: Remake Bug | 3 Minutes not connected | not remakable
almost impossible to read the chat at 320 p x_x but yeah,that sucks! sry for you
: f's in the boards for EUW
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: dying game
just leave then {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: What are theese lags?
could not join any game... my time was just stuck in the champselect and nothing happend. I just left and now Im stuck queue to log into the game :'D
: clash is gone?
it was only planned for the weekend,lul
: Punished for no reason!!! wtf riot!!!
how can you type so much while playing?
: Why no Mecha Nautilus???
riot starts to give more skins to those "forgotten" champs like zilean,braum.. I feel your sadness about nauts lack of skins,i totally agree here. Im hoping he gets a nice one in the future . Imagine something like arcade maybe <3
EBói (EUW)
: Perma-Banned for nothing
holy frick! that sounds terrible that you got banned for not doing anything really. I hope you can get this problem resolved- did you contact support? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Desperately seeking team mates
hey- we could play some games together if you want. im dia4 rn but i also have another acc on level 21 or so. Im always chill and enjoy getting to know new people here. so add me if you want {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} ign: Ditzy Doo
: Is there ever a time when Clash works without any issues lol thanks for telling us
it worked fine last time tho. sadly if crashed completely today :<
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Shamose (EUW)
: Is the clash == Crash joke still relevant?
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: Hextech Renekton from a chest.
Well,try to be happy for him! After all,its a **chance** to obtain one fancy skin out of the chests. ~~lucky can be a real %%%%% some times~~
: is chocolate strudels RIOT food?!
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Reverse (EUW)
: Suspended account and Twitch Prime content
with this chatlog I honestly hope you wont get anything.
ST Jintee (EUNE)
: My Statement
I play zoe a lot and all she has is her E-if thats on cd enemies should engage her immediatly.Its her only kind of defense. If people cant figure out when to start fighting or how to dodge spells, its not the champ thats unbalanced :> Sure,she can shoot her E over long distances and out of nowehre-and everyone is annoyed by that, I know- thats why you have to destroy her early. Any assasin can just jump onto her und kill her almost instantly , **just dodge her E** Also: people have to stop flashing away from zoe. Its embarassing {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Is this real? xD
yes,it is :D one of the best stories in league.
: a year after my perma-ban
this is not how that works {{sticker:galio-happy}} guess youll have to level a new one
CJXander (EUNE)
: Why does it take so long to show the game results?
I have the same issue sometimes, so you are not alone with this. Maybe Riots hamster is getting tired.
SD Skrabe (EUW)
: Searching players for a club
oof. this is so badly written . love the team name tho!
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Craziest lore that a lot of people don't know?
The big spear stuck in Kalista is from Hecarim. Basically,he was the biggest asshole in Runeterra before he was killed.
Freakzy777 (EUNE)
: qqq
short on pocket money ?
: Win Legacy Skins courtesy of Pringles
> Register for a Kellogg’s account if you haven’t already done so There are people without a Kelloggs account?? Guys,Youve been missing out! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Seroza (EUW)
I dont see how her ult is supposed to work. adcs dont bother if theres a wall with their range? D:
Alan Foller (EUNE)
: Lets do a raffle
Double toplane games with my buddy who introduced me to league. Junglers? whats that? we just played "big sword buddies " as {{champion:23}} and {{champion:92}} {{sticker:leblanc-funny}} btw,you really want to gift rp to some guys? thats very generous of you. I care more about the nostalgia :D
CJXander (EUNE)
: So back in the days, when {{champion:420}} and {{champion:142}} got released, HAVE YOU created similar threads on the boards to praise Riot for diversity? GUESS NOT! I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with the hour glass shaped bodies, as those are HOT, if you feel like making a bag of potato body for a woman is something ideal then, please go promote your SJW stuff somewhere else. The only thing i don't like about Qiyana is her attitude. You're a typical average human, saying nothing for 10 good things, but as soon as something wrong shows up, you must make a propaganda out of it.
