abixbg (EUNE)
: ballance?!?!? Are you fcukigm kidding me!??! its free wasted time and you cant even dodge coz you dont know you get to play vs this shit
stop playing it if it raises your bloodpressure that high. karthus is so easy to counter. rly. get zhonyas, or get that other spell block item for ad, or get banshees, or get magic rest. karthus is just cute. there are so many more champs that could be considered as outright broken. fiora e.g. jax, heca is gosh darn strong, if you lose to karthus? ok thats possible, but if you rage about karthus, than you are doing it WRONG DUDE. karthus is nothing.
Rioter Comments
: A word to those who are thinking of Leaving the Rift for good.
"A word to those who are thinking of Leaving the Rift for good." one word for those, who are leaving the rift: "bye" :)
617 (EUW)
: Perm banned
people wont get banned by this in particular. but since you got an perma, you may have even had harsher phrases to tell to your teammates prior to this. the stuff you quoted may all be some random casual chit chat. but still negative and toxic. not something that gets you immediately a 14day ban or perma, but as said, it seems like you already had an 14day ban and you continue being toxic spreading toxicity really isnt what you should do after an 14day ban. phrases like - cancer champ - are you dumb - im going asfk - you are soo bad should of gave me vegiar would of finished the game by now - you mad kid? dont really help you avoiding the next punishment. these phrases are all toxic and often reported. you spread negativity and this is by nature demotivating. it'll drag your team down even more. especially if youre about to lose, it's an absolute no no to do. you just played yourself. you were toxic, you got reported, you had already a 14day ban and now its bye bye.
Declined (EUNE)
: If you're experienci ng issues like that with a single specific champion, then we're ending up in bug territory. I'm not going to pretend I know the specific steps required to reproduce this bug, but since you're the only one I know of who's experiencing this particular bug, then I would recommend updating the driver to your GPU and removing any 3rd party software who could interfere with League in any way shape or form.
running my league of legends vanilla. since i first played lol. the only 3rd party programm that would interfere with league of legends is my internet security + firewall. to reproduce the bug i am talking about you need 1. a kalista on your team 2. kalista needs to claim you as her partner . you can add me. we could try this in some custom game. one of us plays kalista and the other some random champ and vice versa. wouldnt take long
Declined (EUNE)
: If it's only for half a sec at a time, my initial suggestion would be packet loss, could you please follow the steps in this article, upload the right file and then show me the results? https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/209765743
uhm declined, declined :) not gonna do that. kidding aside :) havent had a kalista on my team for a long time. also i usually dont play support. so i rarely get a chance to test this anyway. but i can most definitely tell you, that it doesnt come from packetloss. it only seems to freeze you for a short duration when kalista initially makes you her partner. later on her R and whatnot seems to work flawlessly. not even sure if its really a bug. but i wont get involved here in this matter since i really rarely play support
: is that reportable?
dude, it was kinda being meant sarcastic. because we are all so toxic, and toxic people report stuff. you hope that league of legends dies. its horrible. these deathwishes edit: why do you edit posts i already answered to :)
: I hope league of legends dies.
LordUni (EUW)
: Riot Games have been deceiving us
i remember that claw. it was my favorite icon back then before we got so many custom icons
Danneyftw (EUW)
: Finally someone with some intelligence in this forum :) I kind of knew that normals have a different mmr system and I usually pull diamonds and occasional masters but sometimes I just get level 29s and silvers and the whole experience is like whatever ff 15
not a different one, but an own one. same mechanics, but counts only towards its own. if you play ranked, your normal game mmr wont be affected and if you play flex e.g. your solo/duo is not affected. high elo players play ranked for the most time. they go on normals to maybe even just test out some stuff. they dont give as much effort, so they wont really climb in mmr there. but that has been communicated here for years now. just do a forum search "mmr system" and youll most likely find hundreds of those threads all with the same answere.
