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dSoprano (EUNE)
: Am I the only one who is missing all LCU animations?
Have you checked if your client is in low-specs mode? I feel like i experience the missing features you describe (or am confusing them, in which case im sorry). Press the settings button to check, it should be in the first category you see (Client/general) For champ select sounds its under client/sound. Just putting it here since nobody else mentioned it
: macht means Power (Electric Power) in Dutch if google translate works properly.
"Macht" does mean power in dutch, but more in the mighty or forcefull way. It has nothing to do with electricity. Still nothing insulting tho
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: [6.24] Changing screen resolution to a lower one is also changes the size of client window
Be sure to use the bug report tool on the down-right of the new client. Everything reported trough it goed to the development team for review and will have the most chances of being solved. Intresting find tho
Voltrix (EUW)
: Cant check champion Stats in New Client :(
While i'm not 100% sure, its likely to be added in a future patch. As you know the updated client is still far from finished, but as it is stable enough to be used as well as having its key features in place (Store, champ select and gamemodes, friends) The see-more-stats page per player is still accesible trough the legacy client, as well as bots in custom games. The custom bots is also being tested on the PBE right now and will likely be in next patch. The more stats page will have to wait a little longer and has lower priority as there aren't as much stats yet, it isn't a vital feature and is still accesible trough the old client. Don't worry too much about it, as they will get to it soon enough.
: Lane swaps (Not the start of the game kind).
Hey James Borne Your argument to swap makes some sense in the way that it occasionally might be beneficial to swap after a certain period in the game. But there are some logical flaws in it. First of all, the main reason bot is a duo lane and top a solo one is objective control. Mainly, dragons. Untill the 20 minute mark baron is not a factor of the game, and untill the 10 minute mark rift herald isn't either. Also, rift herald is a big time investment since its so tanky while the buff isn't too strong, so most players tend to ignore it. Second is that while you want to prevent yourself from throwing your lead, you are also litteraly preventing yourself from extending that lead. Most games are carried by someone snowballing. By swapping a tanky toplaner to bot which doens't snowball anyway, it can create pressure to top turret. Unfortunately this only works if the bot lane is ahead. Placing a bot lane that is behind against a toplaner that is behind evens out bot your advantage and the enemies own. This creates an opening for the enemy toplaner, who you've beaten in lane, to come back into the game by laning against someone who is equally (or even further) behind. Generally, during laning phase, do not laneswap. After laning phase is over try to go to a lane which has a turret that can be pushed down or has a lot of farm. Lategame as gangplank you can split as long as your team is grouped or simply group with them. On a sidenote i think GP and most ADC are fine in terms of game balance, and its not pride but simply not understanding your logic. Best of luck
Gavster (EUW)
: interesting regarding using old client to add bots, was it broken or something so they removed it? I will attempt to ask people for their advice in some games from now on and hope someone decides to get advice
In the legacy client you can still add bots to both teams. Note that beginner bots have no runes/masteries and will not use summoner spells while intermediate bots will alongside being better in general. The reason you can't in the new client is because it hasn't been implemented yet. Curently, this feature is being tested on the PBE (the testing servers), so it will likely be available in the new client starting next patch. Best of luck
: Why do I always feed bot lane when i am premade and jgling??!?!?
Its not necesarily you. The main thing is that in bronze and silver, the skill displayed is a lot of heat-of-the-moment plays. Screwing up is fairly common, so even if you get a lane ahead a kill its still not enough to secure a winning lane. If you want to become a better player, focus on yourself rather than if bot-lane is feeding. Your adc isn't going to improve your skill level, only you yourself can do that, so why bother with his skill level? Best of luck
: Help me pls
Hey Flayou, The most common answer to this question will always be to main a single champion, and to just play it a few 100 times untill you feel confident, and to use that one champion to climb. However if you do not really like to limit yourself to one "main" champion, i might want to advise you to search for similar champions. By playing a small set of champions with similar playstyle your experience will sort of flow-over between them. For example thresh, blitz and nautilus all share a pretty similar hook-based playstyle, so a thresh main would find it easier to learn blitzcranc than lets say riven, who works completely different. In the past riot published a map of champion similarities which showed what champions feel sort-of similar, [This link]( Just search for the most fun champion you play and see for yourself. Aside from your champion picks general game knowledge and mechanics might also help you get further. You can improve in normals by focusing on mechanics like farming if you dont feel like the players can learn you anything. For game knowledge i would advide studying some pros/streamers on twitch (actual gameplay, not youtube compilations). Best of luck
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: what usage does Ezreal ulti have?