Sorry ,I didnt know you guys needed a Illaoi-appreciation-post . I made some posts in the past about the good things Riot did,lol besides how are we supossed to discuss a topic everyone is happy with?
: honestly i feel like riot is just focusing on making the female champs good looking by sexualizing them and whatever, and some examples of such champ designs go way too far, such as {{champion:28}} and {{champion:103}} , yet when we take a look at the male champions of league, most of them are monsters and animals, barely any of them are handsome, and some of them are edgy.
Thats one of the problems,yes. I really want more female beasts like Rek'sai :<
: the only strictly ugly champs here are illaoi and reksai dunno tf u talking about
I never complained about ugly champs, just about the lack of variety
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: {{champion:163}} Is honestly my favorite female in league She looks unique imo And i remember when she was released people were complaining so much about her being ugly etc But yeahhh We need more variety in league's females
what? shes sooo cute and pretty! how could people cry about this? q_q
: Zoe, Illaoi, Reksai, annie, lissandra, jinx. leona, lulu, vi, sejuani, poppy, nami, shyvanna and cassiopeia all differ from the "hour glass" model, so I dont really know what you are talking about. But are the majority of Champions in Lol Athletic? Yes. They are called Champions and they are fighters who wield weapons and know martial arts and etc. They exercise, so they are fit. It's like saying that the Olympics favors athletic people. Of course it does. In every fighting game ever, the standard body shape is FIT. Or are you talking about the lack of overweight and really old and frail female characters? That is a very specific request.
LoL I dont demand more overweight characters . I just dont agree with the idea that "fit" means everything in league. Singed or Swain for example look fragile, Swain even had a walking cane earlier,but they made it into the league bc of their skill. So why dont make an old lady which is very powerful,like a witch or something. She can even roll around in a wheelchair,who cares if shes strong. besides: I really dont count any creatures or Yordles here,bc all of them have to look different by design ( of course a snake-lady doesnt have legs for days, duh.. and Illaoi was on of my honorable mentions with really cool design. Seju and Leona aswell,I just forgot about them. )
: {{champion:1}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:421}} this are the onlt female champs I can come up with that I think have unique body type's
I dont really count yordles here because they have to look different,tiny,childish by design. (Just my opinion) How could i forget Sejuani and Taliyah ? D:
MissJJess (EUW)
: I would live to see more creatures/things of other races.. Like is Aurelion Sol the only one of his kind? Same for Sion and so on! Not really on topic just my thoughts :)
I personally enjoy beasts/creatures as champions way more than humans somehow :D so yeah, I totally agree !
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Roxãs (EUW)
: Prestige Arcade Caitlyn Splash Art
omg ,I didnt see the prestige splashart yet but WOW ,thats too funny ! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Tarolock (EUNE)
: she is pulling up her shoulders to hold her gun, leaning back and she is looking through her scope i dont think anything is wrong with that form... i can do it too and it would look the same, its not comfortable and not stable thats for sure but its possible
if she was pulling her shoulder back her whole body would follow- but still her entire torso is forward looking..
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Fhaca (EUW)
: Why is it forbidden to hope for death to other players?
so you really think people deserve to die beacause of a **video game** ? Some people think others dont even deserve death after murdering or raping someone. still,you are sitting here and demand justice for this bullshittery? you my friend, **need to seek some serious help**
Torwon (EUW)
: Jeton de maîtrise
: What to do when whole team stats flaming you
: Very important message
see ya {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Timvl (EUW)
: Thanks for your reply, but I actually still have my account so that's not the problem. I already changed my password and email adress. However, someone hacked, or logged in to my account and used scripts while playing on my account, so now I've been permabanned for using third party software while I didn't do that at all.
oh sry, I read that wrong then. Oof,sounds tricky... still try to reach Riots support. I hope they will help you <3
MadBaron (EUW)
: I'm silver and randomly got given challenger border and unowned skin for a match.
From silver to challenger in one day. Impressive ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: odysey jinx skin
First undwritten rule here when someone claims that riot banned an account unjustified: **Show the logs.**
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