Coxis (EUNE)
: That's odd. Do you experience it on the live environment? or only on PBE? If you have some game with that kind of issue, can you please poke me? I'd love to see some logs of that said game. xD
i dont expirience it as drastic as in the vid. but your champ is frozen for like a short while. like half a second. you kinda get stuck . on the pbe i suspect its worse, due to the even higher ping. got around 130 on pbe, and around 35 on euwest
Coxis (EUNE)
: > Published on 25 Oct 2015 Uhm, it's been a while... Why did it took so long to report it? o.O
haha xd this is just hilarious. still, i know these freezes are coming from kalista. still today i sometimes have them. especially on the pbe. its obvious the dude from the vid explained a different problem. the guys in the vid thought hes being dc'ed. he just copy and pasted a vid thats not his
TNTcamel (EUNE)
: Can't move my champion without reason...! NEED HELP
uhm actually its due to kalista. i still expirience this from time to time that this kalista skill, which makes you her partner, kinda freezes you for a while
: PBE Account
you cant just get an pbe account from someone. it has to be your account. your pbe account will be linked to your main account a google search for "pbe account lol" will bring you to their registration page https://pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/pbe
: Ninja Rammus
ninja rammus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCU_2IVXmGw
: Tip for junglers
if my jungler comes ganking i dont really mind who gets the kill dude. nah i think its nothing wrong with a jungler taking the kill. he gets fed, gets to carry/gank more lanes with more dmg, while you have free farm and level advantage over your laning opponent. if the gank is successfull i get: gold for assist, free wave and a second wave most of the time which puts me quite a bit infront of my laning opponent. but if i can secure the kill ill do that too. but sometimes as a fed tank on top i tend to wait for my jungler to do the killing blow
Clericon (EUW)
: Would you say it is fair for someone to be partially negative with a team of people 'flaming' them from the very early game for dying or having a bad game? If so, do you feel it would be just for someone to be permanently banned based off of such experiences in one individual game?
if thats really the only game for your perma ban, and if you didnt cut the chatlog in any way, than this one is not really justified. but i disagree with your first statement. a jungler can of course gank prior to level 6. very deadly are those minute 2 ganks, when your jungler just took red and ganks your lane. a successfull minute 2 early gank can mess up the whole laning phase for that opponent. but, yea. you should chat less. as said in my other post, stick to pings mainly.
Clericon (EUW)
: Questionable Perma ban
that one is harsh. i learned such valuable lessons. and i really try to keep it by sending ingame pings. when my jungler comes top and i have 20 minions on my tower i ping him retreat. its the same thing in context as if i would say "not now, i need those 20 minions". but guess what. if you ping it, its ok, if you write it they get butthurt over it and suddenly you are toxic. but both actions meant the same in context. thats why you better stick to pings. and guess what in addition: even if the jungler keeps messing up the timinig, just dont go in. thats an option you have. you pinged him to retreat and he cant blame you for that. it happens alot, and i dont really blame the individual player for it, i blame the circumstances. thats what most dont get, they all take it personal. but thats just stupid. stick to pings, ignore chat, and lol, grand example of why i could never come to an agreement with riots reasoning >Your chat logs contained comments that distracted your team rather than help it. riot better removes chat completely then. since ALL messages are distracting. if i have to read a message it is distracting me, regardless of the content of that message. even if i type lines like: "calm down guys, lets play together." it distracted them all for a few seconds, heck i even had to type it which distracts me.
: As a support main I only partly agree. If the Kill is 100% safe, then I will let my ADC get the kill. But if there is only a slight chance that the enemy might flash and escape or that the tristana might use her ulti to kill my adc, then I will always take the kill. I won't walk away when playing Sona and my W will proc in about a second. and both adcs are at 300-400 HP. Yes, my shield will perhaps (most likely) take the kill, but I prefer a kill on me and a support on my adc over a dead adc and no kill.^^ On the other hand I gladly give my life, if my adc manages to kill the enemy adc, because then my adc can get additional farm, which leads in a bigger gold advantage for him. Some adcs flame me for that, others love me, because they see it the same way. Imo "Better safe then sorry" is the best way to play the game.^^ But blaming the adc and taking the farm/the kills on purpose is just stupid, as the adc needs more gold, I completely agree with that.