Usually its supposed to deal atleast some damage. It has decent scaling on AD and pretty high scaling on AP. The thing is the more targets it has already hit the less it will do to the next, so ulting trough a minion wave will result in low damage agains anyone it hits afterwards. The most common usage is some map pressure, like sniping a recalling toplaner or anyone low enough after a fight, global waveclear if really needed, potential steal for dragons/baron, or in some cases in fights in lane. To use it in lane as poke or during trades, try to step in a bush and instantly cast it when inside, as your opponent can't see you channeling it and wont be able to dodge.
: Should I have movement prediction on or off with 50-55 ping?
Generally, movement prediction is meant for people with high pings or who regularely experience lag-spikes. On a stable, wired connection, movement prediction does nothing. In like, at all. It can't "break" your game in any sense, but neither will it help you unless your ping is way higher than what you have. So, should you use it? Only if you decide to play ober wifi, otherwise not really. Do pros use it? No. Pros pretty much exclusively play over wired connections since they can't afford to have lagspikes. Also tournaments like LCS use a tournament realm, which is a server located at the stage itself so their ping onstage is almost 0.
oEnoMous (EUW)
: Lagg alot with good ping good fps
Hey everyone on this thread. Please take a look at [This]( thread, follow the instructions and post it back here. With a lot of people simply saying they have similar issues but none actually posting the relevant information its imposible to figure out what the problem is. It seems likely there is a certain region or ISP that is having dificulties, but i cannot (and neither can anyone else) detirmine which it is exactly without this information. Please if you have problems post the results so they might be resolved.
: Thanks, that cleared up a lot for me
Its mostly just bits of information so im not 100% sure but im glad i could help
Infernape (EUW)
: >ok man... you think you're smart but you're actually ridiculously stupid... And here's the petty name calling again. >SECOND AND MORE IMPORTANT... first you say Camille is made to deal with a single squishy target... so she's an assassin... right? Champion classifications aren't set in stone. Champions can segue into different ones. It's called diversity. For example, Jarvan IV is primarily a tank/fighter but can be played as a full AD assassin. Even champions like Varus (who is a marksman) can be played like a mage by dealing damage using his abilities rather than auto attacks. Secondly, being single target oriented doesn't mean a champion is or isn't an assassin. Katarina is built around dealing massive AoE damage but is still an assassin. Similarly, Akali primarily deals single target damage and is still an assassin. While champions like Lee Sin and Xin Zhao focus on one target but are still primarily fighters and champions like Gangplank can deal AoE damage. Thirdly, "assassin like qualities" =/= assassin. >then below when I say she also has sustained dmg and works REALLY WELL with off tank build... A champion who deals damage through basic attacks has high sustained damage. The horror. Also, she's supposed to be reasonably tanky. >so she can't be an assassin you say her classification is Fighter/Tank... so which one is it??? WHICH ONE??? you can't be ASSASSIN/FIGHTER/TANK... YOU CAN'T BE ALL THAT... IT'S JUST NOT FAIR TO NORMAL CHAMPS... Read the above. >Now the hard truth kid... don't even bother to answer... you're just a coward player that loves the overpacked flashy OP champs... because playing camille is a coward's playstyle... Here come the petty insults. Oh my heart is breaking(!). If you never wanted me to bother, you wouldn't have bothered replying in the first place. Fun fact: I've never played Camille so there goes your narrative. >you have a slow, a stun, a traping ulti, built in lifesteal and a heal all together Avoidable, also avoidable, useless in a team fight and only works on a single target, and grievous wounds exists you know. And if her CC is a problem, buy QSS or get your support to buy a Crucible. > because there simply is NO champ that can chase you with a jump that long... {{champion:18}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:38}} and others say hi! > so I should have to avoid 4 different skills just to survive long enough to see you Implying you'd let every single ability hit you and you wouldn't try to dodge it. Last I checked, you would generally attempt to dodge skillshots to avoid being hit by them, this applies to every single skillshot based champion in the game. >Go be a Camille main... the next champ will be even more OP... because RIOT thinks it's working... and the next one even more... to keep kids entertained... And about her jump being unique... if there isn't even one champ in game that can chase her with that skill... then no... unique means BAD... means bullshit and skill for kids that want the fool proof safe skill that never fails... sorry... not for kids... for cowards... because not all kids are cowards that wanna bully their opponent... because there isn't a bigger coward than a bully... everyone knows that... So a Camille player is a "bully" in your eyes. Your logic astounds me.
