: Yes, but BE is worth nothibg compared to skin shards
Well Obviously BE is nothing compared to skin shards, no loot compares to Skin shards. What is the point you want to make here? Skins are a lot more costly than anything in league. But that is also the reason they don't give many skin shards. They want people to buy RP to buy skins to make money. Without money League wouldn't have gotten this far
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Hextech chests should only drop champion skins, ward skins, summoner icons, not champion shards
I disagree in every way. I have fun getting Champion Shards. Unlocking a champion like Vi (6300 BE) costs a lot less with a shard you can unlock her with 3750 BE if you have a shard. In my opinion I think they should leave the Hextech chests as they are.
VipiPoiss (EUNE)
: "We all love playing League of Legends, as it is fun" haha.... yeah, totally.
Well why would you play a game and fight for a server if you don't like playing it? and Why would you have a League of Legends account if you dislike it that much? I enjoy the game even though there are a lot of negative players and people like you who want to make everything about the game negative. If you don't like the game don't play it please. The League community could do with less negativity. Please don't be negative on a post that has nothing to do with you in the first place. I know I might sound rude, but don't get me wrong I love the game and I just want a better experience on it.
: I'm a European and I think you should get an African server. People with high pings can ruin games unintentionally because they just can't keep up. It's unfair both for you who can't have a good experience and for people who are playing in their region with a decent ping. You probably can't even leave bronze 5 with that ping, it's just not possible. People from North Africa probably get decent 50-100ms pings which is very playable but anything above 100 starts to tilt me, can't even believe playing with 200ms xD can you even land skillshots?
The thing is with 200 ms we play fine even tho we are behind by a few seconds, but when you Europeans lag you get a maybe 100 ms which is still playable, We as South Africans get 300-400 ms if we lag. That is when the champions start bouncing over the map and the game just gets annoying. One minute your in the jungle and then the game freezes, by the time your game catches up, your dead.
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