as i said, i dont complain when supports have kills. we're on the same level, we would play evenly on bot
: ill copy that. ill from now on play rankeds and queue as ad adc but go to mid. ill do that. and by the time ill get reported and banned for not playing meta ill come back to you and have me unbanned. ok? it starts to get emberassing hansiman
you stop telling me that i tried to threaten a person. a threat is this: >a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution >for something done or not done. i only said ill have to use the tools provided by RIOT to enforce an fair gameplay for everyone. >However, this isn't the example you've brought against the player you threatened. unless you reviewed the game you cant talk. what part about "he queued up as adc, played adc and started to troll after he gave fb" didnt you understand? anybody who can read would see that there was an intention of trolling. and he didnt only troll me. he just came mid until level 6 and then he also took jungle. doesnt even matter tho because the game of our support was also ruined by this time. either we start to have a discussion based on given facts or ill take it personal
: i am sorry if it feels that we gang up on you now, but the mets isnt a rule. if it makes you feel better, i noticed that the amount of trolls isnt as big as you think. it is mostly because a game with a troll is percieved far more severe and is more intensely remembered by you. but that is normal. i am sure you will have nice games with nice people and will climb to your desired division one day!
look at my level. if the amount of trolls were that huge i certainly wouldve stopped playing long ago. its not that. its the fact that the detecting system is useless and that i got chat restricted because the detecting system detected a specific phrase. they should review the whole chat or even better reviewing the whole game. because its plain and simple unfair if you get trolled and cant do anything about it. but as said. most games are ok. most dudes want to win which is good. as said, i would have stopped playing long ago if it wasnt
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Meta isn't enforced. It's the most common way to play, but it's never been enforced.
ill copy that. ill from now on play rankeds and queue as ad adc but go to mid. ill do that. and by the time ill get reported and banned for not playing meta ill come back to you and have me unbanned. ok? it starts to get emberassing hansiman
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > you said "i tried to force a player to do something by threatening them" this is wrong all i said was "stop trolling or ill need to report you" That's still threatening the player with a report, even if you're wording it differently. Your intent is to get a person to do as you command, or else you'll report them. Luckily, reports won't have an impact when used like you suggest here, because false reports are ignored. You are not the boss of others.
hansiman. i guess we have a langauge barrier problem here. it was a ranked and he queued up as adc. why do you think it was a false report call?
: if you belive it or not, ADC =/= botlane. i see that you where frustrated and all, but there is no rule where a champion can go and where not.
ofc, it was a ranked, and there this meta gets enforced for effing sure. also supports get banned when they counter jungle e.g. it was a ranked, and you even have that map displayed on champselect. it shows where your character goes. and botlane is botlane.
: hm, but i think telling him that you will report him doesnt have much impact on his behavior even then tbqh when someone really intends to troll then he probably will. but i understand where you come from.
i have even that specific case discussed here on the forums. i am not an angel tho, i also lose it from time to time. but i rather end up trying to /ff an game instead of going on a flaming spree. this 10 chat restriction was the only action ever taken on my account tho. so never was really banned "yet" "COUGH". i literally reacted as you would expect a normal person to react. i told him "stop," "dont" "come one go back to your lane" and he refused to leave. so i said ill report him. end of game for me, i certainly didnt have the motivation anymore trying to fix this.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: If you told him several times and he didn't listen, why do you think that threats work better? Chances are he won't listen anyway, so just try to adapt the best you can to the situation.
you dont get it dont you? you said "i tried to force a player to do something by threatening them" >In your case you threatened a person with a report unless he did what you commanded. this is wrong all i said was "stop trolling or ill need to report you" there is a difference trying to blackmail somebody and trying to enforce rules by reminiding him off said rules. he queued up as adc, picked adc initially played adc, got flamed by his support, started a trolling spree. SO WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?
: why didnt you just say. "pls go back to your lane" without the report part? or back that up with "please, go back to your lane, so i dont loos as much XP from the minions. i Need this so that i can get ahead and help you down bottom! i know duolanes are a struggle sometimes but i am sure you can make it! you are a smart boi if ya do that ;)"
i have told him several times. but he went on an trolling spree. as said. he went from bot level 1 to mid till level 6 and then roamed jungle and whatnot. all because he have fb to opponents botlane and his support flamed him.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > yea, and since "REPORTING A PERSON" is a TOOL provided by RIOT THEMSELVE. youll also let me tell the person that ill report them. No. The intent is for you to report people that are breaking the rules. Not threaten them with reports if they don't do what you tell them. The first is ok, the latter is unsportsmanlike behaviour.
