: "first N champions purchased" is dumb for years-old accounts
I'm playing since Rengar release and I could still name the first champ I bought with RP and the first 2 champs I unlocked and a lot of other things that could easily identify me as the owner of my main account
Wadafaaak (EUW)
: Afkers are the worst problem in this game these days, and it appears that you're one of them. Hope you are banned soon!
I have never gone afk, why would I want to change the system if I were? The level of intelligence of this comment is painfully low
: Two times Autofilled as Jungle in a row
So just go afk. That's considered fine here
AleCau13 (EUNE)
: Level System
Level is just bullshit, some people had 5 years of experience when they even introduced levels above 30
: Go play TFT then. You can give up alone when you want. When you begin a game of LoL, you have to finish it. If you feel hostage, then don't begin a game. What's wrong with you?
Yeah I'm the problem here, not the afk. What's the problem with you. When I start a game of Lol, I expect to have 4 teammates not 3 or less. Hope you get afks all the time just so you come down from your high %%%%ing horse
Vingthór (EUW)
: Thank god there is a punishment for leaving, preventing people like you from holding 4 others hostage whenever you don't feel in the mood. Don't start playing if you are not in the mental state for seeing it through to the end.
Have you even read and understood the post? How can I hold 4 persons when there is an afk already? But yeah, the Afk is not the problem, being afk is of course fine, not wanting to play 4v5 is the problem. Honestly your post makes as much sense as a Trump Tweet
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Dividedby0error,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ydg2E5hz,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-04T08:45:41.334+0000) > > God, this community is making me so angry And your overreaction to your wild, vague, disingenuous interpretation of board discourse is supposed to be _our_ problem? Perhaps this is a sign for you to actually _take_ that recommendation to grow up.
Or you could all just stop flaming?
PKSquid (EUW)
: what? I never flame, why should I?
Then why do you feel the need to protect all flamers?
PKSquid (EUW)
: Well once you do grow up, not just gotten older, you could realise that this is nothing to care about
Said the one who couldn't even read and turned "I hate to get flamed" into "You are a flamer". Just be honest that you want to protect your right to flame
Rioter Comments
: inting teamates
inting teammates sounds like imaginary santa clause, you can add the inting but it's implied anyway
SygSmurf (EUNE)
: Ranked is so god damn stupid
This whole game is %%%%ing stupid, it's all about not having the afk anyway
: Was playing Yasuo
Wow, I can understand wishing cancer and death on other families, but man this is too much...really
: Jesus even after 10 years...
Who cares? I want 3 games in a row with no afk. The most relevant skill in this game is being lucky with having the afk in the other team. If you think Garen is so good, play him to challenger. Should be easy
: What is so damn fun about playing a 4v5?
JustClone (EUNE)
: ***
You are just getting what you asked for, honestly don't even get why your post is not punished, you are just toxic as hell and fishing for stuff you can report
: 80% of my botlanes turboints
Impressive with 50% being afk to begin with
: Im sad
I had another 4v5 game..also sad. Also getting flamed for wanting to surrender 4v5 games, now I'm sad and %%%%ing angry
LeTeffi (EUW)
: Funny thing just won a ranked 4v5 :D
Just lost another 4v5...Still don't find the fun in it...they were incredibly bad, even lost multiple fights and towers..still no real chance to win and frustrating as hell
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Never Surrender ------- We were not raised to scream: "Viva La Surrender" Like some people of unknown (/cough) country.
I though all you people got already beaten to the ground
: balancing champs
Why do you need to balance champions? Most games are decided by which team has the afk or troll anyway
: The question is, what will you remember from League in the long run? Will it be the one extra game you played on top after you FFd, or that EPIC win when you had afk on your team, but managed to win nonetheless? For me, it's the latter. I remeber the epic games and they never were easy. It's not a stomp, that you remeber, nor is it a game you forfeit. It's one where you overcome a big hurdle and don't fall even though the odds are stacked against you.
Hatred, pure hatred and disgust for the players in this game. Doubt I'll remember anything else
: ***
Paragon of niceness strikes again
: So today I literally lost a 5v4 game. The enemies could have FFd They didn't We lost, the outnumbered won. Never surrender, you can always win.
I know that it's not 0%, does this mean I have to suffer through it just because there is a super small chance to win a meaningless Aram or Normal game? I'd rather just start a new one
: i will be in LCS soon, but u need to learn how to be friendly to other people u know.u are not the only one on this E-arth
Yeah, I'll take your example in how to be friendly :D thanks for being such a shiny example for all of us
Uraraka (EUNE)
: No no, I am not saying it is better for those who play less; it _maybe _fine because they don't surrender so that they can play it and spend time. They don't bother about winning/losing, but passing those 30mins to 1 hr. Of-course this varies from player to player and that is why I wrote maybe.
I could have easily played one more real game today if my team just surrendered instead of wasting more time before finally losing the 4v5. With limited game time I would have greatly appreciated it
: ***
Cute, when can we see your Trynda LCS?
: The other day we played a 3 vs 4 for 57 minutes and 40 seconds, and we won somehow lol. Enemy team's Lux went offline after reaching level 2 = 0/0/0, so they were down to 4 people. Our Annie ran down all lanes standing face to face with enemy players and exchanging blows (mostly auto attacks from her side) which didn't end well since she finished with 1/30/8 (second 30 deaths inter in 2 days), and on top of that, our jungler Master Yi rage-quitted after getting killed 5 times. He ended with 0/5/0.