FurorDivinus27 I have no idea why you would even try to argue with someone who refuses to read your arguments or even plain logic but it was amusing to read. Thanks man.
Black3d (EUW)
: Ok, ye but i didnt go for cs that game.. i went from lane to lane and just got kills since we rekt them... And compare it with this then? A+ also same here didnt go for cs since we rekt them..
The match history site doesn't load for me but that previous game was easy to identify on If you can tell me the champ & kda of the linked game i can propably find it and identify why you did not get an S. Also going for kills all game cause you're strong is fun but unles you get lso much more kills that it overrules farm the system likely won't give an S. If you had fun it should feel worth it tho.
Νichirin (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Smartie,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=EyzbJcZH,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-12-28T17:55:28.174+0000) > > Hey C6 GG PlanTeR > > The delay between when you issue an attack/skill/movement is called lag. Lag is expressed as ping (in milliseconds) and can be viewed in the upper right corner of the screenduring the game. The higher your ping the slower your champion will react. If this is the first time this is happening it might be because your ISP (network provider) is having issues or someone is sharing your connection and claiming all of your bandwith, slowing down your connection. > If this doesnt resolve itself try following the steps on [This]( page (riot's support page on these type of issues.), or write a ticket to Riot support. > > Also, since this is indeed not a bug but an issue not directly related to League, it should indeed be posted in the Help & Support section, where you will find people with similar issues and maybe even the answers you're looking for. > > Hope this helps Sorry because i forgot to put this into the initial post but my ping is a stable 60 all the time , every other game is working fine , at first i tought it was because of my monitor of something even tho i got a really decent one (can give link if needed) and it wasn't possible since i was seeing how other champs move and other things so i capped my fps to 60 , still the same , i'm pretty sure no one was on my network since on the right corner it shows 60-70 ms so it works fine , when someone is, it usually raises up to 600 ;-; I'll send a ticket tomorrow too , thanks for the suggestion tho
Thanks for the extra info. Knowing your ping is ok, the only other option i can think of is packet loss. Unfortunately i have no idea how to correctly identify or solve this, but im sure its somewhere on the boards. Such cases often get attention from rioters so checking the redtracker for the initial steps.(cant do it for you right now, maybe tomorrow) Edit: Now that i have had the time i've got you [This]( thread to get you started. Follow the instructions step by step and the result will likely give a clearer view of your problem.
: Season 7 flex queue rewards
For as far as i can tell: - Flex queue will provide the same rewards as Solo/Duo queue. Your border, skin and summoner icon will likely be that of your highestone (altough they may provide two sperate icons for both queues, like they did with solo/3v3/5v5 in the past) - The extra reward is an unknown in terms of how much you need to climb for what reward. The reward itself is still unknown and there is no information what the requirerments will be exactly. For now i'd say focus on one queue to improve yourself, and when they anounce more specifics decide if it will be worth the effort.
Black3d (EUW)
: Only A+ ?!?!?!