WHAT?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? an ADC who agreed to PLAY AS ADC goes mid and trolls a game after he got flamed is ok. thats sportsmanlike. ill have to keep myself calm right? because he does nothing wrong the midlaner who says "go back to your lane or ill need to report you for trolling" gets banned because he "report called". he showed unsportsmanlike behaviour. gosh darnit. let them be banned. because they obviously do that for no effing reason. what was i supposed to do? ignoring the fact that he ruines the whole game? should i have kept my mouth shut? ya? i ended up 2 levels behind by level 6. after we reached level 6 and my opponent mid was level 8 he left mid and went into jungle. guys like that are the most toxic trolls out there and you guys cant do anything about it. you'd end up having to review the whole game AND YOU GUYS DONT DO THAT. you rely on some BS detecting system and you ban people who really want to play fair. go figure. because what you stand for makes no SENSE.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: In your case you threatened a person with a report unless he did what you commanded.
yea, and since "REPORTING A PERSON" is a TOOL provided by RIOT THEMSELVE. youll also let me tell the person that ill report them. where is the reasoning to ban somebody who said he will use the report system? telling a person that he'll be reported for that action is rather an reminder than anything else. reminding them that there is this report system, where we can report people who do not play be the rules. and i dont talk about mistakes. in my game our adc got flamed by his support because he gave fb. he instantly refused to play in team and ruined my mid. it was not wrong from me to tell him to go back to his lane. whoever said that a "report call" is a bannable offense should be ashamed and it makes me angry that you support this stupid rule. this is so cowardish awkward. what the heck are we having a chat system for at all `? if somebody is actively trolling, the one who trolls is breaking the game. the guys who threaten to report them ARE NOT!
: passive aggressiveness
the thing is. you never know. i got chat restricted once for having a discussion with somebody who duo laned on mid (he was our adc and got flamed from his support so he came to my mid lane. that is literally what happend) i started to tell him to go back to his lane or ill report him. i got the chat restriction. so, dunno what the system uses to detect it's prey, but you could end up getting detected by the system just because you wrote alot.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > this has happened before and the team who has the lux also hate them cause they ks take the farm and build like a midlaner. KS = Kill Secured Here is the thing, kills don't belong to you unless you take them, so if you're losing kills to the support, then stop being bad
thats just wrong, everybody knows how to steal farm. have had alot of troll lanes mid and top where we couldnt come to an agreement and ended up having a duo lane. and you can of course predict when to deliver the final blow. its as easy as support. you know your carry can only do autoattacks every 0.5 to 1.5 seconds. and its pretty easy to deliver a final blow to the enemy. i dont complain about supports having kills. but i hate ignorant supports who rather want to take over lane dominace. which is stupid because of one reason. the ad carry gets all the minion farm, and if supports now starts to take all the kills, then you'll end up having two players who didnt reach their full potential. ive seen alot such situations where an adc had a bad early and the support started to blame him and stopped supporting him and took all kills and even minions. but dude, thats absolutely one of the most toxic moves a support can do. if you lose a game because your adc is bad, lose it, have another game. but when you start to troll it only ends worse.
Agidyne (EUW)
: What a disgusting thing you have created.
> [{quoted}](name=Agidyne,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4WuybmtV,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-16T04:06:52.531+0000) > > > Wasn't this the exact reason why you reworked Nidalee a few seasons back? there was also some excuse why they wanted to rework the original eve. they wanted no champ in the game where you get near to no counterplay. yea, but a nerf is incoming
: League of Premades
join some community, or go on discord and join premade.
: no, if this is really what happened u shouldn't be banned. but i really doupt this is the whole chat log and if it is then u must have been toxic like shit in the previous games.
