with either one of them
Saibbo (EUW)
: Dude go for a 15" and get more performance on it, those laptops are kinda old, but between all the Lenovo "graphic intel hd", which it's not even a graphic card , and AMD I'd go for the DELL one which has at least a good CPU and a GPU which i don't think it's really for gaming but should do
Thanks for the advise, I finally gave up those 3 laptops and found something way more strong for a similar price: **CPU **- i7 Quad Core-4800MQ 2.7 GHz **Graphics **- NVIDIA Quadro K610M **RAM **- 8 Go DDR-3 1600 Mhz I feel it's good enough this time!
: definitely 17" otherwise i would look for i3 cpu, perform MUCH better than the pentiums and will last much longer. as for AMD processors, i wouldn't even consider them, they are plagued with issues and the gpu is much worse than even the older i3's
Hmm. Good to know. Did you personnally experienced much problems with an AMD processor? Would you have some laptops in mind around €500 with i3's and correct graphics/RAM? Again, I won't run any ''big'' game on it, and I'm used to play LoL with minimum settings.
Rift Crab (EUNE)
: Just an update. It seems both have integrated graphic cards. But from those two, I would go with the HP one, just because it has higher power per cpu, what you need for games.
Alright, I'll keep it in mind!
Rift Crab (EUNE)
: A quick look, and I would say the HP has more power per core, so for League that's the win point there. I won't go lower than 8GB RAM in 2018. So, the first one falls off the list. Now you choose from those two what you think you like. Make sure it has an SSD, that improves the loading speed. For me, the HP wins since it has dedicated graphic card. The refurbished one is not that great, don't buy it at all. It has DDR2, an old RAM version with low speeds compared to DDR3 or DDR4, not good. The second one like he said (guess he deleted the comment, but he stated about the intel HD graphics), it's intel HD graphics, that means it's a integrated graphic card, won't do much.
Thanks for the precisions ! I already read that DDR2 was too old, now I'm sure I'll leave the first one behind :) I checked, both the Lenovo and the HP have an SSD.
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