It's propably your farming that decided you didn't get your S. Aside from that it looks like a fine game. Ofcourse i can't say for sure but maybe you missed a lot of skillshots (but fired enough to deal a lot of damage anyway). Things like this happen, don't let it get to you and keep on improving yourself.
136396 (EUW)
: Is Senna ever coming out ??
I'm pretty sure it would break the existing Lore and would require a remake of Lucian (since he uses her signiture relic gun) for Senna to ever be released as a champion. It would smash Lucians entire being if she was introduced as a champion. So no, i'm certain she will never be more than Lucians one and only motivation to fight.
Νichirin (EUNE)
: Champion refusing to do what i want it to do
Hey C6 GG PlanTeR The delay between when you issue an attack/skill/movement is called lag. Lag is expressed as ping (in milliseconds) and can be viewed in the upper right corner of the screenduring the game. The higher your ping the slower your champion will react. If this is the first time this is happening it might be because your ISP (network provider) is having issues or someone is sharing your connection and claiming all of your bandwith, slowing down your connection. If this doesnt resolve itself try following the steps on [This]( page (riot's support page on these type of issues.), or write a ticket to Riot support. Also, since this is indeed not a bug but an issue not directly related to League, it should indeed be posted in the Help & Support section, where you will find people with similar issues and maybe even the answers you're looking for. Hope this helps
: League of Legends on Dell Insoiron 5558
Hi gabidinu2015. First of all i would suggest posting this under Help & Support since the people who look there are usually the ones with the solutions for this kind of problem. The problem you are describing can be caused by a few things. First up, since its an nvidea card in a laptop it usually limits your fps if you're running it on battery power. While this usually caps fps at 30 there might be other system settings which may lower performance while running on battery. The other thing is that since you do not have much RAM you might want to look out for any backgroud programs eating up all your memory (thus slowing down your game) Try closing every program besides league and try in a custom game if this improves anything. If this doesn't solve it, you should really ask on the support boards or write a ticket to Support about it.
: #GENERALLY SPEAKING --- #ADC {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:4}} ___ #TOP {{summoner:4}} or {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:14}} or {{summoner:3}} or {{summoner:12}} ___ #MID {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:14}}{{summoner:21}}{{summoner:1}} ___ #Jungle {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:14}} ___ #Support {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:12}}
More guid-ish and less general Top: Teleport if you want to be able to have map pressure and win lane by farming/xp advantages. Exhaust if you think you will have a weak laning phase or the enemy toplaner is playing an assassin, or Ignite if you are the assassin to try to kill the enemy laner. Almost always pair with Flash. Some champs can use Ghost but if you're not familiar with it stay away from that. Jungle: Always smite (you need it for the jungle items which increase your xp-gains, for jungle sustain and for objectives) Pretty much always go flash because in the jungle you'll want to flash over walls, not run around them when fighting. Mid: Ignite if you want to kill your opponent, Exhaust against assassins like Zed, Barrier (or Heal sometimes) against burst-mages like Syndra, and cleanse if you're against a controll mage whom you think will cc you to death like Ahri. Again always pair with Flash since its invaluable (a good flash will always do more than any other spell) ADC: nearly always Heal/Flash because they are the safest but can also be used aggresively, very rarely take Barrier instead of Heal if the enemy team has a lot of cc (dont go cleanse if you think you can stall long enough to buy {{item:3140}} ) Support: Ignite mostly if you want more kill-presure, against heavy healing champions for teamfights or just if you have enough cc spells and shields to peel for your adc without exhaust. Exhaust in every other case so you can peel better. Hope this is useful, ask away if you have any more questions.
iAmMarian29 (EUNE)
What this is: a permanent ban. You can no longer use this account and it will never be usuable again. What you should do: Check out the email you should have received from Riot to find out why this happened. It is be extremely rare for this to happen by mistake or be reversed. If someone else played on your account without your knowledge you might get it back. Otherwise Learn from your mistakes and try to prevent it from happening in the future, both with other LoL accounts as in other games.