: > [{quoted}](name=DerMangoJoghurt,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QXEnf1Mg,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-02-16T10:06:33.378+0000) > > Just because you had some bad experiences with support players doesn't mean those champs shouldn't be played. They %%%% up the game for everyone
they only may ruin someones dream of perfect meta. back in the day when supports were rare nobody really played those usual sona, jenna, soraka. or not as intended. the previous adc + real support meta was also only played in rankeds and championchips. in normals and drafts it was really never the meta everybody wanted. so no. i think it was quite a good idea to not force support players into only very few specific existing champions. brand, lux, malzahar, ziggs, vel-koz all get played alot as support. and nobody complains about it. i certainly dont, because when i have to support i prefer those apc's as well
AnWaRkh (EUW)
: Error em01 and em05+runes don't save
send an bug report within your lol client.
: Account transfer
lol no. as far as i know you cant even log in. so you also cant do a transfer
: Well... more accurate would be to say you could log in but a message would pop up about the ban right before your profile loads
nah, you can enter your credentials and try to login, but you get not logged in :) and he said the black screen appears after he clicks the play button, which in return means he is logged in. >When i enter game and pres play i see black screen if he were banned he couldnt click the play button since he couldnt log into his account. thats what i meant
Yurodivi (EUNE)
: Am i banned
no, doesnt mean youre banned. if you were banned you couldnt log in.
Cp6uja Zera (EUNE)
: That is so bad... I just wasted 96 revel tokens for nothing... I thought I will get a skin and that Chroma... This is funny... Who would someone give you Chroma without skin...
besides that. its being discussed on reddit as well. it was a money grab event if anything. a chroma is nothing than a re-coloured skin. maybe some new particles. thats all. near to no effort goes into re-colouring an already designed skin. its 20 minute job done. everybody says that riot gives away so much. but all i got free on this event was a skin shard and two champ shards. that skin shard will cost me about 800 OE. and it'll take me approx. half a year to get that amount. and those two champ shards gosh already have them all so w/e i guess. but a chroma that expensive?
: like you said it is a game not a chatroom. But it is a team game which requires communications in most parts of the game. which is why i communicated with them at the beginning but it gets frustrating when no one listens and costs the game, as im sure everyoneunderstands the same thing.
wrong. chat communication and coordination via chat is so slow and totally not helpfull. you would not only fight your opponents, you would also fight time, language barriers, your keyboard and whatnot. nah, its just wrong. pings are way more efficient and even those get ignored from time to time and more often then we would like to admit. so dont think anybody cares about your chat entrys/calls. what i would really like to see would be an experimental feature for that matter, somebody who is registered as "shot caller". he gets louder ping sounds and different ping animation. but that would mean longer queue times, and that would mean the most variety would be against it which in return means we all are kinda stuck to things how they are now. gg
: > [{quoted}](name=HookerOfSouls,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=FmyAUj5J,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-14T09:14:51.239+0000) > > Game 1 > HookerOfSouls: u kidding > HookerOfSouls: me > HookerOfSouls: are u > HookerOfSouls: fcking > HookerOfSouls: kidding > HookerOfSouls: me Negativity. > HookerOfSouls: uf > HookerOfSouls: fcking > HookerOfSouls: %%%%%%s Insulting, and possible slur. > HookerOfSouls: why didnt > HookerOfSouls: u > HookerOfSouls: go > HookerOfSouls: fckijg > HookerOfSouls: mid > HookerOfSouls: are > HookerOfSouls: u > HookerOfSouls: seriosu Blaming. > HookerOfSouls: seriouslyend > HookerOfSouls: this > HookerOfSouls: i dont wanna play with u guys Negativity. > HookerOfSouls: gotta carry ur noob ass Insulting. > Game 2 > HookerOfSouls: kiss yourself Do you really think people wouldn't know what you meant by that? And you're surprised that you jumped straight to the stage of a ban. Please. > HookerOfSouls: u %%%%%, Insulting. > HookerOfSouls: now u come > HookerOfSouls: u puyss, Insulting. > HookerOfSouls: wouldvebeen faster if yi isnt underage Insulting/blaming. > HookerOfSouls: delete you r account Insulting. > HookerOfSouls: uninstall your life Insulting/suicide wish. > I know i was harsh, but they just got on my nerve and it took over me That's still your fault, you know. Instead of doing something sensible like muting those you got irratated by and continuing on regardless, you snapped in full view of everyone, in a way that invokes slurs and suicide wishes, no less. I'm sorry, but going by your chatlogs, you are _not_ pleasant to play with, hence why you got banned. Other people's actions do not excuse your actions. Punishment deserved. Good riddance.