I would every day surrender before I live through an hour of such bullshit
Uraraka (EUNE)
: It is just wasting time; unless there is some chance of comeback(say 40% chance to win and opponent team isn't good) it is really annoying to sit through such games and atleast in aram I can understand that it is little easier because team fights are always there. In summoner's rift, I literally feel like punching my screen seeing that both teams keep on farming for 40 mins:losing team won't surr while winning team won't go for win. If there was someone like {{champion:45}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:24}} I don't mind, but if there aren't any such champs it is literally farming simulator and wasting time to see the expected defeat screen. For someone who play few games daily, seeing through the games maybe fine-but for someone who plays a lot, it is indeed better to start a new game where chances are atleast lot better. Surrendering a lost game isn't shameful or giving up, but being wise about the time spent.
Why is it better for players who play less? I usually have the time for 2-3 games. So I'd rather use them to actually play instead of being held hostage in a stupid 4v5 for a 5% chance to win
: Just because you are 4v5 doesnt mean an automatic loss, if you have players that are wining their lanes you can win if you strategise. I had plenty of games that end up wining without one player. Once even had a game that we were 3v5 and still managed to win with extra effort. From your complain sounds like you are one of those people who just give up on everything once you get an obstacle.. so most likely your team end up playing 3v5 rather than 4v5.
Yeah sorry for only going 12/7/18 that game dealing the second highest damage in the game and the highest in our team. But of course the fact that I hate to play 4v5 means I'll int every time it happens. You are completely missing the point (and obviously didn't even manage to read the opening post completely). I don't want to fight my ass off for a 5% chance to get a win 4v5, I want to be free to start a new game with no afk
: why is tryndamere even in game?
Your post sounds like he should be the perfect champion for you
jehy (EUW)
: Is it okay to AFK when...
I would be happy to be allowed to leave 4v5s. Hate to be held hostage in those games because some guys have a stupid never surrender policy...man we REALLY need to win this Aram, we can't surrender now, there is a 5% chance left
Rioter Comments
Zedant (EUW)
: Ehm, nope I dont have that much timebto waste on an unfun champion, but you can find video on you tube whit people complaining about Yuumi and bruisers. Watch them, realize you're wrong and dont respond because your pride wouldnt allow you.
When I want to watch people complain about bullshit I read your posts, thank you
: belive in what you wanted but all people i reported by griefing aka trolling on ticket they didnt played game for 10 days after so i guess they got banned.
It's not about believing. I checked the profiles of muliple super toxic players and there is never any gap where they stopped playing for even a few days, so they never got even a 14-day ban
Zedant (EUW)
: Because people try to stay whit adc's they should be staying whit a bruiser.
Then play her to challenger...proof your point. Should be easy as you know which champion you should jump to
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Why does Ashe feel weak compared to the other marksman champions?
op.gg lists her as the second highest winrate ADC currently. I doubt she will get a buff, a nerf seems more likely
Zedant (EUW)
: Supp whit stun AND shield AND heal AND demigod power are a bit too much
42.16% winrate...such an OP champion. But of course the champion is OP and people can't play him, you would easily be challanger with Yuumi but your honor prevents you from abusing her
: is the way system is made, unless you clear run it down mid you dont get banned for troll by automatic system, cause that i started report trolls directly on ticket to riot
Which only get's you a "thank you but we are not allowed to tell you if any actions are taken" message and if you check the account nothing happened anyway. It's just a waste of time. It's just Riots excuse for "Haha, we are not checking this of course"
: Don't flame {{sticker:sg-shisa}} runs into 4 people for no reason, is unskilled in riot category (unless run it down mid) so isn't baneable, off meta build aren't baneable
When he dances before, complains and flames all game you can not tell me it's unskilled. That's 100% intentional
Rioter Comments
ylw203 (EUNE)
: I got perma for no reason
Should already be banned for the pain reading this caused. But I wish you good luck that your friends also get their deserved bans soon
: Its not the game that has the biggest problems imo. A lot of players especially in lower elo are completely bad shit crazy. I have played so many online games in my life but in league the community in game is very very special. It brings out the worst in people with weak mental capacity like someone wounded their pride because they got outplayed.
But it's not my job to heal them but Riots to take the game away from them. Which sadly is not happening
: Matchmaking need some updates, we have players at platinum playing worst than some silvers because they had look they start to win more and climbed without almos helping their team, nowadays is more about luck or carry alone than fair matches
I would love having bad players that actually try instead of afks and trolls
: i feel you.. afaik the only solution is to mute all.. otherwise you will give up to the dark side and eventually become a toxic shithead like the rest of the community, because you aren't born toxic you will become one as the environment you're in will slowly change you
I have team chat disabled since it was possible, but it doesn't help against intentional feeding, afk or the super annoying question mark ping spam
: U ALWAYS have to be better than ur elo, in order to carry iron to bronze u have to play at least like a silver, in order to carry from bronze to silver u have to play like a gold, in order to carry from silver to gold u have to play like a platinum.. OR just have luck in ur team and u can be platinum playing like a silver
I don't want to win like crazy. I want games that don't make me feel like this game has the shitiest community in history of online gaming. I have completely stopped playing ranked anyway, it's even worse when people who are super competitive and overrate themself meet the trolls.
cvlan (EUNE)
: Help 12 games lost in a row (ranked)
Watch JaySeas Bronze to Diamond and Iron to Diamond Series to learn how to carry more games in Silver/Gold and besides that hope for better matchmaking. Looking at your games, your CS numbers could be improved quite a bit. Even for a roaming champion like Fizz 5cs/minute is a bit on the lower side and puts you behind unnecessarily(or not putting you ahead as much as it could, seeing how bad your opponents CS is often, seriously do people even farm?)
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