Shin0Me (EUW)
: 6.24 Shens Taunt doesn't work
In the replay video it does look obvious that you should've hit the taunt and since its a replay and not live footage lag is not the culprit. If i were you just keep a lookout for next patch and if they state anything related to taunts under bugfixes (all the way down usually in the patch notes). Riot also prefers reproductability tests, so if you find the time to try and reproduce it (see if was a once-one bug or happens x/10 times, if x skill is used at the same time (ignite maybe) as the taunt it cancels the taunt, anything). If you play Shen alot but have had this bug just once don't worry too much about it, if not just stay away from shen or gather more data so riot may find the cause.
Girlienator (EUNE)
: Unable to connect to chat servers
Hey Girlienator, In the past i have had similar issues. To help you i would ask you to take a look at this page: While the following should not interfere anymore, i remember League having issues with: Connections with IPv6 (Disabling IPv6 in your network adapter settings used to help a bit) Windows IP Helper service (Under taks manager, open services and stop/disable it) If you're using the new client make sure to use the bug report tool as well since it goes to the technical team who might not directly help you solve it but will rather help prevent it by finding out why it happens. Hope this help
: Implement new system for ranked
You do realise this is pretty much what LP is supposed to do? Also League is and should never be a place for betting/gambling. You want to have 12 year olds (Not talking about tooxic people) to have acces to a gambling system or be tempted by it by seeing it every time they want to play a game? A lot of people actually try to win or atleast enjoy the game. Most trolls and hard-feeders like the ones you talk about are low bronze where LP loss means nothing anyway. Try to change your mindset and focus on yourself and more talented teammates to get/stay positive and climb out of there.
: Project rengar oh my god yes, Project khazix, project hecarim, project nidalee,
Unfortunately its higly unlikely any of those would get a project skin. The reason being is that they already have skins in the same niche. Only rengar might have a chance. Kha'Zix has a mecha skin, which is one of the mechanized "factions" (Like battlecast and, ofcourse project) Hecarim's arcade skin makes him look like a robot pony so same thing and nida's headhunter skin is also kinda tech-enhanced. (rengar's headhunter skin is more hunter-stiled, no tech enhancements) Would be cool for Rengar tho.
Excandar (EUW)
: just getting the obvious {{champion:45}} out of the way-- I'm guessing you mean on any other ole' mage? In that case, no clue. I usually get 400 on items + 35% off the top from {{item:3089}} ... toss in runes, drop boots and that 600AP sounds about right. If you do't mind me hijacking your thread a little, could someone in the know also tell me a little bit about magic penetration (eg. Sorcerer's Shoes)? That magic penetration is not the same as the {{item:3001}}'s aura, is it?
Magic pen interacts like old armor pen did but with mr. This means for every point of magic pen. you have your spells ignore the same amount of mr of your target. So if you have 10 magic pen. and your target has 35 mr only 25 mr would count for damage calculation. Note that %magic pen. {{item:3135}} is counted after flat magic pen, not before, and {{item:3001}}'s aura had nothing to do with magic pen. anymore (it used to, but not anymore). Hope this helps
Boleró (EUW)
: Am I one of the only people who have never been in Bronze?
Got placed S5 season 3, didn't like ranked so went to normals Season 4 got placed B4 cause mmr reset generally drops you about one tier, took less than a week to get back silver, stopped playing ranked again. Season 5 got placed B2 for the same reason, decided to actually play ranked, hit plat after about 2 months of climbing Now im gold 2 waiting finishing school for now so not playing ranked again. Seriously, the difference between bronze and silver is mainly attitude. Only bronze 5 is bad in terms of toxicity and skill, the rest is average in terms of skill compared to silver. Also if you actually try to learn when levveling to lvl 30 you should easily be able to place silver.
: Seems like Shinji finally has got in the goddamn robot. If this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on continuity.
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: Willing to take recruits. (euw)
Hey dude, I'd love to get a few lessons by someone who's actually serious about teaching. Last season i got plat V but as of right now i'm still unranked because i feel i've gotten worse and can't play on the same level as before. I guess my current elo would be somewhere gold, but i can't say for sure. Even if its just for a few matches or something, some fresh advise is much welcomed. Thanks.