> [{quoted}](name=Cobaltmotari,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=FmyAUj5J,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-02-14T09:23:31.197+0000) > >>Game 2 >>HookerOfSouls: kiss yourself > > Do you really think people wouldn't know what you meant by that? And you're surprised that you jumped straight to the stage of a ban. Please. > yea. kind of. pretty sure he meant the "kill yourself" phrase. same with "uninstall your life". pretty darn sure he meant it that way. but please. dont blame all the sugarcoating. "kiss my ass" for example or "bite me" isnt really insulting towards the individual but rather just showcasing what the opposite can expect from you . you just show that he can "****" off in a more manner way. so i think a little bit of those should be allowed.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: No, that would mean siblings can't have their own accounts, internet cafés can't rent out computers, college dorms can only have one player, etc. IP is not unique to a person. It's shared by many.
yea and on top of that, if youre using DSL then you most probably have a different ip every 24 hours. only very few have static ips and they cost additionally. if you're using cable internet, then its different. but most use dsl i'd say. anyhow. i am kinda jealous of korea. they really shouldnt have smurfing and bot problems
if it was a troll it was probably a second or third account anyway
: Justifiable ban?
you talked to much clearly. but i agree, if thats all that you wrote, i dont see why this should end in an perma ban. but i can tell ya, i had similar expieriences. totally unjustified chat ban due to a report call. a report call come one. but for your next account, what really help keep yourself calm is, to drag the chat window out of sight. just ignore chat since it NEVER gets used to coordinate match related stuff anyway. maybe in champ select a lil bit. but ingame ? nope. i still hope riot introduces a "disable" chat in options menu.
GfxHack3r (EUNE)
: Name for Yasuo main
: And how could you achieve that? How would you find every smurf? Plus what is with ppl who lost their old account to whatever reasons?
that is not easy achieved i know. but its possible to do with your identity card. or maybe with your credit card. but those two options are not ideal, because league has many players below the age of 16. so they dont have id or credit cards. just read the other day that for a korean account you need to register that via id card or telephone number, heck its likely that they dont have any smurfs or just very little, and they probably dont have the bot problem when i think of it how hard it is to open an LoL account we couldnt do that shit in europe pretty sure it would drive alot of players away. they just wouldnt want to go through that extra process. but i could imagine on korean server everything is different and that most only have one account. so not saying that diversity is bad, dont get me wrong, wont discuss any fundamental differences between different countrys. but i hate all the backstabbing mentality in europe. i guess if i could choose i'd want to live in china or korea myself as well but it gets to much into OT. yea those two solutions as said arent ideal and heck, cant think of an solution that would work for europe. itll just continue to suck. leaderbords are always rigged because of that
: Greetings. Of course it is very tricky to get used to every champion and abilities due to the sheer amount of them in the game. If it really bugs you, you should probably do some "research" on them. Try them out in a custom game when they're on the rotation or simply read their kit just to get a grasp of their abilities. You'll quickly level up, and the game is constantly comparing your skill to others, meaning that you will soon be matched with players that are closer to your knowledge of the game, no more smurfs!
> [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=3EEsjUjn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-13T09:35:45.417+0000) >and the game is constantly comparing your skill to others, meaning that you will soon be matched with players that are closer to your knowledge of the game, no more smurfs! this is just wrong.. matchmaking compares overall mmr of an team. means, we will never get rid of those. and the matchups that suck the most are those premades with one diamond or higher and bunch of silver, bronze or unranked newbs. and if those very high skilled players choose to play on second and third accounts and accounts that get somehow shared. their mmr will never raise on those either. thus, those smurfs / smurfing will always be around. riot should only allow one account per player. and this would be the ultimate solution to smurfing and boosting .
Witch Mercy (EUNE)
: Nope, only the chroma and icon.If you don`t have the skin you will not get the chroma.
alright thanks. to bad. so need to get lucky with the revel skin shard item..
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