Gengchen (EUW)
: Same... It really sucks to buy something which you cant use properly. I hope we get a good amount of tokens for free, its the second time that I have a problem with getting tokens/mission progress in this mecha event.
i've been playing atleast 10-15 matches daily since the pass game out and i have about 600 tokens... so there is clearly something wrong
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Cala MNK (EUW)
: Mecha Kingdon event pass is rubbish
your not getting any event points because of a bug that sadly is still in the game atm. you can read it at the top corner in the client.
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: Hello I recently changed my league language and have a solution for you but this also changes the text language (everything is in japanese/korean). step by step: 1. (closed client) look for the config folder in your league of legends folder it may look like this: D:\Programms\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config 2. In that config folder you will find a YAML-file called LeagueClientSettings 3. Open that file with your notepad 4. Once you opened it look for the row where ' locale: "xx_XX" ' is. I had it in english so for me it was ' locale: "en_GB" ' 5. Now change it in the language you want locale: "ja_JP" for japanese (i really recommend that, listen to yasuo's voice :D) locale : "ko_KR" for korean (some voices are boring to me) BUT: I don't know if you can get your previous language back by doing the same thing reversed. you might have to watch a tutorial video on youtube like I did to change the language I hope that this helped you and have fun :)
Thank you I might actually use this, kinda sucks that it also changes all text. Weird that Riot doesn't make an option to just change the ingame voice whenever u want though.
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PRoxy oQ (EUNE)
: It's a bug so i don't give a dame about sending some ticket to support that i have to login and what not and wait for who knows how long to respond whit an automatic or copy paste reply/ies before forwarding it to a maybe human lmao. Wow he used word whining and quotes so says online wow. Its not whining ffs it's reporting a bug see a bug board wow.
i dont think getting banned is a so called "BUG" and judging from the way that ur talking i can see that ur indeed toxic soooooooo idk maybe those people that reported u where right to report u after all think about that maybe
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: Ik ga stuk
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