I'm pretty sure it's mount Targon related, given that the story and timing seem fit. Someone returning from some golden city of the gods or whatever. Scene: mountain: check Onlooker: Pantheon: check promised magnificent sight: check Gaps teasing new content for mount Targon lore: check Pretty sure its mount Targon
: ._. its a joke lol.
Joke or not, understand that this kind of thing is way harder to get if you actually have autism. Also, you pretty much refused me because of this.
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Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Perilum,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=O51h33bE,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2016-01-19T15:14:29.323+0000) > > Give EUW just one time something first! We got chat restrictions first ;-P
: So I have been doing a social experiment on Lol for the last 2 months
Not that i can say i'm surprised. Only real problem i have here, even if it's for your "social experiment", you really can't flame just to see how things turn out. For statistics on flaming compared to win ratio you should listen to rito instead of testing it yourself, because you're ruining someone's game and time for appaerantly no reason. Except for that part, some funny results you got there ;)
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: My First Milestone has been reached!
I have little to say but great work mate! Now just try not to tilt and stop playing ranked if you're on a losing streak, and i'm sure you'll climb way higher. Good luck!
DireXcon (EUNE)
: I can't live anymore after I've heard this, kill me. KILL ME NOW.
You don't need to live anymore after hearing this, because now you've heard it all and can die in peace.
Universe (EUW)
: Gaming Survey (chance to win gaming credit)
I would suggest something to improve your survey. In the end of the survey, or even after every subject of it, add a comment window so you can explain a bit more. In my case especially for the part where it asked if you'd buy a game from a big publisher or one from an unknown developer. I think if a game has the same price, the game from the big company is likely to be better, because the chance of the unknown dev making a better game for the price is small. But then again, Bigger companies tend to charge way more compared to smaller ones, so i doubt i'll ever have this exact problem. Anyway, well done, and good luck with your research!
: Queues are only very long in Diamond 2+ as far as I know. That is less than 1% of the player base. I don't think that just 1% of the players have smurfs
Definetly true, it was just an example of an "understandable" reason to smurf. Also if you played and won a lot with a certain champion teambuilder queues get really long too (when i mained fiora a while after release 30-40 mins with high elo guys)
: I think if someone buys high elo account they are harming only themselves. There is no shortcut to get better - you need to experience the lets say 800 bad games so that you can evolve & and get better. If you decide to skip divisions you might be shocked when you get matched with players who have more experience & have carried themselves out of silver. There will always be someone who is better than you.
People buying high-elo accounts also hurt the people that they get matched with initially, given that with a low level of skill they can make games practically 5v4 or even 6v4(in case of really bad but unintentional feed)
: Legit curious....
Well, at a certain point in rank, queue times become really long, so people with really high elo without patience would smurf to shorten queue times. Another reason (that i see you already rejected) is to play with friends. No, there is nothing really "preventing" you from playing with them on your main account, but if they aren't even level 30 on their main and just because they want to play with you means a platinum/diamond lane opponent... yeah, say what you want, but i think that isn't ideal. Then there are reasons like the feeling of "achieving" a certain rank again, or if you're on tilt and want a slightly easier game, or whatever. Ofcourse there's reasons that are against the rules, like selling/eloboosting/flame&feed-account/... or stomping people just because, then feeding to lose points and stay the same rank. But those guys are the one's you're mainly talking about, right?
Agidyne (EUW)
: Have you tried the One Punch Man Hero name simulator yet?
Machine Cyborg Rank: A Power: Telekinesis Secret Ability: Graduated college Weakness: Relatively useless A Cyborg with telekinesis? Generally those two go into conflict with each other, guess thats why i'm useless.
Everskill (EUW)
So, the idea is just to post our names here so you can contact us or...? If so then please add me. That would be awesome!
Eambo (EUW)
: [EUW] Community Poro King Games!
Peace of pizza for u Eambo :)
LA Losty (EUW)
: Good luck! :D
Thanks! And i just did it too! :)
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